Manuscript MS-2001.10


SOURCE: Shirley Greene Harris

SIZE: .4 lf + 1 ITEM



Lilla L. Brittain Dollens (b. November 1, 1868, d. May 12, 1954), wife of LaGrange carpenter, Owen James Dollens (b. December 16, 1858, d. May 23, 1916), was born in the Liberty Hill community of Heard County and attended Southern Female College in LaGrange where she majored in music. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of LaGrange and is buried in Hillview Annex Cemetery. Mrs. Dollen's daughter, Mary Greene, was the operator of Mary's Kindergarten in LaGrange, Georgia for many years. The papers in this collection basically cover the period 1908-1965.

The items in the collection reflect purchases that were made by Mrs. Dollens from 1908-1938. Items include samplings of grocery store and hardware store purchases, rent receipts, insurance policies and utility services. Also included is information on the purchase of a Singer Sewing Machine and a piano. The receipts reflect the cost of items during the time period and life for a couple making a living in LaGrange, Georgia in the early 20th century. Business receipts are included from Pharr Brothers, Hanson Hardware & Furniture, King Furniture Company, P. H. Market (groceries), The Marshburn Company, and C. L. Hearn, J. F. Halliburton, Callaway's Department Store, Southern Female College, LaGrange Dry Goods, Wright and Hunter, and the Elm City Company (coal). Miscellaneous items include hand fans and information on the Dallis Street Teen-Age Club.

Folder 1 Correspondence, 1897-1910, including cards, telegrams, Callaway
Department Store, and minutes of the meeting of the Woman's Missionary
Union, First Baptist Church for March 21, 1938.
Folder 2 Household Purchases, 1907, 1911, and 1938
Folder 3 Grocery Receipts, 1908
Folder 4 Singer Sewing Machine Receipts and Piano Contract
Folder 5 Telephone Service, Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph, including contract
Folder 6 Various Receipts for Merchandise, 1908-1918
Folder 7 Insurance Polices, 1915-1916
Folder 8 Deeds and Contracts, Various, 1874-1916
Folder 9 LaGrange High School Pep Pamphlet, undated
Folder 10 News clippings, 1874-1938, including obituary of Jefferson Davis, Lindbergh's flight, Calvin Coolidge, and FDR. Also includes some family obituaries.
Folder 11 Dallis Street Teen-Age Club, membership list and newsletters from the 1960s and a program for a LaGrange High School play of the same time period.
Folder 12 Miscellaneous, advertisements
Folder 13 Fans from Belk-Gallant Company, LaGrange, GA and Brandon Funeral Home, Calhoun, GA

Callaway Educational Association (Dallis Street Teen-Age Club)