Research Services

The staff at the Troup County Archives is happy to assist students and researchers, including those requesting assistance via e-mail. We will spend up to 30 minutes per researcher searching for Troup County and West Georgia materials. Additional research labor will be conducted for a fee of $15.00 per half hour which must be prepaid.  

We also offer school tours of the Archives and Legacy Museum on Main and welcome the oportunity to coordinate with teachers to highlight specific areas of study. To schedule a tour, please provide preferred dates and times, and any area of study that should be emphasized.  School tours are always free of charge. 

To request information, please state briefly what information you are looking for and what you already know. For instance, if you are trying to determine who someone’s parents were, state the person’s name, when and where they lived and any other pertinent details. For an event, state the event, the date (or as much as you know) and what kind of information you are looking for regarding the event.

A Reference Request Form is provided below. You will be notified via your return e-mail address the results of our initial, complimentary search.  If information has been found, you will be instructed how to remit payment, usually $5.00 per article and $0.25 per page over the first page. Shipping and handling may also apply. Upon receipt of your charges, the materials will be mailed to you. We make every effort to answer all requests within two weeks.

Please note that our Reference Request Form (below) has been malfunctioning. If you do not recieve a confirmation, please email

Reference Request Form

To obtain reference services, please begin by filling out this form as completely as possible.