Manuscript MS-020



SOURCE: Norman P. Loftin

SIZE: .5 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 7 file folders

3 Volumes (Rare Books)

4 Artifacts

PROCESSING: FPB, August 1984



Mary Jeannette Wilhoite (1890-1967) was born in Meriwether County, Georgia, the only child of Munford R. and Molly E. Wilhoite and the granddaughter of John (died c. 1877) and Mary Emma Wilhoite. Miss Wilhoite served as the librarian for the LaGrange Woman's Club and the LaGrange Memorial Library from 1921 until her retirement in 1945. From January 1919 until January 1920, she served with the American Expeditionary Forces - Young Men's Christian Association, Women's Department in France assisting with the National War Work Council's relief effort. She may have also served with the Ambulance Corps during 1918 at Argonne, France.


Wilhoite's papers consist of correspondence, legal materials, Civil War and World War I military records, records pertaining to the LaGrange Woman's Club, printed materials, maps and miscellaneous. Items separated include a family Bible, rare books, and artifacts.


Correspondence, 1835

1 item

16 July 1835 letter from John P. Paradis, Justice of the Peace, of Louisville, Jefferson County, Georgia to John Wilhoite, Greenville Meriwether County, Georgia regarding people Paradis knew when he lived in Meriwether County, family matters, and life in Jefferson County.

Military Records, 1864, 1920

2 items

Two items from the Civil War and World War I comprise this series. Item 1 is a 25 July 1864 pay record for John T. Wilhite (1845-1864), Company D, 8th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers, from the Quartermaster, CSA, Petersburg, VA. The records gives a description of Wilh(o)ite, his age and date of death. John T. was Jeannette's uncle.

Also included here is a Certificate of Release, Honorable Discharge, for Jeannette Wilhoite from the American Expeditionary Forces - Young Men's Christian Association, Women's Department. The certificate dates from c. January 1920.

Legal Materials, 1821-1885, 1963

17 Items

Family land records and a document granting power of attorney are found in these folders. Land indentures show transfer of property in District 7 of Meriwether County, Ga. land lots 77, 78 and 110 from the 1820's until their dispersal in 1877-1885 to the relatives of John Wilhoite (died c. 1877). Relatives included his wife, Mary Emma, his sons, Munford R. and Phillip, and daughters, Georgia Wilhoite, Sarah Mealer, and Margaret Williams and brother William H. Wilhoite of Buford County Tennessee. The final item is a document signed by Mary Jeannette Wilhoite granting Norman P. Loftin of LaGrange power of attorney, 17 July 1963.

LaGrange Woman's Club, 1920-1927

7 items

In 1920, the LaGrange Women's Club purchased a lot on Church Street and built the LaGrange Memorial Library. Records here include land indentures relating to the purchase of the Mrs. A.V. Heard's lot by the Club and transfer of that property to the LaGrange Memorial Library. The Club contracted with LaGrange Lumber and Supply Company to build the new library building in 1926. An undated Bylaws of the LaGrange Memorial Library Association is also included here.

The library was built as a memorial to LaGrange soldiers who died in the World War (World War I). Marble plaques showing the names ofthe soldiers are now in the Troup County Archives. (The Church Street bulding now serves as the Troup County Tax Commissioners office.)

Miscellaneous, undated, 1945-1967

5 items

Genealogical information, clippings, a handwritten prescription, and the obituary of Jeannette Wilhoite are found here.

Printed Materials, 1888, 1918, 1927-1928

4 items

Miscellaneous printed materials found in this series includes the National Democratic Ticket, 1888 and United States Government Thrift Card for War Savings Certificate, 1918. Wilhoite's interest in travel and the areas in France she saw during the War are

apparent in this series. Two travel majazines which she saved are filed here. They are Lac O'Anncey and Vallee de Thones (Revue de Willegiature Tourisme, July 1927), annotated by Wilhoite regarding places she visited in 1919, an American Express Company Travel Department Tours brochure, October 1928.

Maps c. 1919

2 items

Wilhoite annotated these two maps of Paris and France.



RB 28.1 Jenet Neel, her Bible, April 4, 1803 (Edinburg: Mark and Charles Kerr, 1797)

Rare Books

RB 26 The Story of Cotton (LaGrange: Callaway Mills, 1939)

RB 27 Jones, Charles C. A Catechism of scripture, Doctrine and Practice (Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1852)


ART 84.3 Leather pocket wallet of John Wilhoite, c. 1831

ART 84.4 Leather pocket wallet of Daniel Boozer, c. 1839 (made by S. Church Bethlem, Conn, and Barber, S.C.)

ART 84.5 Leather pocket Wallet, c. 1860s

ART 84.6 Name stencil "H. J. Terrell", undated



Box 1

Folder 1 Correspondence, 1835

Military records, 1864, 1920

Legal Materials, 1963

2-3 Legal Materials, 1821-1885

4 LaGrange Woman's Club, 1920-1927

5 Miscellaneous, 1945-1967, undated

6 Printed Materials, 1888, 1918, 1927-1928

7 Maps, 1919



LaGrange Women's Club LaGrange Memorial Library World War I - France Wilhoite, John ( -1877)

Wilhoite, Mary Jeannette (1890-1967)

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Photographs: TRP 3, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1927. Wilhoite is one of the ladies shown.