Manuscript MS-054



SOURCE:  J. Clemmons Young, Jr., 1985, 1995

SIZE:  3 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:  4 manuscript boxes

                 1 op folder

                 13 photograph folders

                 1 photograph album

                 1 opp folder

PROCESSING:  RAA, August 1986, June 1995



     The Misses Young were LaGrange businesswomen.  They ownedand operated a millinery business and the Colonial Hotel, both located on Ridley Avenue.  Anna (1879-1965), Lois (1892-1984), and Ethel (1893-1968) were the daughters of James G. and Martha Jane Freeman Young of Troup County.

     Most of these records relate to construction and operation of the hotel which opened in 1921.  It was renovated and expanded in 1926.  Correspondence with Ivey and Crook, architects for the hotel, and with major vendors for the project recounts the progress and difficulties encountered in the hotel's construction.  The hotel's guest registry, 1922-1923, consists of loose pages on which are listed the guest's name and place of residence.  Invoices are arranged alphabetically by vendor's name and are a valuable source of information on small businesses operating in LaGrange and Troup County in the mid-1920s.     

     The Young sisters' strong family ties are revealed in their personal correspondence (1903-1981), and in the memorabilia they collected: greeting cards, news clippings and a family Bible containing genealogical information.

     The papers of Leonard H. Young, nephew of the Young sisters, reflect his civic, religious, and political interests, but relate primarily to his activities as the Young's attorney.  Title searches, tax records and law suits which involved the Young family are included.  Much of the material was generated during the Great Depression and reflects the financial difficulties encountered during that period.  Correspondence (1935) with Representative Ellis Arnold, later Governor of Georgia, is in regard to a bill introduced by Arnold in the Georgia Legislature designed to regulate the collection of music roylaties.

     Photographs date from about 1850 to about 1970 and include some portraits, but are mostly snapshots of members of the Young family, their gardens and homes, especially "Dellwood", the Young's summer home on the Chattahoochee River.  The house was razed in the 1970s when West Point Dam was built.




Box 1

Folder 1  Anna Young from her mother and her brother, J.L. Young,1903-1912

         2  Ethel Young at DeFuniak Springs, FL, from Anna and Lois,1916

         3  Anna Young from George in Chicago, 1917 Ethel Young from J. Regenstein Company, re. employment as

a milliner, 1917

         4  Anna Young from George in Gulf Port, MS and Chattanooga,TN, 1918

         5  Ethel Young from Dr. Rufus Dorsey and various familymembers re. her illness, 1921

         6  Anna Young business correspondence, 1922-1929

         7  Anna, Ethel and Lois Young from their neices and nephews,1938-1981



Box 2

Folder 1  Bible records - Freeman, Harris, Young (photocopies)   

       2  Pamphlets

           The Christian Index, vol. 107, no. 21, 9 June 1923, article on LaGrange

          LaGrange, LaGrange Chamber of Commerce, 1925

          LaGrange Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy, n.d.

          LaGrange Sketchbook, Lucile B. Johnson and Amanda Watkins,1935

     3  Geography theme book, Estelle Young, no date

             Little Maids Industrial Club minute book, 1909

             School report on physiology, Ethel Young, 1908

    4  Emma Custis Young - Thomas Evans Young wedding invitation,  25 October 1906

            Colonial Hotel opening announcement, 3 December 1921

             Colonial Hotel letterhead

             Invitation to reception for Mrs. William Alexander Briggs, 24 September 1912


Martha Jane Freeman Young, 20 [or 29?] May 1851 - 12 May 1923

James C. Young, 22 January 1898 - 10 November 1959

         5  Post cards, 1907-1916

         6  Christmas cards, 1921

         7  Christmas and greeting cards, 1965-1983

         8  Clippings, church bulletins, religious pamphlets, war maps, World War II



Box 3

Folder 1  Records of purchase of 403 Waverly Way by the Young Sisters

       2  Records of purchase of lots 4,5,6,7, and 8, (corner of Ridley Avenue and Haralson Street)

       3  Record of the sale of Ridley Avenue lot to Frank R.Young (the lot between the hotel and dress shop)

       4  F.R. Young leases of farm equipment, 1932 

      5-11  Court cases involving Young family

    12-16  Youngs' Ladies Apparel - delinquent accounts

        17  LaGrange Lions Club, 1930-1931

        18  Pep Class, LaGrange First Baptist Church, 1938-1940

        19  Membership Committee, Georgia Bar Association, 1941

        20  Ellis Arnold Correspondence, regarding the collection of music roylaties, 1935

        21  Pittman for Governor campaign, 1934



Box 4

Folder  1-4  Vendors, A-D

         5  Daniel Lumber Company

         6  Davison, Paxon, Stokes Company

       7-8  Vendors, E-J

         9  Insurance

        10  Ivey and Crook, statements and cost accounts

        11  Ivey and Crook, correspondence

        12  Vendors, K-L

        13  LaGrange Lumber Company - Contract and Specifications

        14  LaGrange Lumber Company

     15-18  Vendors, M-V

        19  John Van Range Company

        20  Vendors, W

Box 5  Colonial Hotel Guest Registry, 1922-1923



OP 1  Architectural drawings, Colonial Hotel, 1925

RB 28.06 Freeman Family Bible



Folder 1

ph 1  Martha Jane Freeman Young, c.1890 (3 copies)

ph 2  James G. Young, c.1890

Folder 2

ph 3-4  Leonard H. and Rebecca Young (?), c.1850                                           

Folder 3

ph 5-6  unidentified group photographs, c.1900

ph   7  Emma Young, age 8, tin plate, c.1880

Folder 4

ph 8-10  unidentified family group, c.1890

ph    11  unidentified house, c.1890

ph    12  Anna Young (?), postcard, 1915

ph    13  Young siblings, children of Martha and James Young at "Dellwood", Christmas, 1930

ph    14  unidentified family group on a boat, c.1900

ph    15  railroad trestle construction, c.1920

ph    16  unidentified house, c.1920

ph    17  football players, c.1920

ph    18  Rhodom and Dolly (Young?), c.1910

ph    19  Dolly (Young?), c.1910

Folder 5

ph     20  Jacob Clemmons Young, Jr. & Sr., c.1930

ph     21  unidentified sailors, c.1930

ph     22  unidentified wedding group, c.1920

ph     23-27  Mary Jane Young, c.1940

ph     28  Bill Hodges at 4 months, n.d.

ph     29-33  J. Clemmons Young, Jr., c.1920 - 1935

Folder 6

ph     34  J. Clemmons Young, Jr., c.1930

ph     35  Jimmy and L.H. Young, c.1910

ph     36  Jimmy and L.H. Young, c.1911

ph     37  Lois and Anna Young(?), c.1900

Folder 7

ph     38  Clifton Young, c.1930

ph     39  Anna S. Young, c.1915

ph     40  J. Clemmons Young, Sr., c.1900

Folder 8

ph     41  Charles Walter Young, c.1900

ph     42  Frank(?) Young, c.1900

ph     43  Ethel and Estelle Young, c.1900

ph     44  Mrs. J. Clemmons Young, Sr., c.1920

Folder 9

ph     45  Frank Young and Fannie Kate

ph     46  Clifton Young and Emma Young   

ph     47  Charles Walter Young, c.1900

ph     48  J. Clemmons Young on horseback

ph     49-51  Emma Young at Dellwood, c.1960

ph     52  Lois and Anna Young, c.1960

ph     53-54  Lois Young

ph     55  Jimmy Carter at Metropolitan Opera, 1978

ph     56-58  "Aunt Betty" at Dellwood

Folder 10 

10 snapshots of Emma Young, 1966

11 snapshots of unidentified members of Young family, c.1930 - 1970

Folder 11        

29 snapshots of "Dellwood", c.1930 - 1957

Folder 12

15 8X10 b&w prints of "Dellwood", c.1962

Folder 13

6 8X10 b&w prints of Colonial Hotel and hat shop, c.1930

Photo Album, "Dellwood Remembered", c.1968


Oversize photographs

opp   1  Colonial Hotel, main dining room, c.1926

opp   2  Young house, Waverly Way, LaGrange, c.1965

opp 3-5  "Dellwood", Young house on the Chattahoochee, c.1965

opp   6  Ethel Young with group at DeFuniak Springs, FL, 1916 (?)



Architecture, LaGrange - Ivey and Crook

Arnold, Ellis

Business Records, c.1920s

Colonial Hotel, LaGrange

Freeman Family

Ivey and Crook, Architects

Women in Business

Young Family