Manuscript MS-008



SOURCE: Barbara M. Riddle, 1983-1984

SIZE: .10 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 3 file folders




This collection contains Moore family correspondence (ca. 1906-1958); purchase and shipping records from City Oil Company of LaGrange (ca.193 0); and memorabilia, including clippings, diplomas, and church bulletins. Also included are an 1868 insurance policy, an 1837 letter regarding return of a slave to Troup County from Paris, Kentucky; and a brief history of East Vernon Church. Photographs are mostly of the Moore and Adams families (ca.1920-1940) and include both portrait photos and family snapshots.


Folder 1 City Oil Company of LaGrange, ca. 1930 business records; invoices, rent receipt, shipping notices

2 Moore family correspondence, 1906-1958

3 Memorabilia Clipping, Robert Luther Moore, wedding picture, Atlanta Journal, 31 Jan 1932

LaGrange Daily News, Georgia Bicentennial Edition 1933

The Shuttle, Callaway Mills Edition, 24 May 1928

Telephone Directory, LaGrange, GA, 1 Spt 1894 (copy )

East Vernon Baptist Church bulletin, 6 Aug 1978 (includes brief church history)

Tatum School Commencement Program, 23 May 1947

Southwest LaGrange Baptist Church, The Broadcaster, 6 Apr 1930

City- County Hospital, LaGrange, GA, Guide to Services, no date Biscuit House brochure, no date

Callaway Beacon, 1957, 14 April 1964

The Poster, Troup County Electric Membership Corporation, Nov 1965

Fourth District Agricultural and Mechanical School Diploma, Frances LeVoy Adams, 1931 Certificate of Service, Southwest LaGrange School Debbie Riddle, 1970

Note from Dr. W. H. Rusk of LaGrange stating that the Moore family had smallpox in Feb 1920

Insurance policy, Alexander Matthews and Martha Matthews, 1868

Letter from George Northcut of Paris, KY, to Postmaster at LaGrange, GA, re. a slave named Anthony belonging to Mr. Calhoun of Troup County, 26 Aug 1837



Ph 1. Luther Nixon, ca. 1866-1895

2. Roy Sweet and two other children, ca. 1850-1895

3. Jimmie and Marie Crawford, ca. 1920s

4. Miss Stephenson, ca. 1920s

5. Cotton mill workers, ca. 1920s

6. Wedding party, 24 Dec 1931, Frances Adams (age 20) and Robert Moore (age 22). First row: Jacklyn Adams, Billy and Betty Aughmooty (?). Second row: Hubert Copeland, Odie Mae Cole, Moore and Adams, Mrs. C.C. Adams, Preacher Goforth. Third row: Carlton Woodson, Agnes Hester Jordan, Bud Aughmooty, Ruby Foster, Charles Goforth, June Goforth, J.C. Jones

7. Mary Adams and automobile, ca.l940s

8. Frances Adams and automoblie, ca. 1920s

9. Franklin Adams and chicko, no date

10. Franklin Adams and automobile, ca. 1940s

11. Franklin Adams, ca. 1940s

12. Effie Adams with children, Evelyn, Lucile, Robin Hood

13. Effie Adams and Mary (Mrs. Franklin) Adams, 1940

14. Automobile, ca. 1920-1930s

15-21. unidentified

22. Frances Moore

23. Cowboy, unidentified

24. Franklin Adams

25. policeman, unidentified

26. Robert and Frances Adams Moore, ca. 1940s

27. Robert Moore as sailor, ca. 1940s

28-30. unidentified

31. Frances Adams and unidentified, ca. 1920s

32. Robert Moore, ca. 1920s

33. Frances Adams, ca. 1920s

34. Franklin Adams, Frances and Robert Moore, ca. 1930s

35-36. Franklin Adams, no date

37-39. unidentified

40-43. Robert Luther Moore (b. 9 Spt 1909) and his father, Robert O. Moore, ca. 1937

44. Building Callaway tower, ca. 1929

45. Southwest LaGrange School, Catherine Heard Goforth (1st row, 1st on left), ca. 1924

46. Southwest LaGrange School, Robert Luther Moore (back row, 6th from left), ca. 1924

OPP 1. Group picture of sailors, includes Franklin Adams, ca. 1928



Adams family

Callaway Mills (1928)

LaGrange Telephone Company Directory (1894) East Vernon Baptist Church

Smallpox in LaGrange (1920)

Slavery in Troup County

Southwest LaGrange School