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The Federal Writers Project was a Depression era employment program sponsored by the Works Progress Administration. All the documents in this collection are photocopies. The original papers are housed in the Special Collections Unit at the University of

Georgia Library. Papers on Troup County's history and natural history are based on interviews with local residents and secondary sources such as Clifford Smith's History of Troup County. Researchers should be aware that errors have been noted in these papers. Names, dates, and other facts should be corroborated from other sources.

The material is arranged by topic but each paper generally covers a fairly broad range of subjects -- a paper on towns and villages may include histories of prominent families. Copies of acts of the Georgia legislature relating to Troup County trace the county's boundary changes and include information on the establishment of various courts and government agencies. Biographies are brief, usually consisting of one paragraph regarding an individual's accomplishments. A list of the biographies is included in the container list. Interviews with J.E. Brown and C.H. Kelly are the basis for papers on black education. Brown and Kelly were Troup County's leading black educators during the early twentieth century. Some reports on Troup County's natural history are merely lists of trees, minerals and birds. Others contain interesting accounts of the use of streams for power and transportation. Significant events in Troup County's history such as the Burnt Village incident, Fort Tyler, and the Nancy Harts are briefly discussed.



Folder 1 Towns and Villages

Alphabetical listing of fifteen Troup County communities indicating location, population (1940), altitude and availability of rail and postal facilities

West Point - history, industry, flood control, and Lanier family

Folder 2 Acts of the Georgia Legislature re. Troup County, 1826-1939

Folder 3 Biographical Sketches

Abrahams, A.D. Gibson, W.S.

Alford, Julius C. Greene, Phillip H.

Amos, Baldwin Haralson, Hugh H.

Billinghurst, C.E. Heard, George

Boddie, Nathan V. Hill, Benjamin H.

Bradfield, Joseph Hudson, J.D.

Bull, O.A. Huguley, William

Callaway, Abner R. Lehman, Albert

Callaway, Fuller Earle Loyd, James

Callaway, Jesse Mercer Newton, John T.

Cameron, James H. Norwood, Daniel Cooper, Mrs. William H. (ne Fall) Park, John

Covin, John H. Pitman, E.D.

Dallis, Hubert Wellington Reid, Samuel

Davis, Daniel Ridley, R.A.T.

Douglas, John Sledge, Robert H.

Dunson, Walker Smith, Rufus W.

Evans, Thomas Stanley, Thomas

Fannin James H. Traylor, George

Ferrell, Blount C. Truitt, James M.

Fincher, Isaac Ware, Daniel

Whatley Ornan

Folder 4-5 Natural Resources

Settlement, Growth and Development

Barge traffic on the Chattahoochee

Glass' Bridge

McCosh's Mill

Troup Factory

Young's Mill

Lonesome Valley Stock Farm (Dr. B.F. Saltsman) Soil types

Rocks and minerals



Folder 6 Transportation

Development of roads from Indian trails

Reuben Thornton - flatboats on the Chattahoochee


Streetcar in LaGrange, 1887

Folder 7 Negro Education

LaGrange Academy, 1874

Baptist Academy (Union Street School)

Brown, J.E.

Kelly, Charles H.

Harrison family

Folder 8 Burnt Village, Nancy Harts



Abbotsford Community

Abrahams, A.D.

Afro-American Educatiion - LaGrange

Alford, Julius C.

Amos, Baldwin

Antioch Community

Big Springs Community

Billinghurst, C.E.

Boddie, Nathan V.

Bradfield, Joseph

Brown, J.E.

Bull O.A.

Burnt Village

Callaway, Abner

Callaway, Jesse Mercer

Cameron, James H.

Cannonville Community

Cooper, Mrs. William H.

Covin, John H.

Dallis, Hubert W.

Davis, Daniel

Douglas, John

Dunson, Walker

Education - Troup County

Evans, Thomas

Evansville Community

Fannin, James H.

Ferrell, Blount C.

Fincher, Isaac

Fort Tyler

Gabbettville Community

Gibson, W.S.

Greene, Phillip H.

Haralson, Hugh

Harrison family

Heard, George


Hudson, J.D.

Huguley, William

Kelley, Charles H.

Knott Community

LaGrange - 1940

Lehman, Albert

Lonesome Valley Stock Ranch

Louise Community

Loyd, James

McCosh's Mill


Nancy Harts

Newry Community

Newton, John T.

Norwood, Daniel

Park, John

Pitman, Elisha D.

Pyne Community

Railroads - Troup County

Reid, Samuel

Saltsman, B.F.

Sledge, Robert H.

Smith, Rufus

Stanley, Thomas

Streetcar - LaGrange

Trimble Community

Troup County - Legislation,1826-1939

Troup Factory

Truitt, James M.

Ware, Daniel

West Point

Whatley, Ornan

Young's Mill