Manuscript MS-027


SOURCE: Susie Ogletree Denny, 1983 and 1988

SIZE: 1 linear foot

SHELVING UNITS: 23 file folders

 1 box - special format photographs

    (2 albums and 1 mounted photograph)

 1 box - artifacts, ART 89.01

     (cotton cards and needlepoint)

 PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986 and January 1989



This is a collection of genealogical records of the Ogletree, Crowder, Render, Scott, Stinson and Tigner families who settled in Meriwether and Troup Counties in the 1830s. Susie Ogletree Denny collected the records which were compiled by different family members. Court, Bible, and cemetery records are used to support family histories and pedigree charts. Some lines are traced to their origins in England and Scotland.

The collection is arranged by family name. Thirteen folders of Ogletree records are followed by other family folders in alphabetical order. Photographs are listed in the order in which they appear in the albums.

Three deeds, two letters, a plat of Ogletree property and a few ledger sheets are original documents. All other documents and manuscripts are photocopied. Much of the material is copied from published (secondary) sources.

Seventy-five photographs, mostly Stinsons and Tigners, are contained in two albums. A pair of cotton cards which belonged to Elizabeth Anderson Render (1812-1892), and three needle point bookmarks (maker unknown) are also part of the collection.

The Tigner-Ogletree House and family cemetery are located on the Stovall-Durand Road in Land Lots 259 and 260 of the Third District of Meriwether County. For additional information on the house and family see BROOKS OF HONEY AND BUTTER, by William H. Davidson.

In 1960 Mrs. Denny donated a portion of her genealogical collection, including many original documents, to the Georgia Department of Archives and History. A partial listing of those records, called the Philemon Ogletree Collection, can be found in folder thirteen of this collection.



Folder 1-13 Ogletree Family Records

1 Lineage charts of Susan Render Ogletree Denny

2 Correspondence regarding Ogletree genealogy

20 July 1920, Frank Ogletree to Carrie Bell regarding Philemon Ogletree of Wilkes County, GA

25 January 1921, Phil Ogletree to Carrie Bell regarding Ogletree - Glenn connection

27 January 1960, Mary Givens Bryan to Mrs. J.N. Denny acknowledging donation of Ogletree records to the Georgia Archives 8 November 1969,

Susie Ogletree Denny to Mrs. Kelly E. McAdams giving permission to publish Ogletree records

3 ~The Origin - Origin of the Name Ogletree~

      "The Ogletrees In Virginia."

      "The Ogletrees In Georgia."

       (The authors and sources of these three photocopied articles are not identified.)


5 J.F. Ogletree biography from MEMOIRS OF GEORGIA

  ~Parish of Ochiltree. from AYR AND WIGTON, VOL. I,

   James Paterson, Edinburgh, 1863

 "Old Aid Young In Growing Up"  Celestine Sibley in THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 7 July 1954 - features J.F. Ogletree of Meriwether  County

6 Lillian Baker Griggs' memoirs of Warm Springs Methodist Campground

Mary Crowder's remarks on presentation of her painting of the Campground to the trustees, 1972

7 William H. Davidson's notes on Ogletrees for BROOKS OF HONEY AND BUTTER

8 Ogletree research notes (various compilers)

9 Philemon Ogletree Memorandum Book, c.1830s, (records birth dates of his family and his slaves)

10 Estate records

Will of John Ogletree of Wilkes County, Georgia, 6 December 1819, proved 2 September 1822

Will of Philemon Ogletree of Meriwether County, Georgia, 7 March 1859, proved September 1861

Returns and receipts - Philemon Ogletree estate, 1861-1865

Will of James F. Ogletree of Meriwether County, 2 November 1900, (no probate date)

11 Deeds

Robert T.C. Tucker to L.L. Hardy, 28 February 1877, 240 acres adjoining J.P.F. Ogletree in Meriwether County

George L. Peavy to James F. Ogletree, 3 November 1879, 94 1/2 acres in Meriwether County

James F. Ogletree to Trustees of Union (Tignor, Ogletree) Cemetery Association, 20 March 1896, 6 acres in Meriwether County

John M. Strickland to J. Frank Ogletree, 17 September 1912, 101 1/4 acres in Meriwether County 12 Miscellaneous Ogletree documents

Plat of Homestead Farm, n.d.

Letter from Helen F. Andrews to Mr. Ogletree, n.d., concerning her return to work

Letter to Mother from C.C.H., Macon County, Alabama, 25 April 1846; mentions Mr. Howard, Sister Jane, Brother George

Letter to J.F. Ogletree from A. Heard of Covington, Georgia, 4 January 1869, informing Ogletree of the shipment of a tea set to Mr. Lehman in LaGrange

Notice to Mr. and Mrs. T. Ogletree, White Sulphur Springs, Georgia, of liquidation of the Globe Insurance Company, 15 February 1869

Summons from Superior Court of Meriwether County to James F. Ogletree in the case of George P. Swift and Son vs. A.S. Harris, 2 December 1879

Property tax return, James F. Ogletree, 20 October 1885

Obituary of Miss Mattie Ogletree from the MERIWETHER VENDICATOR, July 1892 (typescript)

Susie Ogletree Denny membership certificate in Daughters of the American Revolution, 13 October 1955 13 List of Ogletree records at Georgia Department of Archives and History (?)

Folder 14 Crawford Family Records

Folder 15-20 Crowder Family Records

15 Lineage charts of Robert Scott Crowder, II

16 Crowder - Burnley family records

17 Crowder research notes

18 Crowder lineage charts

19 Crowder Cemetery chart

20 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES, Eugene Byron Scott, c.1937

Mr. Scott's reminiscences of visits from his home in  Alabama to Crowder, Moss and Scott relatives in Troup and Meriwether Counties during the 1850s

Folder 21 Render Family Records

Will of Joshua Render, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1817

List of the children of Susan Jeanette Render and James Crowder

Elizabeth Harris Anderson Render obituary, 1892

Rsearch notes on Renders compiled by Eleanor Adams Dunson, 1959

Render - Anthony lineage of Ethel Dallis Hill, compiled, 1952

Folder 22 Stinson Family Records

Family sketch of Stinson (Stevenson), McKenley Stinson, Hogansville, Georgia, n.d.

Stinson - Hardaway lineage compiled by Carrie  Ogletree Bell (?),  1953

Reords of M.F. Stinson as administrator of Ben Sheppard of Troup County, c. 1866

Folder 23 Tigner Family Records

Letter from Mrs. J.F. Ogletree (?) to Aunt Mary (Crowder), 8 February 1966, giving information about the Tigner house and its owners



ph 1 Susie Render Ogltree (Mrs. Jasper N. Denny), c.1920

2 James Frank Ogletree (c. age 1), ( 2 copies)

3 James Frank Ogletree (c. age 5)

4 Mattie Ogletree (c. age 1)

5 Mattie Ogletree (c. age 5)

6 George Ogletree (c. age 1)

7 Charles Tigner (c. age 2)

8 Emma Castleberry

9 Mrs. Etta Cooper

10 Mattie Neal Jackson (c. age 6)

11 Reese Harvy (c. age 10)

12 George Tigner (c. age 1), (2 copies, one in each album)

13 J.S. Radcliff (c. age 10)

14 Dr. Lee Tigner

15 Clifford Stinson (female)

16 A. York

17 Eliza Tigner

18 Wesley Tigner

19 unidentified boy (c. age 12)

20 T.T. Denny, 1868 (c. age 15)

21 J. Christian

22 unidentified

23 William (Armour?) (Ammons?)

24 M.M. Wilson (female)

25 Edward W. Rucker

26 Gus Harvy (c. age 7)

27 Mrs. Mary Frazier

28 Mattie Neal

29 Bell Stinson

30 Dr. James W. Stinson

31 Martha Stinson

32 William Cunningham

33 Mark Crowder

34 Helen Andrews, Macon,-Georgia (2 copies, one in each album)

35 Carrie Stinson Ogletree

36 Dora Hardaway

37 J.W. Stinson

38 Jim Hardaway

39 Fannin Potts (c. age 4)

40 Andrew Tigner (c. age 12)

41 John W. Neal (c. age 8)

42 J.O. Tigner (c. age 8)

43 W.S. Tigner

44 Will Stinson

45 George Tigner

46 Ann Tigner

47 Lizzie Tigner Gray

48 Mary Davis

49 Fannie Welborn

50 Allen Memorial Church (Allen - Lee Memorial Church, Lone Oak, Meriwether County ?)

51 Rev. William Evans

52 George Potts

53 Mrs. Waite

54 Rev. Charles J. Davis

55 Julia Simonton

56 Leila Simonton

57 Rev. R.T. Marks

58 Dr. J. Irwin

59 Martha Stinson

60 Dr. J.W. Stinson

61 Ben F. Tigner

62 Mat Tigner (female)

63 ~Aunt Sarah., Dr. Stinson's cook

64 Eliza Tigner

65 Mat, guide at Mammoth Cave

66 Mollie Anderson

67 "Miss Willie" Eliza Parham

68 Clyde Bellas (c. age 2)

69 Col. F.M. Reese

70 Mrs. Reese

71 Lula Buford (Mrs. Clarance Ellington)

72 unidentified

73 "Aunt Jim" Hardaway

74 George Washington Hardaway

75 Alice Potts




Pair of cotton cards identified by Mrs. Denny as belonging to Elizabeth Anderson Render (1812-1892), ART 89.01

Three unfinished needlepoint bookmarks, maker unknown - found in the photo albums, ART 89.02



Allen Memorial Church, Meriwether County, Georgia

Anthony family

Burnley family

Crawford family

Crowder family

Hardaway family

Ogletree family

Moss family

Render family

Scott family

Stinson family

Tigner family

Warm Springs Methodist Campground