Manuscript MS-102




SOURCE:  James W. Terrell

SIZE:  1 lf

SHELVING UNIT:  1 Manuscript box

PROCESSING:  CI, July 2008



Jane Lula S. Ward (b. 11-30-1856, d. 12-25-1947) and Theresa Antoinette “Miss Nettie” Ward (b. 11-29-1875, d. 1969) were the daughters of Francis Ward (b. 1837, d. 1908) and Marie Antoinette Curtright (b.1833, d. 1891).

Miss Lula Ward was a prominent LaGrange educator, who with her sister, Miss Ann Fleming Ward (b.1855, d. 1908), conducted the LaGrange Primary School for a number of years before the public school system was established.  This school was housed in a building adjacent to the Ward home on Vernon Street.  Around the turn of the century, Miss Ward and her sister started a little school near the Unity Plant of Callaway Mills in a two-room cottage provided by the mill.  From this school grew the institutions known as Unity School and Southwest LaGrange School (now Berta Weathersbee School).  Miss Ward served as principal of Unity School after it was incorporated into the LaGrange School System.  She later served as principal of East LaGrange School.

Antoinette Ward served as an ambulance driver in France during World War I and later operated a conservatory of music in New York City for 45 years.  According to the New York Tribune, Miss Ward developed “The Infallible Method Of Memorizing,” a method of teaching music, which “taught students to memorize and read music rapidly” and which gave “poise and control in public playing.”   



The collection consists of various items including some correspondence between the sisters, letters and cards from former students, notes on teaching styles, and a report on Alfred the Great.  The memorial book from the funeral of Lula Ward list family information as does original information from the Howell family Bible.




1          Nettie War Correspondence, 1901-1938

2          Lula and Nettie Correspondence, 1902-1945

3          Lula Ward Memorial Book, 1947

4          Correspondence, n.d.

5          Howell Family Bible pages



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