Manuscript MS-016



DONOR: Members of the LaGrange Rotary Club, 1983-2006

SIZE: 17 linear feet, 13 volumes


 8  manuscript boxes photographs/negatives

14 records storage carton                               1 box slides

  1 OP folder                                                   1 OP Box

 41 rare books                                                             1 box snapshots

 13 scrapbooks                                                1 box Audio/Visuals

PROCESSING: DHS, October 1985; RAA, June 1990; BNJ, August 2001; FCJ August 2006; FCJ October 2006



The LaGrange Rotary Club, organized in the Spring of 1923, was chartered September 27, 1923  under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of West Point.  The LaGrange club is part of District 6900 of Rotary International.  Membership in a Rotary club is based on classifications of business and professions in the community.  Club membership is a cross-section of business and professional interests in the community and emphasis is placed on regular attendance.

Rotary Clubs meet weekly, the LaGrange Club on Wednesdays.  Through its members, the club impacts many aspects of local social, economic, and political life, provides many services to the community, and supports many projects worldwide.  Scholarships for LaGrange College students, promotion of Victory Gardens in World War II, donation of equipment to local medical and educational facilities, and financial aid to local and worldwide organizations and institutions constitute a few of the projects of LaGrange Rotary Club.  Support of programs, such as STAR Student-Teacher program, Rotaract Club, Interact Clubs, Special Olympics, Camp Viola, and Boys and Girls Clubs, exemplify the club's continuing commitment to the future.  Support of numerous literacy, housing, and cultural projects highlight their community commitment.  Contributions of local members to the Rotary International Foundation, which finances health, welfare, educational, and peace projects over the globe, are among the highest in District 6900.



These papers relate to the growth of LaGrange as evidenced by a local civic organization.  From cooperation with the WPA (Works Progress Administration) in the 1930s, through its eightieth anniversary celebration in 2003, these papers reveal the history of the club and its interaction with the local community.  The records date from 1923.  Periodic additions keep the collection current.

These papers consist mainly of club records in the form of minutes, committee reports, membership lists, newsletters, correspondence, scrapbooks and news clippings.  Membership files include biographical data on some of LaGrange's most prominent citizens 1928-1960.  An index to members' biographies is included in the container list.  The collection also includes newspaper clippings, photographs, and club memorabilia.  The collection is divided into five series: Club Records, Rotary Club Publications, Scrapbooks, Photographs, and Miscellaneous.  Committee reports and minutes of director's meetings are especially informative about the club's concerns, objectives, and activities.  The newsletters afford a detailed look at the activities of the club and its members.



Series I:  Club Records, 1923-Current

11 boxes, 1 OP folder, 1 OP1 box

Records in this series include minutes of the LaGrange Rotary Club's Board of Directors meetings from 1928 to current.  These minutes contain committee reports and recommendations by the Board regarding club activities and projects.  Membership and officer lists, attendance reports, and financial information from 1923 are located here.  Biographical questionnaires prepared by thirty-two of the club's members in 1928 are a valuable source of information on LaGrange's Depression Era business and professional leaders.  An attendance and financial ledger for the years 1961-1970 can be found in the Scrapbooks and Volumes.  In addition, a Secretary’s Record Book for the years 1927-1931 is available.  Administration and activity reports from club presidents, 1929-1941 and 1995-2006, and annual committee reports, 1928-2003, detail club activities.  Club correspondence dating from 1929 to 1974 deals largely in attendance matters.  Members remained concerned over attendance even when serving overseas during World War II.

Correspondence concerning the planting of area Victory Gardens, and other World War II projects,  can be found here, as can information regarding the sponsorship of a patient at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation.

The LaGrange Rotary's Silver, Golden, and 75th Anniversary celebrations in 1948, 1973, and 1998  are detailed. This includes a scrapbook filled with photos and newspaper clippings pertaining to the Golden Anniversary.  


Series II:  Rotary Club Publications 1923-1938, 1959-current

2 manuscript boxes, 40 bound volumes

The "LaGrange Rotary Club Bulletin", a weekly publication, was first published November 12, 1923, one month after the club's first meeting.  An appeal to find a "proper name" for the publication is in this first issue.  The "Rotary in LaGrange" consisted of club news, general information, editorials, attendance records and jokes.  Most of the issues until 1938 can be found here.  These newsletters provide an informal look at LaGrange and some of its business and professional leaders in the years following World War I up to World War II.

In February, 1950, after a twelve-year lapse, a newsletter titled "The Rotary Wheel" was published. The sub-title of this issue proclaims it as the "Unofficial Publication of the LaGrange Rotary Club,” issued as and when time permits.  Five years later, the club began a publication entitled "The Wheel of Rotary", comprised of weekly program information, club news, attendance records, and editorials.  Since 1958, the newsletter has been published on a weekly basis.  Bound copies of these newsletters from 1958 to the current day can be found at RB-34. (Occasional issues may be missing.)

Series III:  Scrapbooks 1964-2004

13 volumes

Scrapbooks prepared to "indicate the plans and accomplishments of the Rotary Club of LaGrange for the year and serve as a reminder of your year as Club President" are included here.  These scrapbooks represent the tenure of eight club presidents.  They are filled with photographs, newspaper clippings, club memorabilia, and annual committee reports.  Recent scrapbooks have been added to the collection along with award clipping notebooks.

A scrapbook of the club's golden anniversary celebration in 1973 is also included.  Photographs of the festivities comprise the majority of this scrapbook's content along with a few newspaper clippings and related items.

Scrapbooks from one of the club’s sponsored youth groups, Troup High Interact Club, give details of that group as well.


Series IV:  Photographs 1923-2006

11 folders, 1 slide box, 4 envelopes of negatives, 1 snapshot box

Group portraits from 1930 and 1950-current make up the bulk of this series.  Most of these group photos were taken in front of the Troup County Courthouse or Highland Country Club by Snelson Davis, O.N. Johnson, or J. Hugh Campbell.  An identification list accompanies the 1960, 1964, and 1966 photos.  Individual photographs of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., and Hatton Lovejoy can be found here.  Photos of the erection of the Lafayette Statue in downtown LaGrange in 1975, the Rotary District 6900 Convention in 1977, the Rotary Health Fair of 1982, Rededication of Lafayette’s Statue in 2001, and meetings and special projects are also included.  Photographs of several club events and projects from the years 1999-2003 show Rotary at work.

Enlargements of individual members taken from the 1930 group photo are found here in a slide format.  These individual close-ups include Fuller Callaway, Sr., Fuller Callaway, Jr., Cason Callaway, Hatton Lovejoy, Lewis Price, Dr. Wallace Clark, George Cobb, Jr., and B. J. Mayer. Slides taken of club meetings, news clippings and social functions can also be found here.  Four envelopes of negatives of a variety of club activities conclude the series.  A detailed container listing of photographs and slides can be found following this inventory.  Mounted photographs used in various displays and exhibits can be found in Series V.


Series V:  Plaques, Displays, Awards, and Miscellaneous Items 1960-2003

8 records storage container, 4 OP containers

Certificates and plaques given to the LaGrange Rotary Club honoring its contributions and achievements make up the bulk of this series.  Rotary directories and awards of appreciation honoring sponsorship of the Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) Program are also filed here.



Rare Books

RB34.58/59, 59/60, 60/61, 61/62, 62/63, 64/65, 66/67, 68/69, 69/70, 76/77, 77/78, 78/79, 79/80, 80/81, 81/82, 82/83, 83/84, 84/85, to current.

Bound copies of "The Wheel of Rotary” from 1958 to the present, with a few years missing.

Bound copy of  District Governor’s Monthly Newsletter 1991-1992 Walter Y. Murphy of LaGrange, Dist. Gov.

Bound copy of  “75 Years Rotary In LaGrange 1923-1998,” a history of Rotary Club of LaGrange, softback

RB34 Rotary? (Chicago, Illinois: Rotary Club of Chicago) 1934.




Box 1


1       1929-1941          Activities and Administration Reports

            2-5    1948                   25th Anniversary LaGrange Club

            6       1973                  50th Anniversary LaGrange Club

            7       1926-1971          Attendance Reports

            8       1966-1970          Audit Reports

            9       1936-1959          Budgets

          10                                  Clark, Wallace Dr.

          11-13  1930-1980         Committee Assignments and Officer Lists

          14       1928-1934          Committee Reports

          15-16  1954-1956         Committee Reports

          17       1967-1968          Committee Reports

          18       1942                   Telegram

          19       1948                   25th Anniversary Letter

Box 2


          1-3       1968-1971        Committee Reports

          4           1973-1974        Papers

          5           1961                 Constitution and Bylaws

          6-10     1929-1974        Correspondence

          11-12   1929, 1974        District Records

          13                                  History and Organization, pamphlet

          14-16   1923-1967        Membership Lists and Reports

          17-24   1928-1957        Minutes

          25-27   1955-1977        Members, classifications, officers


Box 3


          1-13   1957-1976          Minutes

          14                                  Miscellaneous

          15                                  Past Presidents, lists

          16      1932-1955           Programs, Weekly (Newspaper clippings)

          17      1934,1965           Questionnaire, Quiz, and Riddles

          18                                  Rotary International Material

          19      1950                    Scholarship Program, article

          20      1928-1966           Treasurer's Reports

          21      1966-1967           Agendas, Weekly meetings

          22      1966                    Ladies Night


Box 4:  Biographies


          1            Billinghurst, George E.

          2            Burdette, Hiram Speer

          3            Burks, Henry D.

          4            Callaway, Ely Reeves

          5            Callaway, Thomas James

          6            Callaway, Dr. Enoch

          7            Fincher, Herman C.

          8            Finn, John R.

          9            Fisher, Thomas Orr

         10           Glanton, Henry Dixon

         11           Grimes, Ira B.

         12           Hudson, J.D.

         13           King, Barrington, J.

         14           Lehman, Albert, Jr.

         15           Lehman, William P.

         16           Leman, DeManville Abraham “Moville”

         17           Lovejoy, Hatton

         18           Mayer, Barney J.

         19           Milam, Judson J.

         20           Park, Emory R.

         21           Parker, Charles R.

         22           Perry, John Albert (Ab)

         23           Quillian, Hubert Travis

         24           Redding, Paschal Edmund (Pete)

         25           Rowe, Frederick F.

         26           Sargent, George H.

         27           Thompson, William E.

         28           Traylor, James Edward

         29           Trotter, McKie Massenburg

         30           Turner, William H., Jr.

         31           Wood, Gustavus L. “Gus”

         32           Wooding, Howard S.


Box 5


         11956, 1961          Rotary Classifications, 1956, 1961

         2  1952-1958           Committee and Program Appointments

         3  1958                    Rotary Concert, April

         4  1957-1963           Rotary Club Foreign Student Project

         5  1957                    Rotary Club Service Committee

         6  1957                    International Service Committee

         7  1957                    Club Service Committee

         8  1958                    Rotary Club Financial Statement

         9  1957                    Educational Foundation

         10 1958-1961          Board of Directors Minutes

         11 1949-1963          Committee Reports

         12 1956-1958          Bulletins

         13 1958-1959          Correspondence

         14 1958                   Attendance

         15 1957                   Club Reports to District Governor

         16 1964-1965          Gardner Newman's Rotary Papers



Box 6


         1  1955-1956           Rotary Club Reports

         2  1954-1955           Rotary Club Reports

         3  1957-58               Report to District Governor

         4  1952-1953           Program Committee Reports

         5  1957                    Correspondence

         6  1957                    Committee Service Reports

         7  1958                    Rotary Convention

         8  1958                    Rotary Club District Institute

         9  1957                    Rotary International

         10 1957-1958          Governor's Monthly Letters

         11 1957-1963          New Members

         12 1975                   Program, February 12:  Steve Dugan

         13 1957                   Report to Governor


Box 7                         


         1          1958            Make-up Certificates

         2          1948-1961  Club Correspondence

         3-5       1961-1962  Presidential papers, Tom Hutchinson

         6          1962-1963  Correspondence

         7-8      1963-1964  Club organization, correspondence

         9-11    1975-1994  Attendance Records

         12-15  1993-1995  Correspondence

         16-17  1994-1995  Presidential papers, Ken Ingram (continued in Box 8)


Box 8             


         1-19     1994-1995  Presidential papers, Ken Ingram (continued from Box 7)

         21         1994           Paul Harris Sustaining Member Certificates

         22-35    1995-1996  Immediate Past President papers, Ken Ingram

         36         1996-1997  Financial Records




Box 9              Presidential Papers


         1-26    1995-1996          Pat H. Holder

         27-29  1996-1997          Wayne Livingston       


Box 10            Presidential Papers


         1-3       1997-1998         Ajalon E. “Danny” Daniel, III

         4-26     1998-1999         Fred L. Jones

         27-47   1999-2000         Frank S. “Chunk” Newman


Box 11            Presidential Papers


         1-12     2000-2001         Charles D. Hudson, Jr.

         13-17   2001-2002         Forrest C. Johnson, III

         18-21   2002-2003         Kaye Lanning Minchew

         22-26   2003-2004         Stuart Gulley

         27-29   2004-2005         Robert L. “Bobby” Carmichael, Jr.

         30         2005-2006         Nancy Thuesen Gell



SERIES II:  Newsletters


Box 1           Rotary Newsletters, unbound


Folder 1-15  1923-1938  Rotary in LaGrange


Box 2          Rotary Newsletters, unbound


Folder 1       1950            The Rotary Wheel

2      1955-1956    Rotary Club of LaGrange

            3      1956-1958    The Wheel of Rotary

            4-6  1970              The Wheel of Rotary

            7     1972, 1975     The Wheel of Rotary       





13 Volumes

Vol. 1              1961-62                               Tom Hutchinson

Vol. 2              1964-65                               Charles Hudson

            Vol. 3              1965-66                               James S. Holder

            Vol. 4              1968-69                               Henderson Traylor

            Vol. 5              1969-70                               Waights G. Henry

            Vol. 6              1973                                    Golden Anniversary

            Vol. 7              1989-90                               Pete Newman

            Vol. 8              1995-96                               Pat Holder

            Vol. 9-12         1981, 1983, 1985, 1986      Troup High Interact Club

            Vol. 13            2003-2004                            Stuart Gulley    




1                      Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. n.d. Photo Studio Harris and Ewing, Washington, D.C.

            2                      Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. n.d., b&w. Photo by Taskett Studio, LaGrange, Georgia.

3                      Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. and Waights G. Henry photographed in front of the   Lafayette Square Fountain as statue of LaFayette is being installed.

 4                     Hatton Lovejoy. b&w.

            5-6                   Unidentified individual

7                      Group of 6 men, including Gardner Newman. b&w.

8                      Five members of the local club with Renrick Guernsey, a Past President of Rotary International. A silver anniversary photo, 1948, b&w. Photo by O.N. Johnson, LaGrange, Ga.

9                      Charles Hudson, 1970, b&w, with an enlarged copy of the club's October 8, 1930 group photo.

            10                    Southwest LaGrange YMCA

            11                    Jim McAllister and two unidentified people.

            12                    Club photos, n.d., b&w. Photo by Johnson

            13                    1960, b&w.

            14                    c. 1950-1960, b&w. Photo by Johnson.

            15                    1962, b&w. 2 copies.

            16                    1964, b&w. Photo by J. Hugh Campbell, 3 copies.

17                    1966, b&w. Photo by Campbell. 2 copies

            18                    1969, b&w. Photo by Campbell. 2 copies.

            19                    1979, b&w.

            20                    Club photos, 1980, b&w.

            21                   Rotary Club sponsored baseball team, 1978, color.

            22-24               Rotary Convention, 1977, color. Mr. and Mrs Charles Hudson.

            25                    Club photo, n.d.

            26                    Visit to Elm City Plant, 26 May 1948

            27                    Unidentified, unidentified, Charles Hudson, n.d.

            28                    Bradfield family with foreign exchange student, n.d.

29                    James T. Gresham

30                    Memory and Forrest Johnson, 14 May 1963 (not numbered) 15 snapshots of unidentified Rotary convention (not numbered) 45 snapshots of Health Fair 1982

            31-46               15 snapshots of unidentified Rotary convention (not numbered)

            47-92               45 Snapshots of 1982 Health Fair

            93-97               Various group photos (undated)

            98                    1974 Group Photo

            99-100             Elske Wortman, Exchange student

            101-106           1997 State Convention 

            107                  Rotary Group Photo

            108                  Rotary Club Members, c. 1958

            109-112           Rotary Sponsored Youth Teams 2003

            113                  Venezuelan Group Study Exchange 2003



Box 1-4           Copies and close-ups of individuals in group photos.

                        Box 1 Includes a group photo (c. 1950's) not found in photo collection.


            Box 2             From 1930 group photo.


            Box 3              Shows 1950-1951 club and a Rotary meeting, n.d.

Box 4             Includes 1942, 1951, 1963, 1969, and 1980 clubs.

Box 5              Close-ups of individuals, including: Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Lewis Price, Hatton Lovejoy, Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., Ely Callaway, Dr. Park, George Cobb, Jr., Cason Callaway, B.J. Mayer, and Dr. Wallace Clark

Box 6              Rotary Club meetings, celebrations, and newspaper clippings


Box 7              Manor Realty Company, Hudson Hardware Company safe. Included are slides of Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. and Waights G. Henry in front of the Lafayette statue, and other miscellaneous photos


Snapshot Box


         1                                     Jekyll Island Conference

         2         1998                    District Governor Ann Henderson’s visit to LaGrange

         3         1998-1999           Meetings, Activities

         4         1999                    Group Study Exchange

         5         2000                    Camp Viola Project

         6-12   2000-2001           Rotary Programs

         13       2000-2001           Meetings, Activities

         14       2001                    Programs, June

         15-16  2001                    Career Day, Rosemont Elementary School, March

         17-36  2001                    Lafayette Statue Rededication, French Rotarians Visit

         37       2001-2002           Meetings,  District Conference

         38       2002                    July 4th Sweet Land of Liberty Parade

         39       2003                    Group Study Exchange

         40       2002-2003           Meetings, Activities  





Box 1

Miscellaneous Plaques, Best Club Bulletin District 690, 1959-1960. Awards of

Appreciation, honoring sponsorship of local STAR program. Rotary International stamp and

decal District 690 Yearbook, 1957-1959 Rotary International Directory, 1970-1980


Box  2


         1   1994-95        Rotary Club Roster (notebook)

         2   1994             Rotary Sponsored Little League Baseball Team, 3 mounted print

         3   1995-1996    Georgia Rotary Student, Elske Wortham, mounted print


         4    1998             Rotary Health Fair, West Georgia Commons Mall, 4 Mounted Prints           

         5    1998             Boys and Girls Club, mounted print

         6    1998             Salvation Army Bell Ringers, mounted print

         7    1998             Recreation Department, mounted print

         8    2000-2001    LaGrange Rotary In the News (Notebook)

         9    2001             Lafayette Rededication, 23 Mounted Prints

         10  2001             Visitor Folder Presented to French Delegation

         11  2001             Lafayette Square, mounted print

         12                       Star Student Photo, mounted print

         13                       Folder: Thank You Letters from School Children


Box  3 

            Assorted Banners from U.S. and International Rotary Clubs

            Badge:  Lt. Gov. Wayne Livingston, District 6900, 1998-1999


Box  4

            Plaques Presented to LaGrange Rotary Club by

                        Boys and Girls Club (3)

                        Business Council of Georgia (STAR)

                        Troup County Chamber of Commerce

                        Rosemont Elementary Club

                        Rotary District Governor, William M. Mulkey, 1997-1998

                        Rotary-1994-95 Presidential Citation

                        Rotary-1997-98 Presidential Citation

                        Rotary International-75th Membership in Rotary Certificate

                        Waights G. Henry, Jr. District Governor Plaques (2)

                        Rotary Sponsored Little League Baseball Team, 1993


Box 5              Material from 75th Anniversary Exhibit


Box 6              LaGrange Daily News special edition 100 Years of Rotary 2-23-2005

                        Time Magazine 100 Years of Rotary June 2005

                        District 6900 History of Rotary 1915-2000

                        LaGrange Prayer Breakfast program 2005

                        Special lapel pins (2)

                        Rotary of LaGrange booklet “Character in the Workplace”

                        District 6900 Conference Catalogue 2002

                        LaGrange Club Member Manual 1996

                        LaGrange Club Directory 1999

                        Conference Awards 2003

                        Commemorative water bottle 2005 (empty)

                        Commemorative wine bottle 1998 (empty)


Box 7              Audio/Visuals


            1          VHS LaGrange Rotary’s HIV/AIDS Awareness video 2002

            2          VHS District Conference 2002

            3          VHS LaGrange Rotary’s PolioPlus Benefit Ballet, featuring Nancy Gell in The Swan, 2004

            4          CD LaGrange Rotary’s Literacy Projects

            5          CD Club Directory photographs

            6          VHS Introduction to Rotary

            7          VHS Paul Harris, Rotary Founder

            8          VHS Lafayette Statue Rededication, 2001

            9          Audio Cassette Rotary’s Character Education tape

            10        VHS Rotary International’s 100th Birthday Message 2004-2005

            11        CD Boyd Park Dedication 7-4-2004

            12        CD International President Glenn Estess visiting LaGrange 2005

            13        CD Humanity in Motion

            14        CD Record Number of Paul Harris Fellows, LaGrange Club

            15        CD Rotary Literacy Project

            16-18   CDs Rotary Pictures 2003, 2004, 2005

            19        CD Rotary Documents, Pictures

20        CD District Governor Visit, LaGrange 9-25-2004

21        CD Rotary Service Awards 2004-2005


Box 8              Citations/Awards


                        Presidential Citation 2004-2005

                        Governor’s Citation 2005

                        Runner – Up Perfect Attendance 2004-2005

                        Best Display 2005

                        Governor’s Citation 2006

                        Centurion Club Citation 2004


OP (Oversize Papers)

A souvenir edition of the LaGrange Daily News, dated February 20, 1980, honoring the 75th anniversary of Rotary International. (2 copies)


OP Box 1

            3 Rotary Banners (Awards for Club, 1998-1999)

            Poti Diploma issued to Ken Ingram

            Poti Certificate

            Georgia Rotary Student Program Roster, LaGrange sponsored students,1950-1996

            Rotary Club Charter (Certificate)

            Mounted Membership Photo


OP 2    1923-1998 Framed Plaque on 75th Anniversary (Presented to LaGrange Rotary by

            Al Lipphardd, District Governor, District 6900


OP 3    2005 framed Proclamation of Troup County Commissioners for Rotary International Day 2-23-2005


OP 4    framed certificate of LaGrange Rotary’s partnership in Jimmy Carter Work Project 2003



    Health Fair

    Local History, 1923-1934

    Manners and Customs, 1923-1934

    Societies and Clubs

    Victory Gardens

    Warm Springs Foundation

    Troup High Interact Club

    Jimmy Carter Workshop



    MS-65 George Forrester Papers