Manuscript MS-2002.09


SOURCE: Jonathan E. Sheets

SIZE: .4 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box
3 folders of photographs
3 artifacts


M.H. (Micajah Henry) Longshore (August 19,1844-March, 8,1902) and his wife, Susan P. Claxton Longshore (August 29, 1847-April, 12,1919) had three children, Robert H. Longshore, Minnie Longshore Stanley and Sallie Sue Longshore Norman. I M. H. Longshore apparently served as city clerk for Lanett, Alabama. The records end with the family of Frank E. Boyd, the grandson of Mrs. T. N. Longshore. The family, with the exception of Robert H. Longshore, is buried in West Point at Pinewood Cemetery, Lot 189.

The records provide a glimpse at family and business life in the city of West Point, Georgia and Lanett, Alabama during the latter part of the nineteenth century. Evidence shows that West Point was a vibrant community, and one in which a wide range of businesses operated. The records consist primarily of receipts, ledgers, expense and appointment books, photographs, and correspondence dating from the middle of the nineteenth century. (The collection was rescued by Jonathan Sheets and donated to the Archives.)

SERIES I, Receipts, Publications and Correspondence
Box 1
Folder 1 Receipts and Notes
Item 1-6 1898-1899 receipts signed by M. L. Longshore, city clerk of Lanett
Item 32 Note to M. H. Longshore and witnessed by him May 6, 1899 signed by (?) Croft, (X) his mark
Item 33-36 Receipts to Miss Sallie Sue Longshore from Morris Hagedorn and US Post Office c. 1909-1910
Item 37-65 Receipts to Mrs. M. H Longshore/Mrs. Sue Longshore c. 1888-1910
Item 66 Milk account of Mrs. Longshore May 1-31 (?)
Item 67 Receipt dated September 19, (?) "on Landau"
Item 68 Receipt 1879 to C. (?) Longshore
Item 69 Receipt July 1896 to C. Longshore
Item 70 Receipt August 16, 1899 to Arkinson (?) and Turner for $600.00 for town of Lanett taxes
Item 71 Receipt to M. J. Gallagher April 9, 1899 by W. L. Hardy
Item 72 Receipt December 1, 1899 to (?)
Item 73 Receipt from J. J. Hagedorn & Co 189(?) to (?)
Item 74 Receipt to A. H. Longshore April 9, 1909
Item 75 Receipt to (?) Longshore June 19, 1910
Item 76 Note to W. C. & L. Lanier, Bankers, February 24, 1892
Item 77 Handwritten notes about charges against a city employee n.d.
Item 78 Note to West Point State Bank by W (?) A. Robinson 1897

Folder 2 Publications
"Grier's Almanac" 1903
"Bucklen's Almanac" 1908

Folder 3 Insurance Policies
Item 1 Policy October 25, 1898 to Mrs. M. H. Longshore for dwelling and contents coverage provided by Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.
Item 2 Policy October 24, 1896 to Mrs. M. H. Longshore for dwelling and contents coverage provided by Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.
Item 3 Policy March 5, 1900 to Robert H. Longshore life policy for $103.00 provided by Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.

Folder 4 Advertisements
Item 1 "Sperry & Bowen, Wholesale Produce" n.d. c. 1890s
Item 2 "Democratic Victory Plug Tobacco" n.d. c. 1890s
Item 3 "Pazo Ointment" n.d. c. 1890s

Folder 5 Sallie Sue Longshore
Item 1 Term paper comparing Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror, n.d. c. 1900
Item 2 Paper with math problems, n.d. c. 1900
Item 3 Card from Mrs. and Mr. Spiegel Friday, May 20th.
Item 4 Poem by Sallie Sue Longshore
Item 5 At home card from Mrs. W. Trux Bankston May 23rd.
Item 6 Invitation to wedding of Dr. & Mrs. Abraham Columbus North's daughter, Nelle Owin Pinson to Claude Bernard Quillian, June 13th.
Item 7-11 Calling cards of Inez Stacey, Mary Lou Patrick, Eliza Levonia Kervin, Mr. Lewis L. Sellers and James Perry Judkins
Item 12 At home card of Miss Hannah Hagedorn

Folder 6 Correspondence
Item 1 Postcard from "Messrs. Penn & Co, Opelika Alabama" 188(?)
Item 2 Letter from "MHL" to "Brother" August 8, 1889
Item 3 Letter from "MLH" January 20, 1889
Item 4 Letter from "MLH" to "Brother" August 15, 1889
Item 5 Letter to Mildred S. Longshore from Meridian Oil Mills August 22, 1891 informing of death of brother-in-law
Item 6 Letter to M. L. Longshore from J. M. Harrington February 22, 1897
Item 7 Note, October 4, 1897 from A. W. Griffen (?)
Item 8 Note from J. W. (?) Pattillo, MD, April 3, 1899
Item 9 Postcard to Mr. M. H. Longshore August 30, 1899
Item 10 Note from S. (Sue) Longshore to JJH & Co., January 1901
Item 11 Letter to "Dear Mother" April 3, 1901, no signature
Item 12 Letter to Mrs. F. N. Longshore from Frank Boyd addressed to "My Dear Grammie" and signed "Your true grandson" March 23, 1901
Item 13 Invitation to the marriage of Sara Jim Leigh, the daughter of Elizabeth Claxton Leigh to W. C. Snead, Dec. 17, 1902
Item 14 At home card of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Taylor Whitaker December 12, 1902 to celebrate their wedding anniversary
Item 15 Invitation addressed to Mrs. Sue Longshore and Miss Longshore to wedding of Sadie Weil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Weil, to Joseph Herzfeld, March 21, 1906
Item 16 Invitation to commencement exercise of South Florida Military College, May 21, 1905
Item 17 Letter to Mr. H. R. Longshore, West Point, from The Prudential Insurance Company, August 29, 1910
Item 18 Invitation to commencement exercise of McKenzie High School, May 21, 1926. Card inside Dennis Majors (Elta Majors Boyd's brother ?)
Item 19 Letter to Mr. F. E. (Frank ?) Boyd from Frank Williams dated 2-1-1966 with check from Mrs. F. E. Boyd to Alabama State College for Williams enclosed
Item 20 Postcard to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Boyd, 1972
Item 21 Invitation to "Aunt Elta" to Auburn University graduation of Randall Joe Ballard August 26, 1983
Item 22 Postcard to Mrs. Elta Boyd September 6, 1988
Item 23 Postcard to Elta M. (Majors ?) Boyd February 16, 1991
Item 24 Postcard to Mrs. Frank Boyd November 20, 1995
Item 25 Postcard to Miss Elta Major from France, n.d.
Item 26 Letter from Minnie L. Stanley (Longshore) to "Dear Mama" n.d.
Item 27 Letter to "Dearest Elt" n.d.
Item 28 Christmas card from R. L. Flanders with note, n.d.
Item 29 Christmas card to "Dear Elta" from Betty Gosnell, n.d.
Item 30 Christmas card from "The Daniel Holbecks" n.d.
Item 31-32 Fragments of letters, dates indistinct, and handwriting appear to match that MHL
Item 33-34 Post cards- Alabama Sheriff's Boys and Girls Ranches; Mt. Chocorua, NH
Item 35 Christmas booklet from "Your devoted Mother Hay" n.d.

Folder 7 Frank Boyd
Item 1 Penciled drawing of older man titled "Frank Boyd"
Item 2 Kiwanis certificate naming Frank Boyd Governor of Alabama District, October 26, 1943
Item 3 Certificate of membership in "Grand Order of Blue and Grey Colonels" for Frank E. Boyd, December 15, 1950
Item 4 Birthday greeting card for 12th birthday from Boy Scouts of America to Frank Boyd

Folder 8 Elta Jewel Majors
Item 1 Certified copy if Elta Majors employment record with Alabama Extension Service, July 13, 1938
Item 2 Notarized statement dated Oct. 1, 1956 re: Family Bible of Clenton Murphy Majors to certify birth of Elta Jewel Majors
Item 3 Application, dated September 19, 1950 for filing a delayed birth certificate for Elta Jewel Majors
Item 4 Delayed certificate of birth for Elta Jewel Majors filed September 29, 1956 (DOB September 29, 1904)

Folder 9 Miscellaneous items
Item 1 Coupons for contest with the LaGrange Report
Item 2 Speech "Colleges for Crooks" possibly given by Frank Boyd
Item 3 Photocopy of will of Elijah Dorsett (?)
Item 4 Photocopy of newspaper clipping on death of Bruce Beveridge n.d.

Folder 10
Item 1 Double entry ledger book, 1885-1888. Apparently belonged to M.H. Longshore

Volumes Financial Records, Appointment Books

1 Appointment book owned by Robert Longshore of West Point, September 14, 1900
2 Expense account book 1888-1889 No name
3 Double entry account book of M. H. Longshore, 1897-1898
4 Account book of Mrs. Sue Longshore for her account with J. J. Hagedorn, 1889
5 Account book of Mrs. S. (Sue) Longshore for her account with J. J. Hagedorn, 1893-1896
6 Account book of Mrs. Longshore for her account with J. J. Hagedorn & Co., 1897
7 Double entry account book, 1898, no name
8 Memorandum booklet, 1888, no name
9 Cash book 1886 of R. H. Longshore of West Point
10 Account book of November 14, 1896 of Ano. (?) Jackson/Cash book, 1884
11 M. H. Longshore account book, 1896, Lanett, Alabama
12 1895 Account book, no name, Ledger stamped on front
13 Ledger of M. H. Longshore 1888 with note inside "W.C. Longshore was born October 26th, 1818 he passed this life June 6th, 1888 and was buried at Antioch Church, Chambers County, Ala."
14 Ledger 1883-1885 double entry, no name
15 Account Book 1897, West Point State Bank
16 Popular Memorandum Book c. 1890 mentions Hogansville, A. J. Gamble (?) Co.
17 Weekly Time Book, 1907
18 The Tuxedo Cash Sales Book n.d. (1)
19 Regulator Pocketbook 1900
20 Small notebook with algebraic equations by Sallie Sue Longshore, n.d.
21 The Tuxedo Cash Sales Book, n.d. (2)
22 Ledger, 1893
23 Account book of M. H. Longshore with Herman Whitaker, 1890
24 Account book, 1885

SERIES II. Photographs
Folder 1 Photographs (All unidentified)
Item 1 Very small picture of woman on train n.d. c. 1880s
Item 2-7 Series of mounted photos of young couple, n.d. c. 1880s

Folder 2
Item 1-3 Women n.d. c. 1920s
Item 4 Older woman, n.d. c. 1970s (Mrs. Boyd ?)
Item 5 Baby n.d. c. 1930s
Item 6-9 Group pictures of children at school, n.d. c. 1940s
Item 10 3 young black boys at Piggly Wiggly, note on back photo "made with help of Miss Majors"
Item 11 Young boy with dog n.d. c. 1940s
Item 12 Young girl n.d. c. 1940s
Item 20-23 Man with plane n.d. c. 1940s
Item 17-18 Man working in front of unidentified house
Item 19 Group picture of children in front of school numbered 1-31 with 1-16 identified on back of photo
Item 20-27 Set of color shots of students and science fair Feb. 1970
Item 35-36 Christmas card with group picture of student's n.d. c. 1950s
Item 37 Christmas card 1964 of "The Wendell Johnson's"

Folder 3
Item 1-3 3 8X10 B/W of children on school bus c. 1950 with envelope addressed to "Mrs. Metzgar, teacher Northside School, Auburn, Al."
Item 4 Man driving buggy, possibly a hearse, n.d. c. 1870s and marked on bottom "Reprod. de. Fough"

ART 2002.09 1. Leather gentleman's wallet
2. Pair 1950s style ladies reading glasses
3. Pair 1950s style ladies reading glasses


J. J. Hagedorn and Company, West Point, Georgia
LaGrange Reporter
Lanett, City of
Merchants and Planters Bank
Bank of West Point
West Point, City of
West Point State Bank