Manuscript MS-089





Manuscript Collection No. 89

SOURCE: Frederick B. Hand, III, Pelham, GA, 1988

SIZE: 96 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 209 volumes
34 records center boxes
2 manuscript boxes of photographs
557 OP items - blueprints and maps

PROCESSING: RAA, 1988, 1990, 1991


The Hand Trading Company closed in 1984, after doing business for more than a century in Pelham in Mitchell County, Georgia. Frederick B. Hand, III, who had purchased controlling interest in the family business in 1982, donated the records to Troup County Archives. Because the Hand family has many LaGrange connections, it was thought to be appropriate to place these materials in Troup County Archives to make the family business records available to researchers.


Judson Larrabee Hand was born near Perry in Houston County, Georgia on 20 March 1850. He was the son of Columbus W. and Columbia A. Bower Hand. In 1856, the family moved from Houston County to Sumter County, Georgia. Mr. Hand graduated from the University of Georgia in 1871. In the spring of 1872, he moved to Mitchell County, Georgia and established a sawmill and turpentine distillery near Pelham, a whistle stop on the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad. A commissary, established about 1876 to serve Mr. Hand's employees, eventually grew into the Hand Trading Company, southwest Georgia's largest mercantile business.

In 1877, J.L. Hand married Emma Collingsworth of Sumter County. They had three children: Florence (Mrs. Thomas P. Hinman), Irene (Mrs. John Corrigan), and Judson Leland. Mrs. Hand died in 1898. Mr. Hand then married Florence Hollis, also of Sumter County. Their nine children were: Virginia (Mrs. Cason Callaway, Sr.), Larabee Davenport, Katherine (Mrs. Charles Rawson), Frederick Barrow, Columbus Washington, Benjamin Hollis, Henry Harrison, Alice (Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Jr.), and Clara (Mrs. Gann Morgan).

Mr. Hand was the first mayor and first postmaster of Pelham. He served several terms in the Georgia General Assembly. At the time of his death, 14 October 1916, he was president of the Hand Trading Company, Pelham Manufacturing Company, Pelham Phosphate Company, Pelham Oil and Fertilizer Works, the Farmers' Bank of Pelham, Pelham Loan and Investment Company, and Flint River and Northeastern Railway.


This collection contains business and political records of a prominent Southwest Georgia family. The records of the Hand family's diverse business interests reflect the status of South Georgia's agricultural economy from the end of Reconstruction to the early 1980s. Success in land speculation, farming, and timber and turpentine production coincided with establishment of the Hand Trading Company, the mercantile business that became the hub for J.L. Hand's expansion into banking, railroads, textiles, and fertilizer manufacture.

The records of the Hand Trading Company and its affiliates consist of audits, inventories, and business correspondence which trace the development and daily operation of the various businesses. Deeds and mortgages (the so-called "guano notes") comprise a large portion of the collection. Most of the 209 volumes in this collection are ledgers in which were posted daily or monthly accounts. Other volumes record annual inventories and minutes of directors' meetings. Blueprints show construction details and later renovations for the 1913 Hand Trading Company building, the Pelham Manufacturing Company, Pelham Phosphate Company, and other Hand properties.

The political papers of Frederick Barrow Hand, Sr. (1904-1978) comprise the second series of this collection. Fred Hand served in the Georgia General Assembly from 1933 to 1955. He was Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1947 to 1955. Mr. Hand's legislative records include committee appointments and correspondence regarding political issues and proposed legislation. Hand maintained a newspaper clipping file on issues and politicians prominent in the 1940s and 1950s. Of particular interest is material concerning the 1947 gubernatorial election controversy. Hand was instrumental in the legislature's selection of Herman Talmadge to succeed his deceased father, Eugene, as governor.

Also of note is material concerning the 1954 Supreme Court decision regarding desegregation of public schools. Public education was of primary concern to Fred Hand during his career in the legislature. He served as chairman of the Georgia School Building Authority from 1951 to 1955 and records from his tenure as chairman are included in this series. Along with most Southerners, Mr. Hand ardently opposed the Supreme Court decision. Maintenance of segregated public schools was the chief plank in his platform for his 1954 gubernatorial campaign.

Hand finished fourth among a large field of candidates in the 8 September 1954 Democratic gubernatorial primary. His campaign records consist mostly of correspondence soliciting support and discussing issues. Some material deals with campaign organization, such as staff appointments and weekly itineraries. Transcripts of his speeches and radio and television appearances are included. A large clipping collection includes press coverage of Mr. Hand's campaign and articles about his opponents and the campaign issues.

Photographs comprise Series III of this collection. The oldest photos date from the 1890s and show J.L. Hand's businesses and groups of his employees. Several early 1900s views of the town of Pelham and of the J.L. Hand residence are included. Photos of the Hand Trading Company date between 1913 and 1982. Few portraits or snapshots of members of the Hand family are included. -family photographs can be found in Few portraits or snapshots included. Additional Hand Troup County Archives Manuscript Collection 80, the Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens Collection. About one third of the photographs in the collection relate to Fred Hand's political career. They include publicity photos for his gubernatorial campaign and shots of Hand presiding at legislative functions. Many of the photos were made in connection with Mr. Hand's work on the Georgia School Building Authority. They show Hand promoting school bond sales and rural school construction.

Series IV contains Hand genealogical records collected by Fred Hand, Sr. Mr. Hand's records document several generations of the family in Georgia and include evidence tracing the family's migration from England to Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and southward.


BUSINESSES, c.1876-1982, 24 records center boxes, 209 volumes, 557 items (maps and blueprints)

This large series is composed primarily of business records from J.L. Hand's various enterprises. While the material in this series specifically traces the development of the Hand family's businesses, it also provides a general view of economic conditions in southwest Georgia for the last quarter of the nineteenth century and first three quarters of the twentieth century.

Most of the ledgers record mortgages and accounts receivable. A few contain inventories of merchandise or real estate, and some contain stock certificates. In general, information contained in the loose papers is duplicated in the ledgers in a more concise form. Extensive sets of blueprints show construction details for the 1913 Hand Trading Company building, 1911 Pelham Phosphate Company, and 1900 Pelham Manufacturing Company. Many of the blueprints were drawn by the noted Atlanta firm of Walker and Chase. Smaller sets of blueprints include renovations to the J.L. Hand residence and plans for many of the Hand family's smaller businesses and philanthropic projects. The map collection consists of land lot maps of southwest Georgia counties prepared by Hudgins & Company of Atlanta in the early 1900s. A complete listing of the ledgers, blueprints, and maps is included in the container list.

The earliest records in this series predate the retail store. Deeds and contracts dating from the late 1870s identify Malcolm Wilkes, W.C. Twitty, and J.M. Hurst as Mr. Hand's early business partners. Much of Mr. Hand's early correspondence concerns establishment of railway lines to serve his businesses. Other early correspondence deals with Mr. Hand's interest in textiles. Land records, including both deeds and mortgages, are among the oldest documents. The Hudgins maps show some of Mr. Hand's land holdings, c.1910.

The bulk of this series consists of records from the Hand Trading Company, the retail store. There is a nearly complete set of audits and tax records, 1916-1981. Correspondence deals with collection of accounts and purchase of merchandise for the store. Two boxes of mortgages, labeled ~Notes Receivable n or "Guano Notes, date from the late 1870s to the early 1980s. "Accounts Receivable" refers to monthly accounts for minor purchases. A few personnel and stockholder records are included among the loose papers. Family members served as officers and directors of the different companies. Some personal records of Hand Trading Company officers were found among the business files. They were separated and appear at the end of this series.

Records of the affiliated companies also consist of loose papers, ledgers, and blueprints, but are not as extensive as the records of the Hand Trading Company. Some include only one or two items. Financial statements, stock certificates, and a small amount of correspondence may be found in the loose papers. Ledgers from the affiliated companies record accounts receivable and inventories. There are extensive sets of blueprints for Pelham Phosphate Company and Pelham Manufacturing Company.

Below is a list of companies represented in this series.
Big Dixie Tobacco Warehouse
Farmers' Bank of Pelham
Flint River and Northeastern Railroad
H.T. Wholesale (wholesale division of Hand Trading Company)
Hand Insurance Company
Hand Trading Company (retail department store)
Pelham Canning Company
Pelham Livestock Company
Pelham Loan and Investment Company
Pelham Manufacturing Company (textile mill)
Pelham Oil and Fertilizer Company
Pelham Phosphate Company

1947-1958, 5 records center boxes

Frederick Barrow Hand, Sr., was a prominent South Georgia businessman and politician during the mid-twentieth century. After graduating from the University of Georgia, he returned to Pelham to participate in management of the Hand Trading Company. In 1932, he was elected to the State Senate. After serving one term in the Senate, he was elected to nine consecutive terms in the House of Representatives. From 1947 to 1954, he was Speaker of the House. He retired from politics following an unsuccessful bid for governor in 1954.

These records date primarily from the 1953 and 1954 legislative sessions and Fred Hand's 1954 gubernatorial campaign. Some correspondence and clippings also deal with the 1947 gubernatorial controversy in which the legislature elected Herman Talmadge to succeed his deceased father, Eugene. Fred Hand was a Talmadge supporter. The legislative records include committee appointments made by the Speaker and appointment of pages, attaches and chaplins. The Speaker's correspondence and collection of newspaper clippings deal with issues current in the mid-1950s.

Much of the material concerns the 1954 Supreme Court decision on desegregation of public schools, which Hand opposed. Fred Hand's records as chairman of the Georgia School Building Authority consist mostly of correspondence promoting financing for school buildings. Some minutes of Authority meetings are included.

Correspondence and publicity files comprise the bulk of the gubernatorial campaign collection. Most correspondence solicits or expresses appreciation for support. Some includes discussion of campaign issues. Newspaper clippings feature press coverage of Mr. Hand's campaign and the campaigns of his opponents. Transcripts of Mr. Hand's campaign speeches and radio and television appearances are included. Items regarding campaign organization include staff appointments and weekly itineraries.

SERIES III, PHOTOGRAPHS, c.1890-1989, 2 manuscript boxes

Most of the photographs in this series are views of the Hand family's business establishments. The oldest photos, dating from the 1890s, show J.L. Hand's commissary, cotton gins, fertilizer works, textile mill, and other businesses. Some of the older photos feature groups of Hand's employees. Several views of the town of Pelham were also made about 1890 to 1910. Photos of the Hand Trading Company building date from its construction in 1913 to 1984, when the interior was renovated.

Six photos show the J.L. Hand residence and gardens about 1910. There are three reproductions of a photographic portrait of J.L. Hand, c.1915, but only a few portraits or snapshots of other members of his family. (More photographs of members of the Hand family can be found in Troup County Archives Manuscript Collection 80, the Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens Collection.)

About one-third of the photographs in this series relate to Fred Hand's political career. There are a few publicity photos for his gubernatorial campaign. Some photos show him presiding at legislative functions, but most of the photos were made in connection with his work on the Georgia School Building Authority. Fred Hand is shown signing school bonds and meeting with educators and youth groups. Twenty-eight photos, c.1954, show recently constructed rural schools.

1 manuscript box

In 1968, Fred Hand, Sr. began work on the Hand family genealogy. Primarily through correspondence with other researchers, he documented several generations of the family in Georgia. His research indicates that the Georgia Hands probably descend from immigrants who came to Massachusetts in the 17th century. Mr. Hand corresponded with researchers and libraries in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, where branches of the Hand family settled, in addition to descendants of the Georgia Hands. His collection includes photocopies of estate and military records documenting the life of his ancestor, Henry Hand. A few items pertain to Mr. Hand's Hollis ancestors.

Mr. Hand died in 1978, leaving his genealogical collection to his sister, Alice Hand Callaway. Mrs. Callaway placed the collection at Troup County Archives in 1990.



Box 1-5 Correspondence, c.1876-c.1969 (arranged alphabetically)

Box 6-7 Notes receivable, c.1883-1981 (arranged alphabetically)

Box 8 Accounts receivable, 1915-1916, 1954-c.1970 Accounts ledger, c.1900-1940 (very fragile) 2 files closed until 2035

Box 9 Account records, c.1930-1982

Box 10-12 Deeds, c.1852-1981
(arranged alphabetically by property name)

Box 13 Contracts, c.1876-1981
(arranged alphabetically by vendor name)

Box 14 Stockholders' records
Folder 1 Preferred stock certificates, 1908-1978
2 Preferred stock certificates, Series B, 1910-1982
3 Capitol stock certificates, 1894-1923
4 Stock certificates, charter renewals, 1893-1973, and minutes, charter stockholders' meeting, 18 December 1893
5-7 Minutes of directors' meetings, 1910-1982 (incomplete) 8 Stockholders' proxies, stock transfers, 1955-1982
9-25 Minutes of stockholders' meetings, c.1941-1975

Box 15
Folder 1-22 Inventory records
1-3 Inventory reports by department, 1915-1981
4 Fertilizer reports, 1956-1962
5-9 Corn reports, 1956-1962
10-21 Inventory ledgers by department, 1916-1920
22 Inventories, 1945-1960

23-31 Personnel records
23 Salary schedules, 1910-1959 (incomplete)
24-26 Monthly salaries, 1935-1936
27 Weekly salary ledger, 1968 28-29 Bonus lists, c.1950-1965
30 Employment records, 1904-1972
31 Employee benefits, 1958-1982

Box 16 Tax records, 1911-1981

Box 17-19 Financial statements/audits, 1914-1981

Box 20
Folder 1-17 Hand Insurance Company, listing of properties covered, 1939-1944
18-35 H.T. Wholesale, Georgia Department of Revenue wholesale tobacco distributors' monthly reports, 1950-1968
36 Purchase orders, 1950-1959

Box 21
Folder 1-12 Pelham Manufacturing Company
Folder 1 Pelham Manufacturing Company petition for charter, c.1900
2 Specifications for mill buildings, 1900
3-6 Construction contracts, 1900
7 Correspondence, 1906
8 Textile industry regulations, c.1900
9-10 Abingdon Textile Mill, Huntsville, Alabama, 1906
11-12 Elizabeth Cotton Mills, Atlanta, Georgia, 1902
13-35 Pelham Phosphate Company
13 Pelham Phosphate Company, acid plant construction, 1911
14 Maps and plats, c.1911-1955
15 Sales contracts, 1912-1915
16-35 Financial statements, 1925-1973

Box 22
Folder 1-37 Pelham Oil and Fertilizer Company
Folder 1-5 Deeds and leases, 1902-1971
6 E.P. McBurney Oil Mill deal, 1902 7-8 Contracts, 1910-1973
9 Southern Weighing and Inspection Bureau, 1944-1969 10 Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, c.1915-1966
11 Georgia Power Company, c.1915-1966 12 Trust Company of Georgia, 1966
13 Production records, 1965-1966 14 Accounts receivable, c.1948-1967 15-20 Taxes, c.1911-1975
21-36 Financial statements, 1931-1971
37 Pelham Livestock Company taxes, 1922-1926 38-42 Accounts receivable
38-43 Pelham Livestock Company
43 Pelham Investment Company audit, 1925
44-51 Pelham Investment Company 52 Farmers' Bank of Pelham
44 Stock certificates, 1915-1932
45 Taxes, 1930-1935
46 Correspondence, financial, 1932-1934
47-48 Stockholders' proxies, 1925-1935
49-50 Financial statements, 1923-1935
51 Farmers' Bank of Pelham, financial statements, 1925, 1942, 1958; stock certificates, 1981

Box 23
Folder 1-19 Big Dixie Tobacco Warehouse
Folder 1-13 Big Dixie Warehouse taxes, 1929-1971
14 Liquidation of corporation, 1971
15 Correspondence, 1954-1971
16-18 Financial statements, 1958-1971
19 Equipment and specifications tobacco warehouse, n.d.

Box 24
Folder 1-38 Personal records of Hand Trading Company officers
Folder 1-2 Baggs, Armond R., 1892-1938
(includes specifications and correspondence with William J.J. Chase regarding construction of Pelham school building, W.P.A. project, 1938)
3-20 Hand, Fred B., Sr., 1956-1960
21-28 Hand, Henry Harrison, 1935-1962.
29 Hand, J.L. will, 1916 & J. L. Hand biographical sketch
30 Sympathy telegrams and obituaries on death of J.L. Hand, October, 1916
31 Mrs. J.L. Hand correspondence, 1901-1935
32-38 Twitty, C.R., 1875-1910

39-49 Miscellaneous documents and Hand memorabilia
39 System Magazine, September 1925, article on Hand Trading Company
40 Clippings, sale of Hand Trading Company, 1982
41 "A Brief History of Pelham", Mrs. L.D. Hand, n.d. 42 Subscriptions to Hansell County Campaign Committee, 19 June 1914
43 Clippings, Pelham and Hand Trading Company
44 Slave deed, estate of John Adams to Joseph J. Bradford, Mitchell County, 6 February 1861
45 Mrs. J.L. Hand memorabilia
Railroad passes, 1914-1915
Clipping, Fred Hand in Legislature, c.1937
Clipping, Florence Rice at Pine Theatre, n.d.
Hand childrens' report cards, 1912-1919
J.L. Hand letter to "Mike" written in 1871 upon Hand's graduation from the University of Georgia (photocopy)
Data sheet on J.L. Hand and Hand home (complier and date unknown)
46 Hand Trading Company memorabilia
packaging sample, Hand's Sifted White Corn Meal
47 F.B. Hand, Sr. memorabilia
Campaign cards, F.B. Hand, Sr. and F.B. Hand, Jr., 1968
Letter from fictional Hand Trading Company customer
Soil Survey of Mitchell County, Georgia

Box 25 1991 additions
Fred Hand campaign sticker
Saturday Evening Post, Nov. 9, 1921
Country Gentleman, December 1920
Woman's Home Campaign, September 1925
Systems Magazine, September 1925
Sulphuric Acid Audit, vol 1, parts 1 & 2, George Lunge, 1903

OP 1 Bird's-eye View of Pelham, 1908, matted print,

OP 2 Print of pen and ink drawing of Hand Trading Company Warren L. Kirbo, 1979,

OP 3 Fred B. Hand, Sr. honorary commission to staff of Governor Ernest Vandiver, 1959,

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted ledgers are from the Hand Trading Company.

Accounts Ledgers, Volumes II-SS, 1910-1920, 21 volumes,

Art Work of Southern Central Georgia, n.d., Big Dixie Warehouse

Account Book 1, 1936, Cash Book, 1929-1971, Stock Certificates, 1971,

Bills Receivable Register, 1927-1951,
Bonds, Deeds, and Land Contracts, Books 1 and 2, 1897-1902,

Building Fund Committee Collections, B.U. Curry, 1904-1906,

"C" Ledgers KK-WW, 13 volumes, 1912-1930,

Cash Books/Ledgers, 1893
Volume RR, 1919,

Check Register, c.1933-1951 (labeled Sales Book 1),

Check Register #3, 1951,

Collateral Notes Register, 1923-1937,

Common Stock Certificates, 1924-1970,

Day Book, c.1897-1905,

Dean Fertilizer Ledgers, 1966-1967, 2 volumes,

Deed Book, 1943-1970,
Real Estate Ledger, B.U. Curry's Desk, 2 volumes, c.1929
Bonds, Deeds and Land Contracts, Books 1 and 2,

Double Entry Ledger, 1951,

Farmers Bank of Pelham
Deed and Bond Book, c.1905-1921,

Funeral Register, 1921-1924,
Funeral Record, 1928-1935,

General Sales Ledger, 1901,

Griffin Oil Company Ledgers, 1966-1967, 2 volumes,

Guano Ledgers, 34 volumes, 1914-1967,

Guano Note Register, 1953-1957,

Gulf Oil Company Fertilizer Ledger, 1965,

H.T. Wholesale Company
Inventory, Fred Hand Notebook, n.d.,
Current Double Entry Ledger, 1952-1981,

Hand and Whitehurst Ledger, 1887,

Insolvent Ledger, 1887-1904,
Insolvent Register, 31 December 1913,
Insolvent Petit Ledgers, 1913-1930, 2 volumes,
Insolvent Ledger, c.1935-1978,

Insurance, 1936-1937,

1882-1919, 8 volumes,

Inventory of J.L. Hand Assets as of 1 January 1891,
Inventory of Hand and Wilkes Assets, 1890-1893, 3 volumes,
Hand Trading Company Inventory of Assets, 1898,
Inventory, Fred Hand Notebook, n.d.,

Invoice Register, 1964,
Journal SS-TT, 2 volumes, 1920-1921,

Directors' and Stockholders' Minutes, 1893-1902, and Directors' Minutes, 1902-1930,
Stockholders' Minutes, 1931-1940, Minutes of Directors, 1927-1938, Stockholders' Minutes, 1902-1930, Minutes, Directors' Meetings, 1927-1938,

Minutes of Managers' Meetings, 26 March 1917-11 August 1921,

Mitchell County Supply Company
Minutes of Stockholders and Directors, c.1910-1948,

Pelham Canning Company
Stock Certificates, 1920,

Pelham Investment Company
Bonds, 1935,
Ledger AA, 1914,
Minutes of Directors' Meetings, c.1913-1935,
Minutes of Stockholders' Meetings, c.1913-1935,
Stock Ledger, c.1914-1931,

Pelham Livestock Company
Directors' Minutes, 1918,
Stock Certificates, 1918,
Stockholders' Minutes,

Pelham Manufacturing Company
Cloth Book, 1913,
orders, c.1904,
Production Ledger, c.1902,
Stock Ledger, c.1900,
Transfer Cotton Mill Petit Ledger, c.1936-1942,

Pelham Oil and Fertilizer
Accounts Receivable, c.1952-1968,
Appraisal Summary, 1927, 2 copies,
Check Register, c.1949-1967,
Credit Sales, 1961,
Journal, 1936-1937,
Plant Appraisal, 1920,
Plant Appraisal, 1927, 2 copies,
Plant Appraisal, 1961,
Stockholders' Minutes, 1904-1926,

Pelham Phosphate
Appraisal, 1927, 2 copies,
Appraisal Summaries, 1927, 2 copies
Appraisal, 1962,
Appraisal, n.d.,
Costs Ledger, 1911,
Double Entry Ledgers, 1911-1922, 7 volumes,
Fertilizer Mixing Ratios, 1931,
Interpretations, Code of Trade Practices of the Fertilizer Industry, 1927,
Journal, 1911,
Journal, 1920,
Ledger, 1920,

Petit Ledgers QQ-TT, 5 volumes, 1918-1921,
Real Estate Ledger, B.U. Curry's Desk, 2 volumes, c.1929,
Salesmen's Totals, 1939-1940,
Sawmill Accounts, 1883, 1
Tax Record, 1940,
Trial Balance Ledgers
Unidentified, undated ledger (appears to be listing of account numbers),

Unlabeled, 1921-1923 (appears to be listing of bills payable by department showing date paid, vendor, and check number),

Unidentified receipt ledger, 1900,
Unidentified receipt ledgers, c.1929-1937, 2 volumes,
Unidentified ledger, 1946-1948,
Wholesale Ledgers RR-TT, 3 volumes, 1919-1921,
Wholesale Ledger, Monthly Accounts, A-K, 1930-1950,
L-Q, 1930-1950,

Alley Stores, n.d., tracings, 2 sheets,
Barber Shop and Cafe, M.S. Stewart, n.d., 1 sheet,
Canning Plant
Pelham Canning Company, M.S. Stewart, n.d., 1 sheet,
Second Floor Plan, Pelham Baptist Church, T.W. and E.O.
Smith, Columbus, GA, n.d.,
Educational Building, Hand Memorial Methodist Church,
Joseph W. Turner, Albany, GA, c.1956,
Farmers' Bank of Pelham and Richter Store, n.d., tracing,
1 sheet,
Flint River and Northeastern Railroad
Depot Scale, E. & T. Fairbanks & Company, St. Johnsbury, VT,
n.d., 1 sheet,
Freight and Passenger Depot, Flint River and Northeastern
Railroad, T.W. Smith and Company, Columbus, GA, n.d., 4 sheets,
Map of Southern Railway System, 1921, 1 sheet,
Profile, Flint River and Northeastern Railroad, Ed. Wilson,
Engineer, 1907, 1 sheet,
Umbrella Shed, Flint River and Northeastern Railroad, T.W.
Smith and Company, Columbus, GA, n.d., 1 sheet,

Georgia Power Company and U.S. Post Office Building
Alterations, Lloyd Greer, 1936, 8 sheets,

Grain Elevator
Pelham Grain Elevator, n.d., 5 sheets,

Old Grocery Store, n.d., 5 sheets,

Hand, Mrs. J.L.
Plat of Residence Lot, Mrs. J.L. Hand, 7 August 1964,
G.E. Warren, 1 sheet,
Drawings for Alterations in House of Mrs. J.L. Hand,
Heintz, Reid, and Adler, Atlanta, Job No. 322,
30 December 1917,
Mrs. J.L. Hand Stores, T.W. Smith & Company, Columbus, GA,
1912, 8 sheets,

Hand, L.D.
Plat - Property of L.D. Hand, North Pelham Heights Subdivision,
E.L. Carter, 25 June 1946,
Residence for Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Hand, Richard V. Richard,
Dennis & Dennis, Albany, GA, 29 September, 1950,
Remodeled residence of Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Hand, Lloyd Greer,
Valdosta, GA, n.d.,

Hand Trading Company -
Plans for Department Store Building for the Pelham Investment
Company, Walker & Chase, Architects and Engineers, Atlanta, 1913-1916, 231 sheets,
Renovations, Gorman & Associates, 1984, 11 sheets,
Renovations, Harry Walter, St. Louis, 31 July 1956, 1 sheet,

Hotel, Pelham, GA, E. Dougherty and A.M. Robinson,
Architects, n.d., 2 sheets,
Hurst Block Buildings, M.S. Stewart, 1916, 2 sheets,
Chattanooga, TN, E.F. Whittman, 1885,

Land Lot Maps, Hudgins Company, Atlanta
Colquitt County, 1906,
Decatur County, 1908,
Grady County, 1906,
Mitchell County, 1911 (original and 1 copy),
Thomas County, 1908,

Irwin County Land Lot Map, B.F. Johnson, Office of Secretary of State, 1892,
Mitchell County Land Lot Map, Roger D. Flippen Company, 1911,
Mitchell County Land Lot Map, 1930,
Mitchell County, Camilla, Pelham, Hopeful Areas, n.d.,
Mitchell County Rural Road System, n.d.,
Pelham, Georgia
Aerial Photographs, Pelham and Vicinity, 1940, 10 sheets,
Electric Light Diagram, Pelham, n.d., 1 sheet,
Map of Subdivision in the Town of Pelham, 8 September, 1921, 1 sheet,
Map of Town Of Pelham, Thrup & Thrup, 1893, 2 copies,
Official Zoning Map, Pelham, Southwest Georgia Planning and
Development Commission, n.d., 1 sheet,

Pelham Municipal Works; Wells, Resevoirs, Water, Lights, Ice
Plant, Ludwig & Company, 1908, 1 sheet,

Plat of Railroad Street, Pelham, GA, For Paving Estimate, 1915, 1 sheet,

Poster - Birdseye View of Pelham, Georgia, 1908, 2 copies,

Proposed State Highway, Mitchell County, Georgia Highway
Department, c.1936, 7 sheets,

Proposed Street Improvements, Pelham, A.S. Vann, City Engineer,
n.d., 10 sheets,

Proposed Water Tower, Pelham, Virginia Bridge & Iron Company,
Roanoke, VA, 1904, 1 sheet,

Sewer Extensions, Pelham, J.B. McCrary & Company, Atlanta,
1943, 1944, 1947, 1 sheet,

Sewer Line, Wilder Street, Pelham, M.S. Stewart, 3 September 192Q, 1 sheet,

Water Extensions, Pelham, J.B. McCrary & Company, 1947, 1 sheet,

Pelham Manufacturing Company
Map of Pelham Manufacturing Company, Factory Insurance Association, Hartford, CT, 1910, 2 copies,
Map of Northwest Portion of Pelham, M.S. Stewart,
18 April 1901, (Mill Village?), 1 sheet,
New Cottages, Cotton Mill, n.d., 1 sheet,
Pelham Manufacturing Company, M.S. Stewart, c.1900, 30 sheets,
Pelham Oil and Fertilizer Company
Pelham Oil and Fertilizer Works, n.d., 10 sheets,
Railroad Scales, Buffalo Scale Company, Buffalo, NY,
12 May 1898, 4 sheets,
Pelham Phosphate Company
Map of Pelham Phosphate, General Valuations, Appraisers &
Engineers, 1927, 1 sheet,
Pelham Phosphate Company, Peter S. Gilchrist, Architect and
Engineer, Charlotte, NC, c.1900, 88 sheets,

Mitchell County Training School Alterations, Ed Culpepper, n.d.,
School Building for Pelham, GA, William Chase, Atlanta, 12 July 1908(?),

Service Station

Hand Trading Company Service Station, n.d., 10 sheets,

Tobacco Warehouse

Big 4 Warehouse Elevations, Armco Drainage & Metal Products,
New Orleans, 1944, 4 sheets,
Office Building At New Warehouse, L.W. Carter, Thomasville,
1944, 2 sheets,
Pelham Tobacco Market, Map of Area Served, 10 March 1944,
1 sheet,
Pelham Tobacco Warehouse, M.S. Stewart, Thomasville, GA, n.d.
15 sheets,


Box 1 Georgia General Assembly Records, 1947-1955
Folder 1 Audit - Report of Examination, General Assembly of Georgia, Year Ended 30 June 1952
2 Biographies - F.B. Hand
3 Capitol Directory, 1954
4 Chaplins - House of Representatives, 1953
5 Committee appointments - House of Representatives, 1951-1953
6-8 Committee reports, 1953
9 Condemnation of Georgia owned property by city of Chattanooga, TN, 1954
10 Current and proposed legislation, 1953
11 Election results, 1952
12 Farmers' market controversy, Camilla, GA, 1958
13 Football tickets, 1953
14-15 Interim committees, 1953-1954
16 Livestock and agricultural issues, 1954
17-23 Loyalty oaths, 1954
24-25 Legislative payroll, 1952-1953
26-28 Pages and attaches, 1953
29 Pre-legislative Conference, 1954
30 Requisitions, 1953
30-36 Speeches and press releases - F.B. Hand, 1947-1955
37 State Programs Study Committee report, 25 May 1955
38 Status of bills in General Assembly, 1953
39 Stevenson, Adlai - requests for tickets to speech, 24 November 1953
40-42 Talmadge gubernatorial controversy, 1947
43 Tax Fund Budget For Fiscal Year Ending 30 June 1955
44 White Primary Bill,Notebook 1-2 Alphabetical listings of House members indicating committee assignments, 1953-1954
3 F.B. Hand's directory of political and business contacts, c.1953

Box 2 Correspondence
NOTE: Mr. Hand's Capitol office filed legislative correspondence alphabetically by county name. His Pelham office filed both legislative and personal correspondence by surname. Both systems have been retained here.

Folder 1-35 Legislative correspondence, 1953-1954
36-59 Personal correspondence, 1954-1958

Box 3 Georgia School Building Authority
Folder 1 Audit, 1953
2-5 Bond issues, 1952-1954
6 County Boards of Education
7-8 Education Committee minutes and report, 1953
9 Expense vouchers, 1953-1954
10 Finance Committee reports, 1954
11 Legislative act creating Georgia School Building Authority, 1951
12 Legislative act to establish Minimum Foundation Program of Education in Georgia, n.d.
13 Minutes of Authority meeting, 16 December 1953
14 Promotion of bond sales, 1951-1954
15 Published statements by Hand supporting various education bills, 1951-1953
16 Resignation from Building Authority, 1955
17 School buildings subcontractors
18-19 School funding statistics, 1947-1952
20-21 Transcripts of Georgia Commission On Education Meetings, 25 June and 19 July, 1954
22 Trip to New York to sell bonds, 1955 Georgia School Building Authority Correspondence
23 American Institute of Architects, 1954
24-25 Audit, 1954 - comments
26-27 General correspondence, 1937-1954
28-29 Georgia Education Commission, 1954
30 Griffin, Marvin
31-33 House Bill 710, distribution of school funds, 1952
34 National Education Association, 1953
35 Segregation
36 Sibley, John A. 1952-1953
37 Trusteeships of revenue bonds, 1953

Box 4 Gubernatorial Campaign,
Folder 1 Announcement of candidacy, February 1954 and biographical sketch
2 Campaigns for offices other than governor
3-4 Campaign fund bank statements
5 Employment applications - campaign staff
6 Gowen, Charles - candidate for governor, 1954
7 Griffin, Marvin - candidate for governor, 1954
8 "Hand for Governor" clubs
9 Headquarters, Henry Grady Hotel, Atlanta, and staff organization
10 Itineraries
11-16 Mailing lists - potential supporters
17 Minor gubernatorial candidates, 1954
18-20 Paid bills
21 Platform
21-23 Press releases
24 Proposed investigation of voting irregularities
25 Publicity vendors
26-27 Talmadge, Herman
28 Thompson, Melvin E. - candidate for governor, 1954
29-65 Transcripts of Hand's speeches and television appearances
66 Vote tabulation, Democratic primary, 18 September 1954
66 Weekly itineraries -

Box 5 Campaign Correspondence From Pelham Headquarters (arranged alphabetically by surname)
Folder 1-2 Form letters
3 Acknowledgement of contributions
4 Announcement to Congressional delegation
5-44 Campaign correspondence

Box 6-8 Campaign Correspondence From Atlanta Headquarters (arranged alphabetically by county name)

Box 9 Clippings
Folder 1-11 Georgia General Assembly
12-27 Gubernatorial Campaign, 1954
28-38 Georgia Political Issues, 1955

Folder 1 County Unit System, 1950
2-6 Georgia legislature, 1943-1954
7 Loyalty oath, 1954
8 Merit System, 1954
9 Milk price support, 1954
10 Segregation, 1954
11 Teacher pay increase, 1952
12 Platforms - gubernatorial candidates
13 Gowan, Charles
14-17 Griffin, Marvin
18-19 Hand, Fred
20-22 Linder, Tom
23-27 Thompson, M.E.
28-32 Georgia School Building Authority - Fred Hand resignation
33-38 Marvin Griffin administration

The Statesman, A Recorder of Georqia Governmental Affairs, Hapeville, Georgia, 5 issues, 1950-1952
The Auqusta Courier, Roy Harris, Publisher, 107 issues, 1951-1953


OP 3 Fred Hand honorary appointment to staff of Governor Ernest S. Vandiver, 13 January 1959

Box 1
Folder 1 Hand family, c.1900-1920
2 J.L. Hand residence, 1910s
3 J.L. Hand employees, 1900s
4-5 Hand Trading Company department store, 1896-1976
6 EIand Trading Company subsidiaries, 1896-1915
7 Pelham, Georgia, 1894-1940 -
8 Postcards and travel, c.1900s
9 Fred Hand - political, 1950s

Folder 1, ph 1-16, portraits and groups

ph 1 J.L. Hand, 2 8x10 copies of c.1910s photo
2 Mrs. J.L. Hand with amarillis, c.1950
3 Dr. Thomas P. Hinman, c.1920
4 Frederick Davenport Hollis, c.1960
5-6 unidentified
7 Larabee, Frederick, Alice(?), Clara(?) Hand in swing, c.1915
8 Florence Davenport Hollis, Florence Hollis Hand, Katherine Hand Rawson, Florence Hollis Rawson, n.d.
9 Voncile Parker Hand, Florence Hollis Hand, others unidentified, c.1950
10 unidentified child, McKinstry Studio, Americus, GA, n.d.
11-13 unidentified young women, c.1890
14 Frederick B. Hand, Sr. family Christmas Card, c.1950
15-16 Bird dog, Fishel's Franks King, n.d.

Folder 2, ph 17-21, J.L. Hand residence
17-19 J.L. Hand residence, Pelham, GA, n.d.
20-21 Gardens at J.L. Hand residence, n.d.

Folder 3, ph 22-27, J.L. Hand employees
ph 22 unidentified group in front of Hand Trading Company, 24 December 1909
23 Hand Trading Company Bank employees, 1909, 3x5 copy of OPP 3
24 unidentified group of carpenters, n.d., 3x5 copy
25 unidentified group, n.d.
26 unidentified group in front of Hand Trading Company, n.d.
27 Carpenters and saw mill crew in front of J.L. Hand Commissary, n.d., 3 copies (also 1 framed copy and a framed description of the commissary )

Folder 4, ph 28-38, Hand Trading Company buildings
ph 28 1890 J.L. Hand building, photographed 23 July 1896
29 Construction of Hand Trading Company, c.1913, original and 1 copy
30-31 Hand Trading Company, c.1920 and c.1930
32 Hand Drugs, Georgia Power building, c.1940
33-35 Hand Trading Company, 1969, color snapshots
36 Hand Trading Company, c.1970s
37 Hand Trading Company, Hand Drugs, n.d.
38 Hand Trading Company, 1976

Folder 5, ph 39-70, Hand Trading Company interiors
39 Hardware Department, n.d., postcard, 3 copies
40 Grocery Department, n.d., postcard, 2 copies
41 Grocery Department, n.d., 8x10 photo used for postcard
42 Stairway, c.1920s
43 Fabric Department, n.d.
44-47 50th Anniversary, n.d.
48-55 Snapshots for renovations by Harry Walter, St. Louis, MO, August 1956
56-70 Color snapshots, 1969

Folder 6, snapshots (not numbered)

Hand Trading Company employee cookout, Midway Plantation, 1982

Remodeling and relocation of departments, Hand Trading Company, 1982

Remodeling and renovations of Hand Trading Company for B.C. Moore and Sons, tenants, 1984

Folder 7, ph 71-80, Hand Trading Company subsidiaries
ph 71 Pelham Manufacturing Company, c.1915
72 Cotton Gin, 16 September 1894
73 Oil Mill, 10 September 1894
74 Sea Island Cotton Gin, 23 July 1896, 2 copies
75 Selling Cotton, 14 September 1894
76 Pelham Guano Factory, 23 July 1896
77 Pelham Oil Mill, 23 July, 1896, 2 copies
78 Interior, Sea Island Cotton Gin, 23 July, 1896, 2 copies
79 Pelham Phosphate Company(?), n.d.
80 Mathewson Farm, cotton field, 23 July 1896

Folder 8, ph 81-89, Pelham, GA
ph 81 Labor quarters, north Pelham, 14 September 1894
82 Hand Trading Company buildings, 10 September 1894,
2 originals, 1 3x4 copy
83 Pelham City Hall, c.1900s, postcard
84 Street Scene, Pelham, c.1940, postcard
85 Pelham business district, c.1900
86 Cotton wagon in Pelham, 1914
87 View of Pelham from Hand House, n.d., 2 originals and 2 copies
88 Northeastern Boulevard, Pelham, 16 September 1894 original and 1 copy
89 Depot, Pelham(?), n.d.

Folder 9, ph 90, J.L. Hand gravesite, 1916, postcard

Folder 10, ph 91-102
ph 91 Cable incline up Lookout Mountain, c.1902, postcard
92-102 Niagara Falls (?), snapshots, n.d.

Folder 11, ph 103-129, Fred Hand political photos
ph 103-105 Fred Hand portraits
106 Hilda Cox, Eunice H. Austin, Mary H. Freeman, M.D.
Collins, December 1947
107 Herman Talmadge, Fred Hand (1947 Talmadge inauguration?)
108 Fred Hand with Lord Milner of England, n.d.
109-110 Presentation of gifts in the legislature, n.d.
111 Fred Hand, Sr., Fred Hand, Jr.(?), and unidentified at banquet, n.d.

112 Roy Harris, 2nd from right, and unidentified, n.d.
113 Signing school bonds, Ferol D. Overfelt, James W. Simmons, Fred B. Hand, J.L Hill, c.1952
114 Delivering school bond, Fred Hand, 3rd from left, others unidentified, n.d.
115 Fred Hand, 2nd from right, others unidentified, at banquet, n.d.
116 Fred Hand, left, and unidentified, n.d.
117 Fred Hand with Cub Scouts, n.d.
118 Fred Hand at political rally, n.d.
119-129 Snapshots, election night, Henry Grady Hotel, Atlanta 8 September 195

Folder 12, ph 130-158 Georgia School Building Authority photographs of rural schools, 1950s
Folder 13, ph 159-162 photos from Fred B. Hand, Sr.
Genealogical Records

ph 159 Judson Leland Hand (1888-1958)
160 Alice Hinman Hand (Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Jr.)
(1912- ), c.1930
161-162 unidentified (possibly a Barrow), c.1918
Folder 14, ph 163 Eleanor and Frederick, children of Fred
Hand, III, Christmas card, 1989

Oversize photographs

OPP 1 J.L. Hand portrait, n.d., same as ph 1
2 Virginia Hand Callaway (daughter of Virginia and Cason Callaway), c.1926
3 J.L. Hand and employees, c. 1900, identified on back of photo, 2 copies
4 J.L. Hand and employees, c.1900
5 Hand Trading Company soda fountain, c.1900s
6-7 Aerial views, Pelham, n.d.
8 J.L. Hand gravesite, 1916 (enlargement of ph 90)
9 J.L. Hand residence, n.d. (framed)

Box 1
Folder 1 Correspondence Atlanta Public Library - Blackman, Marjorie H.
2 Cape May, NJ - Gibbs, Virginia
3 Hale, Mrs. Ellis Flemming
4 Hand, Bryce - Henry, Jeanne Hand
5 Hand, Dewey L.
6 Hand, Horace B.
7 Hand, Roy H.
8 Lynn, MA - Virginia State Library
9 Notes on Henry Hand, Sr. and Rev. Henry Hand
10 New Jersey Hands
11-12 East Hampton, Long Island, NY Hands
13 Rock Ford, Home of General Edward Hand
14 State records (photocopies)
15 Will of Thomas Hollis, Monroe County, GA, 8 May 1852 (copy)
16 Florence Davenport Hollis reminisecnces
17 Hansell County promotional flyer, c.1913 (proposed new Georgia County)
18 letter from James Watt to J.L. Hand and reply, 1911
( copy ) letter from I.H. Hand to J.L. Hand, 1900
note from T.O. Hand to Virginia Hand on the occasion of her birth, 1900
19 letter from Hollis (Hand) to Mother (Florence Hand), n.d.
letter from Henry (Hand) to Mother (Florence Hand), 1921 (1927?)
20 United Daughters of the Confederacy yearbook, Pelham, GA, 1928-1929
United Confederate Veterans reunion booklet, Atlanta, 1919
21 Recruiting News, 15 February 1934 article on General Edward Hand
22 Davenport family chart
23 Thompson family notes
24 J.L. Hand autobiographical notes, n.d.
J.L. Hand certificate of proficiency in French, University of Georgia, 1870
25 Reminiscences about Ben Hollis and Cutts Artillery by Leonard Parker, n.d.
letter from Lucy C. Stewart to Florence (Hollis) about Hollis genealogy, 5 Apri

ITEMS SEPARATED First Settlers of Passaic Valley (New Jersey), reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.
Shelved in New Jersey section Archives Library.
See folder 10, New Jersey Hands.

Agriculture - Georgia (20th century)
Agricultural businesses
Baggs, Armond Richlieu
Chase, William J.J., architect
Colquitt County, Georgia - land lot map (1906)
Curry, Boston U.
Decatur County, Georgia - land lot map (1908)
Department stores - Pelham, GA
Education - Georgia (1953-1954)
Elections - Georgia - 1954 gubernatorial
General Assembly of Georgia
Georgia School Building Authority (1951-1955)
Gowan, Charles
Grady County, Georgia - land lot map (1906)
Griffin, Marvin
Hand, Frederick Barrow, Sr.
Hand, Judson Leland
Hand family
Hand Trading Company
Harris, Roy V.
Irwin County, Georgia - land lot map (1892)
Linder, Tom
Mitchell County, Georgia - land lot map (1911)
Pelham, Mitchell County, Georgia
Railroads - southwest Georgia
Segregation - Georgia - schools (1954)
Southwest Georgia
Talmadge, Herman
Textile industry - Mitchell County, GA
Thomas County, Georgia - land lot map (1908)
Thompson, Melvin E.
Tobacco production and trade
Twitty, C.R.
Walker and Chase, Architects, Atlanta, GA