Manuscript MS-046


SOURCE: Cheryl Mansour, September, 1984; Georgia Mallory, 1992 & 1995; Jane Teaver, February, 2001

SIZE: .6 Linear Feet

SHELVING UNITS: 2 Manuscript Boxes

PROCESSING: KL, November, 1984; PHW, February, 2001



The LaGrange Council of Church Women was organized prior to 1929 (minutes begin in 1929). An earlier reference to a similar organization (the Trinity Council of Church Women) appears in the LaGrange Reporter on September 1, 1926. The Women's Missionary Union was an earlier name for the group. Participation in the Council is open to all ladies of LaGrange churches with principal support coming from the LaGrange First Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian Churches and from St. Mark's Episcopal and St. Peter's Catholic Churches. The group affiliated with the Georgia Council of Church Women at their June 29, 1942 meeting.

The Council currently meets twice a year. From 1929 until the mid-1970s they met four times a year on the fifth Monday of the month. The ladies have long been active in community projects. Since 1928, they have yearly contributed to Camp Viola, a recreational camp near Mountville for underprivileged children who would not otherwise have been able to experience camping. Viola Burks, active in the Council and the First Baptist Church, directed the Camp's activities. The Church Women also contributed to or ministered to the needs of the Old Ladies Home, Colored Folks Home, local jails, the City-County Hospital, World Day of Prayer, and the LaGrange Clothing Center. The Council remains active today with sponsorship of the Clothing Center a major project.



These records consist primarily of Council minutes, correspondence, news clippings, financial information, programs, reports and membership lists. The minutes give a particularly good picture of the concerns and goals of one group of Troup County women during most of the twentieth century. The minutes cover a period from 1929-1997, however, this is not a continuous set. Gaps occur within the minutes and some minutes are contained within the scrapbooks. The number of people attending each meeting is given although the names of those present are not. The minutes give a clear indication of the activities being supported by the club. Records in the collection also include lists of officers and reports on programs supported by the council. Some financial material and miscellaneous items are also available. Correspondence is generally in the form of thank-you letters from persons representing agencies assisted by the council. Correspondence is scattered over a time period beginning with 1934 and ending with 1997. News clippings refer to upcoming meetings, special events, and activities such as the annual World Day of Prayer, the LaGrange Clothing Center, and Camp Viola. Scrapbooks contain minutes, financial information, photographs, and news clippings covering the periods, 1979-1990, 1990-1993



Box 1


1-12 Minutes 1929-1998
13-14 Correspondence 1934-1997
15 Reports and Programs
16 Members and Officers lists 1929-c.1995
17 Financial Information & Miscellaneous Items
18 Newspaper Clippings
19 By-laws of the LaGrange Council of Church Women

Box 2

Scrapbooks 1979-1997



LaGrange Council of Churchwomen
World Day of Prayer
Camp Viola
Church Group Work
Colored Old Folks Home of LaGrange
Viola Burks
Dorothy R. Harrison