Manuscript MS-165




SOURCE: Kathy Tilley and various Club Members

SIZE: 3.5 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 6 records boxes, 1 photograph box and one oversized notebook




The Junior Service League of LaGrange was founded as a charitable and educational woman’s organization in 1973.  The purpose of the league, according to its by-laws, is to “foster interest among its members in social, economic, educational, cultural and civic conditions in their community and to make efficient their volunteer service.”  From its beginning, the league has been actively involved in numerous community service projects.  These include the Project Love Battered Women’s Shelter, Camp Viola, improvements for the Youth Guidance Center, the Nutcracker performance, Buckle-Up Baby, Children’s Theater, Art Discovery and Super Saturday at CVAM, Child Abuse Prevention Puppet Show, vision and hearing screenings at local schools, and the Mollie Lukken Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The club also holds fundraising activities including the annual Attic Sale and the Junior Service League Cookbook, Southern Born and Bread.



Included in the records are minutes, membership rolls, correspondence, and yearbooks. Also included are financial records that contain tax returns, annual audits, and end of year statements a 1989 video for the Junior Service League Ball and four audio tapes of board meetings, c. 1985, also appear in this collection. The scrapbooks contain news articles, publications, event programs, and photographs. The records and scrapbooks give insight and details about activities the club undertakes.



Box 1: Financial Records

Audits, 1977 – 1987 and 1990-92

Tax Returns, 1975-79, 1982 and 1991


Box 2: General Meeting Minutes

Folders 1-4     1973 –1993

                        Scrapbook, 1988

                        Scrapbook, 1989


Box 3: Board Meeting Minutes

Folders 1-5     1973-93

            6          Junior Service League By-laws and Policies, c. 1973-76

Cassette Tapes of meetings, c.1985 (4)


Box 4: Correspondence, 1973-86


Box 5: Correspondence, Committees and Reports

Folders 1-4     Correspondence, 1987-93

            5          End of year reports by the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, 1973-93

  • Finance Committee notes 1992

General Funds Notebook, 1991-92

Treasurers Report Notebook


Box 6: Newsletters, Yearbooks and Fundraising


1          Newsletters, September 1976 - April 1978

            2          Newsletters, April 1980 – April 1985

3-6       Yearbooks, 1973-75, 1977-85 and 1986-87

            7          Attic Sale, 1975

            8          Pricing List, October 1982

            9          Guidelines, 1984

            10        Guidelines (Draft), 1989

            11        Quota Sheet, nd

            12        Top Hat and Tails program, 1986

                                    Right Stuff play program flyer, 1984

                                    Black and White Ball invitation, nd

                                    A Southern Celebration Charity Ball and Auction, 1996


            Video tape of  Junior Service League Ball, 1989


Box 7: Membership


1          Membership Rolls, 1973-93

2-5       Provisional Members, 1986-90

            6          Prospective Members

            7          Membership Assessment, 1990

            8          Membership Ballot, October 27, 1983

            9          Placement Pamphlet, 1981-82

            10        Booklets, 1982-84, 1987-88 and nd

            11        Opportunities

            12        Interviews, 1986-87

            13        Questionnaire


Box 8: Photographs

Folders 1         Attic Sale, 1985

 2         Junior Service League Programs, c. 1985-89

             3         Past Presidents and Mayor’s Proclamation, c.1993

             4         Fund raising events


OP-1:  Junior Service League Grant Notebook



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