Manuscript MS-105


SOURCE:  J. Crawford Ware, 1991

SIZE:  2 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:  2 Records Center Boxes

                 1 Folder - photographs




The Ware Family Papers give a vivid look at life in rural West Georgia and constitute a valuable roster of Heard County residents, where most official records prior to 1900 have been lost to fire.  These papers are largely related to the plantation and tannery accounts of James Britton Ware, Lucy Sturdivant Ware, and the estate of John Mims Ware between 1831 and 1910.  The thirty-two ledgers include one from Edgefield County, South Carolina, with accounts of Henry Ware, Jr. dated 1800 to 1801.  Some of the ledgers have miscellaneous items and clippings relating to the Ware family, their friends, or the service of different family members at all levels of state and local government from 1831 to 1916.  The majority of the ledgers contain financial records of the plantation and business.  These papers were donated by J. Crawford Ware of Hogansville, Georgia State Representative of the 37th district.




Box 1: 5 folders, 18 ledgers

Folder 1  Loose Papers

Items 1-2  "The Bucket Letter", 8-3-1831, from Ned Bucket, written by Tom Bucket, to Judge John Mims Ware.  A scathing attack on Ware for voting to put the Heard County courthouse on the east side of the Chattahoochee River and its envelope.

        3  Will of John Mims Ware, 8-17-1838.

        4  Assets of John M. Ware Estate, 2-13-1871.

        5  Accounts of James B. Ware, 4-27-1866.

        6  Confederate bond, $400, 3-29-1864.

        7  One share, Planters' Iron Mining Company of Troup County, Georgia, 5-7-1863.

        8  Two Shares, Planters' Salt Manufacturing Company, LaGrange, Georgia, 7-15-1862.


Items 9-11  Four shares, Grantville Salt Manufacturing Co., 11-7-1862, 11-10-1862, and 12-7-1862.

     12-16, Deeds:

            2 1/2 acres, land lot 147, 3rd district, 12-5-1866, George W. Lewis to James B. Ware.

            202 1/2 acres, land lot 163, 10-28-1850, Thomas H. Hanson to James B. Ware.

            202 1/2 acres, land lot 163, 4-12-1847, Daniel Whitaker to Thomas H. Hanson.

            404 acres, land lots 181 and 183, 3rd district, 2-2-1872, James and Julia Ann Brown, George W. and Elizabeth Lewis, Edmond S. Daniel, and Henry G. Ware to James B. Ware. 

            151 acres, land lots 181 and 182, 3rd district,   7-12-1880, James B. Ware to S. M. Ware.

        17  Powers of Attorney, 3-8-1873, James G. and Julia A. Ransom; Charlotte Stephens, widow of Alford O. Stephens; John Stephens; and M. C. and Martha J. Reneau to Britton Ware, to collect from estate of A.O. Stephens and Mary Stephens.

        18  Georgia State Senate Resolutions, 6-27-1906, concerning illness of State Senator James B. Ware of the 37th district.

        19  Envelope postmarked Palestine, Texas, 1-11-1921 to Jno. F. Ware, Hogansville, Georgia.


Folder 2  Printed Materials

Item 1  Printed speech of Samuel J. Randall, U.S. House of Representatives, 8-14-1876, titled "Retrenchment and Reform."

   2-5  World War I clippings.

   6-7  Clippings re value of money and price of cotton, ca. 1916.

  8-10  Clippings on virtues of: Honesty, Benevolence, and Wisdom, ca. 1915.

    11  Invitation from Gov. and Mrs. J.M. Terrell to Georgia Governor's mansion, ca. 1906.


Folder 3  Writings and Speeches of James B. Ware

Item 1  Address of James B. Ware, President Corinth Agricultural and Horticultural Club, 1891.

     2  Obituary of Mrs. James B. Ware, 1916.

     3  James B. Ware, opposes reduction of County Commission, n.d.

     4  Memorial obiturary of W.H. Melson, by James B. Ware, 1912

     5  James B. Ware, foreman of Grand Jury, partial presentments, 1880.

     6  Copy of Franklin, GA, News and Banner, 11-17-1911, front page contains speech by Judge James B. Ware.


Folder 4  Miscellaneous Papers

Item 1  Clipping "Gov. Smith refuses clemency in liquor cases", in Pulaski Co., GA, ca. 1907.

     2  Calling card of Ludie E. Howard, n.d.

     3  Leather wallet and bulletin, Crisp County Committee to Hon. J.E. Ware, 1906, promo for creation of Crisp Co., GA

     4  Free-silver pamphlet, 1895.


Folder 5  Family news items photocopied from Ledger # 4.

Item 1  Obituary of Mrs. Henry Hall Ware, 1-26-1918.

     2  Obituary of James B. Ware with news photo of him, 1918.

     3  Obituary of W. S. Darrington written by James B. Ware, ca. 1910.

     4  Obituary of Elcane Eady, 1-5-1907.

     5  Obituary of Mrs. James B. Ware, 1916, and write-up of party given by Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Ware, n.d.

     6  Ware Family Reunion held in 1890's, James B. Ware spoke.

     7  Article on Senator James B. Ware, with news photo of him.

     8  Letter, Jo Bell to J.B. Ware, 8-23-1908.

     9  Letter, W.C. Bunn to J.B. Ware, ca. 1908.

    10  Postcard, S.B. Cousins to J.B. Ware, 8-29-1905.

    11  Letter, C.M. Candler to J.B. Ware, 3-22-1909. 

    12  Letter, D.P. Darrington to J.B. Ware, 1-21-1910.

    13  Letters to the Editor by A.C. Ware, Jr. and Leo R. Houston, 1918.


Ledgers/Accounts, 18 volumes, 1867-1895


Box 2: 14 ledgers

Volume  1  Henry Ware's Account Books - Edgefield County, SC, 1800-1801.

        2  John M. Ware's Cotton Book, 1835

      3-4  Accounts 1835-1863 (family clippings pasted on some pages)

        5  Tannery Accounts, Lewis & Ware 1866-1868

        6  Accounts 1867-1872

        7  Accounts 1881-1887 and Bethel Church Records,1886

     8-10  Accounts, 1884-1901

       11  Accounts 1894-1897 (back of book references Ben H. Hill's view on silver, 2-8-1878)

       12  Accounts 1896-1897, school lessons and reference to Franklin Institute

       13  Accounts 1896-97, story about life of Dr. Ginsberg, letter by Louise Ware, 1912

       14  Accounts 1899-1900



1  Henry Ware of Alabama.

2  S.P. Phillips.

3  A Barbeque at a Camp Ground Meeting.

4  Hall Ware, Sr., a girl, 3 dogs, and a chicken.

5  Sulpher Springs, Texas, a man, woman, and 2 children.



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