Manuscript MS-082


SOURCE: Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church

Highway 27 South, LaGrange, Georgia

11 October 1987

SIZE: 1 linear foot

SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box 1 flat box

PROCESSING: MSA, December 1988



In 1987, Forrest Clark Johnson, III, on behalf of the church, placed on deposit at Troup County Archives subject files and record books used by him in compiling his 1980 publication, The History of Pleasant Grove Methodist Church. The church retains ownership of the collection.



Pleasant Grove Methodist Church is located in southern Troup County, at the intersection of U.S. 27 and Salem Road. The exact date the church was organized is not known. Deed records indicate that a meeting house was built in December, 1836, in the northeast corner of lot 119 of the 4th district. The land was donated by Thomas J. Williamson. Trustees were William M. Fincher, Charles C. Bailey, William Christian, John Williamson, Thomas Tatum, Bryant Edmundson, and Elkanah Talley. The name Pleasant Grove first appears in a deed dated 17 February 1840.

Church records prior to 1860 have not been located. Some members believe the early records were lost in a fire that destroyed the church building in 1892. A new building was completed in 1893. It is still in use, although modern additions have altered the appearance.

Until 1894 the church was part of the Troup County Methodist Circuit. From 1894 until 1977, it was one of four churches on the West Point Circuit. By 1977, membership and financial support had reached a level which allowed Pleasant Grove to have its own full-time minister.




Folder 1 Sunday school class questionaires

2 Bulletin, 3 April 1977, and 11 October 19_ ; Homecoming program, 4 September 1955; 2 undated newsletters

3 Clippings - West Point Methodist Circuit, 1950s

4 Obituaries and Tributes

John Rivers McCurry, n.d.

Robert J. Daniel, died 20 July 1896

Carl Houston Pool, died 24 December 1953

Wilson Terry Holderfield, died 11 December 1980

5 Membership rosters, 1860 (photocopy), 1909 List of contributors, 1876-1877 Roster of J.B. Traylor class, n.d. 6 Church conference records, 1866-1969

Susie R. Ellis, certificate of membership from Oak Bowery Church (Chambers County, Alabama), 1876

questionaire regarding members' faith, 1880

conference minutes, 24 September 1866, 17 January 1880, 19 May 1911, and n.d. pastor's report,

circuit conference, 9 November 1969 resolution regarding union of North Georgia

Conference and Georgia Conference, 1971 charter members of mens' club, n.d.

letter to "Mattie", n.d.

proclamation from Camp Gordon regarding soldiers furloughed for civilian work, n.d.

note stating that the church burned in July, 1892 and was rebuilt in 1893, signed by Jack Hogg, n.d.

7 Church history by Patricia B. Hogg, 1977

8 Abstracts of Conference Minutes, 1883-1916

9 Deed records (photocopies)

10-11 Preliminary drafts of chapters for History of Pleasant Grove


Sunday School Record Book, 1884-1920, 5 volumes Church Conference Record, 1883-1916


Church Register, 1860-1976, 4 volumes (lists members, pastors, baptisms, marriages, deaths, and dismissals) Building Fund Contributors,-1961-1963, 3x5 inch spiral note book



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