Manuscript MS-120



SOURCE:      Union Lodge #28, F.A.& M.

                        Douglas G. Beach, Treasurer

SIZE:  10 volumes




“Union Lodge, No. 28, Free and Accepted Masons was one of the early organizations of the county.  The charter was applied for on October 22, 1842, and was organized on December 4, 1842,” according to Clifford L. Smith in History of Troup County (1933).  The Lodge continues to function today as a part of the Masonic Organization.  Many old Troup County families have participated in this lodge.


This collection consists of 10 volumes of recorded minutes of the Lodge for December 4, 1842-September 19, 1844 and December18, 1885-November 6, 1956.  The volumes contain minutes of meetings, requests for membership, yearly election of officers, desires of members to gain additional standings in the organization, financial reports, charitable works, and the coverage of a few county historical events.  Disciplinary actions are sometimes recorded.  Little genealogical information is found.  Note:  Membership rolls of lodge members are generally not found in this collection.  Individual members are listed when elected to office, in remembrances, and when appearing before membership with special requests.


CONTENT LIST:  Highlights of minutes are noted below. 

Volume I:  December 4, 1843 – September 19, 1844

October 22, 1842        Application for charter

December 10              Constitution and By Laws

                                    Roster of Members

February 27, 1843      By Laws


Volume II:  December 18, 1885 – May 29, 1898


38        Visitors List to Corner Stone Laying, LaGrange Female College, Aug. 19, 1887

44        Remembrance, Peter Boyert

87        Remembrance, John G. Whitfield

97        Remembrance, William C. Yancy

102      Remembrance, Judge A. G. Hightower

181      Remembrance, John Gorham

186      Remembrance, Judge B. H. Bigham


225      Remembrance, Dr. John A. Baugh

235      Remembrance, Dr. E. D. Pitman

253      Remembrance, Hiram K. Brady

270      Remembrance, J. C. Forbes


Volume III:  June 21, 1898 – December 7, 1909

1          List of Memorandum Papers and Records, March 21, 1916

2          Remembrance, W. B. Jones

4          Request to lay Cornerstone, LaGrange First Methodist Church, July19, 1898

15        Remembrance, M. J. Hunter

33        Remembrance, Col. W. B. Jones

35        Remembrance, Andrew J. Boyd

39        Application of Tecumseh Tribe, Red Men to use Lodge

67        Burial of Frank Crenshaw

97        Mention of death of E. Callaway

128      Burial of Joe H. Cleaveland

141      Request to lay Cornerstone of LaGrange High School, June 6, 1903

168      Laying of Cornerstone of Troup County Courthouse, June 30, 1904

306      Membership, 1909


Volume IV:  December 21, 1909 – December 30, 1919

13        Remembrance, Larkin G. Cleaveland

41        Remembrance, B. Handley

58        Remembrance, J. T. Rutledge

67        Remembrance, Luther Rakestraw

68        Resolutions of Sympathy to Brothers Sam and Morris Goldstein on Death of their Mother in Russia

105      Remembrance, John O. Smith

118      Resolutions on the Death of the Wife of Brother J. E. Warlick

119      Remembrance, E. M. Henderson

120      Remembrance, Emanuel Ketzky

123      Resolutions by Union Lodge on Death of Wife of Brother John Banks

135      Roll of Dead, August 13, 1913-August 31, 1914

147      Remembrance, RufusW. Smith

172      Resolutions of Sympathy to Brother Duke Davis on Death of Mother

173      Remembrance, Thomas F. Cook

197      Roll of Dead, August 31, 1915-August 31, 1916


Volume V:  January 6, 1920 - December 17, 1929


28        Remembrance, Henry Banks, Sr.

29        Letter to the Wife of E. B. Hendy on His Death

47        Letter to the Wife of J. R. Torbert on His Death

48        Remembrance, Henry Banks

98        Remembrance, W. W. Haygood

104      Remembrance, H. A. Carr

105      Remembrance, H. L. Dozier

122      Resolutions on Death of the Wife of Brother O. W. Brown

123      Remembrance, B. C. Ferrell

124      Resolutions on the Death of the Father of Brother G. B. Head

125      Resolutions on the Death of the Mother of Brother G. W. Evans

129      Remembrance, W. B. Hogg

145      Remembrance, Judge Francis Marion Longley

239      Remembrances: Rev. F. J. Dodd

                        F. C. Tigner

                        Charlie Griffin

                        J. H. Cleaveland on the death of his mother

                        Frank Ogletree

257      Remembrance, E. T. Poythress

263      Remembrance, Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.

            Remembrance, J. H. Brazil

280      Remembrance, T. W. Glass

286      Remembrance, Charles E. Market

                        J. B. Carr

                        H. F. Jarrell

291      Remembrance, James B. Ridley

                        Eugene Philpot


Book VI:  January 7, 1930 – October 1, 1940

NOTE:  Beginning with this volume, entries are referred to by month and date rather than           by page number.



Feb 4  Remembrance, Dr. Albert Bell Vaughn

Aug 5  Remembrance, Charles L. Dix



Jan 9    Remembrance, Anderson C. Towns

Feb17  Remembrance, Sam B. Neely

Oct 6   To the Relatives of J. O. Perry

Jan 17  To the Family of James M. Curtis



Apr 19Remembrance, F. M. Orr

                        J. T. King

                        S. D. Conner

                        W. R. Walker

                        Albert Lehman

May 9  Remembrance, O. A. Mann

Oct 12Remembrance, Sam Goldstein



Feb 19Remembrance of R. R. Cone

                        Eldon S. Longley

                        J. P. Bennett

                        Family of M. R. Owensby

                        John H. Cleaveland

                        J. D. Waller

                        W. B. Martin

                        Marvin U. Mooty

                        H. W. Carlisle

                        Jarrell R. Dunson

                        Howard P. Park

Jun 10Remembrance, Henry C. Butler



Oct 20             Remembrance, W. W. Rutland

Feb 15Remembrance, Clifford L. Smith



Mar 2 Remembrance, J. W. Short

                        Max Grablowsky

                        W. L. Cleaveland

                        A. A. Brazil



Aug 23 Remembrance, H. D. Venable



Feb 21Remembrance, Frank C. Tigner

                        Dave Yalovitz

                        Robert J. Guinn, Sr.

Feb 22Laying of cornerstone of Troup County Court House, Ridley Avenue

            Contents of cornerstone

Feb 5   Remembrance, W. A. Harris

                        Oscar H. Horn

                        George W. Smith

                        Charles P. Borders


Jan 2    Resolution on Recovery of George E. Billinghurst from illness, dated 12-20-38

Apr16  Remembrance, Z. T. Gorham

                        Philip Augustine


Volume VII:  October 15, 1940 – August 22, 1945



Feb17  Remembrance, H. R. Lipham



Feb 4   Remembrance, F. F. Rowe

Mar 4  Remembrance, Warren Randall

Apr 15 Remembrance, J. A. Stone

May 20 Remembrance, Albert Lehmann, Jr.

Aug19Remembrance, Robert S. Woodham

Jan.18  Remembrance, A. C. Fuller



Sep7    Remembrance, W. A. Sprayberry

Jan16   Remembrance, M. M. Maxwell



Jan18   Remembrance, Henry R. Slack

Jun 30Remembrance, W. M. Lawrence

Aug 27 Remembrance, Ernest Lester Gray

Aug 30            Remembrance, W. O. Burke

Jan 21  Remembrance, Arthur D. Harris



Apr 23Remembrance, John Amos Bennett

Jun 2   Remembrance, Walter P. Hicks

Aug 22            Remembrance, W. Abb Smith


Volume VIII:  September 4, 1945 – April 19, 1949



Jul 9    Remembrance, C. W. Sutherlin

Oct 21Remembrance, John R. Sorgee



Apr.6   New By-Laws

Jun 15Remembrance, Joe Delancey

Jul 20  Remembrance, C. L. Collum

                        A. W. McCoy

Aug 17            Remembrance, B. C. Gordy

Jan 16  Remembrance, Clarence H. Day, Jr.

                        James Walter Harris


Mar15 Remembrance, Thomas L. Rhodes


Volume IX:  May 3, 1949 – December 16, 1952


Jul 5    Remembrance, Thomas W. Godfrey

            Joe B. Davis

Jul1     Remembrance, Oscar L. Hobby

Feb19  Remembrance, Harry W. Callaway



Apr 30Remembrance, John H. Stodghill

                        Albert Grover Pope

                        R. H. Pfankuche


Volume X:  January 6, 1953 – November 6, 1956



Jan17   Remembrance, Robert B. Priddy



Jul 20  Remembrance, Clarence G. Higginbotham

Jan16   Remembrance, Henry Wesley Caldwell



Feb 6   Remembrance, Raymond Oscar Muse




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