Manuscript MS-001



SOURCE: Troup County Historical Society, 1983-1985, 1992

SIZE: 7 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 13 Manuscript boxes

2 Photographs boxes

PROCESSING: RAA, 1986, 1992


Current and past officers and members of the society have deposited their records in the Archives since 1983. The records were consolidated and processed in January 1986 and again in January 1992, following receipt of additions to the collection. Other additions are anticipated.


The Society was chartered in 1972 under the name Ocfuskee Historical Society. The name was changed to Troup County Historical Society in 1981. Its purpose is to preserve the physical and cultural heritage of Troup County, Georgia, through education, publication, and support of various preservation projects. Founding and continuing support of the Troup County Archives is a primary example.

The property, affairs, and business of the Society are governed by an Executive Board, consisting of elected officers, and a Board of Trustees, whose members are elected for three year terms by the general membership. In addition to Trustee and Executive Committee meetings, the Society sponsors membership meetings and various social functions, forums, and lectures throughout the year. A newsletter is published quarterly. Membership is open to all interested persons.


Financial records, minutes, and committee reports comprise the Society's business records. Correspondence documents the Society's efforts in the field of preservation, including support for archaeological excavation in the West Point Lake basin and establishment of historic districts. Inventories and descriptions of historic sites, brief biographies, histories of Troup County businesses and institutions, and the 1968 Preliminary Report on Archaeological Excavations at West Point Dam may be of particular value to researchers. Special projects such as tours, publications, the Awareness '74 campaign and establishment of Troup County Archives are documented in Series III. Newspaper clippings also provide documentation for the Society's activities and include much information on Troup County history. Series V, Records of the LaGrange Bicentennial Commission, consists mostly of correspondence of commission chairman Waights G. Henry outlining his work in securing the LaFayette statue for LaGrange. The final series consists of photographs of Society sponsored functions and a few photos of historic sites.


Business Records, 1972-, 5 manuscript boxes


Articles of incorporation and by-laws define the purpose and structure of the Society. Minutes, treasurers' reports, and committee reports are arranged chronologically in folders labeled "General Membership Meetings" and "Trustees Meetings". Officers' correspondence traces the founding of the Society and documents its accomplishments.

Preservation, 1972-1984, 2 manuscript boxes

Soon after the Society was organized in 1972, members began preparing inventories of significant sites and structures in Troup County. Inventory lists and survey cards, filed alphabetically by owner's name or structure name, contain data such as location, date of construction, original owner, and a description of architectural features. Photographs made for the surveys are filed in Series VI.

The series also includes reports relating to historical preservation in Troup County. Among the reports are: the 1968 Preliminary Report On Archaeological Excavations At West Point

Dam; Areawide Historic Preservation Study, a 1976 publication of the Chattahoochee - Flint Area Planning and Development Commission; Historical Resources of LaGrange, Georgia 1830 - 1930, the William Mitchell report; and published reports of government and private agencies regarding industrial and business development in LaGrange. Files labeled "Historical Data" contain the Society's collection of reminiscences, biographies, articles and documents relating to Troup County history.

Projects, 1974-1984, 2 manuscript boxes

A variety of smaller projects is documented in this series. The Society's educational projects have included: "Awareness 74", a public awareness campaign featuring a self-guided tour of historic sites; the 1981 Survivors Contest in which a series of photographs of historic buildings was published in the local newspapers with prizes awarded to those correctly identifying the photos; and annual awards presented to students for projects prepared in conjunction with National History Day. In April 1980, the Society sponsored the annual meeting of the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and, in April 1983, sponsored the meeting of the Georgia National Register Review Board.

Since its organization in 1972, one of the Society's goals was to found an archives. In January 1983, the Troup County Archives was dedicated. Information on funding, building renovation, staff, policy, and facilities is included in this series. Overseeing operation of the Archives is an ongoing project of the Society.

The Society's publication projects include a newsletter published occasionally prior to 1983 and quarterly since then; maps and brochures published as part of the "Awareness 74" campaign; and brochures published in conjunction with meetings, tours, and other special events. Publication of The Coloring Book of LaGrange, Georgia served as both an educational and fund raising project. [More recent project files can be found in the Troup County Archives office files.]

Clippings, 1972-, 2 manuscript boxes

Members maintained an extensive collection of newspaper clippings which relate to the Society's activities. In addition to publicity for Society meetings and projects, many clippings include photographs and information on significant sites, structures, events, and individuals in Troup County's history.

Bicentennial Commission Records, 1970-1976, 3 manuscript boxes

The bulk of the material in this series consists of the correspondence of Dr. Waights G. Henry, President of LaGrange College and chairman of the Commission. His effort to obtain the LaFayette Statue for the public square in LaGrange is documented. Other files contain information on the life of LaFayette, the Houdin Bust of LaFayette, LaGrange and Troup County schools' Bicentennial activities, and memorabilia from the Bicentennial celebration.

Photographs, 1972-, 2 boxes

Photographs dating from 1972 show meetings, receptions and other Society functions and document work carried on by Troup County Archives. Photos made in connection with the historic sites surveys depict historic structures. An inventory is included in the container list.



Box 1

Folder 1 Ocfuskee Historical Society Articles of Incorporation and By-laws (including revisions and name change)

2 Officers and Trustees, 1973-1983

3-4 Membership lists, 1972-c.1981

5 Membership questionnaire

6 Internal Revenue Service, 1972-1981 (includes records on tax exempt status)

8-10 Meetings, 1972-1973 (includes minutes, treasurers'reports, committee reports for general membership and trustees meetings)

Box 2

Folder 1-18 Meetings, 1974-1986

Box 3

Folder 1-18 Correspondence, 1972-1979

Box 4

Folder 1-6 Correspondence, 1980-1984

Box 5 Membership records, 1972-1982 (index cards)


Box 1 Sites and Structures Inventory

Folder 1 Inventory lists

2 Inventory cards

3-6 Inventory descriptions

7 Areawide Historic Preservation Study (also in library)

8 Troup County Historical Markers

9 Oakfuskee path

10 Troup County Businesses and Institutions

11 Troup County Biographies

12 Miscellaneous historical data

13-15 West Point Dam Archaeological Report

16 Georgia Townscape Conservation Workbook

17 New Directions In Preservation

Box 2 Preservation Districts

Folder 1 National Register of Historic Places/Historic Preservation Section Georgia Department of Natural Resources

2 National Register Nominations

2a National Register Nominations: Schaub Gallery

2b National Register Nomination: Ferrell-Holder House

3 Broad Street - Vernon Street, Bellevue, LaGrange College Historic Districts

3a Historic Resources of Troup County, 1976-1977 (H. Lee Dunagan Report)

4-6 Historic Resources of LaGrange, 1830 - 1930 (William Mitchell Report)

7 Proposed Historic Preservation Ordinance, LaGrange, 1981

8 Resource Team Report for LaGrange, National Mainstreet Center, National Trust for Historic Preservation

9 Downtown: Market Potentials, Redevelopment Plan, Implementation LaGrange, Downtown LaGrange Development Authority.

10 An Invitation and Proposal To International Latex Corporation Dover, Delaware from LaGrange, Industrial Development Division the Georgia Power Company


Box 1 Special Projects

Folder 1 Miscellaneous Projects

2a Dedication of Bellevue as National Landmark, 1976

2 Awareness '74

3 Survivors Contest

4 History Day

4a History Essay Contest Winners, 1974

5 Georgia Semiquincentenary Celebration, 1983

6 National Register Review Board Meeting, 8 April 1983

7 Troup County Archives - Contracts

8 Troup County Archives - Finance

9 Troup County Archives - Director

10 Troup County Archives - Dedication

11 Troup County Archives - Equipment

12 Troup County Archives - Policies for use of facilities

Box 2 Special Projects and Publications

Folder 1-5 Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Meeting, April, 1980

6 Publications - Membership applications/Cards/Letterheads

7 Publications - Awareness 74 Maps and Brochures

8-9 Publications - Brochures

10 Publications - Coloring Book

11-12 Publications - Newsletters, 1972-1983


Box 1

Folder 1-3 Preservation

4-5 Historic Sites

6-8 Bicentennial Celebration

9-10 LaFayette

11 Clark Johnson History Articles, LaGrange Daily News, 1969

12 Biddy's Notes - Mrs. Paul Hammet History Articles, The Troup County Herald, 1980-1981

Box 2


1-2 Troup County Historical Society meetings

3 Troup County Historical Society projects

4 History Day

5 Awareness '74

6 Archives

7 Zoning

8-13 Newspapers - Special History Editions

14 Miscellaneous


Box 1 Correspondence 1970-1976

Box 2 Special Correspondence, c.1970-c.1976

Ambassadors and distinguished personages

M. Celestin Quincieu and R.J. Pages

Rene' de Chambrun

Charles Hargens

Leland D. Case (with biographical material)

Box 3 Bicentennial Activities

Folder 1 LaFayette - biographical material and memorabilia

2 The Houdon Bust of LaFayette - acquisition and history

3 Troup County Education - historical notes and Bicentennial guide for teachers

4 LaGrange College Bicentennial activities

5-7 Memorabilia


Box 1, Photograph 1-16, "An Old Fashioned Christmas Ball", 2 December 1982, Highland Country Club, LaGrange, by Lynne Morgan

1 Betty Mattox, Dr. and Mrs. Holder

2 unidentified, Mrs. Holder

3 Beverly Locke

4 unidentified

5 unidentified, Dr. Holder, unidentified

6 Dr. and Mrs. Werner Linz

7-8 unidentified

9 unidentified, Dr. James McAllister,

10 Marianne Murphy, Louise Holder, Betty Mattox

11 Jenny Copeland, Beverly Locke, Julia Dyar

12 Charles Foster, Frank Traylor Jr., Dr. James Morgan

13 Isabelle Traylor, Mark Adams, Jane Alice Cauble, and Frank Traylor, Sr.

14 Betty Blackburn, Dr. & Mrs. Willis M. Hendricks, and Julia Dyar

15 Ida Hudson, Jenny Copeland

16 Dr. Holder, Virginia Jordan, Kendrick W. Mattox, Jr.

17-18, "Affair on the Square", 14 May 1983, by Laura Jennings

17 Faye P. Bruce and Rebecca Long release balloons

18 John and Lucille Reeves, basketmaners from Meriwether County, GA

19 Chandler Cottage, LaGrange College, b&w photo by Robert Bagqett, 1972

Photogrpahs 20-31, Unveiling of LaFayette Statue on LaGrange Square, 21 February 1976, by LynneMorgan

20 Rep. Edwin Mullinax, Mayor Gardner Newman of LaGrange and Count Rene de Chambrun

21 Count Rene de Chambrun, great-great grandson of LaFayette

22-23 Chambrun and Dr. Waights G. Henry place wreath at LaFayette statue

24 Mullinax, Newman and Chambrun

25-26 Chambrun

27 Mullinax and Chambrun

28 Chambrun

29 Chambrun and Henry

30 Chambrun, Mullinax and Newman

31 Chambrun and Henry

32-35 U.S. Armed Services Bicentennial Exhibit Vans, LaGrange, 8-9 December 1975, Sponsored by the American Legion.

36 Photograph of Engraving of Governor George M.Troup, engraving by J.C. Buttre, n.d.

37 Photograph of painting of Chief William McIntosh of Creek Nation, n.d.

Photographs 38-43, Membership Parties, by Lynn Morgan(?)

38 Frank Traylor, Jr., Dr. Walter Murphy, unidentified 39 Dr. & Mrs. Waights G. Henry, Col. & Mrs. James Boddie, unidentified

40 unidentified, Mrs. White, Mary Jane Crayton

41 unidentified, Frank Traylor, Jr., James Boddie, Van Bohannon and unidentified

42 unidentified

43 Mary Jane Crayton, Jim Neighbors, Sue Jackson

43a Frank Traylor, Jr., Jenny Copeland

43b Group in 18th Century attire

Photographs 44-54, National History Day, 1983, photographer unknown

44 1983 Judges: seated - Christie Hall, Shirley Reid, Kaye Lanning, Faye Bruce, standing, Polly Hutchinson, Sally Macomber, Susie Fowler, Nancy Alford, Kay Durand, Lynne Morgan

45-54 Students with their projects (publicity photos taken by LaGrange Daily News), b&w

Photographs 55-71, Georgia Trust, 1980, photographer unknown

55 Janice Biggers, Historic Columbus Foundation

56 Frank Traylor, Sr., Judge Pete Morgan, Philip Cleaveland, Joanne Riley, James McAllister, Jenny Copeland, Charles Hudson, unidentified, Lynne Morgan (b&w with duplicate)

57 Joseph D. Tanner no date b&w, Photo by Dan Colley, Atlanta

58-59 Bellevue, interior

60 Bellevue, entrance

61 Boxwood Acres

62 AB&B Travel Services (2 copies)

63 Durand-Grace Reality, 209 Church Street (2 copies)

64 Truitt-Mansour House

65 Mattox Home on County Club Drive

66 The Oaks (during restoration)

67 CVAA (at night)

68 Georgian Manor (grand opening) (2 copies)

69 Boyette's Furniture on East LaFayette Square (Georgia Manor moved to that location - 2 copies)

70 Diana Shops (2 copies)

71 Chris Delaporte

72-73 City Pool

74 unidentified

75 downtown fire

76 Memorial Library, Church Street

77 Sally Macomber and 2 unidentified artists

78 Sally Macomber and 2 unidentified women in front of statue of John Wesley in front of Quillian Building, LaGrange College Campus

79 Seated - Joanne Riley, Jim Neighbors, standing - Kay Durand, Shirley Brown, Julia Dyar (2 copies)

80 Seated - Joanne Riley, Steve Langford, standing - Tommy Gresham, Susie Fowler, Eugene Langford (2 copies)

81 Carol Hart, Georgia Department of Archives and History

82 Hudson Hardware, c.1925, b&w neg.

83 Storage building (where county records were kept? (2 copies)

84 Troup County Courthouse, records vault prior to records removal

Photographs 85-100, National Historic Landmark presentation, Bellevue, n.d.

85-87 unidentified

88-91 Members of Hill Family - Mrs. Carolyn Hill Ridley Howard, Mr. John Ridley Howard and son, Mrs. Fay Hill Childs, Mrs. John Ridley Howard, Mrs. Louise Green Houser, Mrs. Virginia Tomlin

92-93 Presentation of National Historic Landmark - Dr. William J. Murtagh, speaker

94-99 Presentation of the National Historic Landmark by Dr. William J. Murtagh - Mrs. Loretta Dunn, Mrs. Jenny Copeland, and Mrs. Lula Hunter accepting

100 enlargement of ph #89

101-102 Society of GA Archivists Meeting at TCA, May 1984 (b&w)

101 Ed Weldon, Nancy Bryant, Kaye Lanning, Julia Dyar, Pete Schinkel, Front row Lynne Morgan, Faye Phillips Bruce, Officers of Society of Georgia Archivists with Historical Society representatives

102 Faye Phillips Bruce

103 1983 Affair on the Square, in period clothing on square - Faye Phillips Bruce, Becky Long, Deborah Lukken

104 Charles Hudson, Julia Dyar, Joanne Ridley, Faye Phillips Bruce, Clason Kyle, May 1982

105 GA Association of Museums & Galleries Meeting, January 1983, officers with local supporters

106 Historical Society Membership Party, November 1984 - Dr. & Mrs. Walter Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Edge, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hudson

107-114 Dedication of Troup County Archives, January 23, 1983; b&w photo

107-110 Troup County Archives Open House, Januray 23, 1983, b&w photos taken of crowds in reading room.

111-113 Dedication ceremony of Archives, at LaGrange Theater, January 23, 1983, Franklin M. Garrett, Arch Avery, Faye Phillips Bruce, G. T. Gresham, Julia Dyar, Dr. Walter Murphy

114 Franklin M. Garrett

115 Joanne Riley

116-123 Buildings, b&w photos

116 John Hill Home (Lone Cane ), b&w, c. 1983

117 A,B&B Travel Service

118 Durand Grace Reality

119 Central Plumbing Supply

120 Manor Reality

121 Schaub's Art Gallery

122 Etching of Female College by Bettie Howard, 1855

123 Mrs. Heard's Home on Church St. (enlargement of a postcard)

124-129 Buildings and Cemeteries, b&w, n.d.

124 Rosemont Baptist Church, b&w, (collapsed during construction after heavy rains)

125 Unidentified building

126 CVAA

127 Lehmanns, Newells and One Hour Cleaner, E. Court Square

128-129 Rutledge House

130 Stair well (unidentified)

131-132 Boddie House

133 A dilapidated ceiling (unidentified)

134 A dilapidated column and balcony, probably Rutledge House

135-136 A log cabin (with deteriorating siding material) (unidentified)

137-138 Cemetery (unidentified) in disrepair

139 Collin Rodgers, grave covering

140 Frost-Grey Home, 321 Greenville Street

141-178 TCHS Sites and Structures Inventory, b&w, n.d.

141-150 Nutwood (outside views)

151-156 Wood shed (exterior and interior views)

157-159 White frame house (exterior views)

160-167 Interior veiws of unidentified houses

168-178 Frontal and interior views of unidentified home

179-208 History Day, 1985, b&w, photos by LaGrange Daily News

179 The Judges, JoAnn Stephens, Judy Bishop, Kaye Lanning, Kay Durand, Polly Hutchinson, Julia Dyar, Catherine Linz, Shirley Reid

180-208 Students with their projects and teachers

209-211 Troup County Archives Building, b&w, N. D. photos by David Griffin

212-213 TCHS Membership Party, 2/15/85, b&w, photos by LaGrange Daily News

212 "Planning" Jenny Copeland, Mary Ann Murphy, Lura Edge

213 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Mallory, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hudson, Jr., Dr. & Mrs. Walter Murphy, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Copeland

214-225 History Day, 1986

226 Mr. and Mrs. Bart McComber with preservation award, 1986

227-237 History Day, 1987

238-239 Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. historical marker

240 TCHS officers, 1986-1987

241-345 [boxed with TCHS snapshots]

346 Exective committee at Constitution Bicentennial celebration, 1987

347-348 Craftsman bungalow 311 E. 9th St, West Point, 1986

349 Red Oak Creek covered bridge, Meriwether County, 1986

350-358 [boxed with TCHS snapshots]

359-364 Membership ball, 1987

365 Danny Knight, archival assistant, 1987

366 Coca Cola Building, 1987 preservation award winner

367-369 Callaway Family Association tour, October 1987

370-392 [boxed with TCHS snapshots]

393 LaFayette Square, 1987

394-401 Calendar promotion, 1988

402 Broad Street tour hostesses, April 1989 (tour was postponed until 1990)

403 Glenda Major and Malcolm Shakleford with their books, January 1990

404-407 TCHS officers, 1990-1991

408-410 Quilt Day, January 1991

Box 2, TCHS snapshots

Membership party, c.early 1980s


Membership ball


Tour of Homes

Georgia Trust Meeting, LaGrange

History Day state winners

Archives staff and exhibits

U.S. Constitution Bicentennial celebration

John Maier exhibit, Atlanta Historical Society

Malcolm Shakleford reception

LaGrange College Cookbook reception


Broad Street Tour of Homes [cancelled]

Membership ball


Luncheon meeting - Judge Byron Matthews

Mountville Presbyterian Church

M&B depot, street changes, city pool

Heritage Education tours

In-Town West

Jo Blackburn's class at Westside School

A&WP depot area

A&WP freight depot

M&B depot and M&B track bed alongside LaFayette Parkway

Hogansville depot and downtown

Christian Science Society house

Smith Hall tour

Gone With the Wind display

Tour of Homes group

William Moore Cemetery Heritage Hills subdivision

Tour of Homes [for spring 1990]

Paid In Kind, Glenda Major Reception


Boykin House

Moon House, 411 Broad Street

Tour of Homes

A&WP depot area

Heritage Education workshop


Boykin House

Quilt Day

History Day dramatic competition

Archives interiors and exhibits

Preservation Awards

Luncheon Meeting, Dorothy Moore

Ferrell Gardens

Strickland-Petry House

Dorothy McClendon reception

Archives interiors

A&WP depot area

West Point architectural features

Archetictural survey, Boyd Coons and Frank Brown

Historic District signs

Bailey house, Hamilton Road

See Rock City barn, New Franklin Road

West Point Dam

Archtiecture exhibit

Jennifer Buttrum, LaGrange High intern

Horseshoe from LaGrange fire wagon horse

Historical markers


Archaeology - Troup County

Hammett, Louise B. "Biddy"

Henry, Waights G.

Historic houses - Troup County

Indians - Troup County

LaFayette statue - LaGrange

Preservation - Troup County

Troup County Archives


PERSONAL AND SUBJECT INDEX - HISTORICAL SOCIETY I, II, III, IV or V refers to series, 1 1 refers to box number and folder (i.e. Box 1, folder 1)


Alford Family IV.1:15

Alford, Julius C. IV.1:15

Atlanta & West Point Railroad II.1:10

Awareness 74 III.1:3, IV.2:5

Bellevue IV.1:1, 1:5

Benjamin, Judah P. II.1:11

Benson, Carrie Fall IV.1:15

Bicentennial Celebration IV.1: 6-11

Boxwood Acres IV.1:15

Boy Scouts Of America II.1:10, IV.1:2

Boykin-Woodyard House, Liberty Hill IV.1:5

Broome, Rufus IV.1:15

Burnt Village II.1:13-15, IV.1:14

C&S Bank of LaGrange II.1:10

Calhoun Family IV.1:15

Callaway, Enoch II.1:11

Callaway, Fuller E. Office IV.1:2

Callaway-Hudson House IV.1:4

Cameron Cemetery IV.1:4

Cameron-Newton-Hart House IV.1:4

Candler Cottage IV.1:5

Case, Leland D. V.2:5-11

Chappell, Absolem, early traveler in W.GA IV.1:15

Confederate Monument IV.1:1

Cook-Bradfield House IV.1:4

Cook-Whitaker House IV.1:4

Court Square, LaGrange IV.1:15

de Chambrun, Rene V.2:3

Deveaux, Peter IV.1:15

Dunson-Milam House IV.1:5

Early Roads in West Georgia IV.1:15

English, French, and Spanish influence IV.1:15

Fannin Family IV.1:15

Ferries in Troup County IV.1:15

First Baptist Church, LaGrange II.1:10

First Methodist Church, LaGrange II.1:10

First Presbyterian Church, LaGrange II.1:10

Forrester, George, reminescences II.1:12

Fort Tyler II.1:12, IV.1:2

Freeman House IV.1:4

Gabbettville Community IV.1:5

Gandy House IV.1:1

Glanton, John Hardy IV.1:14

Glanton-Reeves House IV.1:5

Glass Bridge IV.1:14

Graball Community IV.1:15

Gray Family IV.1:15

Grayson's Landing IV.1:15

Grayson's Trading Post IV.1:15

Greene Family IV.1:15

Greene, Hamp, House IV.1:4

Greene, Philip IV.1:15

Greene, Sanford IV.1:15

Greene-Ridgewar House IV.1:4

Griggs, William IV.1:15

Hall Family IV.1:15

Hammett Family IV.1:15

Hammett, Louise B. 1.3:1

Hammett, Louise B. articles IV.1:15

Hawkes Building, LaGrange College IV.1:5

Heard-Beall-Dallis House IV.1:4, 1:5

Henry, Waights G. V.1:1-18,2:1-11

Herndon Family IV.1:15

Hill Cemetery IV.1:4

Hill, Benjamin Harvey IV.1:14

Hill, John, House IV.1:4, 1:5

Hills and Dales IV.1:4, 1:5

Historic Sites Inventory II.1:1-7

Historical Markers II.1:8

History Day III.1:4, IV.2:4

Hudson Family IV.1:4

Hudson, Richard House IV.1:4

Hunting on the Chattahoochee IV.1:15

Indian Traders IV.1:15

Indians II.1:13-15

Johnson, Clark history articles IV.1:14

King, Horace gravesite IV.1:2

LaFayette IV.1:12-13, V.3:1

LaFayette Statue V.1:1-18

LaGrange College II.1:10, V.3:4,3:7

LaGrange High School 1926 Reunion IV.1:2

LaGrange Iron Works II.1:10

LaGrange Memorial Library II.1:10, IV.1:2

LaGrange, founding of IV.1:15

Lamar, Mirabeau B. IV.1:15

Lehman Jewelry II.1:10

Leslie Cemetery IV.1:2

Lindsey-Ward House IV.1:5

Long Cane Baptist Church IV.1:4

Long Cane Cemetery IV.1:4

Long Cane Community IV.1:4, 1:5

Long Cane Depot IV.1:4

Long Cane Methodist Church IV.1:4

MacGillivray Family IV.1:15

McIntosh, William IV.1:15

Meriwether County Courthouse Fire IV.1:2

Mitchell, William II.2:4-6

Mountain Hill Community IV.1:15

Mountville Community IV.1:14 .

Mountville Presbyterian Church IV.1:2

Nancy Harts IV.1:14

National Register of Historic Places II.2:1

Newspapers, LaGrange IV.1:15

Nutwood IV.1:4

Ocfuskee Trail IV.1:15

Ockfuskee Path II.1:9

Pitman, Elisha IV.1:14 þ

Potts Home and Store IV.1:4

Potts House IV.1:4

Potts, Fanning House IV.1:4

Potts, Moses IV.1:4

Presbyterian Church building,118 Church St IV.1:15

Preservation Ordinance, 1981, LaGrange II.2:7

Public Schools, LaGrange II.1:12

Public Schools, Troup County V.3:3

Quincieu, Celestin V.2:2

Ramsay Family IV.1:15

Rogers, Collin II.1:11

Rutledge House IV.1:4

Schaub's Gallery II.2:2a

Semiquincentenary Celebration, LaGrange III.3:5

Sledge, Nathaniel Howell reminescences IV.1:14

Smith Building, LaGrange College IV.1:5

Sterlings Concert Hall, 101 Main St. IV.1:15

Stinson Family IV.1:12

Strozier Family IV.1:12

Talley Family IV.1:12

Telephone Service, LaGrange, GA IV.1:12

Thompson House IV.1:5

Tigner Family IV.1:15

Troup County Archives III.1:7-12, IV.2:6

Troup Factory IV.1:5

Troup, George Michael II.l:ll, IV.2:11

Truitt Family IV.1:15

Turner-Favor House IV.1:5

U.S. Post Office, 1920 Staff IV.1:2

Waller, Charles IV.1:2

Ward, Antionette IV.1:15

Water powered mills on the Chattahoochee IV.1:14

Wilkinson, John E. IV.1:2

Woodward, Henry IV.1:2