Manuscript MS-023





SOURCE: Mrs. Julian Hagler, Pine Mountain, GA, 1983

SIZE: .3 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 13 file folders

1 photograph folder,

PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986



A trunk containing the Hines papers was purchased by Mrs. Hagler at the estate sale of the Upton family, subsequent owners of the Hines family farm in Troup County. At this time, of the Hines family farm in Troup County. At this time, biographical facts about Miss Hines are uncertain.



The collection contains personal correspondence, financial records, and memorabilia of the Hines family from about 1890 to 1930. The papers reflect the difficulty encountered by farmers during the period of transition from cotton farming to textile manufacturing in the early twentieth century. The Hines farm was in southeastern Troup County near Chipley (now Pine Mountain), Georgia. Of particular interest is a collection of agricultural periodicals from the early 1900s.



Folder 1. Agricultural Periodicals

Southern Ruralist, vol 23, no. 20, 15 Jan 1917

The Southern Cultivator, Atlanta, Georgia, 11 Jan 1918

The Progressive Farmer, vol 33, no.l2, 23 Mar 1918 and vol 39, no. 35, 30 Aug 1924

Farm Life, Nov 1920


2. Brenau College Bulletins

vol V, no. 4-5, May-June 1915

undated volume

3-5. Correspondence 1903-1927 and undated

6-8. Financial records 1896-1927

9. Mortages and warranty deeds

10. Charles Gates farm ledgers 1901-1907

11. Literary interests

Original poetry, play bills, clippings, and short stories collected by Edith Hines

12. Homemaking interests

Recipes and dress patterns collected by Edith Hines

13. Miscellaneous


Obituary of Bryan Bowles, 14 Oct 1896 - 25 Oct 1918

Harris County Journal, 25 Jul 1930

Bankhead High School, Cordova, Alabama,

Commemcement Program, May 1927



PH 1. unidentified

2. L.C.G.

3-4. unidentified

5. Ted Warning, Dr. Smith, Myrtle Hemmiron (?)

Louis Dorin, Lottie Dorin

6. Mrs. Parriski, Claudine P.

7. Ella V. Price, Thelma Grainger Hazelhurst

9-13. unidentified

14. Oscar, slim, Winkie

15-18. unidentified


TRACINGS Agriculture, Georgia - Troup County

Brenau College

Gates, Charles