Manuscript MS-057


SOURCE: Files found in Hatton Lovejoy's old office by the Troup County Historical Society

SIZE: 10 inches


Robert Hatton Lovejoy (March 19, 1877 - April 6, 1964) was born in White Plains, Georgia, the son of William P. Lovejoy and Anna M. Lowe. Hatton Lovejoy received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in 1896 and a Bachelor of Law Degree in 1897, both from the University of Georgia. He was admitted to the bar in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia on June 1897 and started a law practice with his brother-in-law, Frank Harwell, in LaGrange that same year.

Hatton Lovejoy served as both director and attorney for LaGrange National Bank, LaGrange Savings Bank, Unity Cotton Mills and Manchester Cotton Mills. He also represented the Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic Railway Company and Chattahoochee Valley Railway Company. His practice included both civil and criminal cases with individual clients from all walks of life, rich and poor, the most prominent being Fuller E. Callaway.

Mr. Lovejoy believed that people should take responsibility for themselves and govern themselves rather than allowing or expecting the federal government to care of them through a centralized bureaucracy. In the 1950s, Lovejoy authored a booklet "The Province of Federal Power, n originally a panel forum on self government broadcast over the radio, in which he spoke out against the ever-growing powers of the government bureaucracy.

Mr. Lovejoy was the Troup County School superintendent from 1901 to 1908 and served in the State Legislature from 1909 to 1912. He was active in several civic organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Masons, and was a charter member of the LaGrange Rotary Club. He died on April 6, 1964, and is buried along with his family in Shadowlawn Cemetery.



These papers consist mostly of case files dating from 1914 to 1922. The cases deal with corporations, railroads, damage suits, examination of land titles, divorces, wills and criminal. Many of the files consist of copies of the cases as found in the court

records, others have hand written notes and correspondence regarding the case.

There is very little personally on Hatton Lovejoy. The only information involving Mr. Lovejoy is a letter dated October 4, 1918, which is an application for commission in the Judge Advocate General's Office of the Department of the United States Army. In the letter he gives a synopsis of his education and career at that time and includes letters of endorsements from local judges, justices of the Georgia Supreme Court, judges of the U.S. District Court, Fuller Callaway and Robert Alston, an attorney. There

is also the letter dated February 21, 1919, approving his commission, but nothing further indicating his acceptance. One other item in the collection is the booklet authored by Mr. Lovejoy entitled "The Province of Federal Power".



Given the age of these files, plus the importance of some of them to LaGrange's industrial development, it was decided to open these files. The papers are in poor condition due to water damage and acidic paper. Those papers in the poorest condition have been replaced with photocopies. Many folders have more than one case and are identified individually within each folder.



Box 1 - Folder

1 A-C

2 Callaway

3 C

4-5 D-G

6 Hillside Cotton Mills

7 Hirsh & Spitz Mfg. Co. vs Woodbury Oil Mill

8 L, M

9 Hatton Lovejoy

Box 2 - Folder

1 M

2-5 P-S

6 W

7 Warranty Deeds

8 Webb vs International Cotton Mills

9 W

10 Miscellaneous

11 Closed until 2020



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