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National History Day 2011

From Dr. Kevin Shirley

LaGrange College

History Department

On Friday, March 25, 2011, over one hundred sixty middle and high school students from Troup and neighboring counties will converge at LaGrange College to compete in the regional competition of National History Day. These students, ranging in age from 12 to 17 and under the guidance of their teachers, have been working since early in the school year on their topics. They had to develop a topic related to the year’s theme, "Debate and Diplomacy in History," then conduct research using a variety of sources.

These students next had to interpret their research and present their conclusions in creative and dynamic ways. They wrote papers and prepared exhibits, created documentaries and websites, and even scripted and choreographed performances. These young people have engaged in a process that brings history alive! The work was judged at their schools, and the entries competing Friday represent the best each school has to offer. LaGrange College students and community volunteers organized by the fine folks at the Troup County Historical Society will serve as judges as these students compete for the prize of

best in district’ and the right to represent us at the State NHD competition, which will be held at Mercer University.

From there, state winners (and our district usually places a couple) will compete at the national competition this summer in Washington, D.C. At national, the students will not only present their work on the biggest possible stage, they will serve as our ambassadors, representing us, our community and the Great State of Georgia. That’s quite a challenge for a twelve year old but one of the great things about the National History Day Program is that it sets the bar high - and our students regularly clear the bar.

The national organization recently completed a study of the National History Day program and its impact on student performance, nationwide. Its conclusions are quite telling. NHD students outperform non-NHD students on state mandated exams, not just in social studies but in reading, science and math. NHD students grade out as better writers. Why you ask? Because every entry, no matter the category, must be accompanied by a paper! NHD students are more critical thinkers with a keener ability to process, analyze and synthesize information. Even more, the data indicate that NHD students persist in school and enjoy higher levels of engagement through high school than their non-NHD classmates regardless of race or mean household income.

The teachers and principals who support and sponsor NHD programs at their schools know this is the case. They and their students are the real heroes in this story. As we watch political and policy leaders wring their collective hands over the decline of American schools, they should be reminded of the obvious: National History Day and programs like it achieve, every year, in schools across this nation, the very goals we hope to see in our students. Those are goals not achieved by multiple choice tests and rote short-term memorization, but rather by active engaged learning. That is National History Day! The history faculty at LaGrange College applauds every single student, parent, teacher, and principal who supports the National History Day Program. You ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, give us hope for the future. Congratulations! Special thanks to our Judges:

Dr. Fred Mills

Gwen Redwine

Pat Walters

Julia Dyar

Charlene Baxter

Cathi Martin

Rodney Harmon

Dr. Lisa Crutchfield

LaGrange College History Students

Also thanks to Diana Thomas, Barry Jackson, Dr. Joe Cafero, Dr. Kevin Shirley, Dr. Loren Pinkerman & Kaye Minchew

First, second, and third place winners will advance to the State Contest at Mercer University on April 30th. First and second place winners at state will advance to the national contest at the University of Maryland in June. 

Volunteer Update

Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis grew up in Stone Mountain and moved to LaGrange when she married her husband, Will Ellis, seven years ago. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in computer science and joined the Junior Service League in LaGrange to get more involved in the local community. Elizabeth's mother-in-law, Judy Ellis, is on the board of the Troup County Historical Society and mentioned to her that Legacy Museum was looking for volunteers.

Elizabeth decided to volunteer at the museum because, having always been interested in history, she wanted to learn more about the area that is now her home. Elizabeth is also on the board of the local Big Brother / Big Sisters organization and has a love for mentoring youth. She likes to travel, hike and scuba dive! 





 Jordon Striblin

Jordan Striblin, a junior at Callaway High School, is one of our most recent museum volunteers. Jordan is in the top third in his class academically, is on the football team and wants to attend Georgia Tech or Southern Polytech when he graduates to pursue a civil engineering career. He loves the outdoors, including camping and fishing, and will finish anything early (especially homework!) to "throw a pole in" before it gets dark! Jordan has a love for service work and has gone on several mission trips, including one to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He decided to volunteer at Legacy Museum so he could learn more about the history of the local community.

He offers his assistance with enthusiasm and expertise, and says he loves interacting with the public at the museum. We are very lucky to have Jordan on board as one of our high school volunteers. Jordan lives in Hogansville and attends Faith Baptist Church.


Sarah Holle volunteered at the reception desk of the museum in March. She is a provisional member of the Junior Service League.  

Recent Accessions, January - March 2011

Abernathy, Dr. Otis. Iron Shoe Cast and Cast Iron Water Kettle.

Aldridge, Debra. Callaway Beacons, photographs of 1936 Courthouse fire.

Atchison, Yvonne. Photograph of Robert Hayes, Sr. and news clipping regarding the naming of Robert Hayes Road.

Baxter, Joanna. Various LaGrange High School Athletic Programs from 1986-1993.

Bradley, Dee. Ancestry’s Red Book: American State, County and Town Sources; The Morris Family of Philadelphia; Finding Your Irish Ancestors; Bulloch Family History; Hilltop, a LaGrange College publication.

Burdette, Ila. The Life of Robert Tombs; A Hidden Phase of American History – Ireland’s Part in America’s Struggle for Liberty; Memorial Addresses of Benjamin Harvey Hill; a collection of pamphlets on Mildred Lewis Rutherford; History of Georgia; The Life of William McKinley and other volumes.

Collier, Jack. Photograph of young girls from Elm Mill.

Cone, Charles. Aerial photograph of 1929 flood in West Point, GA.

Cook, Earl P. Live Oaking: Southern Timber for Tall Ships; Caty: A Biography of Catherine Littlefield Greene; History of Macon and Central Georgia; Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb; Abstracts of Georgia Colonial Conveyance; Lee of Virginia and War Letters.

Clark, Kathryn Terri and family. November 11, 1946 issue of Life magazine inclusive of an article on Cason Callaway. This donation was made in memory of Kathryn Myrlene Clark.

Edelson, Marvin. Photographs and newspaper clippings regarding the Army Surplus store.

Green, Annie L. Funeral programs; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Programs.

Levin, Kyle. Mansour’s Box c1965, drawings of Hendrick’s Clinic.

Martin, Virginia Callaway. Certificates, awards, videos, clippings and other memorabilia from Howard "Bo" Callaway.

O’Neal, William. Copies of Callaway Beacon and Facts from Ford, Callaway Mills Paystub.

Pike, Todd. Hogansville High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame, Hogansville High School Athletics DVDs

Reeves, Julia. Hudson Hardware Company yard stick.

Reyes, Kathy. The American Pocket Medical Dictionary, 13th edition.

Richardson, Paul. The Lindsey Family of Chambers County, Alabama and A History of the Richardson Family. Both are family histories written by Mr. Richardson.

Richter, Lee. Framed photograph of People’s Bank, 3 WWII United States Army Certificates and Domain of Golden Dragon Certificate.

Smith, Neal. Panoramic Photograph of Baptist Young People State Convention, June 14-16, 1927.

Swetnam-Cleaveland, Julia Corless. Photocopy of article of Troup Factory from Georgia Journal of Science.

Thornton, Gene A. Behind These Silent Walls: The Tradition and Legacy of the Randolph County Training School and Behind These Silent Walls: A Pictorial History of an American Institution. (gave 2 copies of book and 2 copies of DVD)

Vaughn, Guinn. Photographs of Men’s Banquet at Willowood 1952 and three golfers at Highland Country Club, various newspaper clippings and Life magazines.

Vollenweider, Ida. Assorted Callaway Mills 25 Year Club Materials, Callaway Beacon magazines, aerial photograph of Hillside Mill.

Wadsworth, Jennie. 1967 Mountville Elementary Pioneer yearbook.

Walsh, Gail. Troup County historical clippings.

Woodson, Nick. 1894 Telephone Listing Directory


World Trade Center Memorial

One of the newest items on permanent display at Legacy Museum is a 30" piece of World Trade Center steel. The steel scrap is from a structural column of one of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City. The New York Port Authority (owner of the steel) decided to give away pieces of the steel to organizations to use as a memorial to those lost in the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Students at West Georgia Technical College, under the direction of Jim Biagi, made the stand. In LaGrange, we particularly remember Margaret Champion Salamone, a Troup High graduate, who dies in the Pentagon.

New Accession: Train Model Exhibit

Long-time Gabbettville resident Lewis Freeman spent over twenty years building this finely detailed model of the Southern Crescent. The wheels move and the fire box is visible. He took up this hobby in his later years and died before he could finish the work. Students at West Georgia Tech finished the project. It is now on permanent display at Legacy Museum. A formal reception will take place later this year honoring the project but in the meantime, come in and enjoy a railroad experience.


Celebrating British Roayalty

In time for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Legacy Museum is hosting an exhibit that will delight royalty-watchers as well as dedicated royalty souvenir collectors. The exhibit will give a glimpse into the world of British royalty.

The exhibit, schedule to open April 28th, will run through the end of June 2011. Visitors will get a glimpse of the pomp and pageantry that surrounds the royal weddings, which is expected to be a global celebration. The exhibit promises to be interesting and fascinating. Make plans to attend!