Manuscript MS-037


SOURCE: Lucile Truitt, 1984; Mickey McCoy, 2001; Suzanne Robinson; Henderson Traylor, 2002; Wynette Cook; Linda Wood and the estate of Matsy Deal, 2003

SIZE: 3.2 Linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 3 Manuscript Boxes, 2 OP Boxes, 35 Volumes and 1 Folder

PROCESSING: KL 1984, LJ 2003



LaGrange High School was established as part of the LaGrange Public School System in 1903 with James E. Ricketson as its first principal. The W. S. Askew Company built the original school, known simply as the High School, at the corner of Broome Street and Harwell Avenue. The school moved to its present location on North Greenwood Street in 1915 and was named LaGrange High School.

In 1916, the first football team was organized under teacher/coach Henry Newton. The Clarion, as the yearbook was known then, began publication in 1918. A Home Economics building and a gymnasium were constructed in 1929. The school was destroyed by fire on December 26, 1942. During its reconstruction, classes were held at the First Methodist Church. Classes at the rebuilt school resumed in January, 1947. The Callaway Community Foundation helped build the Physical Education building in 1954 and in 1971, the Callaway Foundation, Inc., provided grant money to build a new cafeteria. A Vocational Education wing and a new Physical Education Lab were added in 1980. LaGrange High School has had several renovations. The most recent of these was completed in 2002.

LaGrange High School has a strong academic program in both the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Students have been recognized for such activities as the National Honor Society and Governor's Honor's Program. Extracurricular programs such as the Clarion/Granger yearbook have continually received awards for excellence at the state and national level.

Athletics have been a big part of LaGrange High School. Facilities for athletics were greatly enhanced by the addition of Granger Park in the early 1970s. The Granger Park project was accomplished through a partnership between city, county and state governments and the Callaway Foundation Inc.. This complex provides facilities for baseball, football, softball and tennis. Both Men's and Women's teams have done well in regional and state competitions. In 1991, USA Today ranked LaGrange High School's football team as the top team in the nation.



This collection is comprised of scrapbooks, diplomas, certificates, national and state awards, athletic publications, school newspapers and business records. The items in this collection have been donated by many people, over a span of several years, and reflect the colorful and progressive history of an important LaGrange educational institution.


Box 1 School activities
1 Programs and activities
Baccalaureate Sermon, May 24, 1931
Graduation Program, May 28, 1931
LaGrange Cotillion Club Dance Invitations; July 31, 1931, Aug 21, 1931, Sept 12, 1931
Summer School Letter, 1928
Glee Club Program, 1929
Class of 1948
Names, addresses and program for 1988 Reunion

2-3 Coaches notebooks, 1920s
4 Vocational Certification for Virginia Guinn, 1933
5 Graduation, Baccalaureate, 1937
6 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Awards, 1945-82
7 National Scholastic Press Association Awards, 1949-76
8 National School Yearbook Association Awards, 1958-76
9 Football Program, October 27, 1972
10 Honor Awards 1967-68, reunion program, 1975, graduation program, 1981
11 Georgia Scholastic Press Association Award, 1976
12 1979 Yearbook dedication to Fuller E. Callaway Jr.
13-14 Newspaper articles, Fall 1979 and Spring, 1980
15 Yearbook correspondence, 1980
16-17 Football programs, 1980-83
18 Spring sports program, 2000
19 Centennial celebration program, 2003

Evaluative Criteria, 1960 edition, National Study of Secondary School Evaluation. This book has notes by LHS school officials

Box 2 Publications and records
1-10 Unbound editions of the student newspaper, The Clarion from 1929-50

Bound editions of student newspaper, The Clarion for school years 1945-46 and 1954-55

School ledgers 1949-50 and 1950-51
Box 3 Ledgers
School ledgers 1946-49

OP 1
Drama Club 1942 Scrapbook pages
Diplomas for Martha (1932) and Virginia (1933) Guinn

OP 2
FHA 1948-49 Scrapbook
Ledger for LHS Athletic Association, 1950-51

1-26 Bound editions of the student newspaper, The Clarion, 1946-70
27-41 Bound editions of High School Headlines 1955-71

Folder 1 Yearbook photos of students and faculty dating from 1929.

Student Clubs
FHA - LaGrange, GA, 1948-49
Cotillion Club - LaGrange, GA, 1931
Women - Societies and clubs

MS-50 Lillian Clark Collection
MS-2002.15 Band Scrapbook
OP-34 Proposed new building, 1944
PST-11 Graduation, 1928
PST-27 Granger football stickers
PST-21a & b 1929 Vets season tickets
RB-004 Yearbooks, 1918-2003

LaGrange Public Schools 1903-1984, Nancy Lillian Clark and William Wates Keller, Troup County Historical Society, 1998.