Manuscript MS-124



SOURCE: John C. Bellamy, 1993 (grandson of John T. Traylor)

SIZE: .10 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 8 file folders

1 photograph folder



John Thomas Traylor, son of George Hamilton and Cynthia Wilson Traylor, was born 27 March 1836, in the Long Cane Community of Troup County. He married Rosa Wise on 8 April 1858, and they had two children. In April 1861, Traylor joined the West Point Guards which became Company D, 4th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. He was killed at the Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia, 5 May 1864.


Thirty letters from Traylor to his wife and parents describe life in the various army camps he occupied. He rarely mentioned battles or army movements, insisting that his relatives could get better accounts from the newspapers than he could write. His primary topics were health, food, weather, and his longing to be with his family.

Two rare examples of letters written to soldiers at the front survive in this collection. Written by Traylor's father and an unidentified relative, W.P. Traylor, they describe the condition of crops, relate the excitement over organization of new volunteer companies, and reassure Tom Traylor that his family is well and his farm is in good condition.

A limited amount of Traylor genealogy is recorded in the 1869 obituary of George Hamilton Traylor, a typescript family record of Champion Travis Traylor, and in a letter from Charlie Traylor of LaGrange to John C. Bellamy, dated 17 March 1970. Miscellaneous items include a J.T. Traylor estate receipt dated 1880, an 1890 Confederate widow's pension application blank, and an unidentified lock of hair in an envelope dated 2 April 1892.

The photograph collection includes portraits of John T. Traylor c.1858 and Rosa Traylor c.1880. Snapshots taken about 1932 show the Traylor house at Long Cane with tenant Charlie Watkins and his family and John Bellamy. A c.1990 photograph shows the Traylor house with modern changes.


TRACINGS: Traylor Family

U.S. History, Civil War, 1861-1865