Manuscript MS-115



SOURCE: Chris Boner, C.E.A. Director, May 1992

SIZE: 9 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 6 document boxes

1 newspaper box

57 volumes

21 photograph boxes




The Callaway Educational Association provided recreational and educational opportunities for at least three generations of LaGrange youth. A series of philanthropic institutions beginning in 1913 with the LaGrange Settlement formalized the commitment of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. to the welfare of his employees. Subsequent changes; establishment of the Textile Benefit Association in 1919, consolidation of the LaGrange Settlement and the Textile Benefit Association in 1932, and chartering of Callaway Community Foundation in 1943 (The name was changed to Callaway Foundation, Inc. in 1962.) reflected adaptations to the changing needs of the textile community. Funded by the Foundation, the CEA was established in 1944 to encompass the work of the old Southwest LaGrange YMCA and other Callaway Mills sponsored programs. Originally intended only for the families of Callaway Mills employees, CEA membership was soon opened to the community at large.

In addition to recreational opportunities the CEA supplemented the regular school curriculum with art, music, drama, physical education, and significantly, a kindergarten program. Adults were offered instruction in art, ceramics, sewing, canning and other domestic skills. CEA horticulturists landscaped the considerable Callaway Foundation property in LaGrange and maintained a greenhouse for the benefit of members. Even the traditional community cow pastures fell under the auspices of the CEA.

The CEA's primary facilities were Callaway Auditorium (1944), Coleman Library (1954), Callaway Stadium (1959) and Callaway Educational Building (1964). The Callaway Educational Asociation ceased operation May 31, 1992, and many of its assets were donated to LaGrange College.



This collection provides glimpses of the social lives of residents a southern textile town during much of the twentieth century. Schedules of events, rosters of participants and tournament results document the types of activities offered by the CEA. Histories of various CEA facilities and events can be traced through scrapbooks and news clippings. Biographical sketches of instructors and managers enhance the historical record. The Coleman Library and the CEA Kindergarten are particularly well documented through clippings, annual reports and photographs.

Two boxes (1 linear foot) of records received as "Coleman Library miscellaneous files" are a source for history of Callaway Mills. Articles and reports prepared by Callaway Mills staff include, "Armed Forces Centers, 1943-1946", "Status Reports: Staff & Products, 1951-1961" and "Brief Facts About Callaway Mills, 1949". Other "miscellaneous files" items include clippings from "progress editions" and "historical editions" of the LaGrange Daily News and deal with historic houses, individuals and local trivia.



The Troup County Archives' collection designated TRP-41 contains several hundred photographs depicting Callaway Mills and Callaway Educational Association activities and facilities, including Coleman Library. Information about specific events may also be

found in the LaGrange Daily News.



Box 1 Biographies

Folder 1 Bowles, Lloyd

2 Callaway, Alice Hand

3 Callaway, Cason Jewell, Jr.

4 Callaway, Cason Jewell, Sr.

5 Callaway, Ely Reeves, Jr.

6 Callaway, Ely Reeves, Sr.

7 Callaway, Fuller Earle, Jr.

8-10 Callaway, Fuller Earle, Sr.

11 Callaway, Fuller Earle, III

12 Callaway, Howard Hollis

13 Coleman, Chilton W.

14 D'Huyvetters, August T.

15 Edge, Arthur Brannon, Jr.

16 Fetner, Mildred

17 Gresham, James T.

18 Lovejoy, Hatton

19 Pitts, Leon

20 Shuford, Dexter

21 Shuford, Howard

22 Simpson, Glen M.

23 Spinks, Mary F.

24 Talbert, Jefferson Davis

25 Thom, Horace B.

26 Turner, Samuel M.

27 Vaughn, Isabelle

Box 2 Callaway Memorial Service, 1929-1960

(Held each year on July 15, the birthday of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.)

Box 3 Newspaper clippings - Callaway Memorial Service, 1929 - c.1960 Box 4 CEA Kindergarten, 1940-1965

Box 5 CEA Kindergarten, 1966-1979

Box 6

Folder 1 Anecdotes and memorabilia - Callaway Mills and Callaway family

2- 4 Armed Forces Centers, 1943-1946

5- 6 Correspondence: Ely R. Callaway, Sr. and Cason J. Callaway, Sr., 1923-1924

7 "Callaway Community Foundation" - Remarks by Willis E. Howard, 1949

8 Callaway Educational Association programs and facilities, 1955-1957

9 Callaway Mills status reports - staff and products, 1951-1961

10 Callaway Mills - miscellaneous production data, Bedaux system (a production management system), c.1949-c.1957

11-14 Callaway Stadium - construction, management, applications for use, 1956-1968

15 Japanese Cotton Mission - Cason J. Callaway, 1937

16 Publications featuring Callaway Mills or CEA, 1950s

17 Southwest LaGrange School History, 1954

18 Unity Spinning Mill History, 1909-1959

Box 7 Coleman Library, 1954-1955

Folder 1 Dedication program and address by Dr. Walter Pope Binns, 10 June 1955

2 Facilities, contractors, equipment, 1954-1955

3-5 Press releases, 1954-1978

6-14 Clippings, 1954-1987

15-18 Callaway Beacon library articles, 1954-1967

Volume 1-24 CEA Recreational Activities, 1937-1964 (rosters, schedules, rules, tournament results) Volume 25-33 Dallis Street Teenage Club, 1948-1969

Volume 34-46 Callaway Mills Industrial Relations Yearbooks, 1943-1964

Volume 47-56 Southern Peach Meet (Swimming/Diving Tournament), 1947-1960

Volume 57 LaGrange Lions Club Yearbook, 1958-1959



Callaway Auditorium

Callaway Community Foundation

Callaway Educational Association

Callaway Memorial Tower

Callaway Mills

Callaway Stadium

Dallis Street Teenage Club, 1948-1969

Kindergarten - CEA, 1940-1979

Peach Meet, 1947-1960

Recreation - LaGrange, c.1937-c.1965

Southwest LaGrange School

Unity Spinning Mill, 1909-1959

World War II - Callaway Mills Armed Forces Center