Manuscript MS-111


Source: Linda Bushar, 1981; Beth Doerr, 2000

Size: 1.1 linear feet

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1 storage box
1 manuscript box

Processing: PHW, November 2000



The first garden clubs in LaGrange were formed shortly after World War II. Westgate Garden Club of West Point Road, Rose Garden Club of South West LaGrange, and the Garden Section of the LaGrange Woman's Club were among the first clubs formed. The LaGrange Lions Club sponsored the first flower show in 1952. The show was extremely popular and sparked an interest in the garden clubs among the women in the county. Among the earlier clubs was the Elms and Roses Garden Club. The demand for membership and participation grew so high that the Elms and Roses divided itself into districts. In each district, a club was formed with the stipulation that each club could have no more than 25 members. A council to oversee the activities of each club was formed named the Elms and Roses Garden Club Council. New Clubs were added in the 1970's and as of the 1980's there were 10 clubs with a total membership of around 200-250.



The bulk of the collection consists of annual reports submitted by the clubs to the Elms and Roses Garden Club Council. Reports contain information regarding membership and activities of each club. Also contained within some of the reports are financial records of each club, by-laws for the council, awards, information on the clubs, and financial records dating back to 1968. Also included are programs and ribbons from flower shows, material relating to the Garden Club of Georgia, minutes from council meetings and newsletters. Two ledger books, the National Council of State Garden clubs directory and a history of garden clubs in Troup County written by Glenda Major can also be found.



Box 1


1 Activity Report Sheets, 1991-1999
2 Awards, 1991-1999
3 By-laws of Elms and Roses Garden Club Council, 1987-1998
4 Correspondence, 1983-1997
5-9 Financial Records, 1968-1997
10 Flower Shows: programs, news articles, & photographs of various shows, 1978-1998
11-12 Garden Club of Georgia guidelines, programs, and brochures, 1983-1999
13 Georgia's Treasures: 24th Annual Flower Show at Stone Mountain, Ga., 1995
14 Holly Garden Club, 1987-1997
15-16 Iris Garden Club, 1987-1998
17-18 Ivy Garden Club, 1985-1998
19 Kaleidoscope, 1997-1999
20-21 Laurel Garden Club, 1987-1997
22 Membership List for Elms and Roses Garden Club Council, 1981-1993
23-25 Minutes, 1981-1999
26 Newsletters, 1998
27-28 Nocturne Garden Club, 1985-1996
29-30 Pine Needle Garden Club, 1985-1997
31 Plumbago Garden Club, 1985-1989
32 Redbud District, 1995-1999
33-34 Talisman Garden Club, 1985-1997
35-36 Willowood Garden Club, 1984-1998
37-38 Wisteria Garden Club, 1984-1995
39 Miscellaneous

Box 2

Elms and Roses Garden Club Council History by Glenda Major, 1953-1988, (2 copies)
Council Ledger Books (2), 1953-1981
Notebook for #18 Flower Show, 1991
Financial Record Book, 1967-1981
National Council of State Garden Club Directory Guide



Garden Clubs - Troup County