Manuscript MS-026



SOURCE: Randall Allen, 1983, 1985

SIZE: .25 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 6 file folders

 1 photo folder (TRP-19)

PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986



The Towns family along with related families, Glanton, Marcus,  and Sledge were early settlers in the southern and eastern sections of Troup county. This collection consists of the correspondence, land and estate records of these families. A collection of obituary clippings is included, as well aa a catalogue from LaGrange Female College, 1859-1860. A glass plate positive photograph of an unidentified brass band is separated. Photographs are listed at the end of the inventory.



Folder 1 . Civil War correspondence of H. H. Towns and William B. Towns (photocopies)

2. Deeds

James K. Redd and William A. Redd to James Curry, Sr., 27 Dec 1832, land lot 88 of 4th district

Eaton Bass to Robert Sledge, 22 Jan 1833, land lot 117 of 4th district James Curry to Robert Sledge, 5 Spt 1833, land lot 88 of 4th district

Sarah F. Marcus estate to Mrs. E. H. Sledge and Miss R.A. Sledge, 4 Nov 1868, land lots  88, 116, 117, of 4th district

William E. Marcus estate to Mrs. E. H. Sledge and Miss R.A. Sledge, 4 Nov 1868, land lots 88, 116, 117 of 4th district

William E. Marcus estate to Sarah F. Marcus, 1 Mch 1852, landlots 88,116,117 of 4th district

William Dority to William E. Marcus, 13 May 1848, land lot 116 of 4th district

Elizabeth A. Towns to Henry H. Towns, 17 June 1873, land lots 64, 65 of 6th district

3. Estate records

Sara Jane Glanton tax record, 1901

Rebecca A. Sledge inventory and receipts, 1892

Elizabeth Hollinger Marcus Sledge, will, 1882; letters of administration, 1885

Robert Hill Sledge inventory, 1858

William E. Marcus letters of administration, 1850; refundary bonds, 1852

John Hicks Bass power of attorney, 1852

4. Clippings and personal papers

Mrs. Luke S. Glanton, Civil War pension affidavits

Sarah Jane Baugh tombstone inscription

Pryor Fitts note to Miss Dump Towns, 22 Jan 1889

Mattie Carlton letter to M.M. Sledge, 12 Nov 1891

Minnie Elizabeth Towns, C.E. Westbrook wedding announcement, no date

Confederate reunion, Campbell County, GA 1867

Westbrook house, Fairburn, Georgia


     Mrs. Elizabeth Towns, no date

     Mrs. E. A. Towns, 1886

     W. Clark Wallace, no date

     Miss Van Boddie, no date

     Anderson C. Towns, February 1931

     Emma Mallory, no date

     Elizabeth O 'Neal, no date

     Mrs. H.H. Towns, funeral card, 18 May 1917

5. Documents not pertaining to the Towns family

David D. Rogers commission, Lieutenant of riflemen, 41st New York Regiment, 6 Apr 1822

Robbins Kellogg appointment as postmaster of West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, MA

Letter, 15 May 1856, Thomas F. Daves, Jr. to William Boatwick regarding an epitaph for Mrs.Elizabeth Adeline Howard Boatwick

Bill of lading, 26 Sept 1804, shipment of steel from Liverpool to New York

Account current of George Mills with William McCracken of Barbados, 27 May 1775

 6. LaGrange Female College Catalog, 1859-1860


TRACINGS Bass family

Marcus family

Sledge family

Glanton family

Westbrook family

LaGrange Female College

U.S. History - Civil War, 1861-1865

Towns, H. H.

Towns, William B.