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               30 photographs

PROCESSING: KL, October 1985



The records of the Troup County Chapter of the American Red Cross were placed on deposit in the Archives by chapter officials on September 10, 1985. Barbara Miller, 1985 Chapter President, Barbara Hudson, Director of the Chapter, and Milton Edelson presented the scrapbooks to the Archives officials.

The Troup County Red Cross chapter organized in May, 1917. The chapter, its meetings, and its activities were greeted with much enthusiasm in 1917. Early chapter functions supported the United States efforts in World War I. The first officers of the chapter were Henry W. Terrell, chairman; Mrs. T. J. Thorton, vice-chairman; Robert C. Key, treasurer; and Mrs. John R. Sterling, secretary. [More information on organizing can be found in scrapbook 1.]

Activities of the chapter have evolved through the years. Sewing garments for soldiers during World War I, fund raisers, gift boxes for soldiers, blood drives, sponsoring nurses aids and Gray Ladies for the local hospital, Junior Red Cross, and first aid safety courses are a few of the functions which have been sponsored by the agency.

The Troup County Chapter of the American Red Cross has long played an active roll in the County's civic and humanitarian activities. The chapter elects new officers each year and has a paid, professional Director to oversee blood drives and other chapter projects.



Chapter records include scrapbooks and photographs detailing activities of the Red Cross and the Junior Red Cross. Four scrapbooks were prepared as part of the International Red Cross scrapbook exchange program and reflect the activities and  thoughts of school groups in Japan, Washington State, and Siedlce. 

Scrapbook #1 is particularly valuable since its newsclippings and correspondence reflect early organizing efforts of residents to establish a local chapter of the Red Cross. Also reflecting the work of the chapter are scrapbooks #3 and #4 (now in folders). These scrapbooks date 1953 and 1958-60 and contain clippings and photographs about fund campaigns, blood drives, and such special projects as the Gray Ladies, Junior Red Cross and safety courses. Scrapbook #6, 1947-1967, reflects the activities and concerns of the Junior Red Cross in elementary schools and high schools throughout Troup County, but especially LaGrange. The remaining scrapbooks focus more generally on LaGrange and LaGrange High School or are from students participating in the Red Cross Scrapbook Exchange program.

A more complete description follows in the container list. Photographs which had come loose from scrapbook pages are filed with the Archives' Red Cross photograph collection. A complete listing of the photos follows this inventory.




Scrapbook #1 1917

     Clippings and correspondence regarding efforts to organize a local chapter of American Red Cross. Includes a list of fifty names on first charter application and copies of petitions to form a branch in Hogansville and to form auxiliaries for Western Troup, LaGrange Colored Red Cross, and Hillside. These petitions  include a list of names applying for the charter. Correspondence from Red Cross Headquarters is included here.


Scrapbook #2 1931 "LaGrange, City of Elms and Roses"

     Postcards and newsclippings about buildings and prominent citizens in LaGrange are contained in this scrapbook. There is no indication of who prepared this volume but it may have been designed for exchange with other Red Cross chapters. 


Scrapbook #3 1953


Scrapbook #4 1958-1960 Folders 1-6 (Box 1)

     Newsclippings and photographs detail the work of Red Cross internationally and in LaGrange through blood drives, fund campaigns, nurses aids, Gray Ladies, Junior Red Cross, safety courses, and aid to servicemen. Organizational information about officers and meetings is also included. Scrapbook #4 contains some correspondence, mostly form letters sent to blood donors and other volunteers. The annual report for 1957-58 is included as part of Vol. #4.

[Note: These scrapbooks were in poor condition with photographs and clippings coming loose from the pages. The scrapbooks were taken apart and newsclipping photocopied onto acid-free paper. Order of the scrapbooks was maintained as much as possible in the folders.]


Vol. 5-10 Junior Red Cross

Scrapbook #5, 1948 "An Album for LaGrange High School"

     This album of photographs and short essays about different departments and activities occuring at LaGrange High during the 1948-49 school year was prepared by the Junior Red Cross for exchange with other organizations. The preface reads "under the inspiration of the Junior Red Cross, LaGrange High School desires to aid high school students in our far-flung nation in becoming better acquainted with one another." Topics such as the yearbook staff, the Social Club, athletics, typing classes, Junior Red Cross, curriculum, and related subjects are detailed. Photographs were from the yearbook and were taken by Cosco Studios.


Scrapbook #6, 1945-1967

     Photographs, newsclippings, and correspondence detail activities of the Junior Red Cross for this twenty-two year period. Special programs, speakers bureaus, plays, bulletin boards and other projects are highlighted. Materials are generally in chronological order.


Scrapbook #7, Queen Jadwiga High School Siedlce

     Photographs with descriptions in English


Scrapbook #8, Tani Primary School, Japan

     Tani Primary School, Tani, Japan. Scrapbook of drawings with explanations in Japanese and English telling about life in this foreign community. Sent to Dunson Elementary, c. 1950s.


Scrapbook #9, Chonan Elementary School, Japan

     From Chosei-gun, Chiba Pref., Japan. Drawings with descriptions in Japanese and English telling of different facets of school life, c. 1950's.


Scrapbook #10, Central Valley High School

     In Greenacres, Washington. Photographs with captions, newsclippings and brochures about the high school and the geographic area. c. 1950s.



Folder 7

     American Red Cross Record for the year, 1944-1945 and handwritten copy of a speech given following the attack of Pearl Harbor.  Also a copy of International Red Cross Magazine, 1953.



Folder 1 Photos c. 1950s

 Ph 1-7 Photos from 1950-1959 scrapbook (b&w 5x7)

 1   2 Grey Ladies with children in hospital - Randy Williams, Mrs. George O. Jones' Mrs. D. E. Morgan and Linda McClain

 2   2 Grey Ladies preparing refreshments for Blood dopors

 3   5 Red Cross Ladies working at a table

 4   Blood Donors having temperatures taken, Mrs. Gardner Newman in front, J. Hugh Campbell photographer

 5   Blood  Donors with Red Cross workers, J. Hugh Campbell, photographer

 6   Marion Roberts of Red Cross and Dr. Joseph Krafka discussing value of Blood Donor program, Lee A. Stietenroth, photographer

 7   Gray Ladies in training session - identification with photo, 1960.


Folder 2 from 1950 and 1959 scrapbook

Ph 8      Joyce Jackson assisting a blood donor

   9      Red Cross volunteers in uniforms and with flags

   10     2 men with Red Cross plaque

   11     Troup County American Junior Red Cross, 5 students on   WLAG radio show, Lee A. Stietenroth, photographer, 1952

   12     Red Cross ladies with Law Enforcement Officers - possibly soliciting donors for upcoming Blood Drive, Q.N. "Fat" Johnson, photographer

   13     Red Cross Volunteers(?), J. Hugh Campbell, photographer

   14     Red Cross Volunteers with young blood donors

   15     4 men with Red Cross Flag - E.B. Wilder and Claude Handley are shown, c. 1958


Folder 3 - from Junior Red Cross Scrapbook #6, 1945-1965

PH 16 High School students prepare to give blood - Coach Hunnicutt, students, Mills, Taylor and Williams, Red Cross Volunteers Marguerite McArthur and Bobbye Stipe, Earl Bowen, photographer, 1956

   17     3 students preparing Red Cross Gift Boxes, c. 1950s

   18     Adults at a Red Cross picnic (?)

   19     3 handicapped persons at a Junior Red Cross Halloween Party

   20     Harwell Ave. Junior Red Cross - 4 boys working on a canned goods collection

   21     Unidentified school's Red Cross bulletin board. Bowen  Studio, photographer


Folder 4 - Loose photos from Vol. 6 Junior Red Cross, 1945-65

PH 22     4 school girls doing American Junior Red Cross Bulletin Board, Lee A. Stietenroth, photographer

   23     Junior Red Cross Students working, Lee A Stietenroth,   photographer

   24     Dunson School, Red Cross Bulletin Board with 2 students viewing exhibit

   25     Junior Red Cross members at LHS view gift box from    Mexico and beads from Samoa. Marianna Moore and Harvey Halman, Jr., Feb. 1956, Callaway Beacon photo.

   26     Students in Hogansville High Red Cross preparing American Red Cross School Crest. Photo by J. Hugh Campbell

   27     Dunson School Junior Red Cross, preparing scrapbook for Chance Cove, Newfoundland, Canada students. J. Hugh Campbell, photographer

   28     Dunson Elementary students preparing scrapbook for Junior Red Cross and looking at ones received from other countries.

   29     Dunson Elementary students posed in front of American    Junior Red Cross sign & scrapbooks

   30     Teacher and 3 students viewing Red Cross Nutrition Service Display, Sept. 1952



Red Cross

European War - 1914-1918 - Civilian Relief

Blood - Collections and Preservation

Junior Red Cross

LaGrange High School, 1948 "Album"

Japanese School Scrapbooks, c. 1950s



Terrell, Henry W.

Thorton, Mrs. T.J.

Key, Robert C.

Sterling, Mrs. John R.

Stietenroth, Lee A., photographer

Campbell, Hugh A., photographer

Bowen, Earl, photographer