Manuscript MS-2004.13



SOURCE: Jane Crayton Davis

SIZE: 1 lf



BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: George Elbert Dallis (b. 9-27-1855; d. 8-10-1913), the son of Hubert W. Dallis and Mollie Glanton, was a LaGrange businessman who invested in Unity Cotton Mill and real estate. In 1891, he and four other men incorporated the LaGrange Street Railway Company which existed a few years. He later served as a director of both the LaGrange National Bank and LaGrange Banking & Trust Company. On January 25, 1882, he married Elizabeth Dixon "Bettie" Render (b. 9-25-1859; d. 11-4-1939) of Greenville, Georgia, the daughter of Joshua L. Render and Mary Jane Dixon. The couple had two children, Render Dallis and Ethel Dallis.
Ethel Dallis (b. 3-7-1883; d. 10-30-1967) was a musician having graduated from Southern Female College in LaGrange and Cox College in College Park, Georgia. She attended the Von Ende School of Music in New York City and taught violin at LaGrange College. She married Robert Johnson Hill on June 25, 1903. In the 1920s, she was assistant to the pastor of the Centenary Methodist Church of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As a genealogist, Mrs. Hill did much to preserve old family records in Troup County by copying Bible and family records of many pioneer Troup County families. These records may be found at the Georgia State Archives, DAR Headquarters in Washington, D. C., and LaGrange Memorial Library.

SCOPE/CONTENT: This collection consists of the correspondence between George Elbert Dallis and his future bride Bettie Render as well as letters to other individuals and family members. Letters regarding George Dallis' travels are included as are some Render family letters and genealogical notes collected by Mary Jane Dixon Render, mother of Bettie Render.
Correspondence of Ethel Dallis Hill includes letters written to her parents and grandparents as well as correspondence regarding the Hawthorne Literary Society of Southern Female College and Cox College for which she served as secretary. Other correspondence includes letters from her violin teacher, Herwegh Von Ende, family members and friends. News articles concerning her recitals and performances and information on the Dallis family found in newspaper clippings complete the collection.


Box 1: George E. Dallis and Bettie R. Dallis Correspondence

Folder 1 Letters from G. E. Dallis to parents regarding travels, 1871-1876
2-14 Letters from G. E. Dallis to Bettie R. Dallis, 1876-1886
15-18 Letters from Bettie R. Dallis to G. E. Dallis, 1880-1882
19 Letters from Mary Jane Dixon Render to Bettie R. Dallis, 1882

Box 2: Dallis, Dixon, Render, Hill Correspondence

Folder 1-3 Letters to G. E. Dallis from various people, 1872-1881 and not dated
4 Letters from Mary Dallis to G. E. Dallis, 1877
5 Letters from G. E. Dallis to Lucie Heard, 1877-1898
6 Letters from Lucie Heard to G. E. Dallis, 1877-1878
7 Letters from Cousin Carrie to G. E. Dallis, 1879
8-9 Dixon Correspondence, 1850-1894
10 Genealogical letters to Mary Jane Dixon Render, 1893-1898
Surnames: Abercrombie, Bacon, Culbreath, Dixon, Henderson, Kennon,
11 Miscellaneous invitations and business/personal calling cards, 1892-1941

Ethel Dallis Hill Correspondence

Folder 12 Letters from Ethel Dallis Hill to parents and grandparents, 1876-1895
13 Hawthorne Literary Society Correspondence, 1900-1901
14-17 Letters to Ethel Dallis Hill, 1901-1936
18 Letters from Herwegh Von Ende to Ethel Dallis Hill, 1907-1914
19 Church and Concert Programs, 1891-1931
20 Society news articles, 1894-1942
21 Family news clippings, 1899-1903
22 Violin performances, 1907-1912


OP Genealogical chart prepared by Ethel Dallis, c. 1920-30s, with Mary Jane
Dixon Render being the youngest person listed


Businesses - LaGrange
Cox College
Greenville, Georgia
Southern Female College
Troup County History