Manuscript MS-050


SOURCE: Lillian Clark, 1984-1998; Alan Raby, 2000, Michael and Jennifer Key, 2002

SIZE: 7.1 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 9 manuscript boxes
4 storage cartons
1 slide box

PROCESSING: PHW, March 2001; BNJ, January 2003



Nancy Lillian Clark was born in LaGrange in 1903. She attended Harwell Avenue School and LaGrange High School, graduating in 1920. She continued her education at LaGrange College and received a B.A. and diploma in piano in 1924. She then earned her masters degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She returned to LaGrange in 1928 and began teaching at LaGrange High School, retiring in 1968. Ms. Clark undertook numerous significant projects. She co-authored two books, LaGrange Public Schools, 1903-1984 and First Baptist Church: One Hundred Fifty Years of History, 1828-1978. She served as a Sunday school teacher and mission worker and was active in the LaGrange College Alumni Association. The Mu chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma named their scholarship in her honor. She received her highest recognition in 1989 when she was granted a Ph.D. in humane letters from LaGrange College for her service to the community. Miss Clark passed away on July 24, 2001.




The collection contains the personal, education, religious and business records of Lillian Clark and the Wallace and Clark family dating from 1902-2000. Historical notes collected by Lillian Clark cover periods prior to these dates as do the genealogical records. The records provide a comprehensive insight into the lives of family members as well as information relating to her involvement with the LaGrange School System as pupil, teacher, and historian; her association with LaGrange College as student and active alumna; and her dedication to the ministry and growth of the LaGrange First Baptist Church. The papers provide a picture of one family's involvement in the history and growth of LaGrange during the Twentieth Century.


Series I: LaGrange High School

This series includes information on the history of LaGrange High School including notes used in the writing of the school's history, 1903-1968. Short histories of Harwell Avenue School, Park High School and Southern Female College are included. Material used by Lillian Clark as an English teacher at LaGrange High School, various editions of the LaGrange High School Clarion (student newspaper), information on graduates as well as news articles and remembrances about LaGrange High School and LaGrange round out the series. News articles in this series center on major local events of the time period. Articles pertaining to Troup County's history are also included.

Series II: Personal

Included in this series are articles written by and about Lillian Clark including school essays, plays, tributes, news articles, and dedication addresses written between 1926-1980. Notes on various trips are included.

Series III: First Baptist Church

Included in this series are notes used by Lillian Clark as editor and co-writer of One Hundred Fifty Years of History, The First Baptist Church. A history of the Woman's Missionary Union, copies of "The Evangel" (First Baptist Church bulletin), and extensive notes on various studies of the Bible are also found in this series. Of particular interest to Baptist are notes on the sermons and lessons taught by First Baptist preachers, Jimmy W. Gunter, J. Thornton Williams and Paul Baxter.

Series IV: Genealogy

Genealogical records of the Clark and Wallace families are found here. Additional items relate to the professional careers of Drs. Wallace H. Clark, Sr. and Jr. Also included are records of the Clark family members who served in World War I. The series contains family correspondence, eulogies and samples of birthday and Christmas cards. The time span is 1900-1998.

Series V: Business and Financial Records

The business and agricultural records in this series include those of the E. B. Clark and Company, Supply Merchants, incorporated 1907 and located at 26 Court Square, land conveyances of W. A. Roberts (1883, 1884), and Forest Product Sale Agreements executed by the Clark family. Of particular interest are descriptions of various tracts of land purchased by the Clark family in Troup County. Lillian Clark's expense book (1939-1991) offers insight in to her life as a single woman living on an educator's salary. Appraisal records of some Clark family heirlooms complete the series.

Series VI: Newspaper Articles

Material in this series consists of newspaper articles about LaGrange College and its faculty and students, 1923-1980s. The May 10, 1923 edition of The LaGrange Graphic featured an article about LaGrange College written by Miss Clark, a copy of which is found here.

Series VII: Scrapbooks and Notebooks

This series covers the period 1873-2000. The late Nineteen Century autograph album of Ida Fonville Stakely, who married U. H. Clark, Jr., brother of Lillian's father, E. B. Clark is found here. While a student at Southern Female College, c. 1882, Miss Stakely pained a portrait of Benjamin Harvey Hill. This portrait is now on permanent loan to the LaGrange Woman's Club by Lillian Clark. The autograph albums of Emmeline Thompkins Bradfield and Mollie Clark provide insight into the lives of young girls of the time period. Various notes on Bible studies, European trips, and special occasions in Lillian Clark's life comprise the majority of the series. Of particular interest are notes on the jail ministry of Lillian Clark, 1990-1995.

Series VIII: Photographs

The majority of photographs in this series are family photographs. Included also are photographs of LaGrange College, LaGrange High School, Southern Female College, properties purchased by E. B. Clark, and Harwell Avenue School class photographs. Eight folders of unidentified photos and a small collection of slides are included.



Box 1
1 Article "A Little Town of Temple Houses" re: homes in LaGrange copied
from Arts & Decoration Magazine, December, 1926
2 Callaway Beacon (cover pages 4/6/59 & 4/9/56)
3 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Newcomen Society Dinner booklet, 1978
4 Chamber of Commerce article and membership certificate, c.1933
5 Christmas Cards from Fuller & Alice Callaway, c.1970-c.1989
6 Dr. Wallace Clark, Jr. article, c.1978
7 Correspondence, c.1950
8 First Baptist Church photo from magazine and drawing, n.d.
9 First Methodist Church article, c.1944 and church bulletin, 1963
10 Harwell Avenue School (short history), 1950
11 "History of Troup County" published by J.B. Strong in LDN, 1925 & 1965
12 Notes regarding Troup Factory Historical Marker and "What do you know
about LaGrange question sheet?", n.d.
13-17 In Town West, Inc. c.1985 (Park & College Avenue Neighborhood
18 LaGrange High School class prophesy, 1951
19 LaGrange High School Literary Society Minutes, 1919-1920
20 "LaGrange: Its Historic Fabric" (pamphlet c.1982) & Troup County Archives
invitation card for photo exhibit titled "LaGrange: It's Historic Fabric,"
21 LaGrange Street Map and Brochures, 1940s-1980
22 Lincoln High School, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (Hi-Tower Flashes), 1965
re: student exchange program with LaGrange High School
23 Georgia Academy of Science Talent Search: Article with photo of LaGrange
High School Science Talent Winners in 1948
24 Park High School (short history), n.d.
25 Remembering Downtown by Mrs. Eugene Clark, 1950
26 Southern Female College: news article, historical timeline, etc., c.1950-c.1982
27 Troup County High School Newsletter (page 6 of May 1996 edition)
28 West Point Dam brochures and publications, 1968-1979
29 Miscellaneous

Box 2
1-9 LaGrange High School Clarions, 1935-1955
10 LaGrange High School Freshmen News, 1956
11-25 LaGrange High School Clarions, 1956-1970
26 LaGrange High School Graduation Programs, 1942, 44, 45
27 1933 Clarion
28 1923-24 LaGrange College Bulletin

Box 3
1 Articles on humor
2 "Celebration of Success, 1903-1993." News articles and programs at close of LaGrange School System
3 Correspondence with Helen Salman Kaar, LHS, foreign exchange student, Finland, 1966-75
4 East Depot High School Alma Mater (Sheet Music)
5 English tests and teaching aides
6 History of LaGrange High School, 1903-1968
7 LHS Class reunions, news clippings and notes, 1944-46, 1967
8 LHS Student Exchange Program, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1965
9 Literature Notes, 1968
10 Louise Owen, news clippings and letters, 1965-1983
11 News Articles, Lillian Clark and students, 1930-1999
12 News Articles: Terry Kay, Jim Holder, Marion Roberts, 1949-1992
13 Notes on figures of speech and Hamlet
14 Notes on speaking in public
15 Notes on State Teacher Meetings, 1934-1951, 1963
16 Notes on thinking
17 Playbill: LaGrange Mutual Concert Association, "1776"
18 Poems used in English Classes at LHS, n.d.
19 Sources for writing history of LaGrange High School, 1903-1968
20 Spencerian Penmanship booklet, 1884
21 Student Work and Special Friends: Dorothy Bailey, Mildred Chlupacek, Anne Dodd, Kenneth Fowler, Marganne Hendricks, Polly Hutchinson, Mrs. H. F. Jarrell (Lillian Clark's first Sunday School teacher), Linda Baker Moore, Amelia Pitts, Ann Smith, Lorine T. Smith, Isma Swain, Hillary Thomas Wright, Jr. (1963),
22 Teaching English Handbooks, 1954-1965
23 Teaching ideas, 1959

Box 4: News articles, 1933-1960

Box 5: News articles, 1962-1964

Box 6: News articles, 1965-1974

Box 7: News articles, 1975-1995 and Miscellaneous (undated articles)


Box 1 (In Chronological Order)
1 High School themes about camping at Owl Hollow, 1916-19
2 College report cards and letters or recommendations, 1921-1972
3 LaGrange College Senior Class History, 1924
4 Plays and Articles by Lillian Clark:
Article written in Saluda, SC newspaper, 1926-27
"A Curtain for the Stage, " 1945
"A Happy Home, " 1957
"Announcement," 1984
"Hold It, Atlanta," 1985
5 University of California, Summer School, 1927 and Tour Brochures
6 Commencement Program, 1938; Honor's Day, 1946
7 Dedicatory Program: Samuel C. Dobbs Auditorium, 1939
8 Recipe Book, 1940 (includes gifts received, Christmas, 1940), Book Plates, samples
9 Tributes written about:
LHS Students Killed in World War II, 1948
Omer Graves
Elizabeth Smithwick
Ellis Thrash, 1991
Betty Wallace
10 News Clippings, 1952-1993 (LaGrange High School, local events, Rebel Hall, LaGrange Memorial Library)
11 Correspondence with Columbia University, l954-55
12 LaGrange College Alumni Bulletins: Sept-Oct 1954, Fall 1955, Winter 1956, Oct 1966, Oct 1967
13 Tour notes: Europe, 1959; Disney World, 1983; Charleston, 1991; Pennsylvania, n.d.
14 Hilltop News, LaGrange College Student Newspaper (9/17/62, 5/22/72, 1/24/73, 2/14/73, 3/8/73, 11/7/74)
15 LaGrange College Distinguished Service Alumni Award, 1966
16 History of Delta Kappa Gamma, 1966-80, 1995
17 feulle d'Avis de LaGrange, July, 11, 1975 (Bastille Day), supplement to The LaGrange Daily News
18 News Articles about Jimmy Carter, 1976.
19 Dedication speeches given at:
LaGrange College's Wrought Iron Archway, Reusing Gates from Bellevue, 1980
Georgia Education Association Building, n.d.
20 Correspondence with Lee Walburn and The Atlanta Weekly, 1981
21 Speech on 50th Celebration of the Round Table Book Club, 1981
22 Article on Lillian Clark published in Royal Service, 1981
23 History of the Music Section, LaGrange Woman's Club, 1984
24 Speech on donation of furniture to Bellevue, 1987
25 Community and Church Certificattes, 1942-1987
26 Letters Nominating Lillian Clark for Honorary Doctorate, 1989
27 Congratulatory Letters on Receiving Honorary Doctorate Degree, 1989
28 Congratulatory Cards on Receiving Honorary Doctorate Degree, 1989 (sample)
29 John W. Clerke's Bequest to LaGrange College Honoring Lillian Clark, July 1989
30 Smith Hall Rededication (Program, News Clippings), 1989
31 Christmas Parade, 1992 (Grand Marshal)
32 Resume, Data Sheet, 1992
33 Education Certificates (1924-1995)
34 Lillian Clark, Scholarship Fund, LaGrange College, 1997
35 Partial Review of 20th Century by Decades, by Lillian Clark
36 Collected poems and writings by Lillian Clark and friends
37 LaGrange College Alumni Notes, n.d.
38 Notes on history of Southern Female College, n.d.
39 Notes on Georgia History
40 Notes from "Plantations and People of Meriwether County"
41 "Our Mississippi River Adventure," article by Waights G. Henry, Jr. n.d.
42 Poem: "In Memoriam, Waights G. Henry, Jr.," by Claude Hicks
43 Speeches by Lillian Clark, n.d.
44 "The Rich Life on $8400 a year." Article about LaGrange College Art Professor, Ezra Sellers, n.d., Ladies' Home Journal, pp. 68-69+.

45 A/B Postcards:

Arizona: Salt River Canyon

California: University of California, Berkeley: Stephens Union, Walk to North Gate, Sather Gate, Campanile Library, Wheeler Hall, LeConte Oak, Memorial Stadium; Stanford University: Memorial Church, Arcade; San Francisco: Lick Observatory, Mt. Tamalpais, Sing Fat Co., Japanese Tea Garden, Francis S. Key Monument, Market Street, Chinatown, Palace Hotel, Portals of the Past, Golden Gate; Cayucos, By-the Sea; Mooney's Grove, Hume Lake, Monterey, Morro Rock, Success Lake, Hanford, Mt. Shasta, Monterey Bay, Morro Bay, Carmel.

Florida: Deland Florida, John B. Stetson University; White Temple Methodist Church.

Georgia: Western & Atlantic Railroad, Atlanta; Newnan, Atkinson-Glover House

Louisiana: New Orleans: General Beauregard's residence, Jackson Square, Suicide Oak, Old St. Louis Cemetery, Tulane University, Hotel DeSoto.

New Mexico: Road to Carlsbad Caverns

New York: JFK International Airport

North Carolina: Ashville, The Jackson Building, Ashville.

Ohio: Cincinnati, Rookewood Pottery

Oklahoma: Choctaw Picnic

Oregon: Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, Leslie Canyon.

Texas: San Antonio: Spanish Patio, Alamo

Utah: Salt Lake City: Interior Mormon Tabernacle, Weber Canyon, Mormon Temple, State Capitol, Great Salt Lake

Wyoming: Yellowstone: Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Lake, Upper Fall, Old Faithful

Istanbul, Turkey

Italy: Basilica di Santa Maria Novella; Cappella Sisttina, Cupola del Brunelleschi, Fontana Trevi (2), Panaorama of Florence, Piazza della Signoria (2), The Colosseum, The Vatican.
46 Tour Brochures

Box 1
1 A Book Study of the Bible, c. 1970s
2-4 Bible Studies with Ira and Michael Hobby, 1974-1978
5 Bible studies with J. Thornton Williams, 1961-1976
6 Bible studies with Paul Baxter, 1993
7-10 Bible Studies with Rev. Jimmy W. Gunter, 1970s, 80s
11 Bible Studies, 1958-1974
12 Correspondence with Fuller and Alice Callaway, 1949-1993
13 Doing One's Best," and Sunday School lessons, 1979, 1985
14 Eulogy for Cicero Cleveland Kiser, Sr., 1884-1993
15 Examination of the Baptist Faith, 1946
16-18 History of First Baptist Church and plans for the future, 1978-1997
19 Mamie Cameron, Funeral Program, 1960
20 News Clippings, Callaway Family, 1950-1992

21-30 Notes on Books of the Bible

21 Acts, 1975
22a First Corinthians, n.d.
22b Second Corinthians, 1990
23 Isaiah, 1988
24 John, with Dr. Paul Baxter, n.d.
25 Matthew, Mark, Luke and James, n.d.
26 Old Testament, n.d.
27 Psalms, with Paul Baxter, n.d.
28a Revelations with J. Thornton Williams, 1986-87
28b Revelations with Dr. Paul Baxter
29 First Peter, 1994
30 Romans, n.d.

31 Notes on general study of the Bible, n.d.
32 Notes on Prayer, 1979
33-34 Orders of Worship, annotated by Lillian Clark, 1960s through 1980s
35 Pamphlets on Witnessing, n.d.
36 Primary Sunday School Books and Lessons, 1942, 1949
37 Questions about religion, n.d.
38 Sermon Notes, c. 1985-86
39 Song of the Syrian Guest, 1904," photocopy
40 Study of the Bible by Books, n.d.
41 Study of the Mormon Church, n.d.
42 The Evangel, (FBC Bulletin), Miscellaneous programs, 1956-1988
43 Woman's Missionary Union, history, 1983
44 Woman's Missionary Union; Acteens, 1880-1990
45 World Religions

Box 1
1 Albert Bell Vaughn, February 26, 1930
2 Birthday Book, 1941
3 C. B. Vaughn, n.d.
4 Christmas and Birthday cards, correspondence
5 Clark Brothers: Narrative of World War I Service, 1918
6-7 Clark Family History and Updates, 1900-1994
8 Clark Family letters, n.d.
9 Clark Family news articles, 1959, 1965
10 Clark Family Tree with updates, 1970, 1982
11 Clark, Wallace: Clan History, 1905-1995
12 "Clio and My Aunt Berta," n.d.
13 Condolences on Death of Nancy Wallace Clark, 1950
14 Condolences on Death of Ralph Clark, 1958
15 Correspondence and Biblical Writings of Ralph Clark
16 Correspondence with Neal Clark, Jr. 1954-1974
17 D.A.R. Papers: Wallace, Stanley, McKinley linage, 1988
18 Diary of Margaret Cook Atkinson, 1919; Lillian Clark's Address Book
19 Dr. John S. Clark, 1957-1981
20-23 Dr. Wallace H. Clark, Jr.: Professional life, correspondence, news articles, family, 1947-1998
24 Dr. Wallace H. Clark, Sr., Eulogy and news clippings, 1950-1980
25 Estate Records of Nannie Wallace Clark, 1967-1983
26 Eugene and Nancy Clark, family history, 1979
27-28 Eugene Bolton Clark, genealogy and letters, 1928
29 Eulogy of Mary Frank Wallace Watson, 1992
30 Eulogy of Mrs. Wallace H. Clark, Sr., 1975
31 Family of Isham Stanley and Nancy Caroline McKinley, n.d.
32 Family of Virginia & Neal Clark, Sr., 1939-1968
33 Georgia Clark Hendricks, 1945-1986
34 Jimmie Ann Jones, n.d.
35 Letters from Lemmie & Chris Spring to Ralph & Lillian Clark, 1968-73
36-37 Lillian Clark's 95th Birthday Cards
38 Margaret Clark Atkinson and Atkinson Family, 1851-1994
39 McCosh Mill and Owl's Hollow, 1916-1919
40 Nancy Wallace Clark, Genealogy and letters, 1918, 1936
41 Narrative History and Remebrances of Clark Family through 1970

42 News clippings (Obituaries, Clark Family), Letters, Invitations,
43 Newspaper article on E. B. Clark, Quitman Free Press, 1914
44 Notes on Clark, Wallace, Hardy, Strong, Stanley families, n.d.
45 Paul Clark, Report Card, Henley School, Birmingham, AL, 1901,
46 R. E. Clark, n.d.
47 Stanley Reunion Notes, 1975-1989
48 Tributes to Ralph Clark, 1911-1968
49 Visiting Grandmother: Memories by Sarah Northington Terrill, 1982
50 Wallace Family, American Revolution Connection
51 World War I Letters of Ralph Clark, 1918


Box 1
1 Account book of Lillian Clark, 1939-1991
2 E. B. Clark and Company, 1902-1913
3 Forest Product Sales Agreements, 1940, 1955
4 History of Troup County land lots purchased by E. B. Clark, 1830-1917
Garrett Place
Lewis or Bennett Place
McDonner Place
Wilkes Place
5 Land Conveyance, 1882, 1884
6 Property Deeds, Appraisals


Box 1
1 Special Edition May 10, 1923 LaGrange Graphic featuring LaGrange College; Article by Lillian Clark on page 1.
2 1940s: Carrie Fall Benson, Bank's Library, Hubert Quillian
3 1950s: Virginia Langford, Elizabeth Gilbert

The following folders contain various articles on LaGrange College, students, and faculty clipped from The LaGrange Daily News.

4 1956-59 10 1974-75
5 1960-64 11 1976-77
6 1965-67 12 1978
7 1968-69 13 1979-80
8 1970-71 14 LaGrange College articles, n.d.
9 1972-73


Scrapbook Number

1 Autograph album of Ida Fonville Stakely, 1880-1889
2 Autograph Album of Mrs. E. T. (Emmeline Thompkins) Bradfield, 1877
3 Autograph Album of Miss Mollie Clark, 1873
4 News articles with notes
Hatcher Hughes Elizabeth D. McDowell
Elizabeth Patterson Rosalie Armistead Higgins
Lucy Feagin Rosalie Slaughter Morton
Anne Nichols Mrs. Roy Largent
Sara Gertrude Knott James A. Bryan
Susanne Fisher George W. Truett
Herschell Brickwell Douglas Carrigan
Lucy A. Goldthwaite Howard Hughes
5 Guest List at Lillian Clark's 95th Birthday Celebration, November 1, 1998
6 Reception Guest Book, June 4, 1989, for Honorary Doctorate Degree from LaGrange College
7 Medical Notes on Lillian Clark in Nursing Home, June 22-July 8, 2000
8 Miscellaneous Notes, Various Topics including:
American-Russian Relations, 1983
Trip to Epcot Center, 1983
European Trip, 1959
Craft Projects
From Solomon to Malachi, Bible Notes
Notes on Speech by Presha Melaphson to Baptist Women, Nov. 30, 1982
1982 New Year's Resolutions
Sermon by James Bartlett, Missionary to Uruguay, June 3, 1981
Notes on Speech by Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. at Dedication of Fuller E. Callaway Student Center, LaGrange College, n.d.
Notes on various Bible studies
9 Address Book, 1953-57
10 Address Book, 1963-1980
11 Christmas Card Records, 1961-64
12 Clark Reunion
13 Photograph Album, c. 1900s, unidentified
14-16 Bible Notes, c. 1969-78s
17 Notes on Sermons by Dr. Paul Baxter, February 6, 1983- December 21, 1986
18 Notes on Revelations, Prayer List
19-20 Notes on Jail Ministry, September 1990 - July 1995


Box 1: Photographs
(Housed as MS-50, MS-Box 5)
Folder 1:
1-4 Old LaGrange High School and new building, c. 1940s
5 First Methodist Church, n.d.
6 LaGrange High School Senior Class, 1960
7 Lynch, Professor - Private School for Boys, c.1890's
8 Southern Female College Faculty, 1887

Box 2: Photographs
Folder 1 Harwell Avenue School
1-5 Class Photographs, 1913-1915

Folder 2: Clark and Wallace Families
1 Elizabeth Lucretia Stanley
2 Nancy Carolina McKinley (Stanley)
3 Nancy Wallace
4-5 Eugene B. Clark
6-8 Eugene B. Clark and Poland China Hogs in Vernon Road Pasture
9-12 Nancy Wallace Clark
13-14 Eugene B. Clark, Nancy Wallace Clark, Nancy
15-16 Eugene B. Clark and Nancy
17 Nancy W. Clark, E. B. Clark, Lillian Clark, Betty Page
18-20 Carrie Clark and Nancy W. Clark
21 Carrie Clark
22-23 Walton Wallace, Lizzie Wallace, Nancy W. Clark, Betty Wallace, Ralph Clark, Howard Wallace, Clark Wallace
24-25 Walton Wallace
26 Clark Wallace
27 Howard Wallace
28 Betty Wallace
29 Frank Wallace
30 Elizabeth Lucretia Stanley (wife of William Wallace)

Folder 3 : Paul Clark and Ralph Clark
1-4 Paul H. Clark, 1895, 1898, and n.d.
5-12 Sgt. 1st Class Paul H. Clark, in France, WWI,
13 Unidentified male, n.d.
14 Ralph Clark at Mercer, c. 1911 or 1912
15 Ralph Clark's dog, "Kay"

Folder 4: Clark Family
1 Katie Clark, Sept. 1992
2 Sarah Clark, Oct. 1992
3 Thomas and John Wallace
4 Wallace Clark, Jr.'s office
5 Patricia and Wallace's pets, 1993
6 Fish House, Cape Porpoise, Maine, 1992
7 Hendy Clark and Jim Clark, Maine, 1995
8 Hendy Clark and boys, 1996
9 Patricia's garden, 1992
10 Noah Wallace Vaccaro, 1994
11 Leslie, Kristin, Noah Wallace Vaccaro, 1994
12 Fish House, Cape Porpoise, Maine, 1992
13 Carol Vaughn Clark, child of Wallace Jr. and Carol, 1 yr old, 1968
14 Nancy with John Wallace and Thomas in Hendy's car, 1995
15 Hendy Clark, Thomas, John & Carson Clark, Jim and Susan Richeson at Goose Rocks Bean, Maine, 1995
16 Noah Wallace Vaccaro, Leslie Vaccaro
17 Patricia and Noah
18 Noah Wallace Vaccaro, 7.5 months
19 Noah Wallace Vaccaro and Wallace, 1994
20 Hendy Clark, Thomas, Carson, John, 1994
21 Leslie, Kristen, Noah, 1994
22 Sarah Clark
23 Katie Clark

Folder 5: LaGrange College
1 Smith Hall, c. 1920
2 Lillian Clark, Paul Baxter, Charles Hudson, Walter Murphy

Folder 6: The Terrills
1 Lillian Clark, Sarah and Tom Terrill, 1995
2 Sarah and Tom Terrill, Virgin Islands, 1993
3 Sarah and Tom, Fall, 1995
4 Lillian Clark, Sarah Terrill, Fall, 1995
5 Tom Terrill at Three Rivers' Stadium, Pittsburgh, 1992
6 Tom, Andrea, Sarah Terrill, Lillian Clark, 1993
7 Tom and Sarah Terrill
8-10 Tom and Sarah Terrill, Lillian Clark
11 Unidentified
12 Nellie Faye Terrell
13-14 MacKenzie, 1995
15 Kim, Brownie and Georgia Hendricks, 1986
16 Betty Jackson and Georgia Hendricks, 1995
17 Lillian Clark, Myrtice Carpenter, Georgia Hendricks, 1994
18-19 Georgia Hendricks, 1995
20 Bobby, Billy and Neal Clark, 1993
21 Helen, George and George Henry, Jr.
22 Dele, Jesse, boys, Carolyn
23 Chris Taylor and Lillian Clark
24-25 Unidentified

Folder 7: Ida Fonville Stakely Clark
1-6 Ida F. S. Clark in Studio at Southern Female College, c. 1882
7 Studio at Southern Female College
8-11 Portrait of Henry W. Grady by Ida F. S. Clark
12 Unidentified

Folder 8: Clark and Wallace Families
1 Thomas Henderson Clark, 4 years old
2 Thomas Henderson Clark, John Wallace Clark
3 Betty and Ellen Roberts
4 Dina Cassorla, 5 mos
5 Hendy, Carson, Thomas, John Clark, 1995
6 Suzanne and parents, 1988
7 John Wallace, Thomas, 1996
8 Boats in storage, Kennebunkport, Maine, 1992
9 Fish House, Cape Porpoise, Maine, 1992
10 Thomas and John Wallace, 1996
11 Suzanne Clark Richeson, age 10
12 Wallace Clark
13 Nancy and John Wallace
14 Carol and Kate Clark
15 Winnie and Brett, Thanksgiving, 1994
16 Noah Vaccaro
17 Dean, Nancy, Brittany, Elise, Alicia
18 Brittany, Elise, Alicia
19 Ed and Lavern Lady
20 Betty and Sue at Callaway Gardens

Folder 9: Shainker Family, Color
1 Hu, Nancy, Betts
2 Sarah
3 Sarah and Hu, 1995
4-5 Jessie Page Shainker, 1996
6-8 Unidentified
9 Sarah, 1996

Folder 10: Terrills and Clarks
1 Sarah and Tom Terrill, 1994
2 Lillian Clark, Columbia, SC, 1994
3 Sarah and Tom Terrill's Home, 1993, Columbia, SC
4 Barbara Anne Clark, Christmas morning
5-8 Katie and horses
9 Hardy Clark
10 View from Hardy and Norma's home in Boulder, CO
11 Kathryn Elizabeth
12-16 Lillian Clark
17 Sue Brown Hendricks

Folder 11: Clark Family and Friends
1 Mildred Crowley
2 Orrie (Mrs. Richard) Parrish
3 Bill Hamilton
4 Marthemma Wills
5 Mrs. Caldwell and Mrs. Cuter at Wren's Nest, 1955
6-7 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swint
8 Gene Keller, 1945
9 The Rudisills
10 Anne Keller
11 Emily Sharp
12 Ann Corn
13 Marianne Opitch
14 Helen Karen, Eddie Clay, and Susannah Evans Norstrand
15 Blanche Binns
16 Julia Anne, Carolyn and Wates Keller, III
17 Anne Peavy at Wren's Nest, 1953
18 Ann Corn
19 Susan and Charles Philip Corn, 1936
20 "Brownie" Hendricks
21-22 Neal Clark, Sr.
23-24 Neal Clark, Jr.
25 Virginia and Neal, Jr.
26 Jimmy Clark, 1962
27 John, 1941

Folder 12: Clark Family
1 Nancy Worthington
2 Wallace Clark, Jr.
3 Wallace Clark, Jr. and Georgia Clark
4 John Clark
5 Betty Clark
6 Gene and Sarah Clark (daughters of Cousin Emmett Clark and Sara Birdsong Clark)
7 Nancy Wallace Clark
8 Eugene Bolton Clark
9-11 Lillian Clark
12 Aunt Dina and Maggie
13 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swint
14 Clark family portrait
15-16 Nancy Wallace Clark, at age 27
17 John Stanley Clark
18 Neal Clark
19 Uncle Willy, Aunt Myrtle Clark
20 Wallace Clark, Jr.
21 Sue Brown Clark
22 Aunt Sallie Clark, wife of Dr. Mark Chivers
23-24 Sue Brown Clark, "daughter of Wallace H. and Sue B. Vaughn Clark, who died on her 2nd birthday of mastoid infection
25 Unidentified
26-30 Neal Clark, Jr.

Folder 13: Family/Friends
1 Jennie Sims
2 Davenport Ellis
3 Charles Murphy, 1903
4 Annie Belle Hutchinson
5 Vera Fisher
6 Lucy Ellis
7 Cecil Fields, Kathleen Fields, 1903
8 William Reynolds, Jan. 30, 1929
9 Unidentified
10 Joseph Woodson
11 Paulene Pierce, 1918
12 Beva McMillian
13 Maggie Hall, c. 1880s
14 Mollie Boynton
15 Carrie Dille Wilson
16-18 Jimmie Ann Jones (Cousin Lola Jones' granddaughter)
19 Dr. J. L. Clark, Sarah, Madge
20 Helene, Suzy, Eddie, Timmie, 1956
21 Yoku Matsurra, Tony, Aya, Shoke
22 Student Activity Building, Kobe, Japan, 1952
23 The Shays
24 Paul, Phillip, Bobbie Fisher
25 Dick and Louise, 1944
26 Harold, medical student, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 1925
27-28 Chris Spring
29 Charles Lamb, Mrs. Johnson, Mary Lamb, Mrs. Stakermiller, Dr. William

Folder 14: Lillian Clark
1 Saluda High School, Reunion, Class of 1925. "My first year of teaching"
2 LaGrange High School buddies, Lorene Smith, Cora Richardson, Lillian Clark, Tuck Parker, Louise Owen, c. 1970s
3-4 Lillian Clark, portrait, not dated
5a,b Lillian Clark, Christmas, 1996
6 with Delta Kappa Gamma: Lillian Clark Scholarship recipient, Jackie Hornsby, Betty Mimes, Scholarship Chairman,
7 with Rosalyn Harden, Margaret, Myrtice, 1990
8 Class Reunion, 1944-46. Bartow Jenkins, Herbert Burson, Joyce Brown Pope, Reid Ellis, Lorraine Strake Broome, Lillian Clark
9 No photograph number 9
10-14 Lillian Clark at Park Avenue home
15-16 Lillian Clark at LaGrange College with Carolyn Burgess
17 Lillian Clark, vacation photo
18 with Myrtice Carpenter
19 with Seale Hipp, 1993
20 with caregivers, Park Avenue
21 with "Educated Taste" Cookbook Committee at State Capitol
22 at Governor's Office
23 withWilliam J. Deal, Constance Day, W. W. Keller, Retirement, June 1968.
24-34 Niagara Falls and Canada, n.d.

Folder 15: McCosh Mill Photos
1 Wilkes Place
2 Owl's Hollow
3 Area near Owl's Hollow
4 Tenant farmer's home
5 Land opposite Tenant farmer's home
6 McCosh Home area
7 Boaz, Alabama, Sand Mountain

Folder 16: Snapshots
1 Byron and Louise Wooten Danzey
2 Tamami Shimodaira, Mrs. Kyoko Fujii, Mrs. Kyoko Yoneima, Mrs. Jakako Kawasaki
3 Joy
4 Kristen, Isaac, Noah, 1998
5 Isaac Luke Vaccaro
6 "Brie," Brittany Caroline, Bill Moore's family
7 Hiroshi Waln
8 Blaire Marie, Bill Moore's family
9 Kristy and Joseph, children of Betsy and Allean Peake, 1992
10 Margaret Clark, Theodora Cobb at "In Clover"
11 Mary Whitesell, Margaret Clark, Theodora Cobb, 1991
12 Lori, "T," Taylor, Rachel Harden, Kelsey and Jessica Scott
13 Japanese family at Shunsike Field
14 Carol Ann, Brent, Bill & Blaine Moore, 1995
15 Tom Wooten, Mrs. C. W. Wooten, Louise Wooten Danzey, Billie Wooten Rollo
16 Hardy and Katie, 1998
17 Bruce, Norma, Jeanne, Katie, Hardy, Donna, Jeremy, 1998
18 Hardy and Barbara, 1998
19 Ed, Angela, Claire, Walker, 1992
20 Bruce, Katie, Hardy, Donna, Jeremy, 1998
21-23 Katie, Tyle, Barrett Thornhill
24 Sara Patrick, 1994
25 Sarah and Alice Patrick, 1999
26-27 Haley Batchelor
28 Ann and Bill Moore, 1995
29 Allison Childress, 1996
30 Christopher Cobb
31 Jonathan Cobb
32 Myrtice Carpenter
33 Mr. and Mrs. John Love, Margia, Carmen, Beejy, Carmen, Ben, Harriette
34 Betty and Ellen Roberts, 1967

Folder 17 Snapshots
1-2 Haley Batchelor, 1995
3-7 Chuck and Shirley Westbrook and family- Trey, Tiffany, and Debbie 1993
and Mark Visconi
8 Byron and Louise Wooten Danzey
9 The Gusterns, 2000
10 Daniel LaSure, III
11 MacKenzie LaSure
12 MacKenzie and Trey
13 Harriet Willis, Grace Hearn, Lillian Clark, Faye Brown, Dorothy Fowler, 1989
14 Dorothy Fowler, Lillian Clark, Manita Graves, 1990
15 Yuko Matsuura
16 Japanese Guests, Christmas, 1989, see photo for identification
17 Wade, Karen, Anna Beth & Bo Walters, 1994
18 Katheryn and Sara-Kate Roberts, daughters of Van Roberts, 1994
19-20 Atkinson family reunions
21 Willard and Mary Whitesell
22 John B. and Theodora Cobb
23 Roswell and Jessie Atkinson
24 Henry, Jane, Ed, Betsey, Trudy, Middlebrooks
25 Mal, Gena, Bettie, David Lawrence
26 Mal, Maysie, Mal III, Glenn, Cobb, Mayzie Atkinson

Folder 18: Snapshots
1-3 Thanksgiving, Macon, 1971, Lynd, Harold, Gertrude
4 Christopher and Lennie Spring; Welburn and Carrine Spring, 1967
5 Christopher and Lenne Spring; Arena and Albert Hosea
6 Roland Neel, Loyd and Georgia, Mrs. Neel
7 Christopher and Lenne Spring, Ray, Annie Mae and Leon Wagner
8-9 Christopher and Lennie Spring, 1967
10 Home of L. E. Brown, Tifton, Christmas 1966
11-13 Thanksgiving, 1981
14 John B. and Theodora Cobb, Lillian Clark
15 Flower in memory of Ralph Clark, given by Marion Roberts
16 Kyle Lovejoy
17-18 LaGrange College practice piano, c. 1800s
19 Kathryn Elizabeth, 1992
20 Rosyln's son and grandchildren, 1992
21 Dave, Maureen, Timothy, Stephanie, 1992
22-27 Lillian Clark's grave and flowers

Folder 19: School Photographs
1 Lillian Clark, 1955
2 William J. Deal, Lillian Clark, Constance Day, Bela Lancaster
3 Lillian Clark, Sam Hornsby, Jr. Elizabeth Reeves
4-5 Lillian Clark
6 Lorene Smith, Lillian Clark, Matsy Deal, William J. Deal
7-11 Photos from University of Virginia, Summer School, 1933

Folders 20-27: Unidentified Photographs

Folder 28: Christmas Card Photographs
1-2 Nann, Dick, Bruce, Diane, Judy Walters
3 Frank & Mary Hutchinson
4-5 The Pete Hutchinson family
6 Lufred, Earl and John Allen
7-10 Mildred, Alvin, James, Joy Davis, 1959, 1967-69
11-12 The Phillips Family, 1951, 1952
13 Bethel, Jane, Paul
14 Dele, Jesse and Boys
15-16 Frank, Mary Ruth and Sandra Smith
17 Betty Ann
18 Stuttgarter Perkersons
19 Edith and John

Folder 29: Portraits
01 Lillian Clark, Reid Ellis, Cora Richardson, n.d.
02 Lillian Clark
03 Margaret Clark

Folder 30: Lillian Clark, Birthday Party (Photos from album)

Box 3: Photo Albums and Framed prints
1 Europe, 1959
2 Memories Made in 1993
3 Color Photo, Nancy Wallace Clark, Eugene B. Clark, framed 5x7
4-5 Unidentified photographs, framed

Box 1 Ridgecrest, NC, Baptist Convention Center; Black Forest Lodge, c. 1970
Box 2 WMU Conventions, Jekyll Island, St. Simons, Rome, Dalton, GA, 1980s
Box 3 WMU Conventions, Rome, Atlanta, Norman Park, Colquitt County, GA, 1980s
Box 4 Savannah, GA; Chattanooga, TN, 1983.
Box 5 Biltmore Estate, NC, 1982; First Baptist Church, LaGrange, 1964.


ART-2003.16 LaGrange High School graduation tassels
PCS-010: Thirty-four postcards of LaGrange, Georgia, c. 1903-1964 [see also MS-50 PCS 1-35]
MS-050-OP1: Certificates and Diplomas of Lillian Clark, 1916-1958
MS-050-Map01: McCosh Mill, Glenn, Georgia, Land District 15


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