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Images of America: LaGrange New Pictorial History Available


For last-minute Christmas shopping ideas or if you want to give yourself the perfect present, either before or after the holidays, this new pictorial history should be at the top of your list. The volume sells at Legacy Museum and Troup County Archives and in gift shops around LaGrange for $21.99 plus tax. The Museum and Archives have autographed copies.  

Glenda Major, Clark Johnson and Kaye Minchew authored the book which features over 200 photographs, the vast majority of which have never appeared in print in at least fifty or more years. The photographs span LaGrange history, with the earliest scene from about 1830 and the most recent being a scene from the March opening of Del’avant with a 2011 Kia Sorento parked out front. Chapters look at the city’s history from its earliest days through the Civil War and development of our first textile mills to changes of the 20th century and up to modern day. This is also a major fundraiser for the Historical Society.


Planning is underway for the West Georgia Regional History Day Contest for 2012. The theme for the contest is "Revolution, Reaction and Reform in History." The contest will take place on Friday March 23 on the main campus of LaGrange College. Kaye Minchew, Executive Director of the Troup County Historical Society and Archives, and Dr. Kevin Shirley, of the LaGrange College History Department, will be co-coordinators for the contest. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will advance to the Georgia State Contest. Regional winners will also be eligible to receive scholarships should they choose to attend LaGrange College when the time comes.

LaGrange College History faculty and students are available to assist teachers and students as they prepare for History Day. Similarly, the Troup County Archives staff is delighted to assist both teachers and students as they ready for History Day. The Troup County Historical Society has been sponsoring History Day contests since 1980.

National History Day is open to middle and high school students in public and private schools and homeschool. Students can prepare historical papers or work individually or join with other students to prepare exhibits, media, dramatic, and website entries. Categories are broken down according to middle or high school and individual or groups. Research using both primary and secondary sources is emphasized.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the contest or for more information for students or teach- ers about the regional contest, contact Kaye Minchew at or for more details on the workshop, contact A special blog has been created at




State budget cuts since 2008 have hit the Georgia Archives especially hard for two reasons:

Many of the Archives’ expenses (rent, utilities) are fixed and cannot be reduced even when the budget is reduced.

The Archives’ rent increases each year and, for at least three years, the legislature has not funded the full amount of the rent.

Because of this, the Archives has had to reduce its budget by laying off staff.

The Archives has suffered the loss of 70% of its staff since 2008.

The Georgia Archives is open to the public only two days a week (the fewest hours of any state archives in America).



Visit, call or write to Governor Nathan Deal, or to your Georgia state representative and state senator You can find your legislator here: House: http:// html   Senate: en-US/SenateMembersList.aspx


Note: Troup County Archives Director Kaye Minchew is among those working to get funding restored to State Archives so that they can be open to the public at least five days a week. Minchew has served on the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board since its creation in 1993. She is the current chair of the board. Call her if you have any questions.

LaGrange College Museum Studies

By Laurie Sedicino, Legacy Museum Curator


Legacy Museum on Main and LaGrange College’s Museum Studies class, taught by art professor Dr. Dorothy Joiner, have begun an exciting new venture. The idea originated in the spring of 2010 when volunteers from Dr. Joiner’s class assisted with the installation of the British Royalty exhibit at Legacy Museum. Since both history and art students take the class, the students proved to be extremely helpful with the tasks involved in an exhibit installation.  The three students who volunteered were outstanding in their skills and creativity. From that experience, future collaborations were discussed. Dr. Joiner consistently looks for meaningful hands-on opportunities for her museum studies students. The collaboration was a perfect win-win situation, allowing students to be actively engaged in an learning environment and meeting the museum’s need for installation assistance and reception desk coverage. This fall, students worked three hour time blocks to cover the front desk and assisted with the Horace King and Sons exhibit installation.


In the spring of 2012, class involvement will expand to include development and installation of an exhibit celebrating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting. The focus will be on local Girl Scouting activities through the years and on women and girls who have been involved in Scouts. In addition to LaGrange College museum students and Legacy Museum, Greater Atlanta Girl Scout Council will serve as a third partner in developing the exhibit. Their staff and volunteers will assist with the selecting and finding artifacts and providing research assistance.  College students will draft text panels and labels and work under the curator in arranging of the displays and mounting the exhibit. The class is excited about the topic as well as the level of involvement assigned to them. This exposure to the museum field provides good experience and is a valuable addition to student’s resumes! These projects opens doors for more collaborative projects between LaGrange College classes and Legacy Museum!

Seeking Local Girl Scout Artifacts

In anticipation of the upcoming exhibit celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting, which will open in March, 2012, Legacy Museum is seeking Girl Scout memorabilia to display! The museum needs uniforms, sashes, badges, equipment, handbooks, paraphernalia and newspaper articles, photographs, and more. Call Laurie Sedicino (Curator) or Kaye Minchew (Executive Director) at 706- 884-1828 if you think you have Girl Scout materials dating from 1912 to present!


Albright, Alan. Hand painted Lion’s Club scrapbook, 1952-1953.

Arnold, Donna. Hogansville news clippings scrap- book.


Baker, Dan. The Memoirs and Valley Thoughts of Frank Moorhead; Elizabeth City Parish, Hampton Virginia: 19th Century Parish Registers; My Dream Came True: The Story of a LaGrange Missionary; and a Roper Cigar Box.


Beason, Ann Hutchinson. Dance and music recital programs from c1950, Girl Scout memorabilia.


Corbitt, James Henry. Ledgers, diaries, photo- graphs, clippings, business license and CSA veteran’s medals belonging to Julius Lindsay Schaub.


Davis, Jane Crayton. Southern Female and LaGrange College clippings, programs and photographs.


Dewberry, Suzanne. Burying Grounds, Graveyards and Cemeteries in Laurens County, SC; West Virginia Marriage and Death Notices; Thirty Perry County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Record; “Troup Sketchbook” Prints by Jim Marberry; Photograph of McLellan’s Five and Dime, and Dewberry cotton combs; collec- tion of Stanley Hutchinson cameras and photographs.


Downtown LaGrange Development Authority. Min- utes, plans, photographs, organization records.


Fisher, Robert. LaGranger Boxing Team clippings, Dixie and Dunson Mills memorabilia and photos.


Flowers, Trish. Doug Hardin’s Jaycees Shirt. Hogan, Sarah Lee. Scrapbook of Hogansville news clippings.


Hornsby, Jacque, for St. Peter’s Catholic Church. A History of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, 2011.


Howard, Nita. J. Neel Reid, Architect of Hentz, Reid and Adler and the Georgia School of Classicists and LaGrange Magazine, Winter, 1989.


Hunter, Julia Slack. Photographs, clothing and hand- kerchief belonging to Dr. and Mrs. Slack.


Jackson, Barry. Voices: West Georgia Technical Col- lege Creative Arts Magazine.


Joseph, Emily Preston. Cannon Street Elementary School Yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs and his- tory and cookbook.


Kesler, Catherine T. Vietnam War Army Uniform.


Knight, Thomas D. Hammack Cousins: Hammack and Hammock Families in England and America, 1569-2010.


Lancaster, John. World War II Air Force Jacket.


McErlean, Mrs. T. Tap Roots and Tracing Ancestors in Barbados: A Practical Guide.


Minchew, Kaye. Silver Street Café matchbook cover.


Ottley, Margaret M. Southern Female College diploma, 1890, and Cox College and Conservatory diploma, 1923, belonging to her grandmother, Roberta Perryman Little.


Parham, Louis. Navy, family, Boy Scout and Eagle Scout photographs.


Pinkerman, Loren for the Sons of LaFayette. Com- pact disk recordings of the Sons of LaFayette Home- coming Concert 2011.


Ramsay, Pam. Step by Step through the Little White House (1952); How to Read, What to Read (1937); Negotiable Instruments (1947).


Ruhl, Charles, Dr.. History of the Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta, the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting and Dr. Thomas P. Hinman, c. 2011.


Slagle, Sibyl B. Enlisted men’s card of arrival; WWII era prestamped postcards; 1948 Little White House brochure; Movie bills, c.1950s; Washington, DC tour guide, c.1952; news clippings of major

historical events.


Sledge, Lois. Those Gallant Men of the Twenty-eighth Alabama Confederate Infantry Regiment; Records of Washington County, Georgia;and Death and Marriage Notices from Jefferson County, Alabama Newspapers.


Sparks, Benjamin. LaGrange Theatre Guild pro- grams, scripts and production notes.


Thompson, Brenda. 1919-1922 Postcards.


Traylor, Henry Grady. Traylor Home and Traylor family photographs.


Vice, Coleman. c.1940s-1950s WLAG sign, turn table, control board, headphones and microphone.


Whiteside, Suzanne Daniel Albright. Violin made by Raymond Ray and sheet music belonging to Dr. Joseph Kovar.


Wadsworth, Jennie. LaGrange postcards, children’s books, C.D. Moore Store clippings and memorabilia, photographs.


Williams, Betty. Portrait of 1927 LaGrange High School Senior Class.

New Volunteer's at Legacy's Front Desk

Legacy Museum welcomes two new front desk volunteers, Tyler Holloway and Don Flynn.  

Tyler is a LaGrange Home-schooled sophomore who loves literature and is an avid reader, especially science fiction and fantasy novels. He is very self-initiated when it comes to pursuing his studies and interests, and he loves volunteering. He has been a Science Camp counselor and volunteers with the 4-H club. Some of the 4-H club projects included helping with trash pick-up, a Red Cross Blood Drive, and yard and book sales around the county. Among his more unique 4-H volunteer assignments was as a judge in a poultry competition, which required him to do some research on and educate himself about chickens! Though Tyler has two more years of high school to go, he plans to become a Veterinarian. He decided to volunteer at Legacy to gain new experience and add to his resume in anticipation of going to college.

Don Flynn moved to the area from Bethesda, MD, after his retiring from the Information Management field six years ago. LaGrange suited him and his wife because of its size, the close proximity to West Point Lake, and the intellectual environment offered by a college town. He soon became active with the Red Cross and joined two singing groups, West Georgia Choral Society and Sons of LaFayette, as a baritone. Don has a deep love for history and became avidly interested in documenting smaller church and family cemeteries. To date, he has documented 150 graves in Troup County and provides family members information about their ancestors through his website! This is what prompted Don to become a volunteer at Legacy.

We appreciate the time and talents of these two new volunteers covering the reception desk in the museum! We also want to thank volunteers who continue to serve us: LeGail West, Rachel Worrell, Dewey McKenzie, and Elizabeth Ellis. Many thanks to these dedicated volunteers!


The group stands in front of the new Interactive Map of Troup County which was funded by the West Point Fund of the Community Foundation of the Chatahoochee Valley.The map is the newest addition to the Wheels of Change exhibit at Legacy Museum on Main and the Troup County Archives at 136 Main Street. The map features four layers. The first shows Indian Trails, Waterways, and Early Towns. The second later shows Pioneer Roads, Stagecoach Routes, and Ferries, 1826 to 1850s. The third layer shows Civil War Sites, Rail- roads, and Textile Mills, 1847-1930. The final layer shows Major Highways and Backwaters, 1970s to present.

Mayor Jeff Lukken declared November, 2011, as National American Indian Heritage Month in LaGrange. Pictured from left are Lukken, Kaye Minchew, Executive Director of Archives and Legacy Museum, Boy Scouts Michael and Butler Evans, Scout Leader and Boy Scout District leader Benard Bledsoe, and Martha Evans who secured the proclamation representing the LaGrange chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Here’s hoping you have many “Happy Times” in 2012! This postcard was sent to Miss Julia Nix of LaGrange on October 16, 1907, though the message area was left blank. A one-cent stamp featuring Benjamin Franklin was used to mail it. The postcard is from the Nix-Price Collection at the Troup County Archives. Whether your idea of happy times involves woods, a dog, and some friends or something totally different, we hope you have many such occasions in 2012.