Manuscript MS-013


Source: Mr. Woodrow Smith, LaGrange, GA, 1983 and 1989

Size: .4 linear feet

Shelving Units:

1 Manuscript folder
1 Scrapbook
13 Photograph folders

Processing: PHW, June 2000



Woodrow Smith (1913-1994), the son of William Howard Smith, moved to LaGrange from Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1926. He married Virginia Payne and had a son, Bob. He was a veteran of World War II. He began working in the Citizens & Southern Bank in March of 1933. By 1940, he had gained the position of Assistant Cashier and, by 1962, was President of the bank. Woodrow Smith was active in banking and civic affairs in Troup County. He held the positions of Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Secretary and Treasurer of the LaGrange College Board of Trustees, a member of the LaGrange Board of Education, Chairman of the Board of the United Fund, President of the United Way, President of Kiwanis Club, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of City-County Hospital. After forty-five years of service to the Citizens & Southern Bank, he retired on April 10, 1978. He died at age 81 on April 12, 1994.



This collection contains letters, newspaper articles, a scrapbook, and photographs relating to businesses in LaGrange, in particular Citizens & Southern Bank, during the mid to late twentieth century. Letters and news clippings give insight into the personal contributions and honors of Woodrow Smith to the city of LaGrange. The scrapbook contains newspaper ads and company letterheads from the LaGrange area and gives examples of the types of businesses that once operated here. The photograph collection gives a pictorial history of the interior and exterior of the Citizens & Southern Bank building, beginning at its old location on the northwest corner of Main and Broome Streets (now the Troup County Archives) to the new building erected on the southwest corner of the intersection. Included in these photographs are pictures of the Truitt House, a Victorian house that once stood where the Citizens & Southern Bank was erected. The Citizens & Southern Bank has since changed its name to the Bank of America.



1 Scrapbook
1 Folder: Letters, Personal Cards, Newspaper Clippings, Miscellaneous Items



MS 013/001-6,118; Truitt Home; 1900s, 1954;7 B&W; 7.5x9.5; Main St., Downtown LaGrange
MS 013/007; Glass Bridge; 1 Color; 8x10
MS 013/008; School Children, unidentified group; c. 1915; 1 B&W; 5x7; Unidentified Group of School Children Education
MS 013/009-012; Smith, R. Woodrow; 1964; 4 B&W; 5x7 (3); 8x10 (1); R. Woodrow Smith, C&S Bank
MS 013/013; Smith, R. Woodrow; 1 May, 1966; 1 B&W; 8x10; J. Hugh Campbell, l; R. Woodrow Smith presents package of checks to Bob McFather R. Woodrow Smith, Bob McFather, C&S Bank
MS 013/014; Groundbreaking; 1 B&W; 8xlO; groundbreaking of C&S; R. Woodrow Smith & unidentified man, C&S Bank
MS 013/015; Search Committee, LaGrange College President; 1980; 1 B&W; 5x7; Search Committee of LaGrange College ; L.R.Morgan, Charles D.Hudson, C. Stevens, Murial B. Williams, R.L. Culpepper, R. Dooley, J.P. Cleaveland, O.F. Nixon, Jr., D. Nusewander, Byron H. Mathews, Dan Rice, Gardner Newman, W. Smith, B.W. Wharton, J.K. Boatwright, Jr., Arthur Bradfield, W.M. Shackleford
MS 013/016; Smith, R. Woodrow; 1 B&W; 8x10; J. Hugh Campbell, l; R. Woodrow Smith and two unidentified men holding photo of new LaGrange College Gates
MS 013/017; Owen, Louise, Accepts Award; 1970; 1 B&W; 8x10; Hugh Campbell, l; Presentation of Award by Hall of Fame of Georgia Teachers to Louise Owen; Don Elliott Heald, Miss Louise Owen, Woodrow Smith Georgia Teacher's Hall of Fame
MS 013/018; Smith, R. Woodrow, and unidentified group; 1 B&W; 8x10; J. Hugh Campbell, l; R. Woodrow Smith and three unidentified men stand before Troup County Forestry Unit Truck at C&S Bank
MS 013/019; Kiwanis Club Meeting; c. 1980; 1 B&W; 8x10; R. Woodrow Smith and two other men
MS 013/020; Smith, R. Woodrow; 1980; 1 B&W; 5x7; R. Woodrow Smith and two men converse
MS 013/021; C&S Directors; 10/1956; 1 B&W; 8x10; Unidentified Directors of C&S Bank
MS 013/022; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; Group of nine men, including R. Woodrow Smith; C&S Bank
MS 013/023; C&S Directors; 1972; 1 B&W; 8x10; I. Hugh Campbell, l; R. Woodrow Smith, Hawley Smith, Charles Hudson, Gardner Newman, and unidentified man ; C&S Bank
MS 013/024; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; Gardner Newman, B. W. Whorton, Charles Hudson, R. Woodrow Smith, Hawley Smith, Ed Gore; C&S Bank
MS 013/025; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; Directors; C&S Bank
MS 013/026; Unidentified Men; 1 B&W; 5x7
MS 013/027; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; Q. N. Johnson; Two men, unidentified
MS 013/028; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 5x7; R. Woodrow Smith and four unidentified men; C&S Bank
MS 013/029; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; R. Woodrow Smith and four others; C&S Bank
MS 013/030; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8xlO; I. Hugh Campbell; Mr. and Mrs. Hawley Smith and unidentified man
MS 013/031; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; I. Hugh Campbell; Hawley Smith, Charles Hudson, and 4 unidentified; C&S Bank
MS 013/032; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; I. Hugh Campbell; R. Woodrow Smith receives Award of Merit; C&S Bank
MS 013/032; C&S Directors; 1 B&W; 8x10; I. Hugh Campbell; R. Woodrow Smith and three unidentified men; C&S Bank
MS 013/033; C&S Directors; 3/2/1968; 1 B&W; 8x10; I. Hugh Campbell; Glen M. Simpson, G. P. Jenkins, R. Woodrow Smith, C. D. Hudson, Lewis Price, O. F. Nixon, Jr.; C&S Bank
MS 013/034; Glanton, H.D., Birthday Celebration; 3/2/1942; 1 B&W; 8xlO; C&S Employees Celebrate the Birthday of H. D. Glanton Identification for this large group is on back of this photograph. Included are H. D. Glanton, H. H.Childs,and Hatton Lovejoy
MS 013/035-036; Hudson Hardware; 1910-1920; 2 B&W; 6x9; Interior and Exterior photos of Hudson Hardware Hudson Hardware; Historic Buildings
MS 013/035-037; C&S Bank Christmas Dinner; 3 B&W; 8x10; Q. N. Johnson
MS 013/038; C&S Bank, Employee Dance; 1 B&W; 5x7;
MS 013/039; C&S Bank Receives Trophy; 1 B&W; 8x10; C&S Employees receive M.B. Lane Trophy for Excellence in Banking Group, unidentified but including Hawley and R. Woodrow Smith
MS 013/040-044; Drive In Bank Opens; 4/16/62; 5 B&W; 8x10; Various scenes, Drive-in Bank Opening C&S Bank
MS 013/045-055; C&S Bank Open House; 1962; 12 B&W; 8xlO; Bowen Studios; R. Woodrow Smith and others Banks
MS 013/056-066; C&S Bank; c. 1962; 11 B&W; 8x10; color,&3.5x3.; Interior & Exterior Photos of old C &S Bank Smith, R. Woodrow Banks
MS 013/067-073; C&S Bank Moves to New Location; 1969; 7 B&W; 8x10; Hugh Campbell
MS 013/074-077; C&S Bank, 200 Main Street; c. 1970; 4 Color; 4x5; 5x7; 8xlO
MS 013/078-103; C&S Bank, Open House, 200 Main; 1970; 26 Color; 5x7; Activities during open house at C&S Bank building including photographs of unidentified persons
MS 013/104-117; C&S Bank Open House; 1969; 14 B&W; 5x7
MS 013/119; Unidentified Group; 1 B&W; 7x11; Unidentified Group of Men
MS 013/120; Moving Into C&S Bank; c.1970; B&W, 8x10; Campbell, l; Men moving filing cabinets into new C&S Bank building at 200 Main Street
MS 013/121; C&S Fountain; c.1970; color, 3x4; Snapshot of fountain behind C&S Bank
MS 013/122; Roses; 1967; color, 4x4; Roses in front of C&S Building at 136 Main St., now Archives
MS 013/123-125; Truitt House; c.1955; B&W, 5x7; Truitt House at corner of Broome and Main St., later C&S Bank location
MS 013/126-130; C&S Bank; 1962; color, 3x3; Interior snapshots of C&S Bank at 136 Main Street, now Archives
MS 013/131; C&S Party; c.1965; B&W, 8x10; Campbell, l; Group at party, possibly in C&S Building at 136 Main Street
MS 013/132; Moving Money Into C&S Bank; c.1970; B&W, 8x10; Campbell, l; Wells Fargo guards and police moving money from old C&S Building, next door to new building at 200 Main Street
MS 013/133; C&S Drive-Thru; 1962; B&W, 8x10; Campbell, l; C&S Drive-Thru Bank on site of old Truitt House, before new bank building constructed
MS 013/134; Smith, R. Woodrow; c.1965; B&W, 8x10; Bowen; Portrait of president of C&S Bank standing over his desk
MS 013/135-136; Public Hanging; 1892; B&W, 5x7; Schaub; Public hanging of man convicted of murder
MS 013/137-138; C&S Model; c.1970; B&W, color, 8x10; Dixon; Photographs of model of C&S Main office in Atlanta at corner of North Avenue and West Peachtree Street
MS 013/139; Tent and Cars in Field; c.1968; color, 8x10; Taskett; Crowd under tent in field, possibly employee picnic or fair
MS 013/140-142; Unidentified Boys; c.1965; B&W, 1x2, 5x7; Portraits of unidentified boys
MS 013/143; Unidentified Man; c.1960; B&W, 3x4; Campbell, l; Portrait of unidentified man
MS 013/144; Cleaveland, J. Philip; c.1960; B&W, 5x7; Portrait
MS 013/145; Smith, R. Woodrow; c.1960; B&W, 2x3; Snapshot of R. Woodrow Smith standing next to a bouquet of flowers
MS 013/146; Smith, R. Woodrow; 1962; color, 3x5; R. Woodrow Smith with group on boat playing cards, including Gardner Newman
MS 013/147; Smith, R. Woodrow; c.1960; B&W, 1x2; Portrait
MS 013/148; Houseboat; c.1960; B&W, 5x7; Houseboat on lake at Callaway Gardens
MS 013/149; School Group; c.1920; B&W, 5x7; Unidentified class standing on steps of school building
MS 013/150-151; Smith, R. Woodrow; c.1960; B&W, 2x3 mounted; R. Woodrow Smith and unidentified man
MS 013/152; Callaway Gardens Beach; c.1960; B&W, 8x10; People on beach and in water at Callaway Gardens
MS 013/153-154; Bank Group; c.1955; B&W, 5x7, 8x10; Johnson; Bank group including R. Woodrow Smith and other men
MS 013/155; Bank Group; c.1965; B&W, 8x10; Campbell, l; Group inside of C&S Bank including R. Woodreow Smith and Charles Hudson
MS 013/156; C&S Board of Directors; c.1965; B&W, 8x10; Portrait around table; R. Woodrow Smith, Charles Hudson, Gardner Newman




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