Manuscript MS-2010.04


SOURCE:   Holland Melson Ware

SIZE:  6 lf

SHELVING UNITS:   7 boxes, 6 vertical files, 5 framed items

PROCESSING: FCJ 2010, 2012, 2014


BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE:  Holland Melson Ware (b.  5-29-1937, LaGrange, Ga.), the son of Robert Shackelford Ware and Martha Melson, is an international businessman, ranked the 16th largest land owner in the United States in 2010, (Winston Skinner, Newnan-Times Herald  10-31-2010 quoting The Land Report: The Magazine of the American Landowner.)   His vast holdings comprise mostly timberlands, hunting land, and mineral rights.  He is personally involved in the management of his properties and businesses.  He created the Holland M. Ware Charitable Foundation and has made numerous and substantial philanthropic donations, primarily in the fields of humane treatment of animals and cancer research.  He funded the Holland M. Ware Cancer Research center at Emory University, the Holland M. Ware Imaging Center at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, and donated over $500,000 to the Humane Society of the United States to combat dog fighting.  He takes an active interest in Bethel Baptist Church in Heard County, which his family helped found in 1827, the family property surrounding it, and the Ware Family Reunion which is held there annually.  He owns several international corporations, including St. Regis Paper Co., LLC, the leading manufacturer and recycler of paper in the United Kingdom, and Forestar Group, Inc., as well as vast property in other countries.  The collection includes numerous articles concerning his business and philanthropic work, but there are no business papers in the collection.

SCOPE / CONTENT:  This collection consists of records related to Holland Melson Ware, businessman and philanthropist, and his family as well as historical information related mostly to places and institutions associated with him and his family.  Series I concerns articles, letters, and artifacts related to Ware, his parents, and to their family history and genealogy.  Series II contains photographs and audio visual materials related to the family and Hogansville history.




Series I  Family, Personal, and Historical Papers

Box 1


1           British Genealogical Chart of Ware Family

2           Large Pedigree Chart, ancestors of Holland M. Ware


Box 2


1 - 4      Binders, articles on Holland M. Ware, his philanthropies, and business ventures

5           Binder, letters of children and grandchildren of William J. Stevens and Isabella Rountree 1847-1874

6          1924 Hogansville High school Memory Book, Martha Melson (later Mrs. Robert S. Ware)

7          St. Johns County Timber Growers Association Distinguished Service Award, 1999

8          National Council for Medicine Award from Emory University

9          Humane Society Award, 2008


Box 3


1              The A & M School at Carrollton 1908-1933 (1978) 143 pages

2              From A & M to State University   (1998) 224 pages, hardbound

3              Binder, articles on Carrolton A & M

4              Reminiscences of 4th District Agricultural and Mechanical School by Nep Stevens Melson [Mrs. John Holland Melson]   (1941) 79 pages, softbound.

5              1918 Ledger of Accounts due W. G. Davis, most pages covered with pasted articles about the War Between the States, last page has article on the Nancy Harts, Nancy Hill Morgan, and Sally Fannie Reid Grant, all of Troup County, Ga.

6              Binder, Memorabilia of Martha Melson (later Mrs. R. S. Ware) from Bessie Tift College, 1920s

7 - 9        Three volumes of Chiaroscuro, Bessie Tift College Annuals, 1925, 1926, and 1927, owned by Martha Melson (later Mrs. R. S. Ware)

10 -11    Two volumes of Cauldron, Mercer University Annuals, 1926 and 1928, owned by Robert S. Ware.

12          Notebook with hand-written notes by Martha Melson Ware from her classes at University

               of Georgia

13           Photocopies of family information and pages and title pages of Melson Family Bible 1857.


Box 4


1              Album, Dedication Ceremony, Ware Diagnostic Imaging Center, Auburn University, November 18, 1990

2              Album, letters and news articles concerning large donations of Holland M. Ware to Auburn and Emory Universities, 1983-1985

3              Binder, news articles, about Holland M. ware’s purchase of Forestar Group, 2009.

4              Binder, news articles and letters concerning John Paul, 1983-1988

5              Binder, deeds, photographs, news articles about tree that owns itself in Heard Co., Ga.

6              Binder, Melson family papers, news articles, photographs, letters, small artifacts including 1842 leather wallet of Thomas A. Melson.

7-9          Calendars with family photographs each month, 1995, 1996, 1997

10           Psalms and New Testament, John H. Melson, 1948

11           Bible, John H. Melson, 1948

12           Bryan College 75th Anniversary Bible, 2005, presented to Holland Ware, gold embossed leather cover

13           Binder, letters concerning donations to Auburn University, 1985


Box 5


1-2          Binders, Melson Family papers, news articles, letters, photographs

3              Binder, Stevens-Baker-Roberts Families, deeds, photographs, news articles, letters, and Bible records.


Box 6


1              Binder, Robert Shackelford Ware photographs, letters, articles, documents, 1907-1990.

2              Plaque, American Cancer Society, Georgia Division to Holland M. Ware, 2000

3              Plaque, LaGrange-Troup County Humane Society, Lifetime Membership, Holland M. Ware

4              Plaque, Hogansville Kiwanis Club, to Holland M. Ware for philanthropy, 1987

5              Plaque, Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, to Holland M. Ware, 1989

6              Folder with unframed proclamations by City of LaGrange and Troup County, naming the Holland M. Ware Animal Shelter, 2006.



Series II            Photographs / Audio-Visual

Subseries A.       Photographs Framed

1              Dr. James Lawrence Baker, Sr. (1814-1886) copy of painting done ca. 1838, framed

2              Georgia House of Representatives 1937, composite of individual photographs of house members, includes Rigdon Mims Ware.  Framed, oversized

3              Georgia Senate 1905-1906, composite of individual photographs of senators, includes James B. Ware. Framed. oversized

4              Holland M. Ware Cancer Research Center, Emory University, 1983, framed

5              Holland M. Ware, Glenna Parkins, Richard M. Krause, Mr. West.  Emory Cancer Lab 1985, framed.



Subseries B.    Audio-Visual and Unframed Photographs

Box 1


1-3        Three reels of film taken by Martha Melson Ware on streets of Hogansville, 1941, with notes on who is in film

4              Martha Melson Ware’s 3 reels of film on streets of Hogansville, 1941, DVD.

5              Hogansville Newspapers Aug-Nov 1928, DVD.

6              Photographs of furniture from Holland M. Ware’s home, Hogansville, Ga.  Photographs are numbered on back and match the Inventory, at bottom of this inventory (copy in Folder in box).

7              1994 Holland M. Ware 12 million book gift to Carter Center in Atlanta, VHS

8              Emory Cancer Research/ Savannah Book Warehouse,  ca. 1994, VHS

9              Holland M. Ware  TV33, ca. 1990, VHS

10           Dedication Holland M. Ware Diagnostic Imaging Center Dedication, Auburn University, 18 November 1990, VHS

11           Emory Cancer Research $3 Book Sale, Channel 11 (Atlanta)  28 March 1991, VHS

12           Holland M. Ware Bookstore Opens in Buckhead, WXIA Channel 11 (Atlanta) Alive News 1991, VHS

13           Holland M. Ware, Channel 11 (Atlanta) community Service Awards.  Ca. 1990, VHS

14           Bill Liss “Money Matters” interview with Holland Ware and Dr. James Laney (Pres. Emory Univ.)  09 April 1991, VHS



Inventory of Holland M. Ware furniture, matches photographs in Item 6 of this box.
Holland Melson Ware in tuxedo, n.d.
Holland M. Ware at Emory Cancer Laboratory with unidentified man, n.d.
James Britton Ware (1830-1918) and wife Sarah Margaret Tabitha Simms (1833-1916) married 1849; photo taken 1912 on porch of Ware home place at Bethel, Heard Co., Ga.



Items separated at Troup County Archives

(Item 1 in Rare Books;  Items 2-9 in Troup County Archives Library; Item 10 in Vertical Files: Ware)

1              1928 copy of Hogansville News.

2              “Hi-Ya,Neighbor”   Memories of Franklin D. Roosevelt, by Ruth Stevens, 1947

3              Four Families: Winn, Thomas, Ware, Garrett  by Frederick Ware Huff, 1993

4              Family History: John Pendergrass of Bute Co., NC and Lancaster Co., S.C. by Robert A. Pendergrass, 1980

5              Our Favorite Recipes  First Methodist Church, Hogansville, Ga Ladies Circle #4, Women’s Society of Christian Service.  1949.   Cookbook

6              Genealogist’s Encyclopedia  L. G. Pine.  (1971)

7              Perilous Journeys: History of Steamboating on Chattahoochee, Apalachicola, and Flint rivers 1828-1928.

8              Everything to Gain by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, 1987.  Inscribed to Holland M. Ware.

9              Vanishing Georgia 1982.

10            Documented Lineage and Family Group Sheets, Ancestry of Holland Melson Ware


Six Folders  (Vertical files)

  1            Pedigree Charts, ancestry of Holland M. Ware

  2            Family group sheets and document copies, families of:  Baker, Barnes, Bennett, Bourne, Connell, Daniel, Day, Dickinson.

  3            Family group sheets and document copies, families of: Fort, Garrett, Grace, Harrison, Heflin, Hinds, Holland, Jones, Malone, Melson

  4            Family group sheets and document copies, families of: Mims, Munday, Poulle, Ridley, Shackelford, Simms, Sparks

  5            Family group sheets and document copies, families of: Stell, Stevens, Sturdivant, Thompson, Tomlinson

  6            Family group sheets and document copies, family of: Ware



Auburn University

Baker Family

Brigham Young University

Bryan College

Heard County, Georgia

Hogansville, Georgia

Emory University

Melson Family

Nineteenth Century furniture

Stevens Family

Troup County, Georgia

Ware Family