Manuscript MS-084



1908 - 1966



SOURCE: Charles Smith

President, Hutchinson-Traylor Agency

SIZE: 1 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 1 flat manuscript box

1 roll storage box

4 photos

PROCESSING: KLM, October 1988



The records of the Hutchinson-Traylor Insurance Company were placed on deposit in the Archives by Charles Smith, President of the agency in January, 1988. More recent minutes and company records remain in the possession of the agency.



The Troup County Superior Court granted the Hutchinson-Traylor Insurance Agency a charter on February 12, 1926. Original officers were J.E. Dunson, Jr., Robert Hutchinson, and Charles L. Traylor. The assets of the Crossley-Hutchinson Company were transferred into the new agency effective January 1, 1926. Four years later, the holdings of the LaGrange Insurance Agency were transferred to Hutchinson-Traylor and they began to write the insurance business of Callaway Mills and associated properties.

This collection contains records for the Hutchinson-Traylor, Crossley-Hutchinson, LaGrange Insurance, and Thornton-Freeman Agencies. The earliest papers chronicle the LaGrange Insurance Agency which organized in 1908 with Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. as President and N.R. Hutchinson as Secretary-Treasurer. In its later years, the LaGrange Insurance Agency was fully owned by the Relief Association of LaGrange, the charitable arm of the Callaway Mills Company.



These insurance agency records reveal the interconnectedness of insurance agencies in a small town. The collection documents various aspects of four companies activities: Minutes of Stockholders Meetings are present for the LaGrange Insurance Agency, 1908-1931, and Hutchinson-Traylor, 1926-1955; and an agency loss record documents payments made to policy holders beginning with the Thorton-Freeman Agency, 1908-1918 and continuing with the Crossley-Hutchinson Company, 1918-1925 and the Hutchinson-Traylor Agency, 1926 to 1945. Other records include architectural drawings of Callaway Mills, the College Avenue subdivision, and the "Colored Nurses Home" for the City-County Hospital. Income tax records for LaGrange Insurance Agency, a volume

indicating sales of insurance stock scrip, and miscellaneous photos are also included.

Two aspects of these records are of particular interest. One, the minutes of the Hutchinson-Traylor Agency during the years of the Great Depression reveal that the company weathered the nation's economic crisis in fairly good shape. Only in 1932 did the company show a net loss for the year (and then only $141.00) and reduce officers' salaries. In all other years during the Depression, the company made a profit, paid dividends and gave its officers bonuses. This experience probably mirrors that of the Callaway Mills Companies which also survived the years in reasonably sound financial standing.

Also of interest is the volume entitled "Agency Loss Records" which dates from 1908 to 1945. This record indicates the name of the assured, date, policy number and company, amount of policy, amount claimed and allowed, date of payment and, of particular historical value, remarks on the cause of loss. Thus we note that in 1908 Southern Female College suffered a major fire which was not covered by insurance. In December 1936, about $10,000.00 was paid to the Troup County Commissioners for the County Courthouse which burned in November. Also, no losses were caused by the 1920 cyclone which hit southeast LaGrange and took 36 lives. The first loss due to auto theft was paid in January 1924 and major bills were paid out in January 1931 following the devastating Main Street fire whose cause was "of unknown origins." The volume ends in 1945.



Agency Records, 1908-1960

.3 linear feet

Minute books for the LaGrange and Hutchinson-Traylor Insurance Agencies, agency loss records, a volume noting scrip purchases for stocks, and income tax information for LaGrange Insurance Agency comprise this series. The minute books of Stockholders' annual meetings provide only limited information about the affairs of the companies but do indicate changes in officers, yearly financial standing, and miscellaneous items such as yearly charitable giving and officer's salaries.

A complete listing of the items in this series can be found in the container list.

Architectural Drawings, 1925-35

1 roll storage box .3 lf

Blueprints and drawings of various Callaway Mills, College Avenue subdivision, and the "colored nurses home" at City-County Hospital are all found here. The drawings for Hillside Cotton Mills, Unity Cotton and Spinning Plants, Milstead, and LaGrange and Hogansville's Calumet plants show additions, plant layouts, and the Milstead mill village. Plots of land on College Avenue are shown as they were being divided and sold off. Evidently the Hutchinson-Traylor agency handled the sale of these lots and also insured the nurses home. Both blue prints and building specifications for the nurses home are included.

Photographs, 1914-1930

4 items

Four photographs, perhaps of people associated with the insurance agencies, are found in this collection. Fuller Callaway, President of LaGrange Insurance Agency is shown in one of the photos "LaGrange Old-timers" are shown in another. A more complete listing follows in the container list.

Items Separated

OPMP-08 - Sanborn Maps, LaGrange - 1921 (no updates)

OPMP-09 - Sanborn Maps, LaGrange - 1930 (updated to 1960)

These are very detailed Sanborn Insurance Company maps which show homes and buildings thoughout the town. They also indicate number of stories, types of construction, outbuildings, etc. Container List

Series 1 Agency Records Box 1

Folder 1 1927-31 - Income Tax Returns, LaGrange Insurance Company

2 Agency Loss Records, 1908-1945

Volume 1 Scrip - for purchase of stock, 1929-?

2 Minutes, LaGrange Insurance Agency, 1908-1931

3 Minutes, Hutchinson-Traylor Insurance Agency, 1926-55

Series 2 Architectural Records Box 2 (Roll Storage Box)

#1 Milstead Manufacturing Co. - Mill Village by John S. Whitner (2 copies)

Hillside Cotton Mills - drawings of plant layout #1417 A-C May 14, 1927, 3 pages. Drawn by W.J. Fennel.

#3 Hillside Cotton Mills

drawn by J.M. Sullivan, April 11, 1935. 2 pages.

Unity Cotton Mills 2

drawn by J.M. Ciarrier, #1025 A & B, Sept. 16, 1925, 2 pages

#5 Set of drawings - Unity - April 13, 1933 - W.E. Smith

(5 pages) Milstead - May 25, 1933 - J.M. Ciarrier

Unity Spinning & Oakleaf - March 18, 1938 - H.R. Hayden

Calumet, LaGrange - Sept. 19, 1935 - J.M. Ciarrier

Calumet, Hogansville - Sept. 26, 1935 - J.P. Malin

#6 College Avenue Subdivision, April 1925 Drawn by A.D. Bradfield. Sold by National Auction Co., Louisville, RY. Colored Nurses Home, City-County Hospital, n.d. Blueprints (3 pages) and specifications.

Series III Photos

Photo 1 Four men in suits and ties with heavy machinery (textile mill scene?) c. 1920.

2 Large group of men, women, and children in front of the Hotel Redondo. Fuller Callaway is on front row just left of center. Photo by Charles E. McCarthy, Los Angeles, CA, c. 1915.

3. "Some of LaGrange's Old Timers". Large group of men, mostly in shirt sleeves, in a field. Photo by Cone's of Atlanta, July 30, 1914. Partial identification with photo.

OPP 22 Large group of men and women on steps of building.



Callaway, Fuller E., Sr.

Callaway Mills - Architectural Drawings

Callaway Mills - Insurance

City-County Hospital, Nurses Home

College Avenue Subdivision

Crossley-Hutchinson Insurance Agency

Hutchinson-Traylor Insurance Agency

Insurance Companies

LaGrange Insurance Agency

Relief Association of LaGrange

Southern Female College

Thornton-Freeman Insurance Agency