Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr., Manuscript Collection

Manuscript MS-2007.01


SOURCE:   Estate of Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

SIZE:   55.4 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:   36 regular storage cartons

                               1 manuscript box

                               3 short large gray boxes

                               5 large storage cartons             

                               1 tall large gray box

                               3 wooden wine crates

                               2 chart boxes

PROCESSING:  FCJ  2007 -2011




            Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr., was born June 3, 1919, in LaGrange, the only son of four children born to Ely Reeves Callaway and Loula Banks Walker.  He began playing golf at age ten at Highland County Club in LaGrange where, during his high school and college years, he won several tournaments.  In 1936, he graduated from LaGrange High School.  He had been Business Manager of the Clarion, the school newspaper and annual.  In 1940, he graduated from Emory University in Atlanta.  He served in World War II in the United States Quartermaster Corps, rising from Lieutenant to Major.  He was assigned to procurement, and in 1943, was the Army’s sole procurement officer for cotton clothing.  He married Jeanne D. Wiler in 1942 and they had three children: Ely Reeves Callaway, III; Nicholas D. Callaway; and Lisa Callaway.

            Upon leaving the army, Ely worked for Deering-Milliken from 1945 to 1953.  He opened their Southeastern Sales Office in Atlanta, then moved to New York City to develop wool fabrics and headed their menswear fabrics division.  He was fired in 1953 over his controversial, but unique, marketing policies.  From 1953 to 1956, he worked for Textron in charge of the wool and worsted fabrics divisions.  In 1956, Textron was absorbed into Burlington Industries, the world’s largest textile firm, and Ely continued with them.  He rose from Vice President in 1960, to Director in 1965, and President by 1968.  Under his leadership, Burlington became the first textile company to exceed $1 billion annual sales.  He resigned in 1973 when passed over for the position of CEO. 

            In 1969, Ely began planting what would become Callaway Vineyards.  Going against the commonly held belief that the area was not good for wine production, but following the advice of agronomy experts at UCLA-Davis, Ely made the Temecula area in California a serious wine region.   In 1976, his wine was chosen to serve Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip at a gala in New York’s Waldorf-Astoria as part of the American Bicentennial Celebration.  Ely had a private audience with the Queen.  At the height of the California wine boom in 1981, Ely sold his company, Callaway Vineyards and Winery, to Hiram Walker & Sons for $14 million. 

            In 1982, Ely bought an interest in Hickory Stick Golf USA because he liked a unique specialty club they manufactured.  The following year, Ely bought out his partners, Dick De LaCruz, Richard Parente, and Tony Manzoni, and renamed the company Callaway Hickory Stick USA and served as CEO and President.  That same year, 1983, Ely married his fourth wife, Lucinda “Cindy” Villa.  In 1985, Ely hired Richard C. Helmstetter to head research and development and moved the golf company from Cathedral City to Carlsbad, California.  In 1986, the company became the first to use computer controlled milling machines to ensure uniform flatness on putter surfaces.  In 1988, the company was renamed Callaway Golf.

            Callaway Golf introduced the revolutionary driver, Big Bertha, the first wide body, stainless steel wood, in 1991.  The next year the company went public, offered on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ELY.  The line of Big Bertha Irons was unveiled in 1994 and Callaway Golf Ball Company was started in 1996, the same year that Callaway Golf became the world’s largest manufacturer of clubs.  In 1999, Ely established a senior management team.  He died of pancreatic cancer on July 5, 2001, at his home at Rancho Sante Fe, California.

            Ely received many prestigious philanthropic and entrepreneurial awards in business, leadership, industry, and golf over the years.  He also made many significant donations.  In 1994, he and his wife, Cindy, donated $1.5 million to build the LaGrange Hospice at West Georgia Health System in LaGrange, as a memorial to his family.  In 1997, he endowed a Professional Chair in Business at LaGrange College. 




            This collection focuses on the remarkable life of Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.  There are some family papers and photographs, but the bulk of the collection deals with his personal and business life.  Personal files include many of the awards and recognitions he received for his humanitarian, philanthropic, and business efforts. 

            The collection is divided into four series.  The first series, Records and Correspondence, is divided into two sub-series dealing with his family and personal records up to 1970 and his personal and business records, awards, and papers from 1970 to 2001.  The second series, Photographs and Posters, includes three sub-series.  The first contains photographs related to family and friends.  The second is composed of oversized items mostly related to his business enterprises, awards he received, and promotional pieces.  The third subseries includes two oversized albums.  The artifact series, Series III, includes a trunk, a suitcase, his World War II uniforms, several golfing trophies, business awards, three bottle of wine, and numerous personal mementoes.  The fourth series includes audio/visual items.


CONTAINER LIST            

Series I            Records and Correspondence

Sub-series A:  Family and Personal Papers 1930s-1960s



       1        Jeanne W. Callaway: her store in Connecticut and their separation

       2         Ely C. Crim, nephew: letters about and from him 1950s-1960s

       3         Bessie Walker “Sister” Callaway: Business and Estate 1950s-1960s

       4         Loula Walker Callaway, mother, letters

       5-8      Ely R. Callaway, Sr. estate records

       9         Ely R. Callaway, Sr., retirement papers         

       10-11  Loula Walker Callaway, mother, estate records

       12       Mary Callaway Crim Waters, sister: letters

       13       Ely R. Callaway, Jr., tributes, 1994

       14       Jones-Walker-Callaway genealogy

       15       Ely R. Callaway, Sr., Distinguished Service Award from LaGrange College




      1          article “Ely Blitzkriegs through College”

      2          article “Callaway defeats Boyle”

      3          article “Omicron Delta Kappa taps 7 Emory, 1939”

      4          Journal of Commerce, 1943

      5          Who’s Who Certificate 1986; Red Cross Certificate 1941; American Cancer Society citation 1955; Omicron Delta Kappa certificate, 1935; Lagrange High Diploma, 1936; Sons of American Revolution membership certificate, 1938 (ancestor John Robertson)

      6          Walker and Callaway letters re: genealogy

      7-9       Callaway Genealogy and History

      10        Waters family letters

      11        Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Clippings 1940s-1990s

      12        Address Book

      13-15   Personal Correspondence 1954-1965

      16        University of California Riverside, Chancellor’s Medal, 1998



      1-5       Ely R. Callaway, III letters, papers, Callaway Car

      6-12     Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Personal records 1975-1980

      13        Club Memberships

      14        Wills, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Separations, Estate Plans


BOX 4           

       1         Family and Personal papers 1972-1973

       2         Howard Hollis “Bo” Callaway

       3         Personal and Political papers 1946-1947

       5-6      Personal papers 1973-1976

       7         Callaway Memorial Organ Console, First Baptist Church, LaGrange

       8         Club Rosters

       9         Biographical Interview

       10      Personal Correspondence 1999-2001

       11      Ronald Reagan Presidential Inauguration 1981

       12      Washington, D. C. Visit 1981

       13      John Dean 1977

       14      Tiffany Stationery 1974

       15-16 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Auction, 1996

       17      Obituaries, Testimonials of Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 2001

       18      Personal Account Ledgers, 1950s-1960s

       19      Personal Publicity items to 1986

       20      Deering-Milliken Retirement Plan



       1-8     Letters to Ely R. Callaway, Jr.  1937-1942


BOX 6      World War II

       1-3     Letters to Ely R. Callaway, Jr. 1941-1942

       4        Personal “Army Days”

       5        U. S. Army Insurance

       6        U. S. Army Reserve Officer papers

       7        Merit Award, 1944

       8        Personal Account Registers 1941-1945

       9        Orders, World War II

      10      Miscellaneous World War II items

      11      Personal Finances 1940-1970

      12      Correspondence related to promotion to Major, 1944


BOX 7     Real Estate / Farming

      1-2      Darien, Conn.

      3-8      New Canaan, Conn.

      9         California Mortgages


BOX 8     Real Estate / Farming

1     “How Does Your Cotton Grow” by Betsy Woolen, photos by Bessie W.

2      Highlands Tree Farm

3      Hogg Farm, Troup Co., Ga.

4      Thornton Farm, W. C. Waugh Mineral Property, Troup County

5      North Georgia Timberland Company

6      Cattle

7      Farm Business, Troup County

8      Ivey and Crook, Callaway home, Vernon Street, LaGrange

9      Piney Woods Lake Subdivision, LaGrange

10    Callery-Knight Groves

11    Ranch, Oregon

12-22  California property


Sub-series B:  Business and Personal Papers 1960s-2000



      1-2   Ledgers of General Accounts 1935-1961




     1     Callaway Gardens

     2     Loans, Notes 1950-1958

     3     Money Management papers

     4     Jury Duty

     5     LaJolla Club

     6     LaGrange Industries, Inc.

     7     Schlundt, Howard Financials

     8-9  Personal Financials 1981-1982

     10   Automobiles

     11   Emory University, 1960s

     12   Japan Trip, 1973

     13   Burlington Press Releases, 1973

     14   Hampshire College 1973

     15   Politics, GOP vs. Democrats, 1973

     16   Banks, 1973

     17   Bill and Susan Fine, letters, 1970s

     18   William Fine correspondence, 1969-1972 (includes copy of a letter from Rose Kennedy)

     19-20  United Negro College Fund, 1970s-1990s

     21   Fluer Cowles Meyer Correspondence, 1969-1978

     22   Carroll Rosenbloom correspondence, 1975

     23   Willcox and Gibbs letters, 1973

     24   Stock Certificates, 1992

     25-26 Travel, 1973

     27   Travel, Europe, 1969

     28   James H. Wilson

     29   E. H. “Red” Hines

     30   Travel information, 1971-1972

     31   Stock summary, 1967-1969

     32   Harry Knight, 1968-1971




     1     Advisory Council, U. S.-Japan Economic Relations

     2     Autism Research Institute

     3-4  Finances, 1946-1948  

     5     Financial Statements, 1950

     6-7  Letters, 1946-1948, and 1951

     8     Callaway Gardens, 1982-1993

     9-11  Letters, 1966-1967, 1971, and 1972

     12   Menninger Foundation, 1973

     13   Stock Options, 1971

     14   Trips, Europe, 1984

     15-39  Callaway Management and Consultant Company

     40   Competition Developments, Ltd.




      1    Cards from rolodex; New York Stock Exchange tickertape announcing Callaway Golf Company; 1969 engagement calendar, passbook LaGrange National Bank, 1914-1917

      2-5   Account Ledgers 1922-1956

      6-15 Daily Calendars 1960-1969

      16    Financial Records, 1955-1958

      17    Ely R. Callaway, Sr. Financial Records 1926-1933

      18    Ely R. Callaway Special, Inc.

      19    Ely R. Callaway, Sr. Financial Records, 1926-1928

      20-22  Personal Finances, 1954-1958



      1-7     Correspondence, 1954-1974

      8        Trust Agreements, Covington Hardee, 1974

      9-12   Burlington Industries, severance papers

      13-27 Tax records 1941-1969

      28       Post World War II Business Correspondence 1945-1946




      1-4      Callaway Management and Consulting Company, Inc.

      5-8      Financials Weekly Balances, 1984-1987

      9         Callaway car

     10        J. H. Wilson

     11-12   Ford D. Albritton, Jr.

     13        American Airlines

     14        Richard Avedon

     15        Bear Creek-Golden Bear

     16-20   Callaway Cars


Subseries C:  Textiles

Box 1


     1           Army Procurement

     2           Milliken: 1949-1954, 1979

     3           Robbins: 1954-1955

     4           Testimony to Congress 1971

     5-11     Burlington

     12-13  Congratulatory letters and Replies: 1958-1960

     14         Burlington Foundation: 1961-1963

     15         Severances and final papers for Burlington: 1973

     16         Burlington: 1974-1975


Box 2


      1      DNR Magazine August 26, 1991 (Article on E.R. Callaway, Jr.)

      2      Burlington Industries, Inc: 1966


      1-2  Congratulatory letters to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., and replies, 1965

      3      Burlington Article 1968

      4      Burlington Employment Contract for Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

      5      Burlington Retirement for Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

      6-8  Ely R. Callaway’s Burlington severance work papers

      9      Correspondence awaiting answers, 1973

     10     Miscellaneous news articles, 1973

     11     Accounts, sales and entertainment: 1954-1966

     12     Celanese and Pacific Mills

     13     Burlington: 1972-1974

     14     Deering-Milliken: 1945


Box 3


     1-3    Deposition of Ely Callaway: October 1-3, 1973

     4        Deposition of Douglas M. Orr: October 24, 1973

     5        Deposition of William A. Klopman: October 25, 1973

     6-7    Deposition of Burke M. McConnell: November 2 and 5, 1973

     8        Deposition of Charles F. Myers, Jr.: November 7, 1973

     9-11 Deposition of Dalton L. McMichael, November 15-17, 1973


     1        Burlington-Celanese: December 1976

     2        Burlington-Celanese: 1987


Subseries D: Callaway Winery and Vineyards

Box 1


     1     Vignes Hills Monthly Invoices and Memorandum 1982-1985

     2     Vignes Hills correspondence with Don Dye

     3     Vignes Hills Faxes

     4     Vignes Hills Vineyard Partnership Partners

     5     Vignes Hills Agreement of Purchase and Sale

     6     Vignes Hills Vineyard Partnership Closing Documents

     7     Correspondence and papers: David Lowry and Touche Ross and Company

     8     Correspondence and other papers dealing with the sale of Vignes Hills

     9     Correspondence and other papers dealing with Callaway Wines Labels

    10    Vineyard Stationery and Brochures

    11    Wine Labels for Callaway Vineyards and Winery

    12    Clippings and articles on Ely R. Callaway, Jr.


Box 2


     1        Letters, news articles on Hiram Walker; Vignes Hills Winery; Callaway

Winery and Vineyards business; Callaway Vineyards Harvest Projections 1982; Fiscal Projections

     2        Rancho, California Brochures; Land Hearings; Environmental Impact Report; Agricultural Association Members

     3        Dye, Thomas, Luebs & Mort Law Offices correspondence, Invoices, Cancelled checks

     4        Vines Hill Vineyard Partnership partners correspondence; AirCal Magazine, July 1985

     5        Vignes Hills Vineyard Partnership / Callaway Vineyard and Winery Closing Document

     6-7     Vignes Hills Duplicate Checks, September 1983 – August 1984

     8-10   Ely Callaway Duplicate Checks, July 1984 – December 1985


Box 3


     1       Framed certificate, 1974 Callaway White Riesling to be served at Bicentennial Celebration Luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria, New York, New York, attended by Queen Elizabeth II

     2-3   Callaway Vineyard and Winery Signs

     4       Petition to Establish the Viticultural Areas of Temecula, Murrieta, and Rancho, California


     1       Correspondence, Dolly Maw of Palm Springs Life

     2       Correspondence between Callaway Vinyards and Winery and E. & J. Gallo Winery

     3      Correspondence with sales representatives in Greece.

     4      John C. Griswold correspondence

     5      Stockholder Correspondence, financial statements: 1975-1976; Time magazine January 26, 1976

     6-8   Winery Financing, 1973-1975 and 1978 -1981

     9      Correspondence: John J. McCloy, Briscoe R. Smith, and William E. Jackson

    10    Memorandum from Herb Drake

    11    Correspondence: Bruce F. Roberts and J. E. Magoffin.   

    12     Correspondence: Emory Alumni Relations and Alumni Dean, Prentice Miller

    13     Correspondence: Citibank (Citicorp) formerly First National

    14     Clippings, correspondence: Doyle, Dane, Bernback Inc. Advertising; Volkswagen and Callaway Vineyards.

     15     California Northwest Fund, Menlo Financial, and Kirk Knight: 1980

     16     Correspondence: Kirk Knight

     17     Correspondence: Robert Lawrence Balzer

     18     Correspondence: Elmer Ward, Palm Beach Company, and Calvin Loop of Blalack, Loop and Townsend, Inc,

     19     Correspondence: Leon Adams, consulting services for the Callaway Vineyard

     20     Wine lists and menus

     21     February 1976 California Critic; and wine lists and menus

     22     Program, correspondence: luncheon for Queen Elizabeth II, July 9, 1976

     23     Correspondence: Sebastian Titus; Callaway logo

     24     Correspondence: Leonard Spacek and Charles Wilpan

     25     Travels plans and expenses, various trips 

     26     Correspondence: Phillip R. Solomon in Dublin, Ireland


Box 4


     1    Stock agreements and certificates; Correspondence: Hiram-Walker Resources, Ltd.  and Deloitte, Haskins and Sells

     2    Final Report, Terrence Clancy, operational state of Callaway Wines

     3    Petition to Establish the Viticultural Areas of Temecula, Murrieta, and Rancho, California

     4    Final Report, Callaway Wine and Food Event: Phyllis Ann Marshall and Linda Rizzo Crowley of P. M. and Associates


     1     Clippings, correspondence: Hiram Walker

     2     Callaway Wines, descriptive information

     3     Correspondence: Rubel, Bates and Company

     4     Correspondence, pamphlets: Jack Rubel

     5     Correspondence: Schieffelin and Company

     6     Catalogs, correspondence: Messrs. Sam and Michael Aaron of Sherry-Lehmann, Inc.

     7      Wine descriptions; wine lists; clippings and correspondence: Andre Tchelistcheff.

     8      Miscellaneous clippings: selection of Callaway Wines for luncheon honoring Queen Elizabeth II

     9      Sale of Callaway Wines to Hiram-Walker, 1981

     10-12  Correspondence concerning Petition to Establish the Viticultural Areas, 1983

     13    Papers related to sale of Callaway Winery

     14    Papers related to bottling water from Callaway Wine’s well

     15    “Callaway Facts” pamphlet

     16    “Inside Callaway: Today and Tomorrow” pamphlet

     17     Miscellaneous Callaway Wine newsletters

     18     Various proofs and drafts of labels, final product labels, correspondence and invoices regarding labels

     19     Board of Director’s Meeting July 1, 1982, financial statements for 1982

     20     Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence on venture capital ideas, cancelled checks and sales information, and press releases


Box 5

      1    Roll of labels from first wines, 1974

      2    Winery site and vineyard barn locations, Scheme #4, abandoned

      3    Tentative Temecula Tract Map, 1978 #6 amended 1981

      4    Callaway Winery Prospective Site # 2, 1974, abandoned

      5    Land Surveys, winery topography, Temecula


Box 6

      1    Signed and numbered black and white vineyard prints

      2    Master plan vineyard revised 1973

      3    Chart of land ownership for Mexico

      4    Original planting scheme 1969



Subseries E: Callaway Golf

Box 1


     1          Golf Week, August 14, 1993

     2          Material Matters: A Golf Product News Publication, January/February 2000

     3          Golf World, June 22, 2001


     1            California Golf Writers Association Awards Banquet, January 30, 2001

     2            Callaway Golf: management plan, sales plan, and product catalog, 1998

     3            Callaway Golf stock transactions, securities research, 1992-1994

     4            United States Golf Association, 1998

     5            Callaway Golf, articles about

     6–9       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, February, 1987 – September, 1987

    10          Faxes Received, 1987

    11          Faxes Sent, December 1987

    12          Expansion Plans

    13–15  Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, January – August, 1988

    16–18  Faxes Sent, January - September 1988

    19          Faxes Received, 1988

    20          Miscellaneous Callaway Golf Items

    21          Ely City Golf Course Limited Certificate



Box 2


     1    Golf Week, July 14, 2001

     2    Callaway Hickory Stick – USA, Inc.: Private Placement Memorandum

     3     Photo Album of Callaway club displays in Edwin Watts stores

     4     Callaway Hickory Stick – USA, Inc.: Private Placement Memorandum, 1984

     5     Golf World, July 13, 2001

     6     Callaway’s Big Bertha, promotional material


     1           Active Customer Accounts

     2–7       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, January 1986 – December 1986

     8–11    Callaway Hickory Stick, USA, Inc. Faxes Sent, April 1987 – November 1987

     12–14  Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, January 1987 – December 1987

    15          Callaway Golf Stock Certificates



Box 3


     1      Golf Week plaque, April 29, 2000

     2      “The Callaway Connection,” Issue No 40 Winter 2000

     3      Callaway Golf Company 2000 Annual Report

     4      Callaway Golf Company Management Summary; Financial Data, October-December, 2000

     5      Callaway Golf Company 2001 Draft Annual Budget, December 19, 2000

     6       “Bobby Jones on Golf: Bobby Jones Reveals the Newest Secrets of His Golfing Success”

     7-8   Securities and Exchange Commission, Form S-1 Registration Statements for Callaway Golf Company, June 12, 1992 and October 27, 1992

     9      Perceptual Management Innovative Thinking Conference

    10    Glenn Schmidt v. Callaway Golf Company, Excerpts from Glenn Schmidt’s Deposition


     1     Callaway Golf Growth Vision Summary, June 13, 1996

     2     Ely R. Callaway, Jr.: personal files, miscellaneous letters and minutes,

     3     Various articles and engravings of Bobby Jones; “Bobby Jones: A

History and Perspective” by Charles Price; The Bobby Jones Commemorative Series; 

“First Pictorial History of Bobby Jones Original Hickories, 1926-1930” by Sidney L.


     4     Memorandum: Holdings, 1999; Three-year plan for 2000–2002

     5     Correspondence: Udo Machat of Sports Images

     6–8 Callaway Hickory Stick, USA, Inc. Henry Venture Fund, Ltd. 1984–1986

     9      Correspondence: Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, Conn. 1966–1967

    10    Private Placement Memorandum for Callaway Hickory Stick; Correspondence: Richard Parente, United States Patent

     11   Miscellaneous articles: Callaway Golf

     12   Ely R. Callaway, Jr.:  Proxy Statements, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, 10K Reports, and 10Q Reports

     13   Golf Club Business Review Committee: Revitalization October 1, 1998 to December 31, 2000

     14   Yearly Callaway Golf Pro Tour Stats: 1991-1998

     15   Callaway Golf: key statistics



Series II          Photographs and Posters

Subseries A:  Photographs

Box 1


   1         Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.

   2- 3     Presidential Visit 9/26/1998, pictures with Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

   4         Callaway Family

   5         Walker Family

   6         Friends and family from 1963 album, includes Arnold Palmer

   7         Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr. with other people

   8         Robert “Bobby” Jones, Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s cousin

   9         Other people, Identified

   10       Other people, unidentified

   11       Houses, Flowers, Miscellaneous Locations

   12 -13 Wineries, Vineyards

   14       Grapes, grape harvesting

   15       Callaway Golf, first traded NYSE 2/28/1992

   16       Cotton: picking, baling, warehousing, wagons, fields

   17       Hogg Farm, Troup Co., Ga.: cattle, kudzu, plowing

   18       World War II

   19       Loula Callaway Album

   20       Europe, 1969, taken by Ely R. Callaway, Jr.


Box 2


   1 - 2   Albums, LaGrange Hospice Dedication and Golf Event, 1996

   3 - 4  Personal Scrapbooks, 1936-1958

   5       Album, Dedication Loula W. & Ely R. Callaway, Sr. Cancer Center, Emory, 1996

   6       Album, Cancer Banquet, Waldorf-Astoria, 1999      


Subseries B   Oversized items

Box 1 Unframed

            1.          Tenth Anniversary Certificate, Callaway Golf on NYSE

            2-3.       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. with Big Bertha & ball titled “Enjoy the Game.”

            4-5.       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. titled “Enjoy the Game, Ely Callaway 1919-2001”

            6.          Folio “Georgia O’Keefe: The New York years” published by Knopf/Callaway

            7.          American Red Cross Appreciation Certificate, undated

            8. a-c.   Mounted, 3 page article, Time 5/10/1971 “Free Trade vs. Protectionism”

            9.a.       NYSE initial listing certificate Callaway Golf 2/28/1992

            9.b.      Engraving of NYSE Building

            10.a.-b. Certificate of Appreciation, Menninger School of Psychiatry, for creation of Bessie Walker Callaway Chair, with photographs of the school

            11.       LaGrange College, Dr. of Business Administration, Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            12.       Forbes Magazine 12-21-1992, article on Callaway Golf

            13.       New issue, Callaway golf Stock 2,990,000 shares

            14.       Joe Phillips, letter regarding Ernie Sabayrac Award, 1998

            15.       Bob MacNally, letter regarding Ernie Sabayrac Award, 1998

            16.       Investment Profiles with Callaway golf Co., highest of top ten holdings

            17.       Karsten & Louise Solheim, letter regarding Sabayrac Award, 1998

            18.       John Daly, letter regarding Sabayrac Award, 1998

            19.       Resolution of California Sen., Ken Maddy on Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s 75th birthday

            20.       Fortune Magazine 1/24/1994, Callaway Golf # 1 of Best 50 Stocks, 1992-1993

            21.       Poster, introducing full set of irons, Callaway Hickory Stick, 1985


Box 2  Unframed

            1.          Callaway Hickory Stick contest

            2.         The Emory Medal certificate

            3.         NYSE offering new Callaway golf stock, 1992; stock exchange symbol to be ELY, price $20 per share

            4.         Arnold Palmer and friend

            5.         Testimonial Citation, Babson College, 1996

            6.         Gary V. Adams, letter regarding Sabayrac Award, 1998

            7.         Entrepreneur of the Year nomination, 1991

            8.         Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s golf swing and Ely & Cindy Callaway

            9.         David Watkins, letter and photographs, White House 5/26/1994

            10.       Institute of American Entrepreneurs, certificate, 1991

            11.       Banquet for Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II

            12.       E Awards, World War II

            13.       Loula Walker Callaway (Mrs. Ely Reeves Callaway, Sr.)

            14.       Fuller E. Callaway (Sr.), autographed to brother, Ely R. Callaway (Sr)

            15.-16.  “Georgia O’Keefe N.Y. Years Prints, Callaway enterprises


Box 3  Unframed

            1.a-b.   University of California, Riverside, announcing the Ely Callaway Chair 4/17/1997

            2.         Design Award for Hospice LaGrange 1997

            3.         Outstanding Advertising Award, Callaway Golf, 1993

            4.         San Diego Union-Tribune 7-25-2001, tribute to Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            5.a-b.   Daily News Record article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. 8/26/1991

            6.         Callaway Vineyards & Winery, aerial

            7.         Callaway Vineyard & winery, aerial

            8.         Callaway Race Car

            9.a-b.   Callaway Cars, Inc., 1991, data & magazine, (2 in 1 envelope)

            10.       Callaway Vineyard

            11.       Volkswagen & Callaway Wine Combined advertisement, with Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            12.a-b. “Passage” by Irving Penn, published by Knopf/Callaway (2)

            13.       Original Photograph of oil painting of Bobby Jones

            14.a-b. Copies of Bobby Jones photograph

            15.       Letters regarding Bobby Jones photographs (found in 13 & 14.1-b.)

            16.a-b. Bobby Jones swinging golf club

            17.       Bobby Jones receiving British Open Cup, 7/22/1927

            18.       Bobby Jones and O. B. Keeler, posing with various trophies won by Jones

            19.       President Bill Clinton swinging golf club, 1996

            20.a-c. Ely R. Callaway, Jr., headshots

            21.a-e. Ely R. Callaway, Jr., with golf clubs

            22.       Cindy Callaway and 3 other women skiing, 1992

            23.       Cindy Callaway swinging golf club

            24.       Ely R. Callaway, Jr., swinging golf club

            25.       Unidentified people with golf trophies

            26.       Debutants, unidentified


Box 4  Framed

            1.     Signed article by Douglas R. Rabon about Callaway Golf, 1993

            2.     California Business article on Callaway Golf, 1993

            3.     Callaway Brothers, LaGrange, Ga.  (6 sons of Rev. Abner R. Callaway)

            4.     Tour Wives classic, plaque with photograph, 1995

            5.     Ely R. Callaway, Jr., President Burlington Industries, National Corporate Chairman, United Negro College Fund Campaign, 1971

            6.     Bill Clinton photograph, signed to Ely R. Callaway, Jr. on birthday

            7.     Advertising Age article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1993

            8.     Los Angeles Times article on Callaway Wines, photograph of Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and wife, Nancy, 1977.

            9.     Ely R. Callaway visit to Callaway golf plant

            10.   Textile Veterans Association Achievement Award to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1967

            11.   Anti-Defamation League Human Rights Award to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1970

            12.   Bear Creek Founders, 1982, photograph includes Ely R. Callaway, Jr. (4th from left, middle row), Gerald R. Ford, Jr., and Arnold Palmer


Box 5  Framed

            1.     Etching of Callaway Azalea Bowl, Callaway Gardens, signed and numbered (number 42 of 100)

            2-3.  Business Week article on Callaway Golf, 1991(in two pieces)

            4.     Photograph of Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            5.     Public Links article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 2002

            6.     Watercolor, signed, of Loula W. & Ely R. Callaway Center at Emory University

            7.     Fortune Magazine article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and golf, 1992


Box 6   Framed

            1.     Worth Magazine article, 1993

            2.     Pebble Beach Link 7, personalized to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1999

            3.     Johnny Miller photograph signed to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1997

            4.     Golf Product News article on Callaway Golf and Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1999

            5.     Wall Street Journal article on Callaway Golf’s first stock, 12/8/1991


Box 7  Framed

            1.     INC Magazine article on Callaway Golf history, 1998

            2.     Business Week article, “The Old man and the Tee,” about Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            3.     Bill Clinton, letter to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., from White House, 1998

            4.     USA Today article on Callaway Golf Stock, 1993

            5.     Augusta National Golf Club, signed by artist, A. O’Shea, inscribed “To our Georgia Friend, Ely Callaway.”

            6.     Money Magazine article on Callaway Wine, 1982

            7.     Golf Magazine Profile on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1998


Box 8  Framed

            1.     Time Magazine article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and golf, 1993

            2.     Los Angeles Times article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and Callaway Golf, 1999

            3.     Business Week article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1991

            4.     Golf and Travel Magazine water color character drawing of Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1997


Box 9  Life-sized cut-out photograph of Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.

Subseries C    Oversized Albums

Album 1.         Commemorating Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s visit to Callaway Golf, U. K.

Album 2.         Scrapbook of Loula Walker Callaway


Series III         Artifacts


            Bear Creek Golf Club, 3rd Annual Founder’s Day Trophy (glass)


BOX 2        

Trophy, to Ely R. Callaway (Sr.) for War Work, 1918 (silver)



Golf-ball in plastic cube with wood stand, signed by Johnny Miller

Marble slab commemorating Loula W. & Ely R. Callaway Center

Hitchiner Mfg. Co., granite desk set, with golf club pen & pencil

Inscribed Bill Clinton paperweight, shape of U.S., with Presidential Seal

Drivers’ pen holders (3) (that attach with Velcro to next item)

Wooden box, phone book holder, with Ely Callaway plaque

Divot replacer



Small trunk


Box 5

Large Steamer trunk


Box 6

            Highland County Club (LaGrange, Ga.) Club Championship trophy, 1939 (broken handle)

            Highland Country Club, Club Championship, 1938 (silver pitcher)

            Newnan County Club (Newnan, Ga.) Women’s 3rd Flight Tournament trophy, 1937 (silver)

            Highland Country Club, Cup, 1931

            WBCC Governor’s Cup, 1964


Box 7

            Capital City Club (Atlanta, Ga.) 12 Invitational trophy, 1948 (silver)

            Waste bowl from a silver tea service

            Eldorado County Club (Calif.) “Slug Fest” trophy, 1977 (silver cake plate)



1 small oval leather box with brass blazer buttons

Callaway Big Bertha Flag/Banner

Set of 3 golf balls with Presidential Seal of Bill Clinton

Knife with sheath (inscribed Ely R. Callaway)

Lapel pin with Presidential Seal

Financial World CEO of the Year Award 1995

Box of pencils inscribed Ely R. Callaway

Money clip inscribed Bill Clinton with Presidential Seal

GE Capital Commercial Finance Award January 1999

Shadow Creek cap (Invitational Weekend) and box with 9 balls

Commemorative golf ball in case

Callaway golf ball (Plant Shake Down April 1999)

Metal figurine of golfer

Ely R Callaway signature rubber stamps and engraver’s plates

Rubber stamp used to put copyright on photos, Ely R. Callaway

Steel Seal

1 shadow box with 4 framed Callaway fishing flies

Wooden Big Bertha stationery box with Ely Callaway plate

Menninger Foundation hot plate

Paper weight note pad holder