Manuscript MS-2002.08



SOURCE: First Presbyterian Church

SIZE: 6.5 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 5 manuscript boxes
1 document box
3 artifact boxes
1 roll storage box


John Wimbush Guinn (3/28/1888-8/18/1960) was born in Troup County the son of Robert Judson Guinn and Martha Scott Abraham. He operated several business and commercial enterprises that demonstrated the uncertainty of the economic conditions of the times, as evidenced by the concern voiced in both his business and personal correspondence.
Bertha Boatner Guinn (11/8/1891-1/18/1972) born in Griffin, Georgia was the daughter of W. A. & Virginia Boatner. Bertha Guinn was a dietician and lunchroom manager for Harwell Avenue School in the LaGrange School system during the Depression and World War II. She also worked for the Dixie Camp for Boys in Wiley, Georgia.
Married in Griffin, Georgia March of 1913, John and Bertha had two daughters, Martha Scott Guinn (3/15/1915-7/23/1981) and Virginia Wimbush Guinn (4/29/1916-7/28/2001). Martha was a graduate of Emory School of Nursing, Georgia Middle College, Lakeside School of Anesthesia, and she also attended Auburn University. She served as a nurse anesthetist during World War II with the Emory Unit in France and was active with the American Red Cross and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Virginia, also a graduate of Georgia Middle College, retired from the insurance industry in Atlanta.

The collection contains the personal and business records of the Guinn family, including the records of property transfers by family members dating from the early nineteenth century, business papers, school lunch papers, World War II papers of Martha Guinn, as well as an extensive collection of photographs. The collection provides a comprehensive view of life in LaGrange during the first half of the twentieth century. An examination of both the business and family lives of the individuals involved in this collection, and the businesses no longer in operation, provides a picture of business and family life in LaGrange during this period.


SERIES I, Businesses owned by John Guinn
John Guinn owned and operated three businesses in LaGrange: Guinn Sign Company, which is listed as early as 1912 in the LaGrange city directory, Margin Quarries, and Auto-Go-Ad, a business for which he owned the design patent. Included in the artifact box is an example of his design, described in the 1926 patent as an "illuminated advertising device". Guinn Sign Company supplied painted signs for numerous LaGrange businesses and Margin Quarries is known to have provided the gravel for the building of LaGrange Airport in the 1940s. The records of both include invoices and receipts from LaGrange businesses no longer in operation. The three companies provide glimpse into the LaGrange business environment during the first half of the twentieth century. (Note: Only a selection of invoices, receipts and other business records has been included in the collection.)

SERIES II, Bertha Guinn, Dietician and Lunchroom Manager
Included in this series are documents relating to the Works Project Administration, State Department of Education, and the War Food Administration, reports she filed in her capacity as lunchroom manager, as well as numerous recipes and menus collected and developed by Mrs. Guinn. She worked at Harwell Avenue School and at Atlanta area schools.

SERIES III, Personal papers of John and Bertha Guinn
This series contains the personal papers of the Guinn family, including documents relating to property transfer, debt repayment, and various contracts entered into by family members from the middle to late nineteenth century. Of special interest is the correspondence relating to John Guinn's past due mortgage loan. This correspondence begins in 1916 and concludes in 1933, giving evidence the economic depression suffered by the nation began earlier in the South. You will find evidence of John Guinn's participation in the Scottish Rite, the Benevolent and Paternal Order of Elks (BPOE), and the Atlantic Athletic Club. Furthermore, his brother James Guinn ran for public office in 1934 and 1938, though the only evidence is the copy of the ballots.

SERIES IV, Martha and Virginia Guinn Papers
Virginia Guinn traveled extensively in later life. Her papers include evidence of her travels, as well as a glimpse into the life of a young woman during the early twentieth century. The series holds photo albums of Virginia Guinn, as well as a scrapbook of memorabilia and poetry she collected over a several year period. Both photo albums contain pictures from her travels, dating from the 1970s forward.
Included in this series are Martha's correspondence while a college student at Middle Georgia College in the 1930s, examples of "victory mail," the microfilmed mail used to reduce the bulk of mail during the war years, and her letters home from the battlefield.

SERIES V, Photographs
This series begins with pictures relating to John Guinn's business ventures. Pictures of John and Bertha Guinn follow, including two circa 1880s photos of the parents of Bertha. Pictures of Martha and Virginia, followed by pictures of unidentified men, women and children and miscellaneous scenes, complete this series.

SERIES VI, Christmas card collection 1943-1958
This series contains a fairly extensive collection of Christmas cards, beginning with the World War II years. Of special interest are a 1943 Amoco card with the greeting "Be Strong and of Good Courage," and a 1944 card with the salutation "Greetings from Pearl Harbor."



Box 1
1 Auto Go Ad business documents including Patent, Stock Certificates and
Contracts. c. 1920-1959
2 Guinn Sign Company selection of correspondence c. 1919-1956
3 :selection of invoices c. 1922-1950
4 :selection of accounts payable c. 1941-1958
5 :samples of work
6 :Tax records
7 :business sign
8 :thank you letter dated 3-5-1953
9 Stock Certificates for Georgia Ice and Supply Co., c. 1919
10 Federal Land Bank Correspondence, notes and deeds c. 1934-1954
11 Margin Quarries plats
12 :samples of correspondence c. 1937-1959
13 :test documentation
14 :Letters to John Guinn from Martha and Virginia Guinn re: Margin Quarries
15 :Georgia State Highway Publications Jan. 1942
16 :Georgia Division of Conservation publications c. 1946 (2 books)
17 :Samples of profession circulars c. 1955-1959
18 :Unsigned contract with Ben S. Coop, Jr., unsigned power of attorney to Ben Coop, and unsigned contract with W. L. Cobb, Inc.
19 :Western Union telegrams c. 1943-1947
20 :Letters to/from State Board of Workmen's Compensation c. 1943-1945
21 :Letters to/from US Senate, US House, and Georgia House of Representatives, including letters from A. Sidney Camp, Ellis Arnall, Richard B. Russell, Frank G. Birdsong, John J. Flynt c. 1939-1957
22 :contracts
23 :Correspondence from John Guinn c. 1941-1960
24 :accounts payable sample c. 1941-1959
25 :correspondence from Government agencies c. 1942-1945
26 :Government circulars c. 1951-1957
27 :miscellaneous agreements
28 :correspondence between John Guinn and "Dave" Davidson c. 1955
29 :1946 Geological map
30 :1951 Map of Troup County
31 :1957 Tax Receipts sample
32 :miscellaneous items; notebook, photocopies of letters and check, map
33 Work order for S.H. Kress dated 7/2/1917 for sign on building

SERIES II, Bertha Guinn, Dietician and Lunchroom Manager

Box 1 of Series I
1 "Primary Education" December 1927
2 Clark Howell School menu's 1938-1941
3 Milton School menu 1938
4 1940-1942 Cashbook for Lunchroom, probably Harwell Avenue School.
5 Works Project Administration Report 1941
6 "The Consumers Guide" October 15,1941
7 USDA 1943 School Lunch Foods List
8 Harwell School news n.d.
9 1948-1950 Daybook/Ledger for Lunchroom
10 Lunchroom receipts and paid lunchroom bills 1949 and 1953
11 "Georgia School Lunchroom News" April 1956
12 Georgia School Food Service Association December 1958
13 War Food Administration Circular n.d., circa 1943-1945
14 Questionnaires for employees of lunchroom
15 Personal data sheet on Bertha Guinn n.d.
16 Pilot Club of LaGrange Cooking school n.d.
17 Miscellaneous recipes from newspaper clippings
18 Miscellaneous booklets and carbon paper
19 Georgia School Food Service Association December 1958
20 1961 Sexton Desk Diary with Recipes, selected pages used by Bertha Guinn
21-22 Collection of recipes and recipe book with clippings, n.d.

SERIES III, Personal papers of John and Bertha Guinn

Box 1
1 Undated notes on title search
2 Bertha Guinn rental properties sample
3 Bertha Guinn C&S Bank statements sample
4 John Guinn LaGrange Banking Company statements sample
5 Bertha Guinn correspondence with Atlanta Athletic Club c. 1961
6 Personal correspondence 1956-1960
7 Bertha Guinn 1955 letters received at Camp Dixie for Boys
8 Camp Dixie Bulletin and menu c. 1955
9 Correspondence with Federal Security Agency c. 1953
10 Western Union Telegrams April 1947 and June 1949
11 Correspondence from the Georgia Department of State Parks c. 1947
12 John Guinn copy of letter of recommendation c.1945
13 Credit Bureau reports and correspondence relating to same c. 1949 & 1946
14 Letter, May 15, 1919 to John Guinn from H. Lancelot MacEachron (artist) with hand decorated envelope
15 Correspondence 1916 to 1933 re: past due mortgage loans of John Guinn
16 Letter dated May 9, 1916 from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce
17 Personal correspondence 1914-1955
18 1913-1914 love letters to Bertha from John
19 Letters re: Dispute of Land/Inheritance in Texas c. 1901-1914
20 Undated Correspondence
21 Paid household bills sample, c. 1913-1960
22 James Guinn, copy of his obituary n.d.
23 John Guinn, life insurance claim with Bertha as beneficiary c. 9-19-1960
24 Bertha Guinn Social Security documents c. 1958
25 John Guinn Social Security award letter and rejection letter c. 1953-1954
26 Berth Guinn calling card
27 1940s and 1950s Advertisements
28-30 Handwritten notes for income tax 1945, 1946, 1948, 1953 & 1956
31 John Guinn appointment to the Confederate Air Corp c. 3-26-1959
32 Atlanta Journal clipping Sept. 6, 1945 re: Vet Hospital in LaGrange
33 Georgia Department of Labor Correspondence c. 1953
34 October 3, 1934 City of LaGrange Democratic White Primary ballot, October 12, 1938 City of LaGrange Democratic White Primary Ballot and January 29, 1917 Jury List
35 First Methodist Church correspondence c. 5/4/1949
36 First Baptist Church Bulletins 1954 & 1957
37 Cash ledger book 1939
38 Single Entry ledger c. 1924-1925
39 Contract, March 28, 1949 1st page only between John and Jack D. Guinn
40 Contract, February 1941 between John Guinn and Herbert Smith
41 Contract and letter dated October 12, 1927 to build home for John Guinn
42 Contract, May 1, 1914 between John Guinn and Pike Bro. Lumber
43 Contract, October 12, 1914 between John Guinn and S. E. Bowen
44 Contract, September 3, 1905 unsigned between J. E. Dunson and C. V. Truitt
45 Contract, December 6, 1881 between Antony Pool (signed his mark X) and John W. Abraham
46 Contract, November 10, 1870 for rental of land between (?) Abraham and (?) Hearn
47 Contract, May 4, 1868 between William A. Pullen and John W. Abraham
48 Contract, April 28, 1865 between H. S. Wimbush as Guardian in account with Martha E. Wimbush for $9,300
49 Notes from C.C. Bumpas, Clerk of US Circuit Court, East Division, Texas, 1919
50 Documents of sale of property from Mrs. S. P. Callaway to John Guinn c. 1919-1920 & 1885
51 Dismissal of Guardianship of John Guinn for James Guinn dated December 31, 1919
52 Cancelled checks: 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1927, 1928, 1944, 1948, & 1953
53 Receipts 1916 from Red Star Shoe Store to John Guinn for harness and buggy purchase
54 Receipt October 20, 1916 to John Guinn from Electric Ginnery
55 Receipt, December 8, 1893 for Mrs. M. E Abraham for her account with E. R. Bradfield
56 Receipt, October 2, 1891 for Mrs. John Abraham for her account with Dallis Cary
57 Appointment of R. J. Guinn to Georgia Bar May 11, 1898
58 Old life insurance polices on John Guinn c. 1913-1961
59 Cancelled notes c. 1912-1957
60 Various cancelled deeds c. 1910-1956
61 Deed dated January 26, 1906 between Mrs. Lelia Wisdom to C.V. Truitt, Company
62 Bill for Construction Deed, May 10, 1905 for Sarah Pullen, Martha Abraham and Mrs. Martha Scott Guinn
63 Deed, January 1, 1884 between John Abraham and Mrs. Martha E. Abraham
64 Deed, October 28, 1884 between Mary Rogers and W S. Withham
65 Deed, September 9, 1882 from A. H. Cox to John W. Abraham
66 Deed, January 12, 1878 between William D. Alexander and John F. Moreland
67 Deed, November 1, 1878 from John W. Abraham to Henry C. Butter
68 Executors Deed, June 2, 1874 from P. E. S. Jennings to H. Cox
69 Deed, December 23, 1873 to sell land between Amos Whitfield and Mary E. Rutledge
70 1871-1881 notes on Executor and Warranty Deeds: William D. Alexander, H. S. Wimbush, Mrs. M. E. Abraham, Blanch C. Ferrell and Sarah E. Pullen
71 Deed, June 9, 1871 and recorded January 13, 1888 between Sarah Pullen and Martha Abraham
72 Deed, October 16, 1867 from Thomas G. Haynes to J. T. Johnson
73 Deed, November 18, 1865 and recorded November 4, 1880 between Miles H. Hill and Thomas
74 Deed, January 6, 1863 and recorded November 4, 1890 between Joseph Wimbush for the estate of Hampton W. Hill to Miles H. Hill
75 Deed dated November 13, 1861 between Thomas C. Evans and William A. Pullen.
76 Deed dated June 15, 1858 from J.D. Dansby to T. C. Evans
77 Deed, dated October 10, 1849 between Samuel Cartright and Hampton H. Hill
78 Circa late 1880s documents on Mr. and Mrs. John Abraham
79 Petition, December 12, 1869 by Sarah A. Snead
80 Note dated December 23, 1875 for $497.86 signed by Mary E. ( Abraham ?)
81 Note, May 10, 1868 by (?) Abraham
82 Agreement, October 18, 1867 by Thomas Boynton assigned to John Abraham
83 Undated statement re: Guinn vs. Truitt case
84 Various newspaper clippings n.d.

Box 2
1 BPOE and Independent Order of Odd Fellows c. 1919, 1925, 1948, 1952, 1958
2 Scottish Rite membership items
3 Scottish Rite News 1947-1954
4 Atlanta Athletic Club roster and rules books 1949-1954
5 First Methodist Church "The Mentor" July 1944
6 "The Metropolitan Atlanta Market" n.d. c. 1950s
7 Atlanta Athletic Club membership items
8 Scottish Rite Pamphlets and Brochures
9 Scottish Rite correspondence
10 Miscellaneous items; notebooks (n.d.) calling card and ticket stubs
11 Religious tracts sample

SERIES IV, Martha and Virginia Guinn Papers

Box 1
1 Martha Guinn: LaGrange High School, Middle Georgia College memorabilia 1932-34, 1945, 1957-58
2 :correspondence while in college 1932-1933
3 :Emory Hospital 1934, 1941, 1942
4 :papers from World War II era, 1942-1945
5 :American Red Cross 1942
6 :American Association of Nurse Anesthetists 1942, 1944, 1947, 1959-61, 1963
7 :Letters to her parents and other personal correspondence 1944-1958
8 :Retirement from Army 1946
9 :Miscellaneous items: membership cards, change purse and poetry
10 :Death, 7-23-1981
11 Virginia Guinn :Scrapbook, n.d.
12 :documents relating to her 1923 Ford auto
13 :publications concerning antique cars, sample
14 :financial documents sample; various dates
15 :Christmas cards sample
16 :get well cards sample n.d.
17 :Miscellaneous personal correspondence
18 :Letter from Martha Guinn
19 :First Baptist Church Family Planner 1995
20 :International Association of Police Chiefs letter and sign, June 6, 1985
21 :Travel insurance dated 7/31/1984
22 :Living will dated May 6, 1984
23 :Handwritten letter dated October 26, 1982 re: Rental property
24 :Sympathy letters re: Martha's death, 7-31-1981
25 :1955 newspaper clipping re: Betsy Davis bridal shower given by Guinn's
26 :Business correspondence 1947 and 1940
27 :Letters to her father, John Guinn 1944-1946
28 :Letter from Rich's Travel Bureau dated 7-11-1941
29 :Letter to Rich's Department store n.d.
30 :1933 letters from "Dicks"
31 :1932 Western Union Telegram Christmas greeting w/clipping and photo of "Dicks"
32 :Georgia Military College Commencement Program dated May 31, 1931 and May Day program dated May 5, (?)
33 :LaGrange High School memorabilia
34 :Application for membership in Children of the Confederacy n.d.
35 :First Baptist Church Certificate dated October 6, 1929
36 :LaGrange School Promotion from "low sixth grade" to "high sixth grade" dated May 27, 1927
37 :Various newspaper clippings
38 :Cards on flowers sent to her at WGMC sample
39 :Information on her personal auto
40 :Travel memorabilia
41 :Newspaper clipping re: Carmen de Franco's death n.d.
42 raspberryhotocopy of picture of Golf Team with Jimmy Guinn, Porter Smith, J.K. Boatwright and Jimmy Trotter n.d.
43 :Blank note card from her personal stationary
44 :Travel brochures sample
45 :War Savings cover n.d.
46 :Miscellaneous items: bridge tally cards, Santa, Death notice on Lucile Truitt (7-30-1980)

47 Postcards:
Georgia: The Cloister Hotel, Sea Island; Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge, Savannah; President Roosevelt's Ford Convertible at Entrance to Little White House, Warm Springs.
Arizona: Safari Hotel in "French Quarter," Scottsdale
Colorado: Along the Big Thompson on the Way to Estes Park

Florida: One of the Many Beautiful Residences on East Duval St, Lake City

Kentucky: Boone Tavern Hotel, Berea

Michigan: Set of 8 cards from Mackinaw Island; 3 from Frankenmuth; Set of 7 scenes from Mackinaw Island

North Carolina: Chimney Rock; Set of 20 pictures from Chimney Rock

Wisconsin: World Famous Dells of Wisconsin River

Canada: The Minter Gardens, Chilliwack, BC; Red Oak Inn, Thunder Bay, Ontario; Crystal Beach Variety, Thunder Bay, Ontario; View at Sunnyside looking East, Toronto; Bloor Street Viaduct, Toronto; The Helmet, B.C.; Cascade Mountain, Banff National Park, The Canadian Rockies; The Bow Valley at Banff, Banff National Park, Alberta; Banff Springs Hotel, Banff National Park; Miette Hot Springs, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies; The Butchard Gardens, Victoria, BC; Mount Robson, Robson Provincial Park, Canadian Rockies; Mt. Robson, BC; The Minter Gardens, Chilliwack, BC; Mount Robson, BC; Mount Rundle, Banff, Canadian Rockies; Jasper Tramway, Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies; The Minter Gardens, Courtyard Fountain, Chilliwack, BC; The Minter Gardens, Meadow Gardens, Chilliwack, BC; Butchart Gardens, Ross Fountain, Victoria, BC; Set of 8 cards of Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies; Motel La Brinde, Quebec; Set of 10 cards from Victoria, BC; Set of 12 cards from The Icefield Parkway, Alberta

Great Britain: Church and River from Memorial Theatre, Stratford on Avon, Road to the Isles, Loch Rannoch, Perthsire, Forth Road Bridge

France: Set of 12 cards from French Provinces
Portugal: Lisbon; Algarve (2)

48 Postcards from trip to the Holy Land (Removed from scrapbook)

Lebanon: Reconstruction of the Temples, Interior of Bacchus Temple, The Temple of Bacchus, Details of the Ceiling of Bacchus Temple, Venus Temple, General View, The Six Columns of the Juniper Temple, Remains of the
Roman Market, The Hexagonal Court, Leaning Column of Bacchus Temple

Cyprus: Partial view with the Ayia Napa Church, Presidents Palace, Shepherd near St. Barnabas Monastery, The ancient Gymnasium of Salamis, St. Neophytos Monastery,

Turkey: The sarcophagus of the St. Peter, 4 different view of the city, Cleopatra Gate, Water scene with boats, Ataturk Monument and Cumhuriyet Square, Cumhuriyet, 2 view of city, Peter Church, 3 view of Church, Tarsus street scene (2), Tarsus scene of well

Israel: Caesarea: Stone with the inscription of Tiberus Pontius Pilate, Village from the end of 19th century, Bethlehem: Solomon's Pool, Caesarea: Entrance Gate in the Eastern City Wall, Caesarea: Roman Aqueduct, Caesarea: Roman Statue of Reddish Marble, Old and New at Caesarea's Ancient Theatre, Caesarea: Incorporated into the Hasmonean Kingdom, Caesarea: Marble Statue of Jesus a Good Shepherd Fourth cent., C.E., Jerusalem: The Garden Tomb(5), Old and New at Caesarea's Ancient Theatre, Jerusalem: Old City Basilica and Gardens of Gethsemane, Bethlehem: Church of Nativity (2), Bethlehem: Shepherd with his flock at Shepherd's Field, Bethlehem: Entrance to the Holy Manger, Bethlehem: The Star of Bethlehem, Jerusalem: Shepherd Hotel, Bethlehem: Grotto of the Nativity, Nazareth: View of New Church of Annunciation, Nazareth: One of towns most holy to Christianity(2) Bethlehem: Partial view, Bethlehem: Sunrise, Chrazim: Ruins of Ancient Synagogue (2nd-3rd century), (2) The Dead Sea, Tabgha, Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, Acre: Fishing Boats, The New Pearl Cave near Beit Shemesh at the Judean Hills, Jerusalem: Old City Mosque of Omar, Bethlehem: Tomb of Rachel, Israeli soldiers on the summit of Mt. Sinai, Jerusalem: View of the Old City from Dominus Flevit, Jerusalem: Damascus Gate, The Western Wall, Jerusalem: Dome of the Rock, Bethlehem: Market Place, Shefech Zohar Guest House, Sodom, Nablus: Jacobs Well, General View of the new Potash Plant, Sdom, Eilat: A Tour with an Amphibian Vehicle of Neot Hakikar at the Bay of Eilat, Kfar Kana: The Franciscan Church,

Beirut: Postcard of ancient ruins
Hatay Museum: Mosaic of Evil Eye found in Antioch, Mosaic of Personification of Soteria found in Antioch, Mosaic of The Drunken Dionysus found in Antioch, Mosaic of Perseus and Andromeda found at Seleucia, Mosaic of Bacchic Dancers found at Seleucia

Box 2 Scrapbooks
Volume 1: scrapbook with pictures of Virginia Guinn from her travels.
Volume 2: scrapbook of pictures from Virginia Guinn's travels.
Volume 3: scrapbook of memorabilia of Virginia Guinn, mostly newspaper clippings and poetry.


Box 1
Folder 1 Margin Quarries and Guinn Sign Company
Item 1-7 John Guinn and Margin Quarries
Item 8-9 Guinn, John and Bertha at Margin Quarries
Item 10-13 Margin Quarries, n.d.
Item 14-20 Margin Quarries, n.d. buildings
Item 21-39 Margin Quarries, n.d. heavy equipment
Item 40-41 Guinn, John and unidentified man at Margin Quarries
Item 42-48 Margin Quarries, unidentified men
Item 49-51 Guinn, John at the LaGrange airport with gravel from Margin Quarries
Item 52-56 Guinn, John and Virginia at Margin Quarries 7-13-1944
Item 57-59 Guinn, John, Virginia and Martha at Margin Quarries 7-13-1944
Item 60 Margin Quarries 7-13-1944
Item 61-62 Set of 8 B/W snapshots of Margin Quarries, one marked as "Photo's
of Core Drilling by W.P.A 1942 S. G. Caudle, Supt. W.P.A. Troup
Item 63 Sign by Guinn Sign Company at Uniroyal in Hogansville, Georgia
Item 64 "Pepperell Fabrics" sign by Guinn Sign Company
Item 65-68 Dr. Pepper signs, various shots, by Guinn Sign Company
Item 69-70 "U.S. Military Reservation" signs by Guinn Sign Company
Item 71 Guinn, John and unidentified man at Margin Quarries
Item 72 "Thomas J. White Clothing" sign by Guinn Sign Company
Item 73-76 Margin Quarries, 8x10
Item 77 LaGrange Airport runway, Margin Quarries gravel
Item 78 "Winkles Smith, Lived a Virtuous Life Nice Dog" 8x10 gravel from
Margin Quarries (?) on dog grave
Item 79-81 Various scenes of Margin Quarry equipment
Item 82 Print from topographic map

Folder 2 John and Bertha Guinn
Item1-4 Guinn, John, carnival style pictures
Item 5 Guinn, James
Item 6-9 Guinn, John, various ages
Item 10 Guinn, John and Bertha at Margin Quarries
Item 11-13 Guinn, Bertha
Item 14 Boatner, Mrs. (Bertha's mother) and child (Bertha ?) n.d. circa 1890s
Item 15 Boatner, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. (Bertha's parents) n.d. circa 1890s
Item 16-21 Guinn, John Scottish Rite
Item 22-23 Guinn, James Cook Jr., Ensign

Item 24 Set of 11 b/w snapshots of Guinn family on vacation at Daytona Beach
June 15, 1953

Folder 3 Martha and Virginia Guinn
Item 1-10 Guinn, Martha
Item 11 Guinn, Martha and Virginia
Item 12-43 Guinn, Virginia

Folder 4 Unidentified
Item 1-20 Unidentified child and children
Item 21-33 Unidentified women
Item 34-36 Unidentified men
Item 37 Unidentified man and boy with a pony
Item 38 Unidentified man and girl January 1962
Item 39 Unidentified man and woman
Item 40-41 Group pictures unidentified men and women
Item 42 Picture of man in uniform unidentified except as "Billy"
Item 43 Unidentified group
Item 44 Christmas card with photo of Jim and Jack Curry, Jr.

Folder 5 Miscellaneous Pictures
Item 1 Atlantic Coastline Train
Item 2-5 Rural Scenes
Item 6-7 Front of apartment building
Item 8 House in Florida, February 1959
Item 9 Troup County Courthouse under construction 1939
Item 10-21 Interior of Guinn home
Item 22-23 Unidentified auto and house
Item 24-25 Rural Scenes (8x10)
Item 26 Aerial scene of LaGrange n.d. c. 1926

Guinn Family home
Pepperell Fabrics Sign
Rural Scenes
Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign
3 women (Bertha, Martha and Virginia ?)
Quarry Scenes
Panorama negative of Margin Quarry

2002.08 Over Sized Photo's 22 oversized photos

Negative photo of John and Bertha Guinn and 3 unidentified men at
Margin Quarry
8x10 photo of above noted negative
April-May 1947 Scottish Rite Spring Reunion
11x14 Thomas C. Burford Class of Scottish Rite April 25, 1947
11x14 Wilborn A. Upchurch Class of Scottish Rite May 21, 1948
11x14 of Men in Scottish Rite Regalia n.d.
11x14 Ernest W. Brown Class of Scottish Rite November 22, 1946
11x14 Ariel view of Margin Quarries
15x12 Margin Quarries
8x10 Ariel view Margin Quarries
15x20 Margin Quarries close up
15x20 Margin Quarries long view
11X14 B/W of meeting held at Callaway Auditorium for Scottish Rite
Leo S. Gilbert Class of Scottish Rite November 20, 1953
Thomas Clifton Perkins Class of Scottish Rite April 24, 1953
Leroy Maynard White Class of Scottish Rite Nov. 8, 1951
Edward Rockwell Austin Class of Scottish Rite Nov. 19, 1948
Edward H. Barnes Class of Scottish Rite Nov. 21, 11947
Henry C. Heinz Class of Scottish Rite May 26, 1944
William James Draper Class Scottish Rite April 23, 1954
George Washington Bi-centennial Class of Scottish Rite
November 20, 1952
Large B/W portrait of Eugenia Jenks Boatner and William Anderson
Boatner, parents of Bertha Guinn
8 rolled panoramas of Margin Quarries, various shots
1 rolled panorama of group of men from LaGrange, possibly at a Scottish
Rite convention, with John Guinn the 13th from the right on front row,
n.d. c. 1920s

2002.08 Over Sized Papers
Deed, January 20, 1849 between James Barnes (?) and Thomas Jennings
Plat of lands of John Guinn December 1933
1914 topographical map of Troup County and surrounding area
Blueprints of home of John Guinn, appears to be house on N. Lewis Street
Rolled plat of lands of John Guinn with more detailed plat of Margin
Copy of 1860 LaGrange, Georgia map
Collection of copies of Guinn family history/genealogy

SERIES VI, Christmas card collection 1943-1958
Box 1
Christmas cards from 1943 to 1958 separated by year.

Items Separated

RB-125 The 43rd General Hospital WWII, Emory Unit. (This is the unit Martha
Guinn served in during the war; she is mention in the book several times.)
Telephone Book, LaGrange, 1945

Artifacts Box 1
Prescription box from The City Drug Co. Dr. Ridley (Frank M. ?) circa
Virginia Guinn/Mrs. John Guinn charge plate for Rich's Dept. Store
The LaGrange National Bank cloth bag
The Citizens and Southern National Bank bag filed with rocks possibly
Margin Quarry granite
Rulers (2) compliments of The Coca Cola Bottling Company
Undated "diary" of Martha Guinn: continuation of another "diary"
Served as notebook, taken out of old cover, 1/3 empty, circa 1942
Ruler from Southern Auto Supply
Notebook with Chemistry notes from Martha Guinn, n.d.
Scottish Rite buttons (6)
1947 "Little Blue Book" compliments of Cleaveland-Dodd Co.
"Little Blue Book #38"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Rational Spelling Book 1898 owned by John Guinn
Sample of Auto-Go-Ad sign
Auto-Go-Ad deposit book with LaGrange Banking circa 1926
Ice Cream scope possibly used by Bertha as Lunchroom manager
rectangular in shape
1946-1950 Astrological Book
1955, 1956, & 1958 Grier's Almanac distributed by The City Drug Co.
Top Value Gold Stamp book (2) Gold Bond stamp book,
S&H stamp book, and two Gold Bond stamps

Artifact Box 2 Large piece of granite stone, probably from Margin Quarries
MS2002.08Art 1 Large wooden box addressed to Bertha Guinn, during WWII, and possibly from her daughter, Martha, who served in France during this period.



Abraham family
Business records- c. 1912-1959
Depression Era
LaGrange City Schools
Middle Georgia College
Scottish Rite
United States History
Wimbush family
World War II