Manuscript MS-038




SOURCE: Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society, 29 February 1984 Elizabeth Talbert Ginn, 5 August 1987

SIZE: 3.5 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 2 records center boxes 1 manuscript box

1 artifacts box

4 volumes, RB-28.09 - RB-28.12

5 photograph folders

PROCESSING: RAA, September 1985, August 1987



Janie Lovelace Heard (17 January 1899 - 2 September 1982), the daughter of Samuel C. and Irene Hudson Lovelace, was born in the Long Cane Community of Troup County. Following graduation from Georgia Normal and Industrial College (now Georgia College) in Milledgeville, she married Roland Shaefer Heard and spent most of her adult life in West Point, Georgia. Mr. Heard was a Georgia State Senator from West Point. Mrs. Heard's genealogical research began with a January 1937 letter from Mrs. Virginia McKinney

Scott of Stanford, Texas, inquiring about the Lovelace family. She continued active research through the early 1970s.

Following Mrs. Heard's death, her records were placed in the Cobb Archives, Shawmut, Alabama. Since most of the records pertain to Troup County families, it was felt that the Troup County Archives would be a more appropriate location for the collection. Through the efforts of Mrs. Grady Fowler, the collection was received in February 1984. Mrs. Heard's niece, Elizabeth Talbert Ginn, later donated additional material to the collection.



The collection consists mostly of genealogical data on the Lovelace, Hudson and related families. It includes Mrs. Heard's unpublished manuscript on the Lovelace family. Lovelace family files contain a brief history of the Atlanta and West Point Railroad and original Civil War correspondence from members of the Lovelace family. John H. Lovelace's account book which lists students from Hamilton (Harris County) Female College, 1858-1861, is boxed separately as an artifact. Pauline Hudson's Southern Female College memorabilia, 1898-1900, is filed with Hudson family records. A scrapbook containing clippings and other material related to the Davidson family was left intact and is filed with the Davidson family records.

The collection includes four family Bibles containing data on the Boyd, Hudson, Lovelace, Tatum and Walden families. Mrs. Heard's collection of clippings covers the period from the late 1950s to the early 1970s and includes birth and marriage announcements and obituaries of Chattahoochee Valley residents. A list of names is included in each clipping folder.

Mrs. Heard's filing system was maintained with minor changes. Records are filed alphabetically by surname. Families for which there is a minimum of data have all records in one folder. Larger family files (i.e. Boyd, Heard, Hudson, Lovelace) are separated into folders of primary source material, research notes, and correspondence. Primary source material includes originals and copies of family letters, Bible and cemetery records, and court records. Files marked "research notes" contain secondary source material such as genealogical charts, family histories, and data compiled by Mrs. Heard's correspondents. Since one family's files might include information on several related families, associated surnames are listed on the folder heading. An index to family names mentioned in the files can be found at the end of this description.

Photographs are mostly of Lovelace and Hudson family members and of Southern Female College students, 1898-1900. Other photographs are of the faculty of Roanoke (Alabama) College, veterans of the West Point Guards, and Mr. and Mrs. Shaefer Heard.



Box 1

Folder 1 Atkinson

2 Beall

3 Bennett

4 Boyd - manuscript "Our Boyd Lineage"

5 Boyd-Heard-Tatum research material

6 Boyd - correspondence from Kathleen Heinbach

7-8 Boyd - correspondence from Margaret Jamison

9 Boyd - research notes of Margaret Jamison

10-11 Davidson & scrapbook

12-13 Fuller, including correspondence from IshamFuller

14 Haygood

15-18 Heard - primary source material, researchnotes, correspondence

19-26 Hudson - manuscript by Janie Lovelace Heard,primary source material, research notes,newspaper clippings, correspondence,

27 Hudson - Pauline Hudson's Southern FemaleCollege memorabilia, 1898-1900

28 The Hudson Family From Prince Edward County, VA To Troup County, Georgia, 1969 (unpublished manuscript by Janie Lovelace Heard )

Box 2

Folder 1 Leverett

2 Lovelace - letters - originals and copies of Civil War and other early Lovelace correspondence

3-4 Lovelace - primary source material

5-10 Lovelace - research notes

11 Lovelace - "Allen-Lovelace Family" manuscript and research notes

12-15 Lovelace - correspondence

16 Robinson

17 Stapler

18 Walden/Walding

19 Miscellaneous family records and memorabilia

20-23 Newspaper clippings - births, deaths &marriages, miscellaneous

24 Map showing location of property of John Montgomery on Brazos River in Texas

Box 3 "Lovelace Family", unpublished manuscript by Janie Lovelace Heard, n.d.



RB-28.09 - Hudson Bible, published ca.l870 RB-28.10 - Boyd-Tatum Bible, published 1844 RB-28.11 - James Lovelace Bible, published 1833 RB-28.12 - Walden-Boyd Bible, published 1738

ART-87.05 - John Henry Lovelace account book, Hamilton Female

College, 1858-1861



Photograph 1. Mamie Fendley, Pauline Hudson(?), unknown, c.1899 2. Modena Herndon, c. 1899

3. Annie Claire (last name unknown), 11 April 1899

4. Laurie Lou and Lucye Davis, c. 1899

5. Neelie, Etta, and Essie Morris, Greenville, MS, 12 February 1899 6. unidentified Southern Female College students, c. 1899

7. Mary Jones, Turin, GA, c. 1899

8. Mamie Fendley, 16 February 1899

9. Veterans of the West Point Guards; Mr. Harwell Dr. Ben Poor, Seab Wallace, L.T.C. Lovelace, Daniel L. Merz, Jim Baker, Col. Hulbert, Tom Johnson, n.d. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Shaefer Heard and unidentified, n.d.

11. Faculty and some students(?), Roanoke College, identified on back, c. 1897

12. Lucius B. Lovelace (?), n.d.

13. L.T.C Lovelace, n.d.

14. Samuel Calvin Lovelace, n.d.

15. Obedience (Biddy) Lovelace, n.d.

16. Janie Lovelace Heard (child), n.d.

17. Amanda Jane Davidson (Mrs. L.T.C. Lovelace), n.d.

18. Irene Hudson Lovelace, Sam C. Lovelace, John Petty, Rora Terrell, 28 December 1906

19. Marietta (Etta) Tatum Hudson, n.d.

20. Janie Lovelace Heard, working on "This Was Our Valley", n.d.

21. Janie Lovelace Heard, working on Architectural Seminar for Georgia College, n.d.

22. Irene Hudson Lovelace, n.d.

23. Marietta Tatum Hudson, Huell Hudson, Frank Tatum Hudson,Nannie Pauline Hudson, Susie Irene Hudson, Mary Cue Hudson, n.d.

24. Mary Boyd Tatum, n.d.



Atkinson 1:1

Atlanta and West Point Railroad 2:10

Baker 2:5,9, ph 09

Beall 1:2,14,18; 2:5-7,17

Bennett 1:3,20-21; 2:16

Billingsley 1:7

Booth 1:15,16,18

Boyd 1:3-9; 2:9,18, RB-28.10, RB-28.12

Brooks 2:19

Bussey 1:10

Cameron 1:20,21

Cleaveland 1:10

Crain 2:19

Davenport 2:19

Davidson 1:10,11

Davis 2:19

Densler 1:5

Digges 2:6

Dismukes 1:7; 2:18

Dodwell 1:10

Dozier 2:9

Edmonston 1:2

Evans 1:9

Fears 2:18

Fitzpatrick 1:6-7,15-18; 2:18

Fuller 1:12,13; 2:5,10

Greene 1:21

Grimmett 2:18

Hames 2:9,10

Hamilton Female College ART-87.05

Haralson 2:19

Haygood 1:12-14

Heard 1:5-6,9,12-13,15-18; 2:18

Henderson 1:10

Herndon 2:6

Hill 1:20-21

Hodgin 1:10

Holliday 1:20-21

Hudson 1:5,19-26; ART-87.05; RB-28.09

Hunter 1:16

Johnson 1:10

Jones 1:3

Kirkpatrick 2:10

Leverett 1:2,10; 2:1

Lovelace 1:1-2,12-14; 2:2-6,8-,17

Loyd 1:20

Magruder 1:2

McClendon 2:7

Miller 2:8

Mitcham 2:5

Napier 1:15,17-18

Offutt 1:2

Oliphant 1:2

Parrott 1:20-21

Pittman 1:1

Ratliff 1:6

Renfro 2:5

Roanoke College ph 11

Robinson 2:16

Sandys 2:7

Sappington 2:19

Scott 1:12; 2:5,10

Slaughter 1:1

Slay 2:10

Smith 2:6

Southern Female College 1:27

Stapler 2:17

Stephens 2:19

Tatum 1:5; 2:9,16; RB-28.10

Tinsley 2:19

Traylor 2:5,8

Upshaw ph 11

Walden 1:7,9; 2:9,18; RB-28.12

West Point Guards 2:2, ph 09

Whitaker 2:1

Whitehead 1:1

Winston 2:19

Woodson 1:6-7,9

Wyatt 2:6

York 2:19


Atlanta and West Point Railroad, ca.1850-1865 Civil War correspondence, 1861-1865

Hamilton Female College, 1858-1861

Roanoke College, c. 1897

Southern Female College, 1898-1900

West Point Guards, 1861-1865

Hudson family

Boyd family

Lovelace family

Heard family

Walden family

Davidson family

Atkinson family

Beall family

Bennett family

Fuller family

Leverett family

Robinson family

Stapler family