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SOURCE:  Troup County Board of Commissioners

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The LaGrange Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1911.  W. A. Reeves was elected President with R. L. Render serving at Vice-President.  R. O. Key was elected Treasurer.  Board members elected were E. B. Clark, Chairman, Ely R. Callaway, J. H. Edmondson, J.G. Truitt, C. N. Pike and W. S. Davis. The original purpose of the organization was to promote civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, social, and educational development for the city of LaGrange and Troup County. In 1935, the Chamber was reorganized under the leadership of President M. B. Hammond. 

During the 1935-1950 time frame covered by the collection, the Chamber established a grower’s market, applied for funds to further develop Callaway Airport, assisted in the organization of the Community Chest, promoted 4-H Clubs and encouraged the building of a fountain in Memorial Park (the site of the old courthouse on the Court Square).  In addition, the Chamber campaigned for funds to build a City-County Canning Plant and a Livestock barn. The Chamber also assisted in planning for a dairy co-operative and formed the Livestock Association.



The collection is arranged by correspondence, president notes and livestock records.  Much of the information in the correspondence section deals with requests from businesses looking for various information about LaGrange, i.e. number of particular types of industries, hotels, population, etc.  There are also requests from individuals seeking information about moving to the area.  Notes and correspondence pertaining to the Chamber’s presidents include minutes of meetings, correspondence with other towns and with the National Chamber of Commerce.  The minutes contain information on various projects but often lack details.  The material on livestock and canning plant reports is more complete as is information about building the Taft Memorial Highway, US 27, and State Route 109.  Membership cards for the 1947-48 are included as is information on donations for completion of the Rural-Urban Building.  Three scrapbooks cover Chamber events during the time period.



Box 1  Correspondence


1          1935-1936

2-10     1937

11-15   1938

16-20   1939

21-23   1940

24-31   1941   

32-37   1942

38-41   1943

42-46   1944

47-64   1945-47


Box 2  President Notes and Projects


1          M. B. Hammond, 1935-36

2-5       Frank Tigner, 1936-37

6-9       Frank Tigner, 1937-38

10-14   W. H. Milam, 1938-39

15-17   W. F. Jarrell, 1939-40

18-19   V. B. Ingram, 1940-41

20-21   Lewis Price, 1941-42

22-24   Frank Tigner, 1942-45

25-26   John Wilcox, 1945-46

27-29   P. G. Blitch, 1946-47

30-36   H. N. Brady, 1947-49

37-39   Highway 109 Paving Project

40        Taft Memorial Highway Building Project


Box 3  Livestock Show and Sales


1-3       First Annual Show, 1939

4-5       Second Show, 1940

6-7       Third Show, 1941

8          Fourth Show, 1942

9-12     Fifth Show, 1943

13-16   Sixth Show, 1944

17        Seventh Show, 1945

18-19   Eighth Show, 1946

20-22   Livestock Correspondence, 1939, 1941-44, 1946-47

23        Stockyard Supply Company, 1940-48

24        Canning Plant Reports, 1943-44

25        4-H Club Calves, 1947

26-35   Livestock Reports, 1938-1947

36-38   Rural Urban Building, 1948-49

39-40   Merchant Information, 1940

41        Annual Dinner, 1949

42-45   Merchant Correspondence, 1946-47


Box 4  Membership Cards, 1947-48




1          Miss LaGrange and Miss Georgia Pageant, 1949

2-3       News clippings, 1949-1954; 1951-1952


ARTIFACT-2008.35   LaGrange Banking Company passbook, 1949


MAP-006        1939 Georgia State Highway Map


PM-1108         Southern Peach Swimming and Diving Championship programs, 1948, 1949




Merchants, LaGrange

Ruban Association

Troup County Livestock

Troup Farmers Foundation



LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce, MS-121