Manuscript MS-069



SOURCE: Margaret Stovall estate, Atlanta, GA, 1986

SIZE: 1 linear foot

SHELVING UNITS: 1 Manuscript box 1 Volume, RB-28.08

2 Photographs folders

PROCESSING: RAA, September 1986



These records were compiled by Carrie Lee Hardy (Mrs. William Russell Stovall)(1879-1935), and her daughter, Margaret (1905-1985). Carrie Stovall was the daughter of Otis Dallis Hardy (1846-1922) and Emily Baba McGee (1847-1881). She was born in Troup County, but following her marriage she moved to Atlanta, where she lived the remainder of her live. Margaret Stovall was a lifetime resident of Atlanta. The records came to the Troup County Archives from the estate of Miss Margaret Stovall.



Mrs. Stovall's ancestors, the Hardys and McGees, were pioneer Troup County farmers, settling in the southeastern corner of the county adjacent to the Meriwether County line. This collection includes Mrs. Stovall's research notes on Hardy and McGee genealogy. The notes deal mostly with the family of otis D. Hardy, his father, Josiah, and grandfather, Thomas, who came to Troup County from Edgefield County, South Carolina, about 1830. McGee information consists of notes on the family of John Wesley McGee (1803-1867) and his wife, Caroline Elizabeth Stinson (1810-1883).

Family photographs, cat 1870-1922, and a collection of newspaper clippings about family members are included. Otis D. Hardy's Bible and his Masonic Lodge manual and law digest are also part of the collection. Photocopies of genealogical data from the Bible are included in the Archives' Vertical File under HARDY FAMILY. A separate collection of Hardy family photographs, TRP-33, are also available.



Folder 1 Genealogical research notes: Hardy

2 Genealogical research notes: McGee

3 Georgia land grant records: Hardy and McGee

4 Newspaper clippings, includes some obituaries

5 Memorabilia

Family record of William Russell Stovall

Stovall Baptist Church Bulletin, 30 April 1911

Post Card, Stovall Baptist Church, c 1911

Receipt for taxes, O.D. Hardy, 1891,1904

Receipt for milling wheat, Troup Factory Mills, 1871

6 Aiken's Lodqe Manual and Masonic Law Digest, O.D Hardy

7 LaGrange Reporter, 3 May 1867, features articles on Reconstruction



1 unknown infant

2 Mrs. Thomas Hardy?

3 Thomas Hardy

4-6 Emily Baba McGee Hardy 7-9 Carrie Lee Hardy

10 Willie and Carrie Hardy

11 Carrie Hardy Stovall and Margaret Stovall

12 John W. McGee, Jr.

13 Mrs. Geroge W. McGee

14 Stovall Baptist Church, Stovall, GA, c. 1911



Hardy Family Bible, RB-28.08



TRP-33 Hardy Family Photographs

MS-70 County Line Baptist Church Records



Dix, James T., n.d. Beall, James M., 1886 Dallis, H.W., 1886

Boyd, A.E., 15 June 1870

McGee, John Wesley, 3 May 1867, LaGrange Reporter Hardy, Joseph, 9 June 1922

Hardy, O.D., 10 February 1922

Hardy, Thomas, 14 November 1870

Gay, Caroline, 25 January 1922

Hardy, Laura A., 2 Febraury

Hardy, L.L., 18 June 1902

Moncrief, Sallie, 21 September 1902, LaGrange Reporter Hardy, John T., 8 February 1930

Hardy, Ann, 31 January 1891

Hardy, Richard D., 30 October 1892

Hardy, Thomas, Mrs., 17 October 1937

Hardy, Naomi, 3 February 1893

Cameron, Gabliella, 1886



Hardy family McGee family Stinson family Hardy, Thomas M.

Stovall Baptist Church Troup Factory

Freemasons Reconstruction - Georgia