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March 23rd marked the 32nd Annual West Georgia Regional History Day. Co-sponsored by the Troup County Historical Society and LaGrange College, the contest welcomed one hundred sixty-eight students representing thirteen schools. Students in grades 7 through 12 have worked on projects since early in the school year with hopes of eventually competing at the National History Day at the University of Maryland in June.

Students, teachers, parents, and judges all considered this year’s event a great success!  Dr. Joshua Van Lieu, Assistant Professor of History at LaGrange College, who served as a judge, stated “I really had a good time… and was quite impressed with the time and energy that the students devoted to their work. All them were quite eloquent in their interviews and were able to add significantly to our understanding of their work.”

National History Day Contest requires students to choose historical topics related to the yearly theme. This year, the students prepared projects related to the theme of “Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History,” in one of five categories: original papers, exhibits, dramatic performances, documentaries, or websites. The students begin with the topic and conduct primary and secondary  research through libraries, archives, museums, oral history interviews, and visits to historic sites. The activity is an excellent introduction to skill-building historical research. After researching their topics, the students analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions on the gathered information. The benefits of the contest are enumerable including higher test performance, better writing skills, development of time management skills, and a greater ability to collaborate and communicate. Students who participate in NHD consistently display higher levels of commitment throughout high school, regardless of race or household income. Perhaps, the most important skill gained from the National History Day Competitions is a matured understanding of current events and civic engagement that prepares the students to be leaders. 

The contest begins at a local level within the schools.  The best of the schools’ projects are sent to Regional History Day.  Schools can send up to 21 projects to the LaGrange contest. From each category, first, second, and third place winners advance to the State History Day on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Mercer University in Macon.  State winners move on to participate in National History Day held at the University of Maryland at College Park, June 10-14. These students will compete and serve as ambassadors representing our community and state.  In an exciting development this year, all local winners earned a $1000 scholarship to LaGrange College.

Special thanks to our community judges: Charlene Baxter, Mike Bunn, Julia Dyar, Linda Gavin, Amy Grantham, Barry Jackson, Dr. Fred Mills, and Pat Walters. Also, involved were Cindy Berman, Dr. Joe Cafero, Dr. Lisa Crutchfield, Shannon Gavin-Harris, Kaye Minchew, and Dr. Kevin Shirley.


The Troup County Historical Society hosted a brunch spotlighting “Five Georgia Events that Changed World History” on Friday, April 27th. Jamil Zainaldin was the guest speaker. Zainaldin is resident of the Georgia Humanities Council and is a frequent speaker. He is the author of two books on Georgia history. He is a native of Georgia and has served as president of the Humanities Council since 1997. The talk proved to be both thoughtprovoking and fun!

The brunch was held at Highland Country Club. Among the five Georgia events mentioned, one involved Coca-Cola, another the Battle of Atlanta while another centered around Americus and an airfield. What five events would be on your list??


An Update on a Former History Day Winner

The Troup County Historical Society has sponsored History Day for thirty-two years. As indicated in previous articles of this newsletter, we had one of our most successful regional contests this  March. This seems like a great time to recognize the achievements of a former History Day winner and a former part-time staff member of the Troup County Archives.

Thomas Daniel (Danny) Knight was recently awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of History at The University of Texas – Pan American, in Edinburg, TX, where he has taught since 2004. Danny received his Ph.D. as well as M.Litt. and M.St. degrees from Oxford University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He was also a Slosson Fellow at The University of Michigan after receiving his B.A. in History and Classics from Washington and Lee University in 1992. Danny teaches classes in American history, including the history of the American Revolution, the Old South, the American family, and the United States in an Atlantic World.  Danny began working at the Troup County Archives as a summer job in 1985 and continued working summers and weekends until 1992, when he began his studies at Oxford. He first competed in National History Day in 1983. He participated in both individual and group table top exhibit competitions as well as the historical paper competition, and he placed at the local, district, state, and national levels. In 1984, his exhibit on the Long Cane Community (completed with partner Michael Edmondson, now a television producer working with the Georgia Farm Bureau in Macon, Georgia) won national honors. Since 2004, Danny has judged table top exhibits and historical papers at South Texas National History Day competitions sponsored by The University of Texas – Pan American.

Danny has authored and co-authored numerous books and articles, including two completed while he worked at the Troup County Archives and published by the Troup County Historical Society (Early Estate Records of Troup County, Georgia: 1828-1850, co-authored with Randall Allen, and Family, Church, and Community Cemeteries of Troup County Georgia, co-authored with Dorothy McClendon and Lillie Lambert). His most recent publication is Hammack Cousins: Hammack and Hammock Families in England and America, 1569 - 2010, published in 2011 by Penobscot  Press. He is currently at work on several projects, including a history of the John McGee family of Troup and Harris Counties. He spends summers and holidays in Troup County and hopes eventually to return to the Troup County area on a full-time basis. Danny is also gracious in occasionally helping the Archives staff with reference questions! 

We would love to spotlight other former History Day winners in future newsletters. If you were a History Day winner who placed first, second, or third in the local or regional History Day contest and advanced to the State Contest, please share with us details about your current life. We are very proud to have had a small influence in the lives of many students over the last 32 years! 





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RECENT ACCESSIONS: 16 November 2011-31 March 2012

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Boyd, James T. Plaque, clay vase, albums, and books from LaGrange International Friendship Exchange (LIFE) trip to Poti, Georgia, and Incorporation of “Sweet Land of Liberty” Parade. (also from estate of Annette Boyd.)

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Wheels of Change Sponsor Needed

Legacy Museum needs a sponsor for the Wheels of Change permanent exhibit. Sponsorship will cover the cost of the beautiful Wheels sculpture by artist Richard Hill. The granite wheel represents the future while the nearby wagon wheel and grist wheel represent the past and other exhibits represent the present. For more information, contact Kaye Minchew at (706)884-1828.

Special Thanks

Special thanks are due our dedicated volunteers assisting at the museum desk at the front door and also other tasks in the Museum and the Archives.  The following volunteers all worked between  50 and 113 hours in 2011:
LeGail West
Dewey McKenzie
Joanna Baxter
Alex Channell
Jack Grady
Elizabeth Ellis
Rachel Worrell
Having these volunteers is extremely helpful and we are most appreciative . If you have time to help, please call us at 706-884-1828.

Document Spotlight

This extremely rare 1855 LaGrange Bank note was for sale on E-Bay in Winter, 2011. Archives Director Kaye Minchew purchase the bill and donated it to the Archives.  Ironically two other 1850s bills from other sellers also sold this Winter.