Manuscript MS-AV-2001.11


SOURCE: Barbara J. Schaefer

SIZE: 2 lf




"Around Warm Springs, Georgia, folks remember a less political, more human side of Franklin Roosevelt. Here was a hopelessly crippled man who succeeded to our country's highest office. He became the 'spirit of Warm Springs;' an inspiration to his fellow 'polios.' He was born into wealth but became a shrewd politician who could see a man's worth beyond wealth, social standing, and education... for Franklin Roosevelt was also the poor man's friend." Thus reads the cover notation on the video, "Franklin Roosevelt: Poor Man's Friend" produced by G.A.B. Productions, 1995.



This AV collection contains thirty-three (33) 3/4 inch video tapes containing interviews and photographs produced by Barbara J. Schaefer in preparation for the video, "Franklin Roosevelt: Poor Man's Friend." In addition there are seven (7) cassette tapes containing interviews and music. A copy of the final edited version is found at Tape Number 33 and is available for purchase at the Little White House in Warms Springs, Georgia.

Among those interviewed are Dr. Tom Wentland, who often portrays FDR in one-man stage shows, Tom Rush, Vernon Lofton, Reubin Bridges, Charles Elders, Mike Westbrook, Tommy Dunn, Carolyn Durham, Mary Veder, Suzanne Pike, Robert Copeland, Rod Glenn, Virginia Shipp, and William Hanson.



Tape Number Description

1 FDR: Little White House (Interviews)
Tom Rush
Vernon Lofton
Dr. Tom Wentland and Shirley (Car and Little White House)
Reubin Bridges

2 FDR-Poor Man's Friend

3 FDR Train-Eagles
Reubin Bridges
"Fala" at Little White House

4 FDR-Mrs. Caudle
B.J. and Jack-Train
Charles Elders on Old Tractor
Mike Westbrook
Doorknock and Labor

5 FDR-Flat Iron
Ice Box
Tommy Dunn
FDR Letter
Cutting Wood
Pool and Bank Closed Signs
Light Bulb
Burning Stumps

6 Atlanta History Center Photo
Carolyn Durham and Washing Clothes Interview
Suzanne Pike's Photos

7 "We'll Work With You"
"Two Years"
FDR-Newspapers and Still Shots
FDR-Institute and Kids
Bunn Wright and Violin

Note: Video case contains number count

8 FDR-Home Movies

9 Rod Glenn for FDR

10 The Home Front-Roosevelt Clips
Wedding Tape

11 FDR
Robert Copeland
Mary Veder
Suzanne Pike
Virginia Shipp

12 Dub of Dr. Wentland (FDR Shorts)

13 Dub-Mrs. Plastridge
Virginia Shipp
Mr. William Hanson

14 FDR Interviews (Dubs)
Tom Rush
Vernon Lofton
Reubin Bridges
Rubin Bridges-E
Suzanne Pike-Studio
Judge Cheatem-Part One

15 Dub-Martha Tigner
Mrs. Plastridge
Dr. Wentland

16 Glass Plate Negative I and Part of II
Positive Imagoes

17 Atlanta Mass Gospel Choir

18 FDR Death
Home on the Range

19 FDR Speeches
Rodeo Tape I
"Largo-New World Symphony"

20 Glass Plate Negative Number 2 (Positive)

21 Roosevelt Negative-Positive
Going Home, Track 2
Grandaughters at 50th Little White House (Audio)

22 Positive from Glass Plate Negatives
From Tape 2, part 2

23 FDR-Speeches

24 FDR-Still-Little White House Photos: 2,3-95
Note: Case contains video count

25 Folk Art Interviews
Montana Museum Quilts
Seale Folk Art Interviews
FDR Demo
Horse + CU-measuring

26 Tripod at Library and Audio-Rod Glenn

27 FDR B-Roll
Mrs. Caudel, #1
Poor Old Man-Jack
Dirt Road-Moving
Photo-Charles Burn
FDR Photo
Carolyn-Voice over
Tom's V.D.

28 AT&T Mass Gospel Choir
100 Days and Going Home
Wanda and Michael

29 Roosevelt Negative Number 1
Note: Case contains video count

30 Roosevelt Negative Number 2
Note: Case contains video count

31 Dr. Wentland as FDR
Mary Veder's photo

32 AT&T Mass Gospel Choir (G.A.B.)

33 Final Tape: Franklin Roosevelt, Poor Man's Friend


The following are audiotapes

34 Going Home
35 Going Home (B.J.)
36 Mary Marshall
37 Hanson Rush
38 Mrs. Ollie Johnson
39 Roosevelt Interview
40 Interview-Fiddlers