Manuscript MS-2010.12




SOURCE:  Darby Pippin

SIZE: .4lf 

SHELVING UNIT: 1 Manuscript box

PROCESSING:  SGH, 2010; FCJ, 2010



            Dr. Raleigh Holt Park (1874-1942) was born in Tuskegee, Alabama.  He married LaGrange native Anne Elizabeth Strong (1877-1968) and served the area as a dentist for thirty-five years.  Both Dr. and Mrs. Park were prominent members of the community. Park purchased the land and a house at 413 Broad Street from Frank Harwell in 1918.  Mr. and Mrs. Park lived in the original home until 1936 when, it is believed, Park razed the original house because the walls were so thick and hard that he could not find a way to bore holes for the installation of proper plumbing and new wiring. The home depicted in this collection was the second home built at the location and the fifth home that Dr. and Mrs. Park built. 

            The home was designed by Ivey and Crook of Atlanta.  According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, the architectural firm was a well-known designer of traditional architecture and built numerous residences, churches and schools primarily in the Atlanta and LaGrange areas.  Lewis “Buck” Crook served as the principle designer while Ed Ivey specialized in construction. 

            The items in this collection were donated by the current owner of 413 Broad Street, Darby Durand Pippin who purchased the house from Cheryl and Charles Pitts in 2007.



            This collection contains two series.  The first series is a folder of papers drawn up by the architects, Ivey and Crook of Atlanta, detailing the contract and specifications for the actual drawings. These were intended for the builder, Newnan Construction. The drawings are not included in this collection, but can be found at the Atlanta History Center.  The second series are photographs of the house before and after renovation in the late 1990s..




1          Typewritten contract and specifications of drawings from the architects.




1          Photographs of the house before and after the renovation competed by the Pitts family.




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