Manuscript MS-062



SOURCE: Sarah Callaway Brabant, Lafayette, LA, 1986

SIZE: 1 1/3 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 4 Manuscript boxes

2 Folders of photographs

1 Folders of negatives




Enoch Callaway, Jr., was born on March 22, 1892 in LaGrange, Georgia, the son of Dr. Enoch Callaway, Sr. and Fannie Banks. Dr. Enoch Callaway, Sr., a physician and pharmacist, died when young Enoch was nine, and "Miss Fannie" was left to raise Enoch, his brother Banks, and his two sisters Nell and Kittie. Enoch followed his father into the medical profession. He attended the University of Georgia for three years studying premed. In 1912, he left UGA to enroll in the College of Medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans. He graduate from there with his medical degree in 1916 and then completed his residency at Mississippi State Charity Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. He also did some postgraduate work at Emory University and the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital.

When World War I began, he volunteered for the Navy. He served as a senior lieutenant in the medical corps from March 1917 to September 1919 aboard the USS Yacona. After the war, he returned to LaGrange and set up a general surgery practice. He practiced in this town until his death.

On March 7, 1923, Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. married Miss Jennie Crowell (1898-1979) of Columbus, Georgia. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borom Crowell, and her father was a well-known banker. She had attended Hollins College in Hollins, Virginia and was a member of the Phi Mu Fraternity. Around this time, Dr. Callaway also became medical advisor for the Callaway Mills Company, a position he would serve in until March of 1960. In this role, he played an important part in developing the medical provisions of the company.

Enoch and Jennie had three children: a son, Enoch Callaway, III (now Dr. Enoch Callaway, III) and two daughters, Jane and Sarah (now Mrs. Marc Brabant). Jane died in 1931 at the age of two from sarcoma of the liver. From this moment on, Dr. Callaway devoted his life to the fight against cancer. He spent much of his time exposing cancer quacks and helping to eradicate the ignorance and fear associated with this disease. He became director of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic at LaGrange's City-County Hospital in 1937. In 1945, he completed a Bachelor's of Science degree from LaGrange College in order to further his cancer research. In 1947, he limited his practice to neoplastic diseases while serving full-time as director of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic. In 1949, this clinic dedicated its own building. Dr. Callaway also continued to serve as senior attending surgeon for neoplastic diseases at City- County Hospital. In his lifetime, Dr. Callaway planned and promoted more than 45 cancer symposiums in Georgia. He also published numerous articles in medical journals and national magazines.

Dr. Callaway's cancer work quickly led to his association with the American Cancer Society. Throughout his lifetime, he served as national director of this organization as well as president, director, chairman of the Professional Education Committee, and honorary chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Georgia division of the American Cancer Society. Mrs. Callaway was also involved as an honorary member for life of the Board of Directors of the Troup County Chapter of the American Cancer Society. For his life's work on cancer, Dr. Callaway was awarded the American Cancer Society Division Medal and the Hardman Award. In 1951, as one of the founders of the Georgia Division of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Callaway was presented with the National Society's citation for extraordinary service in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Callaway was also active in the Troup County Medical Society, the Southeastern Surgical Congress, the American Medical Association, and the Medical Association of Georgia. He served once as President of the Medical Association of Georgia, and, in 1960, he received the Distinguished Service Award from this organization for his work in the field of cancer research.

In addition to their work on cancer, Dr. and Mrs. Callaway were active in their local community. Dr. Callaway was involved with the American Legion and received the American Legion Life Membership Award for his contributions to this organization. He and his wife were both active members of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in LaGrange. He was a lay reader there with a license to preach. Mrs. Callaway was an honorary member of the Altar Guild. Dr. Callaway also served one term as director of the Foundation of the Episcopal Diocese in Atlanta. Dr. and Mrs. Callaway both shared a love of gardening. Mrs. Callaway was a member of the Plumbago Garden Club. Dr. Callaway also enjoyed flying and was a private pilot.

Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. died unexpectedly on September 26, 1961 at the age of 69. On October 13, 1971, the West Georgia Cancer Clinic was renamed the Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic, Inc. in his honor. Mrs. Jennie Callaway died eighteen years after her husband on October 21, 1979. Husband and wife are buried together in Hill View Cemetery in LaGrange, Georgia.



The Enoch Callaway, Jr., papers focus mainly on Dr. Callaway's medical career and his lifelong battle against cancer. The first series of this collection contains correspondence (1906-1975), the bulk of which deals with Dr. Callaway's connection with various cancer and medical organizations. The correspondence after September 26, 1961 is to Mrs. Callaway and is mostly personal letters. The correspondence is arranged chronologically. Greeting cards (such as Christmas cards and sympathy cards) and postcards are in separate folders.

The second series is arranged alphabetically by subject. Most of it contains speeches, papers, and research notes of Dr. Callaway relating to his work on cancer. Documents (mainly programs) relating to various medical organizations (primarily American Cancer Society and Medical Association of Georgia) that Dr. Callaway belonged to are also numerous. A file of clippings from magazines and newspapers focus on Dr. Callaway's medical career. Several medical journals are also included, which contain articles written by or mentioning Dr. Callaway. Also included are some of the many awards that Dr. Callaway received in his lifetime.

There are three folders of documents in the second series relating to Dr. Callaway's naval career in World War I (1917-1919). Personal material in this collection includes membership cards of the many organizations with which Dr. Callaway was involved and Dr. Callaway's pilot logbook. Two files of magazine and newspaper clippings focus on the Callaway family and memorials of Dr. Callaway. The Episcopal church file in this collection contains a pictorial church directory (undated) from St. Mark's, and several church bulletins from St. Mark's and other church's where Dr. Callaway spoke at. A separate folder contains a collection of Dr. Callaway's sermons, which were collected to be published as a book. It is not known if they ever were.

The artifacts in the third series relate solely to Dr. Callaway. A medal and belt buckle appear to be from Dr. Callaway's days in the Navy. The buckeyes and metal toothpick may also be from this era. The rest of the objects relate to the doctor's medical career and his research on cancer. These include part of his stethoscope, 2 rubber signature stamps, name tags from medical organizations, and awards from medical groups.

The photographs and negatives associated with this collection can be divided into two categories: those depicting people and places with which Dr. Callaway was involved and those relating to the field of medicine. The medical photographs and negatives (undated) are drawings of procedural techniques, sketches of an instrument that Dr. Callaway invented, and photographs of that instrument. The rest of the photographs and negatives date from 1935 to 1961 with over half of them identified. All but one of the photographs are in black and white. The folder of audio recordings contains 16 seven-inch discs on which is recorded speeches from the formal opening of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic in 1949. This folder also contains 4 seven-inch discs, 2 six-inch discs, and 1 five-inch disc on which are recorded speeches by Dr. Callaway between September 13-26, 1951. These recordings were done either for or in association with the Medical Association of Georgia.



Series I Correspondence

Box 1 1906-1975

Folder 1 Correspondence, 1906; 1912; 1914; 1918-1919; 1939

2 Correspondence, 1945; 1947-1952; 1954-1955

3-7 Correspondence, 1956-1961

8 Correspondence, 1962-1967; 1974-1975

9 Correspondence, n.d.

Series II Subject Files

Box 2 A - M

Folder 1 Bank Statement, June 1956 (sample)

2 Certificates and Awards, 1942-1958

3 Christmas Cards

4 Episcopal Church, 1951-1973

5 Georgia Division of the American Cancer Society, 1947-1965

6 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings relating to Dr. Callaway's cancer work

7 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings relating to the Callaway family

8 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings relating to memorials of Dr. Callaway

9 Medical Association of Georgia, 1943-1960

10-11 Medical Journals, 1946-1961

12 Medical Journals - The Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, 1946-1960

Box 3 M - Z

Folder 1 Medical Notes and Miscellaneous Medical Papers, 1924- 1960

2 Medical Speeches and Papers

3 Memorials of Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. in The Georgia Alumni Record and The LaGrange College News, 1961

4-6 Naval Papers, 1917-1921

7 Programs of Meetings and Conferences, 1949-1961

8 Personal Notes, Membership Cards, Pilot Logbook, and Grandchildren High School, Graduation Invitations

9 Sermons of Dr. Callaway's, c. 1961

10 Sympathy Cards, 1961 and Postcards, 1972

11 Will and Testament of Alberta Evans, naming Dr. Callaway executor, July 16, 1955

Series III Artifacts

Box 4 Artifacts

Folder 1 Audio Recordings

Discs 1 - 16 Formal opening of West Georgia Cancer Clinic, 1949

Speeches by Dr. Callaway, Dr. R. L. Sanders, Dr. Elliot Scarborough, Dr. Jack B. Trunnell, Dr. B. Hollis Hand, and Dr. Alton Ochsner

Discs 17 - 24 Speeches by Dr. Callaway, Medical Association of Georgia, September 13-26, 1951

Box 1-2 2 Rubber stamps with Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr.'s signature

1 Metal toothpick

2 Black buckeyes

part of Dr. Enoch Callaway's stethoscope

1 Nametag, unknown origin, n.d.

3 Nametags from the Medical Association of Georgia, n.d.

1 U.S. issued belt buckle, c. World War I

1 Medal, c. World War I

1 Children's Founders Roll Medal issued by the Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association of Atlanta, Georgia, n.d.

1 Framed Certificate declaring Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr., a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, October 17, 1938

1 Framed Medal presented to Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr., for Distinguished Service by the Medical Association of Georgia, 1960



Folder 1 Photographs - Medical

1-4 Figure 1 - Figure 4 Procedural Drawings for Removing Cancer from the Breast

5-7 Medical apparatus (designed by Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. ?)

Folder 2 Photographs

1 Members of the Eighty-Sixth Annual Session of the Medical Association of Georgia, Atlanta, May 7, 1935

2 Mrs. Enoch Callaway, Dr. Callaway, and five unidentified women at the Edgewater Gulf Hotel, November 18, 1946

3 Airplane flying over runway, 1946

4 Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. at his desk, LaGrange, February 1948

5 Dr. Catherine McFarlowe (?) and Dr. Callaway, Savannah, May 1948

6 Dr. Callaway at his desk, LaGrange, 1949

7 Dr. A. M. Phillips, New President of the Medical Association of Georgia; Mrs. A. M. Phillips; Mrs. Enoch Callaway; Dr. Enoch Callaway, Retiring President of the Medical Association of Georgia; April 20, 1950

8 Dr. C. H. Richardson, Jr., President of Bibb County Medical; Dr. Enoch Callaway; Dr. Ernest Irons, President of the American Medical Association; Dr. Richard L. Meiling, Director of Medical Services of the Office of the Secretary of Defense; April 20, 1950

9-11 West Georgia Cancer Clinic, exterior view, October 5, 1951

12 Nurses in the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, c. 1951

13 Lobby of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, c. 1951

14 Two unidentified men with Dr. Callaway, August 1954

15 110th Birthday party for Joseph P. Welch at the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, December 18, 1957

16 Mrs. Doris Burch, Vicki Lynn Burch, and Dr. Callaway help Joseph P. Welch cut his birthday cake, West Georgia Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, December 18, 1957

17 Mrs. Doris Burch, Vicki Lynn Burch, and Dr. Callaway help Welch blow out his birthday candles, December 18, 1957

18-23 110th Birthday party for Joseph P. Welch at the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, December 18, 1957

24 Dr. Callaway and unidentified woman, Macon, 1958

25 Dr. Callaway presenting Joseph Lanier, President of West Point Manufacturing, with a plaque from the American Cancer Society, Inc., West Point, August 21, 1958

26 Dr. Callaway presenting an American Cancer Society award to unidentified man, West Point, August 21, 1958

27 Dr. Callaway presenting an American Cancer Society award to unidentified woman, West Point, August 21, 1958

28 Mrs. Mae Moncus, Dr. Callaway holding a microscope, and Mrs. W. L. Murray, West Georgia Cancer Clinic, February 17, 1959

29 Unidentified man and woman shaking hands with Dr. Callaway, August 1961

30 Anthony Hutchinson, Mrs. E. Callaway, J. Arch Arary, Jr. (President of the Georgia Division of the American Cancer Society), and Howard O'Neal at a meeting of the Troup County Crusades, Lagrange, March 16, 1966

31 Miniature portrait of an unidentified young girl, n.d.

32 Young girl and boy (Sarah and Enoch Callaway, III ?), n.d.

33 Dr. Callaway with two unidentified women, n.d.

34-35 Three unidentified men, n.d.

36 Dr. Callaway and an unidentified woman in his office, LaGrange, n.d.

37 Portrait of Dr. Callaway for the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, n.d.

Folder 3 Negatives

5 negatives of medical drawings (probably done by Dr. Callaway himself), n.d.

1 Negative of Sally Callaway Brabant in formal dress, n.d.

Item Separated

Issue 5 of LaGrange Life, April 11, 1946, vol. 1.; located in 54.



American Cancer Society

Brabant, Sarah Callaway

Callaway, Enoch, Jr.

Callaway, Jennie Crowell

Callaway, Enoch, III


Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic

Episcopal Church

Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia

Medical Association of Georgia

Medical History - Troup County

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

West Georgia Cancer Clinic

World War I - Navy