Manuscript MS-079



SOURCE: Dr. Walter Murphy, President LaGrange College
SIZE: 51 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 128 volumes
59 document boxes
5 artifacts boxes
14 photograph boxes
100 framed photographs and diplomas
75 audio/video tapes

PROCESSING: MSA, October 1988; RAA, November 1996; PHW, July 2000, 2001; and BNJ, 2003-2007.


The collection is on deposit from LaGrange College. Much of the material was transferred to Troup County Archives in 1987, when restoration work began on Smith Hall. The Alumni Office, housed in Smith Hall, was the unofficial repository for records and memorabilia contributed by faculty and alumni. In 1995 and 1996, additional materials, mostly from the Institutional Relations Office, were added to the collection and in 1999 materials from the Alumni Office and Banks Library at LaGrange College were added. Additional files from Qullian Building were added in 2002.

Selected items from this collection are on display in the Archives' reading room in the LaGrange College display case.



LaGrange Female Academy was incorporated by an act of the Georgia Legislature on December 26, 1831, though it had been in operation earlier. The school prospered with the support of prominent local trustees and under the leadership of Rev. Thomas Stanley and Major John Park. In 1846, brothers Joseph and Hugh Montgomery purchased the Academy, then located on Broad Street, and converted it to a degree-granting college named LaGrange Female Institute and later LaGrange Female College. They expanded the campus by adding buildings located on "The Hill," still the home for many College activities.

The Montgomery brothers sold the college to the Georgia Conference of the Methodist Church, South in 1857, for the sum of $40,000. Local people, mostly Methodists, contributed half the purchase money. The college operated throughout the War Between the States. During Reconstruction, it was kept open in conjunction with another local school, Southern Female College, whose campus had burned. In 1868-1869, four local women operated the college, proving its viability and convincing the Methodist Conference to keep the school open.

Rufus Wright Smith began his thirty-year presidency in 1885. He oversaw expansion of the facilities, including annexes to the "College Home" (now Smith Hall) and construction of Harriet Hawkes Hall. He also improved and expanded the curriculum and faculty. His successor, Daisy Davies, worked to have the school set up endowments. William E. Thompson (1920-1938) and Hubert T. Quillian (1938-1948) guided the college through lean years the Great Depression and World War II though the music and drama programs were expanded. The official name became LaGrange College in 1934.

Waights G. Henry, Jr. served for thirty years, 1948-1978, during which time the school became co-educational (1953), and experienced extensive building programs and institution of new programs, including nursing. During Walter Y. Murphy's administration, 1980-1996, the college doubled in size with the addition of the Callaway Campus donated by Callaway Foundation, and renewed efforts to increase the areas of Music, Art, Drama, and Business degrees. F. Stuart Gulley became president of LaGrange College in July 1996.

Irene Birdsong's thesis "History of LaGrange College 1831-- 1855", available at the LaGrange College Library, and LaGrange College 1948-1978, the Waights G. Henry, Jr. Years, by W. Malcolm Shackleford offer additional historical information on LaGrange College.



The collection offers a fascinating look at more than a century and a half of academic and cultural change in a small private college. LaGrange College's earliest records were lost in a fire that destroyed the facility on "The Hill" in March of 1860. The Collegiate Building, rebuilt in the 1870s and later named Dobbs Auditorium, burned again in 1970 destroying additional records. Information on early faculties, administrations, and student bodies is sparse. Publications of the college and accounts in local newspapers provide the bulk of nineteenth century records. Among these are catalogues beginning with 1856; however, gaps appear between dates especially in the earlier years. [Note: Other issues can be found on campus at the Library and the Alumni Office.]

Scrapbooks, artifacts, and photographs, mostly donated by alumni, compensate for the paucity of official records and provide a glimpse into the social and academic lives of LaGrange College students. Subject files collected by the Alumni Office and Institutional Relations Office are a valuable source of information on events and individuals connected with the college. The college's many publications documents curriculum and student activities. Minutes and correspondence of Alumni Association chapters and various fund raising committees reflect the on-going growth of the college. Student tracking records, c.1900 - c.1950, compiled for accreditation and curriculum improvement, provide limited information on the careers of alumnae and former students who went on to other institutions. Newspaper clippings, 1922 - 1991, collected in scrapbooks, highlight the success of students and alumni and document the expansion of both faculty and buildings. Board of Trustees and Administrative files give insight into the management practices of the college from 1844 to 1980. [Note: Additional information can be found in Oral History Interviews conducted by Troup County Archives and LaGrange Memorial Library in 2003-2004.]



I SCRAPBOOKS, c.1894-c.1991

81 volumes

Memorabilia scrapbooks containing party favors, news items, and notes from classmates document student activities, especially social occasions. A few photographs appear in the scrapbooks and are of particular interest because they reflect changing styles in fashion and decorum, and also document changes in the appearance of the campus. Recital and drama playbills help formulate an idea of student participation and how the courses taught at the college were put into practice. Forty-nine volumes of news clippings, 1922 - 1991, prepared by various journalism classes and the Institutional Relations Office cover all aspects of LaGrange College. Twelve notebooks contain clippings and hand written religious treatises collected by Daisey Davies, L.C. President, 1915-1920. Most of the material in Miss Davies's notebooks post-dates her tenure at LaGrange.

II SUBJECT FILES, 1831-c.2006

2.1 linear feet

The history of LaGrange College, biography of faculty and administrators, drama, art, sports, and other extracurricular activities are among the topics included in the subject files. Special events such as Homecoming and May Day are extensively covered. Unusual items include two letters written by students, in 1853 and 1858, and a dormitory monitor's book from 1930. Also included are items donated by former students. Topics are listed alphabetically in the Container List.


7.5 linear feet

LaGrange College issues many publications, including literary periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, and promotional leaflets. This series contains a good, though not complete, selection of those publications. An almost complete set of yearbooks, 1914 - 2001, and catalogues, 1856 - 2004, are primary sources for verifying student enrollment and faculty service. Brochures, special events programs, and other miscellaneous publications document extracurricular activities. Also found in this series are bound volumes comprised of public addresses by Waights Henry, Jr. and his personal thoughts. (For other Bulletins & Catalogs, 1942-89, see MS-2000-02 Greene Collection)


In order to maintain accreditation and improve curriculum, LaGrange College administrators (primarily W. E. Thompson and L. A. Baily) monitored the careers of former students. These records, arranged alphabetically, document the post-graduate work of many alumnae and track a few other students who transferred from LaGrange to other institutions. These materials are available on the LC campus on microfilm.


1 linear foot

Minutes, treasurers' reports, correspondence, clippings, and committee reports, 1919 - 1987, document a tradition of strong alumni support for LaGrange College. An example is the 1987 publication of a cookbook, Educated Taste, a fund raising project to benefit the college. Alumnae rosters, 1857 - c.1950, are compiled from memory and are incomplete, but are still a valuable supplement to published student rosters.

VI PHOTOGRAPHS, c.1855-c.2005

6.5 linear feet and 100 framed photographs

Trends in student fashion, deportment, and extracurricular activities from the late nineteenth to the late twentieth century are revealed through the photographs in this collection. Photos are arranged according to topic. Many excellent photos of buildings record the growth of the campus. Between 1888 and 1953, individual senior portraits were reproduced in an annual composite class photo. Class photos for 1889, 1892, 1921, 1945, 1947, and 1949-1952 are missing. Candid photos taken for the yearbook, the Quadrangle, document sports, sorority and fraternity activities, and classroom and campus scenes. Numerous groups and individuals honored by the college, including beauty pageant contestants, visiting dignitaries, and class officers, posed for publicity photos. Drama Department productions from the 1950s through the 1980s received extensive photographic coverage. A World War II era snapshot album records a series of the same campus scenes at different times of year. A 1950 album by Jennie Lee Epps features photos of alumni and their families.

VII ARTIFACTS, 1861-2006

5 linear feet

Alumni have contributed a broad assortment of artifacts. While all the items have historic value, some, such as Civil War soldiers' accouterments, are not related specifically to LaGrange College. Trophies, freshman beanies, and a graduation cap and gown are among the more typical college artifacts that are periodically displayed in the Archives' reading room. Artifacts are enumerated in the Container List.


1 linear foot

Waights Henry served as LaGrange College president from 1948-1978, as long as any other president to date. Included in this series is an extensive collection of his speeches and addresses given between 1948 and 1986. Examples of these are "A History of LaGrange College" (given in June 1981) and "Comments on Dr. Holder" (given in August 1984). Also included in these are addresses given to various organizations such as Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, various Methodist organizations, the Newcomen Society, and the Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries. The series contains miscellaneous correspondence regarding Charles Hagood, creationist proposals in the Georgia General Assembly, and the City of LaGrange coat of arms and a typescript for his unpublished book of short articles, "More or Less Alike."


16 linear feet

Administrative Papers (1948-1957) contains correspondence between President Waights Henry and various organizations such as the American Council on Education, the Association of American Colleges, and the National Commission on Accrediting. The Association of Private Colleges and Universities in Georgia (1968-1970) information is correspondence between the LaGrange College staff and association members and officials. The association was formed on October 2, 1968, and included all 31 private colleges and universities in the state. The purpose of the association is to highlight the contribution of private colleges and universities to the public and to foster a relationship among the schools. Board Member Correspondence (c.1939-1959) is between Presidents Hubert Quillian & Waights Henry, Jr. and board members William N. Banks, George S. Cobb, and S.C. Dobbs. Correspondence contains information regarding such things as funding and growth proposals. Board of Trustee Minutes and Correspondence (1940-1970) are from the executive committee meetings of the LaGrange College Board of Trustees. Included are copies of financial reports concerning the operation of the college and the value of its holdings, along with listings of stocks and bonds owned by the College. Faculty Correspondence (c.1950) is between President Waights G. Henry, Jr. and past faculty members, including prospective members and is personal in nature.

Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges Correspondence (1976-1980) is between LaGrange College officials and foundation members. GFIC List of Donors (1968-1985) list names of contributors to the foundation along with money amounts and addresses for each. Gifts & Bequest (1947-1979) contains information regarding monetary donations made to LaGrange College. Information includes name of donor, amount donated, stipulations, and date donated. This information gives insight into the individuals and corporations donating money to the college. It is also important because the material covers almost the entire period of Waights Henry's presidency, a period that saw substantial growth for the college. Investment information contains end of year reports prepared by C&S Bank from 1963 - 1972, including fiscal reports, reports on funds, and income and expense sheets. The Methodists Board of Education Correspondence (1944-1956) is between board members and President Waights G. Henry, Jr. of LaGrange College. The board is a governing body overlooking the accreditation; standards, purpose, and mission of Methodists affiliated colleges. They also distribute funds to various schools affiliated with the United Methodists Church. The nature of the correspondence is both business and personal. This includes information concerning LaGrange College becoming coeducational in October of 1953 and President Waights Henry's campaign in the early 1950's to establish a 1 million-dollar endowment.

Material relating to the Pitts Foundation (1948-1956) includes correspondence between President Waights Henry, Jr. and various members of the Pitts family. Also included is some financial information concerning monetary donations made to LaGrange College. The Pitts Foundation was founded by William I. H. Pitts of Waverly Hall, Georgia, and it donates money to various church related organizations. Search Committee for a new President (December 1979 - March 1980) concerns LaGrange College's search for a new president following the resignation of President Charles Hagood. The correspondence is mostly from various individuals making suggestions to Charles D. Hudson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Interim President, regarding the replacement. Also included are copies of reply letters from Mr. Hudson stating that Dr. Walter Murphy from Andrew College has been chosen as successor. Some personal information submitted by candidates, such as resumes, is included. Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (1944-1962) contains correspondence between SASC officials and LaGrange College administrators, in particular President Waights G. Henry, Jr. This includes information regarding LaGrange College's initial effort to gain accreditation from the association as well as criteria information and institutional self-study reports. The Southern Association is the accrediting agency for colleges and schools in the southeast.

Vouchers for Veterans (c.1955) include correspondence and billing invoices between officials in the Veterans Administration and officials in the business office of LaGrange College. The material is of students who were veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and entitled to certain privileges in regards to tuition assistance from the U.S. Government. The vouchers are invoices prepared by the college for the Veterans Administration showing how much the VA owed the college for veteran tuition reimbursement.

Also included in the series is a list of guest that attended the opening of the Lamar Dodd Art Center in 1981. Miscellaneous Office Files contains information regarding various aspects of the college. Included in this are correspondence between LaGrange College and various organizations, information regarding facilities and departments on campus, and other office files. This information is arranged in alphabetical order.

Walter Murphy correspondence is between President Murphy and various individuals. This is arranged alphabetically by last name and is both business and personal in nature. Self-study material has material compiled by the college while doing an institutional self-study c.2002. The material contains course syllabi separated by department, information concerning activities, funding, offices, and facilities at LaGrange College. Folders in these boxes are arranged numerically with a system used by LaGrange College.





1 Annie Mae Lazenby, 1910

Drawings by the compiler enhance pages of memorabilia. Includes a photo of Rufus Wright Smith and other faculty members.

2 compiler unknown, c.1909

Handwritten book of poems by George W. Chase.

3 Eunice Hill McGee, 1912

Lists 1912 graduates and includes a few photos of college buildings.

4 Olive Bradley, 1916

Mostly memorabilia. Lists 1916 graduates.

5 Lillian Clark, 1921-1924 and 1931

Numerous recital and play programs. Also includes news clippings regarding the 1931 centennial celebration.

6 Aurelia Adams, 1927-1931

Photos and news clippings in addition to memorabilia. Some loose photos were removed from the album and are included in the photo inventory.

7 Margaret Hall, 1939-1940

Notable among memorabilia is the dedicatory program for Dobbs Auditorium, May 28, 1939.

8-9 Virginia Smith, 1929


10 LaGrange College Guestbook, 1949-1982

11 Janet Sutherlin, 1957-1961

Mostly memorabilia with a few photos and items of correspondence.

12 Lillian Clark, 1960-1972

Mostly clippings about alumni activities.

13 Nep Stevens, 1894

Notebook containing handwritten copy of the valedictory address given by Maybelle Ingram at Southern Female College.

14 Sidnor Davenport, 1901

Memorabilia and journal entries about social functions.

15-26 Daisy Davies notebooks, c.1930-c.1960

Religious treatises and Sunday school lessons

27-75 Clippings scrapbooks, 1922-1991

76 Sesquicentennial Homecoming & Dedication of Fuller E. Callaway Student Center 11/6-8/1981

77 The Lady's Album- A writing book, c.1853

78 Elizabeth Cunningham Traylor, c.1941

Contains photos, correspondence, LC event programs, and brochures

79 Genealogical Notebook on William Montgomery son of James Montgomery (It is believed that they are related to the Montgomery brothers that owned the college at one time. However no evidence to back that up has been found yet)

80 Margaret Pitts: Pitts Hall Rededication in 1990

81 Honorary Alumni Scrapbook, 1944-1991

82 Hazel Cole, c. 1947

83 Katherine Rose Hill McNeill, c. 1944

84 Eva Lois Statham, c. 1950


Box 1


1 Acts of the Georgia Legislature re. LaGrange College, 1831 -

2 Advertising, c.1980-c.1985

3 Airplane crash, 1938

4 American Legion Armistice Day, November 11, 1930

5 Application for Admission to LaGrange College, c.1980

6 Arch and Bellevue Gateposts, 1980

7-11 Art Exhibitions, c.1936-c.1990 (5 folders)

12 Baseball, 1984

13 Basketball, c.1960-c.1982

14 Buildings, c.1958-c.1980

15 Building Dedications, 1910-1981

16 Callaway, Fuller, Jr.: honors, 1947, 1981

17 "Call down" dormitory monitoring book, 1929-1930

18-20 Centennial, 1931 (3 folders)

Box 2


21 Chapel, 1964

22 Cheerleaders, c.1960

23 Civil War miscellany, 1861-1865

24 Clark, Lillian, 1924-2001

24a Class schedules, 1983

24b Class History, 1908

24c The College Woman's Opportunity, n.d.

24d College on the Hill by Rev. George L. King, July 27, 1945

25 Concerts, c.1931-c.1983

25a Confederate Memorial Address by L. H. Green, 1904

26 Correspondence, 1853, 1858

27 Cox College, 1897-1949

28-33 Crockett, Mamie Zack, 1891-1892

34 Crusade For Christ, c.1944

35 Dobbs, Samuel C.: Book of Remembrance, April 13, 1945

36 Dodd, Lamar: honors, 1955-1984

37-39 Drama/Curtain Raisers/Theater, c.1919-c.1985 (3 folders)

40 Edmondson Family, c.1979

40a Evans, Lorena- Letter to Sister, February 11, 1899

41 Faculty/Personnel, 1934-

42 Ferrell Gardens, 1841-

43 Founders' Day, 1946-1948

43a Friends of LaGrange College Library, 2002

44-45 Fund raising, c.1960-c.1987 (2 folders)

46 Gifts/endowments/deeds/trusts, c.1940-c.1982

Box 3


47 Glee Club/Choralaires, 1929-1962

48 Graduation, 1982-

49 Hagood, Charles L., President of LaGrange College, 1978-1979

50 Hagood, Charles, L.: newspaper columns, 1978

51 Heidt, John Wesley, President of LaGrange College, 1880-1885

52 Henry, Waights G., President of LaGrange College, 1948-1978

53-60a History, 1831- (9 folders)

61-62a Homecoming, 1968-1982 (2 folders)

62b Homecoming, 1981

62 d-e Homecoming, 1982

62 f-g Homecoming, 1983

63 Hudson, Charles D., Sr. honors, 1980

Box 4


64 Insurance, 1948

65 Interfaith Council, c.1960-c.1970

66 LaFayette Statue, 1974

67-69 LaGrange College Editions of LaGrange newspapers, 1923-1981 (3 folders)

70 LaGrange, Alabama, Military Academy, 1903

71 Maps: LC Campus, c.1979

72 Mariotti, Alfred: Appreciation Day, 1983

73 Master Plan for a Greater LaGrange College, c.1956

74 May Kings and Queens, 1948-1981

75-80 May Day/Honors Day, 1929-c.1983 (6 folders)

Box 5


81-95 Methodists Church History, c. 1835 (15 folders)

96 Montgomery, James, c.1830

97 Murphy, Walter Y., President of LaGrange College, 1980- 1996

98 Newcomen Society Honors, 1982, 1985

99 Nursing Program, c.1980

100 Parents' Bulletins, 1981-1986

101 Phillips, Ulrich B.: historical marker, 1963

102 Physical plant, c.1940

103 Pitts Hall, 1940-

104 Possessions of LaGrange College, c. 1980

105 Property owned by LaGrange College, 1951

106 Protestant Hour, 1978

107 Quillian Building renovation, 1964

108 Quillian, Hubert T., President of LaGrange College, 1939-1948

109-111 Recitals, 1892-1962 (3 folders)

Box 6


112 Religious Program at LaGrange College, 1945

113 Reunions: 50th reunions of classes of 1924 and 1931

113a Senior Will, 1905

114 Sesquicentennial, 1981

115 Smith Hall renovations, 1964, 1982

116 Smith, Rufus Wright, President of LaGrange College, 1885-1915

117 Southern Female College, c.1887-

118 Southern Female College (newsclippings)

119 Speakers Bureau, c.1980

119b Stratham, Lois, correspondence 1952

120 Stevens, Nep: Valedictory address, 1897

121 Student Christian Association, c.1960-c.1970

122 Student Government ballots, c.1930

123 Student roster, 1934-1935

124 Teacher Education Program, 1968

125 Tennis, c.1940 -

125a Tenure Letter, 1974

126 Trustees' meetings: Lillian Clark's notes, 1982-1986

127 Ward, Nettie: letter of recommendation from Alywn Smith, 1895

128 Weddings: Junior - Freshman Wedding, c.1925

129 Wesleyan College, c.1975

130 Woman's edition LaGrange Graphic, May 1895

Box 7


131-133 Miss LC Pageant, 1971

134 Drama Department Play, 1978

135 Student Awards, 1981

136 Bumsted, Dagwood-Celebrates LC's 175 Anniversary

137 Walburn, Lee-"Don't Stop Believing" (Andrew Young)

138 Address of Linda Buchanan, Nursing Pinning, 2002

139 Remarks by Emily Crums, Honorary Doctorate, 2002

140 Psi Newsletter, 2003-04

141 Consultant's Report to Stuart Gulley, n.d.

142 Banks Library Reports, emails proposals, 2003-04

143 Remarks by Mayor Jeff Lukken, 175th Birthday Celebration

144 Convocation Addresses by President Stuart Gulley, 1996, 2006 (175th)

145 Opening School Remarks by Stuart Gulley, August 2005, 2006

146 Lawson, Lillian H., photocopies of ceramic pieces

147 Georgia State Resolution 526, commending Edge, Fagundes, Gulley, Lukken, 2000

148 LaGrange College, first week, 2004-05

149 LaGrange College, Strategic Plans, April 2004

150 LaGrange College, National Survey of Student Engagement, 2004

151 LaGrange College, Football, 2004

152 LaGrange College, Psychology Department Newsletter, 2004-05

153 Correspondence Regarding Lillian Lawson, 2005

154 "Light Along Life's Highway," Poems by Lillian H. Lawson

155 Lawson, Lillian, Piano Arrangements (AKA Rosa Ferrell Burks)

156 Seagraves, Jane, remarks, September 17, 2005

157 LaGrange College: The Ties That Bind, Lamar Dodd Art Center, 2005

158 Friday Morning Live, Cornerstone, 2005

159 Theatre Arts Department, 2005

160 Fourth Annual Art History Forum, 2005

161 Luckey-Allkemon, Daisy Shepherd, remarks, September, 17, 2005

162 Proposal for M.A. Degree in Organization Leadership, 2005

163 Exploring Dreams, Interim, 2006

164 Lovett, Charles Candler, "Ruth Love, A Son's Memoir."

165 SACS Self-Study, 1961

Box 8

166 SACS Self-Study, 1971

167 Peter Pan Program, 1981

168 Maryville College vs. LaGrange College, 2006 (First LC Football Game program); Tickets LC vs. Brevard, October 21, 2006

169 "The Ladies of Seneca Falls," Senior History Seminar paper by Melba Moon, 1992

170 Tribute to Fuller E. Callaway by Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. at dedication of Fuller E. Callaway Student Center, November 6, 1981

171 Epps Lectures: "Fitzgerald" and "Mencken Marches Trough Georgia," April 1969

172 Homecoming Address by Marshall Daugherty, Mercer University, Nov. 9, 1968

173 Groundbreaking Address (Drama Bldg.) by Maynard R. Ashworth, n.d.

174 Address: Walter B. Mackenzie, President, Plantation Pipe Line, Sept. 1, 1976

175 Introduction of Dr. Ray Farley, Pres., Young Harris College, Honor's Day 1978

176 Commencement Address, Thomas O. Marshall, 1988

177 Commencement Address, Atlanta Mayor, Ivan Allen, June 7, 1969

178 Remarks to Graduate Students by Louise G. Henry, August 19, 1974

179 Convocation Address, Walter Y. Murphy, 1988

180 Prayers by Walter Y. Murphy, various events, 1982-1986

181 Speeches by Walter Y. Murphy, various events, 1980, 1987

182 Addresses: Speakers and Authors Unknown, 1976-1988

183 Values Education at Young Harris College-Dissertation by John W. Kay, 1983

184 Blondie and Dagwood's America, 1981

185 Staff Kick Off Luncheon, October 6, 2006

186 Jay Simmons, Memo & Schedule Concerning Opening of School , August 1, 2006

187 Callaway Auditorium Dedicatory Concert (April 20, 2006); Lee Johnson, Concert at Carter Center (program dated May 24, 2006) and Music Students Recital, April 18, 2006

188 Finney, Sarah Leonard, Teaching Certificate, 1928

189 LaGrange College News Clippings (from Ann Wilson Matthews), c. 1940s

190 "The Robe," recital by Beth McKee, 1944

191 Sorority and Honor Club Events (programs and invitations), 1945-49

192 Campus Events (programs), 1945-49

193 Map of LaGrange College, (Mead Corporation) drawn by Susan MaGaha

194 "Educating Miss LaGrange: A Model Southern Lady, 1999" by Phyllis Sussman

195 Groundbreaking, New Library, 2007

196 Printers draft copy of publication with aerial view of College, c. 2004

197 Invitation to Alpha Kappa Theata Sorority and mock class wedding, c. 1940s


Note: Bulk dates are listed here but gaps exist in each group of publications.

Box 1-3 The Scroll (literary periodical), 1922-2006

Box 4 Elsie Extra (campus newsletter), 1978-1980

Box 5-6 LaGrange College Bulletin/LaGrange College Magazine (alumni magazine), 1916, 1928, 1955, 1959-1990 and also LaGrange College Loyalty Fund Publications & Honor Roll of Donors, 1964-2002, Jan. 71 bulletin, Dobbs fire in Box 5

Box 7 Hilltop News (campus newspaper), 1958-2003 (Includes Irenian Casket February 1880 & May 1880)

Box 8 Student handbooks, 1924-1983, 1999-2001

Box 9-11a Catalogues, 1856, 1876, 1879, 1881, 1885-1886, 1888, 1895, 1896, 1898-1905, 1911- 1985.

Box 11b Catalogues, 1997, 2002-2006; Student Planners, 2003-2006; Graduate Bulletin, 2000- 2001; Interim, 2001, 2004, 2007; LaGrange College at Albany catalog, 2000-2004.

Box 12 Presidents' reports, 1961-1987, 1995-1996 (Inauguration of President Stuart Gulley),

Student directories, 1966, 1969, 1970, 1973

Box 13 Promotional brochures and pamphlets, c.1917-c.1985 (includes curriculum schedules, tuition and housing costs, and usually a brief mission statement for LaGrange College); Views and Reviews

Box 14 Viewbooks (c.1915-2000 [incomplete]

Box 15 LC Columns & Banks News, 1990-2005, 1992 Year in Review

Box 16 Commencement programs & special events (Convocation, Honor's Day, graduation invitation etc.), 1923-2006, 1997, 2001-2004, Post Graduation Report, 2002-2003

Box 17 Miscellaneous Publications, 1970-2004, Faculty Handbook, 2003-06; Directory 2001- 2006

Box 18a Publications, Library Accession Books; Self-Study Report, 1982, Library plans, Correspondence, Pinkerman files, 2002 Addendum to Self-Study

Box 18b Library: Friends of Library (1992-2006); Gulley Memos, 1998-2000; Frank Lewis Correspondence, 1974-1993; Correspondence regarding Louise B. Hammett, 2005-06; Academic Support Committee Minutes, 1979-1999; Library Reports, 1998-99; 2005-06

Box 19 Hilltop News, 2004, Oct-Nov 2005, College Edition, LaGrange Daily News, 2005

Box 20 Publications, 2004-, Donor Roll, 2004-07; Advances, 2004; Citation, 2004-06; Alumni Directory, 1994, Bulletin 2003-04; Cultural Enrichment Events, 2004-06; Defining Moment, 2004; Coming Home, 2005-2006; Service of Celebration, 2005-06; Year in Review, 1991-92; Opening of School, 2005; Miscellaneous Invitations (KIA, Gospel Choir, Reception of Stuart Gulley), 2006; Leadership Council Priorities, 2001-2007.

Items separated:

Rare Books (RB-40)

Annuals: Sillibub, 1914

Quadrangle, 1917, 1921, 1928, 1942, 1944-1969, 1971-1981, 1983-1985

Rare Books (RB-106)

Been Thinking (by W.G. Henry, Jr.), 1951-52, 1953-55, 1954(6)-58, 1959-65, 1968-69, 1970-73, 1973-76, 1979-81, 1982-83, 1984-87

Public Expressions of W.G. Henry Jr., 1948-66 & 1966-75


Box 1


1 Minutes of Alumnae Association, 1919-1923

2 Treasurer's reports, Atlanta Chapter, group 2, 1929-1947

3-4 Minutes, Atlanta Chapter, group 2, 1931-1942

5 Treasurer's reports, Alumni Association, 1942-1944

6-9 Minutes, Atlanta Chapter, group 2, 1968-1983

10 Lillian Clark notes on Alumni Association meetings, 1977-1983

11 Alumni Association address book, c.1953


1-8 Correspondence and committee reports, 1919-1992

9 Minutes of Alumni Council, 1984-1987

10-18 Alumnae rosters, 1857-c.1952

19-21 Alumni recognition, c.1920-c.1990 (mostly clippings)

22 Educated Taste, 1987-1990 (publication notes and financial records)

Box 2 Invitations, Programs

Folder 1 Christmas Cards, Christmas on the Hill, 1979, 1995, 1998

2 May Day Celebrations, 1982, 2002-03

3 Music and Fine Arts: Recitals, Exhibits, Dramatic Performances, 1993-95, 1997, 2004

4 Business Department Lectures, 1994-1998

5 Dedications and Inductions, 1994-95

6 President's Lectures Series, Luncheons, Forms, Receptions, 1994-99

7 Sports, 1994-98

8 Charity Auctions, 1995, 1997, 1999

9 Receptions: New Faculty and Staff, 1995-97

10 Nursing Division, 1996, 1999

11 Homecomings and Alumni Events, 1997-1999

12 Inauguration of Stuart Gulley, 1997

13 Ringside Dinners, 2001-02

14 Brochure: A Pictorial History of LaGrange College

15 Alumni Directory, 2000

16 1898 Graduation program

[NOTE: Check Vertical File at TCA, LaGrange College History, or LaGrange Female College Bulletin (Catalog), 1911 for alumnae 1846-1910]

SERIES VI: PHOTOGRAPHS (arranged according to topic)

Box 1


1 Adams, Aurelia scrapbook snapshots, c.1920

2 Alumni visiting campus, c.1920 -c.1970

3 Antebellum photographs

unidentified group of young ladies, c.1860

unidentified young man, c.1858

unidentified middle aged man, c.1858

11-14 Art exhibitions, c.1955-c.1985

15 Art Students League, c.1969

16 Association of Black Collegians, c.1970

17 Basketball, c.1920-c.1980

18-23 Buildings, c.1840-c.1990

Note: LaGrange Female Institute, c.1840 and LaGrange Female College Chapel, c.1850 photographic copies of drawings.

Box 2


1 Centennial pageant participants, 1931

2-5 Cheerleaders, 1956-1964

6 Christmas on campus, c.1965-c.1980

7-10 Classroom candid shots, c.1900-c.1980

11 Confederate generals (Ewell, Johnston, Magruder, Morgan), c.1861

12-24 Drama, c.1955-c.1980

Box 3


1-35 Drama, c.1955-c.1980

Box 4


1 Faculty and staff, c.1912-c.1975, 2004

2 Faculty Wives Club, c.1965

3 Football, c.1970

4 Fraternities and honor societies, c.1965-c.1975

5 Funding and development groups, c.1968

6 Gifts and grants, c.1955-c.1965

7 Graduates, c.1890-c.1910

8-10 Graduation ceremonies and graduates, c.1930-c.1980

10b Harris, Joe Frank & Mrs. Harris with LaGrange College Supporters at Governor's Mansion, c.1980's

11-22 Homecoming, c.1949-1983

Box 5


1-5 Honors and awards, c.1949-c.1980

6-34 May Day, c.1949-c.1985

35 McFarlin, Myrtle -1881- graduation photo, in dress (dress in MS-79, Artifact Box 2)

Box 6


1-2 Music - Choralaires, c.1950-c.1970

3 Music - Madrigal Singers, 1968

4 Music - Glee clubs and small choral groups, 1949-c.1965

5 Music - Orchestras, c.1920-c.1970

6 Music - Pep band, 1963

7 Music - Student recitals, c.1955-1967

8 Off campus scenes, c.1920-c.1965 (LaGrange homes, businesses, and landmarks)

9-14 Orientation, c.1960-c.1970

15-25 Pageants/Mr. & Miss LaGrange College, c.1940-c.1975

26 Physical education, c.1920-c.1960

26a Pitts, Margaret

27 Protests, c.1970

28 Publications staff and presentations, c.1960-c.1970

29 Religious affiliate groups, c.1950-c.1970

30-31 Rush week/rat day, c.1958-c.1967

Box 7


1 Sasnett, William J., c.1855

2 Softball, c.1970

3 Sororities, c.1968-c.1970

4 Southern Female College - Bonny Bell Pageant, c.1900

5 Southern Female College students, 1913

6 Students/class photos, c.1890

6b Students/portraits, c.1885-1900

7-8 Student Education Association/Student teachers, c.1965-c.1970

9 Student features, c.1970 (publicity photos for hometown newspapers)

10 Student Government Association, c.1968

11-35 Student life, c.1915-c.1980

Box 8


1-2 Unidentified groups, c.1950-c.1970

3 Tennis, c.1915-c.1960

4 Tours and field trips, c.1930-c.1970

5 Visitors - lecturers, concert artists, c.1950-c.1980

6 Weddings - freshman - junior wedding, c.1958-c.1960

7 Board of Trustees, 2005

Box 9-10 Negatives - mostly student life, c.1960-c.1980 (unsorted)

Box 11 Proof sheets and negatives - mostly student life and drama, c. 1960-c.1980

Box 12 Oversize photos

opp 1 graduation in the auditorium, c.1886

(A note states that the photograph was donated by Mrs. Virginia C. Barron, whose

grandmother, Cora Virginia Ballard, of Palmetto, Georgia, is in the photo.)

2 class of 1900 (identified on back)

3 Miss Tucker and unidentified group, c.1900

4 Miss Tucker in classroom with students, c.1900

5 Hawkes Building, c.1915

6 Mrs. Yang Pao-Ling and family, c.1930 (LaGrange alumna)

7-8 Smith Hall, 1949

9 graduates, 1907(?)

10 library interior, c.1915

11 special graduates, 1911 (identified)

12 Hawkes and Smith buildings, c.1900 (panorama)

13 Maidee Smith-Framed color print

14 LC Seniors at Mt. Vernon, Virginia, April 1, 1930

15 Composite, Class of 1893

Box 13 Oversize Photos


1 Prints Concerning Methodists History

2 Photograph of Joseph Edmondson and Photographs of the Edmondson House

3 Alpha Kappa Theta Sorority, 1966

4 Virginia Daniel Weir (J. B. "Tobe" Daniel)

5 Kappa Delta Sorority, 1975 (composite)

6 Pitts Hall, c. 1950s

Box 14


1-13 Dempsy Family

14 Lawson, Lillian H., portrait

15 Board of Trustees, 2005

16 Gulley, Stuart, Trip to Japan, 2004 and Oxford, England

17 Congressman John Lewis with Frank Lewis, May 31, 2006

18 Ann Wilson Matthews Collection, c. 1940s

19 Hazel Cole Collection, c 1930s

20 Louise Hawks Turman Collection, c. 1940s

21 Music Department, c. 1900s

22 Women's Sports, 1900s-1950s

23 Campus Events, c. 1950s

Photograph albums


1 Jennie Lee Epps, 1941-1945 - Contains photographs of buildings at the college and


2 Jennie Lee Epps, alumni families, 1951-1958 - contains photographs of her family

members and families of alumni

Items separated

Framed photographs, 4 items

Student group, c.1890

Senior house party, 1931

Framed class photographs, 62 items

1888, 1890-1891, 1893-1920, 1922-1944, 1946, 1948, 1953

Super oversize photographs:

Callaway Gardens, c.1953 (poster mounted, 4' x 8')

Bellevue, c.1953 (poster mounted, 4' x 4')

Glass Bridge, c.1953 (poster mounted, 4' x 4')

Ground breaking for dormitory, 1956

Alpha Kappa Theta Sorority, 1964, 1966-1970

Alpha Phi Beta Sorority, 1971


Southern Female College, Class of 1913

Southern Female College Diploma, 1890 (Hattie Jane McKibter)

Resolutions, 1992- Fuller E. Callaway, Jr.

Tom Duckett Golf Plaque

Print of Susannah Wesley

Wood block painting of John Wesley


Video tapes (some are commercial broadcast format)

1 LC: WTVM TV, n.d.

2 LC: WRBL TV, n.d.

3-5 LC Homecoming, 1984, 1985, 1991

6a-6b LC Mayday, 1985

7 LC Mayday, 1988

8-9 11 Alive Skylink visit to LaGrange, July 1985

10a-10b LC: Michael Bishop, n.d.

11a-11b LC Seminar, n.d.

12a-12b Newcomen Society Dinner honoring LC, 1985

13 LC Image: TV 33, 1992

14-16 LC Graduation, 1990-92

17 "A Closer Look" August 5, 1992

18a-18f LaGrange College "Smith Hall Rededication," 10/22/81

19 13th Annual Medical Lecture for LC School of Nursing, 1992

20a LC #1: Evening Division/Social Work

20b LC #2: Business Administration/MBA

20c LC #3: Computer Science

20d LC #4: Education

20e LC #5: Nursing

20f LC #6: English

21 LC: The Murphy Years, 1980-1996

22 LC Rough Cuts, n.d.

23 Chris Cleaveland Postcard Talk, 1996

24 LC Presidential Inauguration & historic video, 1996

25a-25c LC Homecoming, 1995

26 LC: WLTZ, n.d.

27 LC: WSB-TV, n.d.

28 Christmas on the Hill: TV 33, 1994

29a-29b LC Alumni: Commercial Sight & Sound, 1988

30 LC Revision, 1999

31a-31b Legend of Reverend W.J. Callahan, 1993

32 LC "Growing Hearts and Minds for Life," c.1995

33a-33b To the Future: Nippon Bunri University, 1993

34 Charles Hudson Roast, n.d.

35 Commencement, 2006: U.S. Representative, John Lewis, speaker

36 Opening of School speech, Stuart Gulley, August 23, 2006 (DVD)

37 Opening Convocation, September 6, 2006 (DVD)

38 LC Baccalaureate, May 19, 2006 (Audio Cassette)

39 Former Governor and First Ladies of GA, includes Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris

40 WSB-TV 2: LaGrange College

41 Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols: Light of the World by Chris Owenby

Audio cassettes, unidentified (19)

Audio tape, LaGrange College Up Close c.1970

Paul Harvey tape, n.d.


Box 1

Volleyball trophy, 1946-1956

J.C. Truitt athletic trophy, 1916-1944

Emory Park academic trophy, 1918-1924

History debating trophy, n.d.

LaGrange College floor mat, n.d.

Freshman beanie, c.1965

Graduation cap, n.d.

Rotary International LaGrange College pennants (2), October 25, 1928

Ruth Mixon Dobbs trophy, 1931

2 diploma covers, c.1970

Window decal, c. 1970

3 150th anniversary seals

Tuition receipt, 1897, to J.T. Armstrong for Estelle & Alice

Receipt, 1916 for payment on house of L.P. Smith received by LaGrange Female College

Daisy Davies' Bible, c. 1920 (donated by Isabelle McKenzie McKennie)

Box 2

Canteen, wallet, and saddlebags used in the Civil War by John McLendon of LaGrange

Canteen used in Civil War by C.R.C. Ward, Company K, 13th Georgia Regiment

Wallet used by C.H. Griffin during the Civil War

Mezzofantantian Society pennant, c.1904 (literary society)

Graduation cap and gown, n.d.

1831-1981 Sesquicentennial L.C. Flag

Dress of Myrtie McFarlin (poor condition)-Graduate Dress (see photo in Photo


Box 3

Wall Street Journal printing plate, 29 November 1982

Pardon of Jesse McLendon by President Andrew Johnson, September 16, 1865

Lizzie Ayers: Letter to her mother from Rufus Smith, class history c.1896, a receipt of her

tuition payment for spring term 1896, news article on her death, & correspondence


Jane Mattingly, 1927, 1941, 1943

Ruth Dempsey, 1934

Kate Wisdom, 1928

Pearle Austin Dunson, 1929

Lizzie Ayers (copy), n.d.

Report cards:

Mary Belle Dixon, 1897-1898

Ola Miller, 1895

LaGrange College Logo sign

Box 4

Honorary Doctorate Gown of Margaret Pitts, 1972 and Margin of Distinction Award (framed)

Girls Glee Club Music Book, 1930-1931

Box 5

Wall Clock & Alumni Association Banner, n.d.

Homecoming Parade Trophy, 2nd place, 1969

Box 6

Mitchell, Ralph J., drawings (Stovall Bridge, Cresent Hill Church)

Dickinson, Meta V., diploma 1893

LaGrange Daily News, Oct. 8, 1931

LaGrange College Choralaires, recording, 1966

Chapel Print by Steve Close

Box 7

Sweatshirt from Judy Gizer signed at rededication of Smith Hall, 1989

Quadrangle Formal Mug, 2001

Ringside T-Shirt, 2002

Ringside T-Shirt, 2003, designed by Clint DeMooney

Ringside T-Shirt, 2004, designed by Courtney Douglas

Class Mugs, 2003-06

Nursing Uniform, n.d.

LaGrange College Banner, n.d.

Table Cloth, runner, n.d.

Alumni Volunteer Buttons, n.d.

Box 8

Class Banners, 2002-03; 2006

Items separated

Framed letter written by Cinthia H. Varner of Indian Springs,

Georgia, to her daughter at LaGrange College, 1852

YWCA certificate of membership for LaGrange College, 1906

Prayer for 150th Convocation, 1981

Telephone book cover, 1985

Nancy Johnson Mattox painting, c.1860

Mrs. Warren Candler oil portrait,

Choralaires record album, 1966

Trophy, Sophomore Class, 1917

Framed diplomas:

Mary E. Drake, 1851 Willie E. Jones, 1890

Mary E. Steagall, 1855 Maggie Wiley Dean, 1890

M.A. Cox, 1858 Janie McFarlin, 1891

Claude V. Carlton, 1860 Mary E. Beasley, 1896

Mary R. Hall, 1871 Emmie Ficklin, 1896

Minnie F. Pelman, 1873 Winnie Malone, 1903

Maggie Whitaker, 1874 Idella Bellah, 1909

Mary Selina Renfro, 1875 Bessie Blackmon, 1915

Myrtis McFarlin, 1888 Bessie Blackburn, 1915


Box 1


1 Miscellaneous Correspondence of Waights G. Henry

2 Waights G. Henry correspondence in regards to creationist's proposals

General Assembly (1981)

3 Waights G. Henry correspondence re: Charles Hagood and the search for a new president.

4 Correspondence of Waights Henry re: City of LaGrange coat of arms

5-10 Addresses, speeches, and sermons by Waights G. Henry (1948-1978)

11 An Address to the Newcomen Society Oct. 4, 1978 re: Fuller E. Callaway, Jr.

12-14 Addresses, speeches, and sermons by Waights G. Henry (1979-1981)

15 A Brief History of LaGrange College (June 6, 1981)

16-19 Addresses, speeches, and sermons by Waights G. Henry (1982-1986)

20-23 Typescript for "More or Less Alike" by Waights G. Henry

24 Addresses by Waights G. Henry, 1976-1986

25 Narration by Waights G. Henry, "Old Houses and Buildings in LaGrange," 1980


Box 1: Administrative Correspondence, 1948-1957

Folder 1-10 Correspondence

11 Correspondence: Lamar Dodd

Box 2: Association of Private Colleges and Universities, 1968-70 and Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges, 1976-1996

Folder 1-6 Correspondence, APCU

7-11 Correspondence, GFIC

Box 3: Board Member Correspondence, c.1939-1959

Folder 1-12 William N. Banks, 1946-1959

13-17 George S. Cobb, 1947-1952

18-26 S.C. Dobbs, 1939-1952

Box 4: Board of Trustees Minutes and Correspondence, 1940-1970

Folder 1-7 Correspondence, 1944-1950

8-21 Executive Committee Minutes, 1940-1970

22 Board of Trustees Minutes: By-laws, c.1950

23 Trustee Newsletter, 1947

24 Resolution on the Death of Mr. W.L. Cleaveland, adopted by the Board of Trustees,


Box 5: Faculty Correspondence, c.1950

Folder 1 Antoinette Billant

2 Stella Bradfield

3 Kate Cross

4 Melba Day

5 William Deal

6 Reaunette Everett

7 Helen Farrere

8 Nancy Green

9 Thomas John

10 Dr. Joseph Martin

11 Rosa Muller

12 Evelyn Murphy

13 Emmie Murray

14 Howard Worth

15 Faculty Correspondence

Box 6: Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges, 1968-1985

Folder 1-16 List of Donors

Box 7: Gifts & Bequest, 1947-1969 (LaGrange College)

Folder 1-18

Box 8: Gifts & Bequest, 1970-1972 (LaGrange College)

Folder 1-8

Box 9: Gifts & Bequest, 1975-1979 (LaGrange College)

Folder 1-14

Box 10: Investments, 1963-1972 (LaGrange College)

Folder 1 Investments, c.1970

20 Investment Portfolio Notebooks, 1963-1972

LaGrange College Audits, 1965-66; 1968, 1971-72

Box 11: Invitation List for Lamar Dodd Art Center, 1982

Box 12: Methodist Board of Education, 1944-1956

(Participation in by Presidents Quillian and Henry)

Folder 1-13 Correspondence

14 Publications

Box 13: Pitts Foundation, 1948-1956 (LaGrange College)

Folder 1-9 Correspondence

Box 14: Search Committee for new President of LaGrange College, Dec.1979-March 1980

Folder 1-10 Correspondence

Box 15: Southern Association of Schools and Colleges, 1944-1962

Folder 1-19 Correspondence, 1946-1962

20 LC Self Study Report, c.1960

Box 16: Voucher for Veterans, 1946-1955 (LaGrange College)

Folder 1-10 Applications and Business forms

Box 17: Office Files, A, 1982-1996

Folder 1 Academic Standards Committee

2 Advancement

3 Admissions

4 Air Conditioning for Turner & Boatwright, 1995

5 Alumni Office

6 American Association of University Professors

7 American Association of University Women

8 Annual Fund

9 Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs

Box 18: Office Files, B-G, 1991-1996

Folder 1 Benavides, Dr. Adolfo

2 Board of Ordained Ministries, North Georgia Conference

3 Burrus, A.L.

4 Callahan, William Jackson

5 Callaway Gardens

6 Central Administration Minutes

7 Curriculum

8 Dean of College - Frank James

9 Department of Education

10 Financial Aid Office

11 Fire Safety Inspection Report

12 Georgia Council on Economic Education

13 Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation

(Financial Statements and Supplemental Information)

14 Georgia Historical Commission

15 Georgia Health Decisions

16 Georgia Pacific Corporation

17 Georgia Student Finance Commission

18 Georgia Teacher Certification Program

19 Georgia United Methodists Commission on Higher Education

20 Good of the Order Committee

21 Grading System

Box 19: Office Files, H-Na, 1981-1995

Folder 1 Hawkes Renovation

2 History Department

3 Hope Grant

4 House Keeping

5 Insurance

6 Institutional Relations Department

7 Instructional Support Services

8 Korea, Seoul (Yang S. Foundation)

9 Language Department

10 Language Laboratory

11 Learned Society

12 Library, 1992

13 Long Range Planning Committee

14 Mahan, Joe

15 Methodists Commission Conference Capital Campaign

16 Methodists - Board of Ordained Ministry

17 Methodists - LaGrange District Office

18 Mexico

19 Milliken & Company

20 Minds

21 Mountain Hill School

22 Music

23 Natatorium

24 National Science Foundation

Box 20: Office Files, Nu-R, 1986-1996

Folder 1-2 Nursing

3 Olympics

4 Policies, Rules, & Regulations

5 Psychology Department

6 Religion Department

7 Religious Life

Box 21: Office Files, S-Z 1969-1994

Folder 1 Salvation Army

2 Scottish Rite Masonry Advisory Board

3 SPRE (Ga.) State Post-Secondary Education Entity

4 Stanford, Dr. Henry King

5 Student Development Office

6 Student Government Association (contains constitution of student Government)

7 Student Life

8 U.S. News & World Report

9 U.S. Department of Education

10 U.S. Government Department of Health, Education, & Welfare Correspondence

11 West Point Lake - DNR Contract

Box 22: LaGrange College Self Study Material, 1996-2002

Folder 1.0 Principles & Philosophy of Accreditation

1.0 Self Study Surveys

- LC Nursing Division (Georgia Board of Nursing, March 2000)

1.1.4 Substantive Change Report

1.1.10 Mission Statement

1.1.10 Faculty Handbook

1.1.10 Department of Education Student Financial Assistance Program

1.4 Condition of Eligibility #13 Charter & By-Laws Board Members Dual Degree Agreement Institutional Assessment Evening College Bulletin

2.4 Staff Handbook

2.7 Board Meeting Minutes

3.1.5 Cornerstone Survey

3.1.6 Graduate Survey

3.1.6 Recent Graduate Survey

3.1.6 Attrition Report

3.1.6 IPEDS Completions Report

3.1.6 CSRDE Report

3.3.3 Library Patron Survey

3.3.3 2001 Fact Book

- Blue Ribbon Task Force Reports 1996-1997

- Fall 2000 Surveys

- 2001-2002 Institutional Effectiveness

- Institutional Planning 1996-2001

Box 23: LaGrange College Self Study Report, 1999-2002

- 1999-2001 Institutional Effectiveness

4.1 Departmental Handbooks

- Specialized Accreditation Reports

4.2.1 Admissions Policy Manual Grade Distribution Report Evening College Academic Support Evaluation

4.3 Grade Bulletin

4.6.1 Camps & Conferences

4.6.1 Bradley Turner Foundation

4.6.1 Center for Community Studies

4.8 Directory of Faculty Offices

4.8 Class Schedules

4.8.3 Adjunct Faculty Policies

4.8.7 Info Systems Training Report

4.8.8 Academic Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

4.8.8 Curriculum Committee Minutes

4.8.8 Calendar Task Force

4.8.8 Technology Task Force

4.8.8 Faculty Meeting Minutes Faculty Load Report

- Substantive Change Document LC at Albany, 1999

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Art & Design - Biology)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Business - Chemistry)

Box 24: LaGrange College Self Study Material, 1999-2002

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Core)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Computer Science - Education)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (English - Health)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (History - Interim)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Language - Mathematics)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Music - Nursing)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Philosophy - Religion)

- Course Syllabi 1999-2002 (Sociology - Theater Arts)

5.1 Honor Code Booklets

5.1 Library Documents Banks Library Annual Report Resident Assistant Manual Coleman Health Clinic Student Government Association

5.5.1 Meeting Minutes

- Recruiting Materials Student Athlete Survey

5.5.3 NCAA Self - Study Guide

- Athletic Organizational Chart

- NCAA Eligibility

- NAIA Eligibility

- Athletic Financial Aid

- Student - Athlete Mission Statement

6.2 Advancement Publications

6.2.1 Alumni Records

Box 25: LaGrange College Self Study Report, 2000-2002

6.3.1 Audits

- LC Self Study Reports 2002 (2)

6.3.1 Financial Benchmarking

6.3.1 Operating Budget History

6.3.1 Current Budget

6.3.1 Payables Aging Report

6.3.1 Receivables Aging Report

6.3.1 Long - term Financial Plan

6.3.1 Year-to-date budget

6.3.1 Management Letters

6.3.2 Job Descriptions

6.3.2 Resumes

6.3.2 Organizational Chart for Business Affairs

6.3.2 Minutes

6.3.2 Board Meeting Minutes

6.3.3 Minutes

6.3.3 Description of budget planning cycle

6.3.3 Line Item Budget

6.3.3 Budget Planning Survey

6.3.4 Sample of Budget Report & History of Distribution

6.3.4 Example of Budget Revisions

6.3.5 Chart of Accounts

6.3.6 Bookstore Inventory

6.3.6 Depreciation Schedule

6.3.6 General Ledger Inventory

6.3.6 Purchasing Policies

6.3.7 Refund Policy

6.3.7 List of Withdrawals

6.3.9 Evidence of Bonding

6.3.9 Policies/Procedures for cash receipts & deposits

6.3.10 Investment Policy

6.3.11 Schedule of Insurance Values

6.3.11 Vehicle Safety Plans

6.3.11 Appraisals

- LaGrange College Campus Development Plans 1998 & 1999

6.3.12 Contracts for outscored services

6.3.12 Comparison of Revenues & Expenditures

6.4.2 Building, Grounds, & Equipment Maintenance

6.4.2 Deferred Maintenance Plan

6.4.2 Tree Replacement Plan

6.4.3 Comprehensive Safety Plan

6.4.3 City of LaGrange Police Contract

6.4.4 Physical Facilities Master Plan

6.4.4 Library Plan

6.5 Policy for externally funded grants & contracts

6.5 Financial Aid Reports

6.6 Board of Trustees Handbook

Box 26: LaGrange College Self Study Material, 1991-2002

- Response to Recommendations by Southern Association of Colleges & Schools, 1992

- Reaffirmation Committee Report, March 2-5, 1992