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SOURCE: Emily Joseph, 2002

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PROCESSING: BNJ, January 2003



In 1982, Troup County leaders expressed an interest in the national Keep America Beautiful program. In 1991, at the urging of LaGrange resident, Emily Joseph, the LaGrange Recycling Committee was formed. The committee proposed building a 2800 sq. ft. recycling center at a cost of $250,000. Mrs. Joseph, Chair of the committee, stated in an address at LaGrange College that "the center will be built totally on donations by individuals, businesses, industries and organizations." A Callaway Foundation grant of $125,000 matched monies donated by the local community. The recycling facility, located near the intersection of LaFayette Parkway and Davis Road, opened on April 22, 1992. The LaGrange-Troup County Clean and Beautiful Committee, upon receiving certification from Keep America Beautiful, appointed recycling center director LaGina Fillingim as its director. The committee's goals were to educate the public on litter redirection and to beautify the community. Among other activities the education sub-committee sponsored paper drives in local schools as well as presenting clean campus awards. The Recycling Center continues to operate and is a focus of environmental efforts in the city.



The records in the collection cover the time period 1991-1996. Efforts at raising donations for the recycling center may be seen in the donation records as well as in news articles and correspondence. Minutes of the Troup County Clean and Beautiful Committee and the education sub-committee show recycling progress made in the community and efforts to educate school children. Construction costs and progress reports are included as are pamphlets designed to encourage citizens to use the center.



1 Troup County Clean and Beautiful Committee, By-Laws and Board Members
2-3 Troup County Clean and Beautiful Committee, Minutes and Budgets, 1992-96
4 Emily Joseph, correspondence, 1990-95
5-6 Construction correspondence and records, 1990-92
7 News articles, 1990s
8 Publicity, 1990-92
9 Business, Education, Community Contact Lists, 1991-93
10 Education Committee Notes, 1991-96
11 Education Committee pamphlets, n.d.
12 Recycling for Troup County and LaGrange, n.d.

2 Boxes, 3x5 cards, donor records and mailing addresses

1 Photograph of group studying building plans



Businesses-LaGrange and Troup County
Education-LaGrange and Troup County School Systems
Government-LaGrange and Troup County
Recycling-LaGrange and Troup County