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SOURCE: University of Texas at Austin
(Purchased photocopy)

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Samuel H. Stout (b. March 3, 1822; d. September 1903) graduated from the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania's in 1848. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he became a surgeon attached to the Third Tennessee Infantry, CSA. According to his biographer, Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein in, Confederate Hospitals on the Move: Samuel H. Stout and the Army of Tennessee (1994), "after the fall of Nashville, Stout was sent to Chattanooga, where he was soon in charge of all of the Army of Tennessee hospitals behind the lines. In this capacity, he supervised doctors and other personnel, selected hospital sites, and coordinated the needs of the medical department with military and civilian suppliers. During the summer of 1864, he supervised more than sixty constantly relocating hospitals in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi." Between December 2, 1863 and August 14, 1864, five hospitals, supervised by Stout (Cannon, Law, Receiving and Distribution (R&D), St. Mary's, and Oliver), were located in LaGrange, Georgia. After the war, Stout continued to practice medicine, and helped to establish the public school system in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1882, he moved to Texas. At his death, his collection of over fifteen hundred pounds of Army of Tennessee hospital records were "scattered among several southern libraries, including the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville and the Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas, Austin.


The originals of this collection are found at the University of Texas, Austin. The Troup County Archives purchased photocopies of LaGrange materials in 2006. Joe Hungate, a volunteer, indexed the name of patients. Pages not indexed by Hungate, because they contained no patient names, are listed separately within the box and folder they appear.


The collection consists of photocopies of hospital records and reports containing names of patients and their medical status while hospitalized in LaGrange. Weekly reports of hospital property are included as is some correspondence. The collection also includes records on the Blind School Hospital and Confederate Hospital in Macon, Georgia. A listing of hospital stewards (November 1863-July 1864) and detailed men or soldiers assigned hospital duty, (October 1863-February 1864) may also be found. The Hungate index of patient names completes the collection.


Box 1
1 Cannon Hospital, LaGrange
L. W. Tuttle, Surgeon
Patients, Property, Personnel Reports
(September 1863-July 1864)

p.109 Letter assigning Sitman to Cannon Hospital

2 Law Hospital, LaGrange
Alexander Erksine, Surgeon
Patients, Property, Personnel Reports
(September 1863-August 1864)

p. 150 G.A. Moore, Asst. Surgeon, Reporting for Duty
p. 162 J. E. Edmond's request to retire
p. 194 J. A. Moore, 20 days leave
p. 196 J.A. Moore, 30 days leave
p. 240 Robinson, unreadable
p. 266 List of patients transferred from Forsyth to Atlanta
p. 268 List of soldiers transferred from Newnan to Atlanta
pp. 270-1 List of soldiers transferred from Newnan to Atlanta
p. 272 List of soldiers transferred from Kingston to Atlanta
pp. 274-275 List of soldiers transferred from Newnan to Atlanta

3 Receiving & Distribution Hospital, LaGrange
R. P. Bateman, Surgeon
Patients, Property, Personnel Reports
(March - April 1865)

pp. 15 & 17 Same soldiers, different order
pp. 19-20 Same inventory sheet
p. 80 Unreadable
p. 96 Unreadable
p. 116 Unreadable
p. 132 Soldiers listed are also on page 60

4 St. Mary's Hospital, LaGrange
J. M. Henson, Surgeon
Patients, Property, Personnel Reports
(March - August 1864)

p. 1 Letter describing soldier
p. 27 Aslom Hospital, Madison, GA
p. 37 Flewellen Hospital, Barnesville, GA
p. 49 Two pages with same page numbers, numbered 2nd page to
49A in transcribed files
p. 68 Foard Hospital, Forsyth, GA
p. 116 Letter from Bellamy seeking surgeon's post
p. 174 List of soldiers sent to General Hospital from Deas Brigade

Box 2
5 Oliver Hospital, LaGrange
James E. Bratten, Surgeon
Patients, Property, Personnel Reports
(January 1863-February 1864)

p. 61, 63, 65, 67 Morning Reports of LaGrange Hospitals
p. 69 Letter from J. R. Bratten returning from leave and
assuming duties

6 Oliver Hospital, LaGrange
Ira Williams, Surgeon
Patients, Property, Personnel Reports
(February - July 1864)

7-8 Certificates of Disability, LaGrange
(June - August 1864)

Folder 7, pp. 80-89 Two sets of pages numbered 80-89. Second set was given
an "A" for transcription
Folder 8, p. 74 Letter stating surgeon William Jones disqualified for field service
p. 80 Duplicate of Folder 8, p. 78
p. 82 Duplicate of Folder 8, p. 76

9-10 Hospital Reports and Correspondence, LaGrange
(September 1863-November 1864)

Box 3
11 Hospital Reports and Correspondence, LaGrange
(September 1863-August 1864)

12-13 Reports of Blind School Hospital and City Hall Hospital, Macon, GA
(June 1863-January 1865)

14 Reports of Blind School Hospital, Macon and Oliver Hospital, LaGrange
(March 1864 - August 1864)

p. 162 Names on list with no other information


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