Manuscript MS-2014.08


SOURCE:  Dewey Ray McKenzie, Jr.

SIZE:  3 lf

SHELVING UNIT:  3 boxes, 1 reel microfilm, 3 books




Dewey Ray McKenzie (b. 7-13-1926; d. 7-16-2014), son of Francis Herbert McKenzie and Letha Ann Thomas, was a native of Hattiesburg, Miss.  He received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees from University of Southern Mississippi.  He served in the U. S. Navy in World War II and later in the Korean War.  He taught school in Mississippi for several years before joining the Social Security Administration in 1955.  He was Assistant Manager in Lakeland, Fla., from 1958 to 1963.  While there, he was a Sunday School teacher and Deacon at First Baptist Church of Lakeland.  He moved to LaGrange as District Manager of the Social Security office and retired in 1988.  He joined Rotary International in 1961 in Florida, and a member of the Rotary Club of LaGrange for 50 years, from 1964 until his passing in 2014.  He served the LaGrange Club as President, 1973-1974; Vice President, 1972-1973; Secretary 1967-1972 and 1975-1987; and Bulletin Editor 1965-1966.  He was a charter member of the LaGrange Chapter, Georgia Society of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution, a member of First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange, and served on the Council on Aging.  He married Betty Ruth Weatherford and had two children.  He authored My Pioneer Ancestors in 2005.  Dewey McKenzie was an active member of the Troup County Historical Society and served as a docent at the Legacy Museum on Main for many years.  He donated many valuable reference books to the Troup County Archives library, in addition to the ones in this collection.



This collection consists primarily of genealogical research data and documents on the McKenzie, Forbes, Pittman, Weatherford, and allied families.  Among the papers are copies of Civil War correspondence and primary records that document the various families.  There are many annotated articles written by Dewey McKenzie about various family lines and individual ancestors, as well as reminiscences about specific people and events during his life, including his boyhood and military service.  Also included are copies of Revolutionary war service records, church records, maps related to family migration, and correspondence related to his career.  There is also a copy of his father-in-law’s Master’s thesis at the University of Mississippi in 1936, “The Location of Towns of the Old South,” and copies of works compiled by others on his ancestral lines.



BOX I -  Writings and Records


1.    Articles written by Dewey R. McKenzie

  a.       Lye Soap

  b.       Farming for a Living

  c.       Research Methodology

  d.       A Mississippi Farm

  e.-f.    Childhood Memories (two versions)

  g.       The Civil War: It’s Impact on Our Ancestors

  h.       Getting to Mississippi Territory

  i.        A Word About Church Discipline

  j.        Historical Sequence: Family Timeline

  k.       Along the Way to Mississippi: Annotated Map

  l.        Who are the Hurricane Creek McKenzies?

  m.      Earning a Livelihood

2.    Biographies written by Dewey Ray McKenzie

  a.       A Short Autobiography

  b.       Some Life Experiences

  c.-d.   World War II Experiences

  e.       Francis Herbert McKenzie

  f.        Letha Anne Thomas

  g.       Thomas Iddo McKenzie

  h.       George Washington McKenzie

  i.        A Glimpse of Azarell McKenzie

  j.        George Carson: What We Know About Him

  k.       Private Richard B. Pittman

  l.        Our Brethren of Color

  m.      McKenzie Brothers: Daniel and David

  n.       Dewey R. McKenzie: Service Record

3.    Articles written by Dewey Ray McKenzie

            Azarell McKenzie vs The United States (1873-1889), three articles

4.    Pedigree Charts

5.    New Zion Church (Miss.)

6.    Magee’s Creek  Church (Miss.)

7.    Welsh Neck and Cashaway Church (S.C.)

8.    Church Records

  a.       Antioch Baptist (Miss.)

  b.       Main Street Baptist, Hattiesburg, Miss. 1903-1953

  c.       State Line  (Miss.)

  d.       New Hope Baptist  (Miss.)

  e.       Mississippi Baptist Association

  f.        Zion Hill (Miss.)

  g.       Mt. Zion Baptist (Miss.)

  h.       Columbia County, Mississippi Churches

  i.        Half Moon Bluff Baptist  (Miss.)

  j.        Union Baptist Church  (Miss.)

  k .      Black Creek Baptist Church  (S.C.)

9.    Carson Springs Baptist Church: History and Minutes (Miss.)

10.  Hurricane Creek Church History  (Miss.)

11.  Health Factors/ Causes of Death / County Locations of Ancestors

12.   Creek Indians / T. S. Woodward Memoirs / Choctaw Treaty

13.   Deeds

14.   Maps related to ancestors: migrations across state lines

15.   Maps: Family Property

16.   Maps related to ancestors: Mississippi

17.   Maps related to ancestors: South Carolina

18.   Maps related to ancestors: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina

19.   Oregon Trail information

20.   Welsh in S. C.  / Scotland

21.   Records: Mississippi, South Carolina

22-23. Records: Marion Co., Miss.

24.   Records: Pike Co., Miss.

25.   Records: Washington Parish, La.

26.  Cemetery Records of Various Families

27.   Census Records of Various Families

28-30. Marriage Records of Various Families

31.   Tax Lists / Passports

32.   Pictures (photocopies) / Obituaries of Various Families

33.   Colonial and Revolutionary Wars

34.   Civil war Letters & Notes

35-36. Career Correspondence: Dewey R. McKenzie: Social Security Admin.


BOX II - Families


1.           Davis Family

2.           Lewis Family

3-8.        Forbes Family

9-10.      Descendants of William Wilson Forbes, Jr.

11-27.     McKenzie Family

28.         Pigott Family


BOX III - Families


1.           Pittman/Pitman Family

2-3.        Pope Family

4-8.        Thomas Family

9-18.      Turnage Family

19-20.     Weatherford-Cagle Family

21-22.     Weatherford Family

23.         Sidney E. L. Weatherford papers

24.         S. E. L. Weatherford’s Master’s Thesis, University of Mississippi, “The Location of Towns of the Old South.” 1936


Items Separated:

MF-57 Church Register: State Line Baptist Church, Washington Parish, La. 1856-1900 & 1930-1960.



McKenzie, Dewey R.  My Pioneer Ancestors  (LaGrange, Ga., 2005) donated by author in 2005.

Crozier, W. A.  Virginia County Records (N.Y. 1905) reprint

Casey, J. J.  Personal Names in Hening’s Statues At Large and Shepherd’s Continuation  (N.Y.  1896) reprint