Manuscript MS-2003.14


SOURCE: John Lupold

SIZE: .1 lf

PROCESSING: BNJ, September 2003



In 1923, at the direction of the Methodist Church, Warren Temple Methodist Church appointed a committee, chaired by J. T. King, to write its history. The committee noted in its report that "During the days of Slavery there was a preacher [J. H. Caldwell] in the Methodist Episcopal Church South…who…at the close of the Civil War…took a great interest in the colored people, and preached to them and taught them in Sunday School." Thus begins the history of Warren Temple Methodist Church originally located on King Street. Shortly after its establishment, the church founded LaGrange Academy, which later became John King School and finally Hill Street School. In December 1934, the church opened at its present site at the corner of East Depot and Union Streets. John Moore, a local builder and member of the congregation, built the church. The church continues its ministry into the twentieth-first century.



The collection consists of one folder of photocopied pages of church history. Included is a reconstructed history of the early church as well as yearly notations of events in the church's history. A membership list is included as is information on LaGrange Academy.



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