Manuscript MS-2006.03



SOURCE: Wayne Parmer
SIZE: .2 linear feet


Eunice Hearn (b.12-17-1906 - d. 11-26-2004) was born in Troup County, daughter of Wyatt Dee Hearn and Kate Ann Borders. She graduated ninth grade from Tatum School in 1922 and from LaGrange High School in 1924. She attended LaGrange College 1924-1926 and received her Provisional Teacher's Certificate that year and began teaching. After taking additional courses at Bowden State Normal and Industrial College in 1932 and 1934-35, she received a Professional Certificate in February 1937, followed by a Life Certificate in December 1937. She served as principal of Tatum School as early as 1943 (and took additional courses at the University of Georgia, 1946-1947, LaGrange College 1948 and 1960, and at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1951).
She married twice: first on 8-13-1929 to dairyman Samuel Franklin Harris (9-17-1884 Heard Co. - 8-11-1954 Troup Co.) and second, after 1978, to Troup County Commissioner Charlie R. Whitaker (died 1999). She had no children by either marriage.


The collection contains personal papers and photographs. This small collection contains documentation of her education and career as well as a few items related to her first husband and his business interests. The papers cover information on three generations of her immediate family. The photographs include pictures of four generations of the Hearn family and some of their home and the Harris dairy as well as dozens of Tatum School students from the 1950s.


SERIES I, Personal papers

This series of 3 folders includes letters, obituaries, and news clippings as well as cotton receipts, bank statements, and a plat. It has transcripts for schoolwork of Eunice Hearn (1920 to 1960) as a student in Tatum School, LaGrange High, LaGrange College, and others along with professional certificates, teacher retirement forms, and letters concerning Tatum School having high school students in 1944. One folder contains a handmade, illustrated book she made, probably for a college class in 1946, titled Sam and Snookum.

SERIES II, Photographs
The photographs are in 5 folders arranged by family, friends and school children, and related children, including her second husband's step-grandchildren.


SERIES I, Personal papers of Eunice Hearn Harris Whitaker

Folder 1
1-5 Wedding announcement Eunice Hearn and S.F.Harris 1929
6 Clipping, Obituary of Sam F. Harris
7 Clipping, Golden Anniversary W. D. Hearns
8 Fold out birthday card "For Sis" unsigned, undated
9 Post card of "Ashland" Henry clay's home in Ky., sent 1929
10 Letter from Ann Hearn to Aunt Eunice, dated 1957
11 Letter from Willard Hearn to "Beck" dated 1955 concerning a pump
house for a well, and a diagram of same
12-13 Badger & Nimmons, Cotton Buyers, receipt for cotton bought from Sam
Harris 1946, 1947
14-15 LaGrange National Bank, statements August and October 1929 for S. F.
16 Survey,1911, of two adjoining plats of land bought by Dee Hearn and
George Power from Seth Tatum, part sold to Charlie Parker, shows
A. B. & A. R. R. on plat

Folder 2
1 7th grade report card of Eunice Hearn, Tatum School, with note she missed one day due to cyclone in LaGrange (1920), teachers Lucy Sturdivant and Minnie Champion
2 8th grade report card of Eunice Hearn, Tatum School, teachers Kate Davis and Carmel Glass
3 9th grade report card of Eunice Hearn, Tatum School, teacher Thelma Summers
4 Promotion card to Tenth Grade, dated 4-21-1922, Thelma Summers, Principal of Tatum School
5 Letter from Thelma Summers, Principal Tatum School, dated 6-30-1922 certifying Eunice Hearn graduated from ninth grade at Tatum School Listing the books she studied in eighth and ninth grades
6 LaGrange High School transcript dated May 1923, signed J. O. Allen, Principal
7 LaGrange College admission form showing entrance units from LaGrange High School dated September 16, 1924
8 page from LaGrange College Bulletin, dated 1926, showing student activities
9 State of Georgia, Department of Education Provisional General Elementary Teacher's Certificate issued July 27, 1926 to Mrs. Sam F. Harris, based on Diploma from LaGrange High School and 3 college
Hours in Education, dated 1924 [obviously this was a replacement certficate, as she was not Mrs. Harris in 1926]
10 Bowden State Normal & Industrial College Transcript for Mrs. Sam Harris, dated Summer 1932
11 Bowden College transcript for Mrs. S. F. Harris dated Summer 1934-5
12 Letter from Eldon Dittemore, President Bowdon College, dated May 28, 1935 adding Physical Education to Mrs. Harris' credits
13 Bowden State Normal & Industrial College transcript, dated Summer 1932
updated with physical education course
14 Record of College Work, Bowdon College dated 9-21-1935
15 Letter from Eldon Dittemore, President Bowdon College dated 9-30-1935 concerning coursework
16 State of Georgia Professional Normal Certificate for Mrs. Sam F. Harris, granted 2-17-1937
17 State of Georgia Life Professional elementary Teachers Certificate for Mrs. Sam F. Harris granted 12-30-1937
18 Letter from Jessie G. Harris (no relation) at University System of Georgia concerning credit through extension courses
19 Letter from H. S. Burdette, State School Supervisor, concerning visit to Tatum School, Mrs. Eunice Harris, Principal dated 11-114-1943
20 Letter from W. D. Hearn (her father) as Chairman of Board of Trustees, Tatum School, appointing Mrs. Sam F. Harris principal at Tatum for 1944-1945
21 Letter from J. H. Melson, Superintendent Troup County Schools, to Mrs. Sam Harris, Principal of Tatum School dated 8-21-1944 regarding county-wide teachers meeting.
22 University of Georgia grade report for Summer 1946, courses taken by Eunice Hearn Harris
23 Five Extension Certificates for coursework taken through University System of Georgia, dated 12-21-1946 through 8-29-1947 for classes in Recent American History,Sociology, Political Science and Government; Introductory Sociology; and Economics
24 LaGrange College transcript for class in Public School Music 1948
25 Alabama Polytechnic Institute grade report for Spring 1951, course taken by Eunice Hearn Harris
26 Letter from R. S. Clark, Superintendent Troup County Schools, regarding balance due Mrs. Sam Harris for teaching 1959-1960
27 Handwritten note calculating degree work completed
28 Teachers Retirement System of Georgia outlining service of Mrs. Eunice Hearn Harris for years 1926 - 1943, includes as part of beneficiaries, the names and birth dates of Eunice Hearn Harris, her husband Sam Franklin Harris, her father Wyatt Dee Hearn, her mother Kate Borders Hearn, and her brother, Willard Miles Hearn.

Folder 3 Handmade book, written and illustrated by Eunice Hearn Harris titled Sam and Snookum.

SERIES II, photographs

Folder 1 Hearn, Harris, and Whitaker Family
Folder 2 Hearn and Harris Family
Folder 3 Friends and some individual school photos, Tatum School children
Folder 4 Individual school photos of Tatum School children and teachers
Folder 5 Charlie R. Whitaker, Jr., Frederick "Ricky" Dudley, step-son of Charlie R.
Whitaker, Jr., and Christine Whitaker, daughter of Charlie R. Whitaker, Jr.
Photos removed from a small album