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SOURCE: Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., 1984

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Ruth Bradfield Slack and her husband, Dr. Henry Richmond Slack, Jr., were civic leaders in LaGrange from the 1890s until their deaths in 1943 and 1944.  Mrs. Slack was born in LaGrange 10 September 1864.  Her father, Thomas Searcy Bradfield, was a pharmacist.  Dr. Slack was born in Louisiana 7 May 1862.  He moved to LaGrange with his parents in 1880 and went to work in Dr. Bradfield's pharmacy.  In 1885, he received a degree from the Maryland College of Pharmacy.  He and Ruth married 14 September  1887.  Slack received his degree from the Atlanta Medical College (later Emory University School of Medicine) in 1891.  In 1903, the Slacks opened LaGrange Sanitorium which became known as the  Dunson Hospital in 1916 and was the forerunner of West Georgia Medical Center.




Pamphlets, magazine articles and other literature published  between 1906 and 1960 promote LaGrange as a progressive  industrial town with antebellum charm.  The publications provide statistics such as the number of spindles and looms in operation and include many photographs of textile mills, mill villages and public buildings.  A small collection of post cards features public buildings and historic homes.

Remarks by Dr. Slack at the 25 March 1904, meeting of charter members of the LaGrange Sanitorium describe the sanitorium's first year of operation.  A 1939 address before the 4th District Medical Society recounts his medical career and mentions several  other doctors who practiced in LaGrange.

The Slacks promoted the organization of the LaGrange public school system.  Dr. Slack was a charter member of the Board of Education in 1903.  A petition requesting the mayor and council to call an election to organize a school board bears the names of more than two hundred LaGrange citizens.

In April 1932, Mrs. Slack presented a talk on the history of Ferrell Gardens to a group from the Garden Club of America when they visited the Gardens.  A copy of the talk and two magazine articles on Ferrell Gardens are included.

Among other items of memorabilia are a 1916 pattern book and a fashion show invitation from Callaway's Department Store.  A hand bill lists the program of observances when Jefferson Davis' funeral train passed through LaGrange in 1889.




A few related items were added to Mrs. Slack's collection after her death which occurred April 6, 1943.



Folder 1 "LaGrange, Georgia", Reporter Publishing Co., 1906

         "LaGrange, Georgia", c.1916 - promotional pamphlets

       2 "LaGrange, City of Elms and Roses", Lucille Bryant Johnson and Amanda Watkins, 1935 - sketchbook of homes and public buildings

         "LaGrange In Troup County, Georgia", 1960 - promotional brochure

       3 "LaGrange...City That Wove Its Way To Riches", Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 15 October 1950

       4 Post cards of LaGrange, c.1900-1910

       5 Remarks of Henry R. Slack, M.D. at 1st Anniversary of the opening of LaGrange Sanitorium, 25 March 1904 (photocopy) "Reminiscences In Medicine" by Henry R. Slack, M.D., Address before 4th District Medical Society, 8 August 1939

       6 Petition to the mayor and council of LaGrange requesting an election for a board of education, c.1903

         Letter of congratulations from H.R. Slack to C.H. Kelley on 36 years of service to LaGrange schools, 1939

       7 "History of Ferrell Gardens" by Ruth Bradfield Slack,  1932

         Bulletin of the Garden Club of America, May 1932

         "The Gardens At Hills and Dales", House Beautiful, May 1932

      8-9 Newspaper clippings regarding LaGrange, 1918-1965

      10-11 Memorabilia

           Davis Funeral Train Program, 1889

           Georgia Weekly Press Association Program, LaGrange, 23 July 1913

           Butterick Fashions pattern book from Callaway's Department Store, 1916

           Invitation to fashion exhibition at Callaway's Department Store, 1916

           Presidents' Club of Atlanta visit to home of Fuller E. Callaway, 14 June, 1918

           LaGrange Rotary Club program, 23 February 1955

           History of Hillsboro Methodist Church, Jasper County, Georgia, 1960



Callaway's Department Store

Davis, Jefferson - funeral train

Education - LaGrange

Ferrell Gardens

Kelley, C.H.

LaGrange Public School System - History

Medicine - Troup County

Slack, Henry R.

Slack Sanitorium