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SOURCE: Troup County Heart Association

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The Troup County Heart Association is Troup County’s local chapter of the Georgia Heart Association, state affiliate of the American Heart Association.  The American Heart Association, founded in 1924, seeks to reduce of suffering and death from heart disease and strokes in America.  Troup County residents have been active in the organization since the founding of the Georgia Heart Association in 1948.  The Troup County chapter continues to be active in the present.  This chapter has worked to carry out the mission of the national organization through such activities as operating the West Georgia Heart Clinic for indigent area residents with heart problems, distributing defibrillators to area schools, holding CPR classes, and otherwise educating the public about heart disease.  In 1993, Dr. William B. Fackler, Jr., a Troup County physician, became the first Georgian to receive the American Heart Association’s Time, Feeling, and Focus Award, the national organizations highest volunteer honor.



This collection consists of records relating to the activities of the Troup County Heart Association from 1991-1998.  The largest part of the collection concerns the organization’s fundraising activities, including annual events such as the fund drive, the Heart Walk, the Best Dam Race, the Cardiac Arrest fundraiser, a croquet tournament, and a golf tournament.  Also included are various business records, including board minutes, board rosters, and minutes from the nominating committee.  There are some materials relating to the organization’s activities, including equipment loans and educational materials for county schools; lists of dates, locations, and instructors for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support courses.



Box 1  Fundraising


1          Best Dam Race, 1995-1997

2-4       Cardiac Arrest, 1995-1998

5          Celebrity Celebration for Heart, n.d.

6-9       Croquet for Heart, 1992-1998

10        Donations from foundations, 1995-1997

11        Donor list, Hogansville, n.d.

12        Fund drives, 1991-1998

13        Fundraising campaign, 1996

14        Fundraising goals, 1992-1994

15        Golf Tournament, 1998

16        Heartwalk, 1995-1997

17        LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce membership directory, 1997;

            Heartwalk, 1998


Box 2  Board Records and Activities


1          American Heart Association affiliate by-laws, n.d.

2          American Heart Association program order forms, 1998
3          Awards nominating forms, 1994

4          Board correspondence, 1994

5          Board invitation letter, 1994

6          Board minutes, 1996

7-8       Board rosters, 1994-1996

9          Correspondence, 1995-1997

10        Dr. William B. Fackler, Jr., nomination for Time, Feeling, and Focus Award, 1992-1993

11        “Facts about Stroke” booklet, n.d.

12        Georgia Department of Human Resources grant announcement, 1994

13        Heart Power kits donated by Lula Stewart estate, 1998

14        Letters to Board, 1992

15        List of Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support courses, 1993-1995

16        List of Basic Life Support instructors, 1993

17        Lists of board members for Troup County and Georgia affiliates, 1994-1997

18        Lists of officers and members of the Board of Directors, Board minutes 1991-1995

19        Minority Involvement Task Force Action Plan, n.d.

20-21   Nominating Committee records, 1994-1997

22        Records of loaned equipment, 1992-1995

23        School Nutrition Heart Week, 1998

24        Special event management guide, n.d.

25        Volunteering and award nomination forms, 1996



American Heart Association—Troup County

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