Manuscript MS-029



SOURCE: Oscar Fuller, 1984,1985

SIZE:.2 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:1 photograph folder

1 opp folder

PROCESSING: FPB, 1984; DS, 1985



John Walter Fuller (23 April 1881 - 7 September 1971) was married to Ruth Morrow (b. 23 July 1893) and they lived in Shawmut, AL, and Grantville, GA, before moving to LaGrange around 1929 to work at Unity Cotton Mill, and later at Oakleaf Mill. Their son, Carl O. Fuller (14 April 1912 - 14 July 1968) worked in the Oakleaf Mill, served in World War II, and began work as a photographer for Jenkins Studio in LaGrange in 1948. In 1950 he opened Karlo Studio which he operated until 1961 when he joined Bowen Studio. From 1966 until his death in 1968, he worked with LaGrange photographer, Hugh Campbell. He was married to Irene F. Fuller and they had a son, Norman. Oscar P. Fuller, the donor of this collection is the brother of Carl O. Fuller.



This collection consists entirely of photographs of members of the Fuller family and photographs made by Carl O. Fuller.



Folder 1

Ph 1 Redmen of the World, Shawmutt, AL, c.1910, John Walter Fuller (3rd row, 5th from right)

2 John Walter Fuller, c.1932

3-4 Carl O. Fuller, c.1932

5 Carl O. Fuller, c.1943

6 Carl O. Fuller and Norman Fuller, c.1943

7 Carl O. Fuller, c.1950

8 Ruth Brooks, no date

9-10 unidentified child, no date, by Karlo Studio

11 6th Grade Unity School, 1927

12 7th Grade Southwest LaGrange School, 1928

OPP 1 Grantville, GA, textile mill, c.1900-1910, mill workers, J.W. Fuller in middle of photo in white shirt. Man behind him has hands on Fuller's shoulders



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